Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 Carbon 2022

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the lenovo ideapad slim 7 carbon now this hasn’t come out yet lenovo just sent it over for review i’m excited to share it with all of you because it’s lightweight and its spec sheet is pretty impressive it’s powered by an amd ryzen 7 5800u it comes obviously with windows 11 either home or pro you can actually spec this out with an nvidia mx 450 with two gigs of vram if you choose to do so but the star of the show beyond the i o things of that matter is really it’s qhd plus 14 inch oled panel that you’re about to see so i think it weighs in at about 2.4 pounds something right around there which pretty lightweight for uh you know a 14 inch laptop and in terms of other things you should know 16 gigs of vram out of the box but remember that not vram excuse me ram but that ram is soldered so something to be aware of make sure that you’re going to get the amount of ram you actually need so there is the packaging nothing else in the box i believe this is driven by a 65 watt type c charger remember this is an amd machine so we do not have thunderbolt but on the flip side what we do have is uh some best in class type c connectivity which should amount to essentially no love loss when it comes to thunderbolt and that’s part of the beauty of having latest gen ports which this does have you no longer have to worry about thunderbolt and that’s one of the nice things so first thing i can tell you as we get it out of the package build quality seems excellent let’s go ahead and put that down i’ll see what else is in here i assume we’re just going to have our charger along with some paperwork so there is that

65 watt charger excuse the glare but fairly compact small kind of what you would expect and let me go ahead and put this aside and let’s get to the machine itself now you know this is one of those things that if you’re after a machine again with a 90 hertz refresh rate oled that also happens to be something i didn’t mention 16 by 10 which it does it’s already powering on as i open it up you note that it’s got some instructions here about the function and q allowing you to essentially jump through the different power setting modes uh function and r adjusting the display’s refresh rate you can see right there in addition to that there is a camera kill switch uh so they’re just giving you you know essentially a guide to all functionality the screen is glossy but keep in mind 400 nits of brightness now it doesn’t look like we have much battery life left on here 36 remaining but it’ll do the trick uh just for taking a quick look if i pump brightness all the way up you can see it’s pretty bright and i’m actually quite impressed with that i mean you can get this configured with up to a one terabyte uh pci express ssd it’s got four speakers on board for its dolby atmos sound system smart amp the webcam top center is 720p as i mentioned it’s a little under two and a half pounds and then in terms of i o we’ve got usbc 3.2 gen1 ports as well as two usb 3.2 gen2 ports so those give you displayport 1.4 as well as power delivery 3.0 other than that 14 hours is the runtime per the manufacturer and they

like to point out that in addition to that 14 hour run time you can actually in 15 minutes of charging with the included 65 watt charger get up to two hours of battery life out of that so really a modern looking uh ultrabook and just some other things they they list really what i’ve gone over it’s it’s all about that oled now for those of you wondering this is a touch screen so that’s another nice element to this really compact uh overall incredibly small form factor when it comes to a 14 inch this is not a a two in one so this does not go all the way around for anyone wondering but still pretty nice overall range it does have an ir camera so if you’re looking or at least that’s what it appears to have so if you’re looking for windows hello functionality it looks like it’s there keyboard is the typical smile-esque key from lenovo the speaker’s here on the side trackpad is really nice really large again for its form factor it seems to have a little bit of everything and i like the style i mean if design language is at the top of your list it looks like you’re going to be happy with this let’s go ahead and close it up take a look at the i o so there is that camera kill switch that i was just mentioning your dedicated

power button one of your type c ports and go to the bottom of the machine you can see we’ve got quite a bit of what appears to be ventilation uh yep on both sides of course ventilation at the back where the hinge is we have that lip for opening this for those of you wondering if you can do it one-handed let’s go ahead and see the answer is yes so if that’s critical to you that’s nice and that’s not something i see with a lot of smaller ultrabooks generally their weight is uneven not well distributed your power port right there of course that’s also just a type c port and i believe these are the two usb 3.2 gen 2 ports of course if they aren’t you can believe i will update and correct that and of course your headphone microphone combo jack now no card reader on this i o is pretty minimal but i have to say when you have usb 3.2 gen 2 ports even 3.1s you pretty much can do whatever you need to uh but you know a dongle often is necessary and i believe that there is one included here i’m going to take a look just to verify there is the other half of the power connector that you’ll want to connect to the wall and there is so for anyone who is ready to say hey i don’t have enough i o with uh the

ideapad slim7 carbon uh lenovo has thrown in an adapter to expand that o they will also be launching the 7i the intel based version so if amd is not your preferred processor keep that in mind and here with this adapter which of course connects to the type c port you have hdmi out vga and then another usb type a port something we don’t have on the machine so seems like lenovo pretty much thought of everything for this little 14-inch inch you know ultra book i really like again that qhd plus 90 hertz refresh rate oled that’s something that i want to see more manufacturers continue to dole out because that really is where things need to keep going and then in addition to that build quality just seems really nice so stay tuned for an update soon you can be assured it’s coming see what that webcam quality is like but this is going to be ideal for a lot of people looking to travel light and not skimp on overall performance just remember that ram is soldered any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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