Sabrent PS5 2TB SSD Upgrade Kit Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the severant playstation 5 hard drive upgrade kit now for those of you unaware a little while back sony announced they’d be putting out a software update to select users that apply for this update that they choose to permit them to utilize a secondary nvme or ssd inside of their ps5 which means no more limitations surrounding the internal one terabyte really less than one terabyte drive that comes with the ps5 and boy do i wish xbox had an option like this but that’s besides the point so saturn was smart enough to introduce uh their own pairing of a custom heatsink designed for the ps5 as well as bundling that with their rocket four plus gen four and vme drives so right now you can pre-order these i will include a link in the description to amazon that is the way that sabrin is directly selling them and sovereign was kind enough to send this over for review purposes essentially uh they have a one terabyte capacity a two terabyte capacity like the one i’m about to share with all of you and last but not least a four terabyte capacity and i believe the prices are a little under 200 for the one terabyte a little under 400 for this kit that you see here and a little over

900 for the four terabyte and while you may think that those prices sound like a lot if you know anything about nvme pricing you already know they’re right in line with what gen 4 drives cost and frankly sabran is the only one really making 4 terabyte let alone 8 terabyte the 8 terabyte hasn’t come out yet but let’s go ahead and crack this open and this is really exciting because i think that you know sony is ahead of the curve kind of showing that they are aware of what the next generation of gaming consoles is going to be like um which is not you know being limited by a single uh nvme drive and then furthermore you’ve got sabrin being savvy keeping their eyes open and saying well where does our footprint overlap with well anyone else in the electronic realm electronic manufacturing consumer electronic manufacturing realm that we can help consumers and obviously make a product that will of course make a profit at the same time and this is the type of innovation that makes me appreciate a company like sabrin because who else is doing this frankly no differently than the innovating they’ve been doing now for quite some time over the last several years so this custom heatsink will fit in perfectly to where the secondary slot is and eventually i plan on making a video showing that and look you could try to go without a heatsink altogether i don’t recommend that sabrin doesn’t recommend it i don’t think sony will recommend it either because they

don’t want you to end up you know i was gonna use my my little blade there they don’t want you to end up uh melting your ps5 console and that’s why having a heatsink like this is ideal and the reason that severn made this as large as it is because it is fairly large if you didn’t notice that already in relation to the size of an nvme drive in fact i have a severance drive right here which is essentially the same one you can see that the drive is that large but the reason sabran wants you to have this heatsink and they’ve custom cut it is because it is a perfect fit for the existing metal plate that it’s going to replace where the secondary nvme slot exists now again i think this is really smart i think the branding on it is slick granted no one’s going to see it inside of the ps5 but the concept is really straightforward which is that unlike microsoft’s xbox which i own and also use you cannot expand storage there but here you can internally and this is something that when the consoles were first announced i wondered why something like this would be left off the table because it’s really obvious that one terabyte anyone who plays any sort of games in the pc realm already knows that this generation of console was a clear shot at the pc gaming world i mean both the ps5 and xbox series x are literally little pcs they are not consoles really anymore i mean they are packaged as such they do have uis as such front ends but at the end of the day they’re just repackaged you know computers

so all the hardware is the same it’s overlapping yes custom gpus from amd for both but and they’re almost identical in terms of hardware but this was one area where everyone had to think to themselves well the only reason a manufacturer wouldn’t let us just go inside and upgrade like sabrin is now doing for the ps5 is basically out of greed unfortunately and that’s what we have with microsoft you know as much as i love both manufacturers microsoft has decided to take the low road and say if there’s room for us to make money on an nvme upgrade we will in fact they still haven’t really even made that a possibility and to my i don’t even know that there is a secondary drive inside i don’t think there is had there been one you know there probably would be a discussion about this and if there is hopefully this wakes microsoft up because this is a really big advantage in fact one of the things that i won’t say turns me off about the current generation of consoles but it’s a very limiting factor as a pc and console gamer is knowing that i can’t upgrade the nvme drive in either console but now of course with sony stepping up to the plate with this software update and severant already cranking out a a heatsink so that you can be basically ready to go as soon as you get that software the sky is pretty much the limit and again i wish that there was a equal footing here between both manufacturers because i would absolutely stick a 2 or a four terabyte without any hesitation in both consoles because you know with one terabyte you end up getting what i’m i currently have maybe four or five triple a titles installed and then some other small titles and anytime i want to do anything new it’s time to uninstall content and running anything externally off of either console is pretty much impossible i mean sony allows you to run ps4 titles externally over usb microsoft as you already know you can’t run titles off of

an external source but you can at least keep them there so that you don’t have to re-download them i mean it is a very backwards um end of the current generation of consoles so i see this is very much forward-looking even though as a pc gamer this is simple uh it is very much the next generation of console today and sony deserves credit savarant deserves extra special credit for getting right there on time before most of us even have access to i mean we can physically install it but not utilize it yet but that will come with time but again with microsoft we’re just hitting the wall so i’m excited about this and it does really represent the next gen console that we’re already hearing a lot of buzz both between sony and microsoft that’ll launch sometime not in 2022 but in 2023 and i guarantee you that we will be seeing a console that will have multiple slots i mean the ps5 has multiple there’s no question at the very least both are going to offer user upgradability as these consoles shift to being more and more like regular gaming pcs so again just really excited about this and just really smart that fabric did this i mean they had the tools at their disposal and you know for any of you thinking should you could you just get any nvme drive with a heatsink and throw it in there i don’t recommend that because it’s not

going to fit cleanly and do not try to use this in conjunction with an nvme drive that has an existing heatsink do not do that this is the one heatsink you’re going to want to use with that single nvme drive and i mean i could open this up but this is what you’re going to end up seeing the exact same two terabyte nvme drive i mean i can go ahead and do that because after all this is a drive i use for pc this is a drive i will specifically be using for the ps5 and you know this is one of those things again where you don’t see really any other manufacturers in this business that are trying to take risks trying to change the game and being really progressive about what they make so that’s yet another reason that i have a lot of respect for sabrin you know they continue to push the boundaries and then other manufacturers follow in their footsteps and trailblazing is generally not done by you know the the smaller players and sabaran has transitioned to being one of the big boys i mean my very first experiences with sabrin were before i had any connection with them here on the channel with their pr department and it was because as many of you know my subscribers i seek out products that i found or i find i should say unique and lo and behold you know i started covering their products on my own because they were making value-oriented drives that performed well as well if not better than much of the

competition at more affordable prices and then doing more unique stuff with external enclosures and now they continue to do much of the same great packaging you’re also not going to find this from other manufacturers and what can i say they are one of my favorite companies out there and i’m just happy to work with them because they really care about what they’re doing and like most of you at home that are you know geeking out on your pc setup or your ps5 they are too because you don’t get this involved in what you’re doing unless you care and are passionate about what you manufacture and i can’t tell you how many companies i see make products that just aren’t interested and are just trying to turn out those profits and then along comes sabrin and gives us something that literally every ps5 owner on the planet is going to want to pick up because again you know the current generation of consoles is great but the biggest flaw is storage and now that flaw at least for ps5 owners is remedied and they even include the little screwdriver for removing that nvme screw that i’ll have to do once i get this going so any questions or comments please feel free to post them oh i didn’t mention one of the most important things the ship date which

you’ll see in that link depending on which capacity you want to pick up i believe is towards the end of october so roughly a month from today today is the 24th you’re looking at i think the 23rd so it’s right around the corner and i think the timing is right because by then more and more users are going to have the software update to actually move forward with making this a functional upgrade for their ps5 but that rounds things out welcome to the future of of console gaming here in 2021 what you’re going to see uh for many years to come and by the way it does include a thermal pad for those of you that are wondering which is a good thing uh this is where things are headed and i’m glad sabrin did this because it reminds everyone of what is yet to come and what you can get your hands on that’s next gen in the current gen so again kudos to sony kudos to sabrin i’m just glad that we’ve got things like this here before the next generation of console and they will change your quality of life uh when it comes to console gaming just like they do in pc gaming it is such a difference maker when you can throw a two a four or even an eight terabyte drive into your gaming pc it just it changes everything any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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