Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Gaming Headset Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the corsair virtuoso rgb wireless xt gaming headset now this retails for roughly 270 us dollars i picked it up back at the beginning of this month july 2021 and mainly because the reviews have been excellent it is expensive uh just for reference i’ve been using the logitech pro x which is a very good headset for the price before that i was using my astro a50s i still have them those are even more expensive than this and before that pretty much sticking to logitech exclusively you know going all the way back to the g930s 933s 935s i don’t know how many 930s but this headset between its overall quality especially the mic forget the soundstage and then the fact that it actually is good looking as well that speaks to what i’m after in a wireless gaming headset and headset in

general so it is bluetooth the soundstage is supposed to be great and again the microphone is a big selling point for me especially if i start streaming we’re not just talking about gaming with friends but if any of you ever end up having to watch a stream and i actually end up on twitch whatever you know anything is possible right then i want to have a good mic there’s nothing worse in my opinion than a bad microphone when it comes to gaming uh with friends which is the way i like to do it you know a lot of people like to play games alone i’m not one of them i mean even when it comes to playing something as simple as madden of course there we’re talking about console i am all about uh the social element of gaming as well not that there aren’t some single players that are really enjoyable there absolutely are so first thing you see really excellent styling again in my opinion fit and finish on these corsair did an excellent job the padding on the headband seems to be good we’ve got some corsair branding right along the top comfort is going to be critical i do wear glasses so for those of you that like me wear glasses you already know it is a challenge when it comes to headsets these look like they’re going to be comfortable in terms of buttons i’ll get to the rest of the box in a moment but let’s take a look at

what we have here so on the bottom you can see we have you know an interesting array here we have uh a type c port for charging of course and then we have what looks like a hard wire line for in the event you do want to hardwire these we have a volume rocker on the left side as well as a bluetooth logo which i’m assuming is for the pairing process you can see a switch there between usb and wireless volume rocker i mean everything is well laid out and this is obviously where the microphone is going to connect um corsair branding on each headphone just the the little logo and yeah pretty straightforward let me just throw them on my head really quickly just to see what comfort is like even though you’re not going to see this on camera i’m just curious seems comfortable and another thing that is really important to me is sound leakage you know i want something that isn’t necessarily noise canceling i want to be able to hear what’s around me but i also don’t want to hear everything around me i want some isolation with

that sound stage so let’s see otherwise you’re losing it right what else comes in the box here so we’ve got a carry case with a little silica gel keep that away from your pets please and children or anyone else magnetic clasp there so that’s kind of cool i don’t really care about the carry case but nice of corsair to include it it is a premium headset why not uh you know top it off and then when it comes to the rest this is where i’m gonna see some paperwork well we all are and i’ve never watched an unboxing for this if that’s not clear already um so this is a first for all of us so paperwork right there not too interested in that but hardwire with controls for muting as well as it looks like volume rocker right there so if you want to go hardwired you’re in business and then of course for charging a type c to type a right there i’m not sure on the battery life on this but again reviews have been so good i’m not really that concerned this is the receiver that you’re going to plug into your system of choice remember this is bluetooth so it can work to my knowledge independently of this receiver but in the event the desktop or laptop you’re using doesn’t have bluetooth you’ve got this and anyway i likely will use this because i assume this receiver is going to yield the best quality you’re going to get and then last but not least the star of the show and i say that because this really is what intrigued me the microphone

because you know gaming headsets especially wireless ones are notorious for having terrible microphones and at least what i’ve heard not to be cute from this mic is fidelity that traditionally you’re not going to get from a gaming headset that is wireless it does have a dedicated mute button right here and i believe the led lights up let’s go ahead and plug it in and see if that happens i don’t think there’s anything else in here so we can get rid of all of the rest of the pollution let’s plug it in i believe this is fairly straightforward looks like that’s the correct orientation and that’s the beauty i mean the modular thing is nothing new a lot of manufacturers are doing this now in the event that obviously you aren’t using the headset or you’re using i mean a microphone or using a dedicated microphone why have one permanently attached so fairly straightforward let’s go ahead and hit i’m assuming that’s the power button but i may be wrong i’m looking for it looking for it there we go so the usb 2 wireless switch was the power button and now you can see our little rgb now this is kind of one of those things i love about this is that the only rgb action at least that you’re seeing right now there is some here on the side but it’s really the microphone and i love that these can be you know look like just quality headphones or if the gamer in you is looking for more you can go the distance but i’m going to

test these out i’m going to find out what other people think possibly end up doing a mic test with all of you maybe a little bit of live streaming we’ll see but either way i anticipate that these are going to be next level based on everything i’ve seen it’s still trying to pair that’s what the red blinking is all about but again you can just see when i switched it on and off you can see the red led amber it’s cycling through power back on it’s cycling through again green blue purple i mean they are rgb virtuoso after all again and just to reiterate you can see the rgb cycling on the headphones as well so well appointed but most importantly from what i’ve seen and heard from other people um and other you know reviewers that i respect in the in the business is that this headset really does amount as i’m trying to pull out the microphone to the best wireless headset on the market here in 2021 so again remember if you want to support the channel the link is in the description you can pick them up the exact same way i did best buy is your friend solid return period i respect that that’s something you don’t get and also there’s still brick and mortar even though we’re in a pandemic but any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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