Sabrent 5 Bay 3.5″ SATA HDD Docking Station Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the sabrint five-bay three and a half inch serial ata hard drive trayless docking station now this is a usb 3.1 gen 2 drive which is going to be more than enough throughput for mechanical drives like the ones i plan on putting inside of here and this isn’t a brand spanking new product from sabrin but it’s still an incredibly relevant one that is going to be very useful for me personally and i also think many of you out there that subscribe to my channel so at roughly 280 us dollars i will include a link in the description this was sent over by the manufacturer for review purposes the beauty of this is that you can take as noted five mechanical drives in my case um they’re gonna all pretty much be eight terabyte drives throw them in here they have individual locks in the event you do want to actually lock up your drives individual power buttons because you can

choose which to keep on and off and this doesn’t have any brain by that i mean no raid array you’re going to have to depend on software for this so this is literally just a giant enclosure for external storage that are individually addressable which i think is great we have an internal power supply which means no power brick we have a kensington lock which you know better to have it than not a 120 millimeter fan to cool this whole thing off i’ve already mentioned the locking keys the five drives and then we also have a usb c port on the back for further expansion which is really nice because that just means it’s going to allow you to connect yet another drive of your choice so if you want to connect another nvme drive and this still has enough throughput to deal with it you know we’re not talking about thunderbolt throughput but still enough throughput to get basically a gigabyte a second which you know many systems out there support maybe you want to connect one of these guys to do some cloning the point is is that it’s good to have yet another port and as i mentioned this does not create raid arrays but again you can easily do that with software if you want to set this up for redundancy and have things duplicated i think that’s a good way to go do i

think you need five of them no but that’s addressable so however you want to set it up it’s to your liking and i think the beauty of this is that i will no longer have individual external hard drives they’re all going to live inside of this docking station and that’s really the way it should be i don’t believe in putting mechanical drives inside of my desktop systems any longer forget about laptops right that’s long gone so this is ideal even here in 2021 for anyone like me who has a tremendous amount of content which i do from this channel i’ve been filming in 4k since 4k became available to consumers so i just have so much content it’s ridiculous and that’s the beauty of a device like this so the first thing you hit with the keys to actually open up each of these bays and then we have the actual oh i don’t want to drop that so let’s come at this a different way shall we let’s do this and this is all metal i’m destroying the box in the process which was not my goal this is all metal like everything from sabrin i should say for those of you unaware

literally everything that sabrin makes pretty much these days well all days not these days is metal so we’ve got some cables there a little bit of paperwork that i’m gonna grab and just slide this out of the way and again i think this is really useful for anyone who like me and i know many of my subs that has mass storage or just has too many external drives and you want to clean things up so they include two type c cables one to type a and one type c to c that pretty much does the trick for the i o on this and let’s take a look at this thing i will reiterate i love the fact that we do not have to deal with an external power brick that everything is built in oh that didn’t sound good something just shot out we’ll see what that was hopefully nothing too important um but yeah that’s that’s a big deal to me because i personally have no interest in power bricks anymore these days i mean where you have to have them you have to have them but there you have it really clean um all i think it’s aluminum but i’m not positive but certainly heavy duty no

question about that that’s why when it you know bounced on my desk here a screw shot out from somewhere i’m not sure where i’ll have to identify where that actually came from but either way this is a really nice piece of kit and its footprint isn’t that large considering we’ve got five drives again you can see those individual power buttons for each one that means you do not have to have them all running at once and they’re going to just populate to the you know system you’ve connected it to as individual drives that’s it um so not you know a network storage device that is not the premise um and at the back you can see the kensington lock right there and then the two usb ports so obviously this one is the one to connect to the computer that you will have this essentially always connected to and then you have the hub so this is the port you’d be using for your additional drive or whatever

peripheral you want to pipe through the connection so just good that they thought about giving us additional expansion and then of course the dedicated power switch and your power plug for driving this so again really nice uh hub this is something that you know there are other options out there but sabrin is a name i trust and i was purchasing their products long before i had any formal relationship with them so you know i give credit where it’s due when companies do things right i praise them when they do them wrong i criticize them it’s nothing new here on the channel and i’m expecting good things from this again the throughput you know some people might be wondering why not get something that has you know usb 3.2 uh capability but remember these are mechanical drives and there is no way we’re going to achieve um really that much when it comes to data transfer rates i’m not saying it’s impossible but it’s unlikely for the majority of users to touch that um really what you have to worry most about with something like this is picking the right drives to put inside of it and i say that because you know doing taking drives out of external enclosures forget that that voids warranties and buying internal drives that really have the

proper appropriate ratings to be considered library quality storage tend to be very expensive so that’s a whole other story for another video if i were to ever address it but either way this thing is a beast it’s got everything you need and for me it’s going to clean up an array of external drives that i have no interest in having you know five different wires to five different enclosures i don’t care if they have hubs built into them or not i just want one piece of hardware that can house all of my content and sabrin has the device for it so i’m looking forward to getting this thing set up and of course i will do a follow-up video once that happens and let all of you know how it went i’m just making sure that that screw didn’t come from uh the five bay enclosure but it didn’t i do not see anything there so again this thing’s a beast and i’m not surprised because samara knows how to make some really high-end hardware any questions or comments and of course this is the power plug as i said everything is internal you gotta love that that’s one of my favorite elements but any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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