HP Spectre x360 16t OLED – RTX 3050 Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the hp spectre 16. this two in one has been on the market for roughly one month both direct from hp and through best buy but what i’m about to share with all of you hasn’t been available two key differences on this review unit that just arrived that make it really exciting number one this has the uhd plus oled display and if you’re not familiar i believe it’s the first of its kind on the market 16 inches 3840 by 2400 resolution it is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio panel of course touch screen after all this is a spectre and then another key element the discrete gpu we’ve got an nvidia rtx 3050 with four gigs of ram it is a max q variant that all should amount plus the internals that are the same as what’s been on the market to possibly the best spectre ever made so with that said let’s just run down those specifications uh the pricing on this unit i believe is a little under 2 000 us dollars i expect that price to come down we’ve got an intel 11th gen core i7 11380h processor 16 gigs of ram the ram is soldered so if you’re looking for 32 you’ll have to select that directly from hp as a pre-configured option that’ll set you back an additional 500 don’t worry i expect that price to come down rapidly over time in addition to that we’ve got a one terabyte nvme ssd now because it’s the optane drive we’ve got to believe that’s an

intel drive windows 11 of course in addition to that a 6 cell battery that hp claims is 17 hours of overall run time but that’s not with the discrete option that we have right there so we’ll see what battery life is like of course wi-fi 6 on board a 5 megapixel ir camera for windows hello support this all amounts to in my opinion uh probably the most exciting spectre ever made so really interested to see how this performs and i think many of you are as well you know if you’ve already picked up the model that’s been on the market this is obviously a big performance jump in terms of having all of the things that i’ve mentioned because well there’s nothing quite like this on the market so let’s go ahead and get this out of the box the first thing you see is that white packaging and i’m curious as to what the power brick wattage is going to be as well because you know it was i believe a 90 watt brick on the standard option without the discrete gpu so first things first we’ve got a sleeve as noted uh on the packaging right there and you know this is not something new with hp they’ve been doing this with the spectre lineup for quite some time but this is a unique launch because it’s the first time since the spectre 14 that we’re seeing essentially a brand new edition and a i won’t call it a redesign but new design language altogether so there is that sleeve which you know i i think it’s nice that hp includes it they certainly don’t need to it just speaks to the fact that they’re trying to really give you just about everything you possibly could need out of the box and

remember this comes with a stylus you know a lot of two-in-ones do some don’t this one historically has been one of my favorites meaning the spectre lineup for quite some time so let’s go ahead and break open this box and there you have it now again another thing you’ll notice with this is that the color this is not the blue color that we’ve been seeing from hp and well i should say best buy standard and there’s a reason and we’ll get to that shortly i’m also going to show you elements of the redesign that i think are noteworthy but let’s see what else is in the box specifically our power brick and our pen and the pen is rechargeable via type c for those of you that are wondering we’ve got some paperwork here which i’m not surprised to see of course and then last but not least the balance of the brick and the power brick for those of you wondering is a 135 watt brick so that’s the bump up in power that’s kind of what i expected considering this is not you know a gpu that’s a power hungry monster but this should fare uh favorably when you compare it to things like you know microsoft’s uh surface studio laptop something i reviewed a while back which i had pretty mixed feelings about this seems like it’s going to be up my alley because it has pretty much everything you could want whether you’re just looking for something that

can do a little bit of everything or if you’re a content creator whatever the the purpose is with this machine it’s got it covered and the first thing i’ll tell you is i like you know the nightfall color here looks good in terms of i o let’s take a quick look around this machine so we’ve got a micro sd card slot something that i’m glad uh has not gone away we have a thunderbolt 4 port we have the power pin connector the barrel right there for charging and then another thunderbolt 4 port right there on the edge and you may have noticed this is part of the redesign the gem cut look is kind of it’s not gone we still have that gem cut but it’s been rounded and i think it’s a good move i think that this is a really nice looking machine and you know i don’t think anything is lost here in terms of the redesign hdmi out and then we have a type a port that is of course got that little drop down and other than that your headphone microphone combo jack so pretty understated it you know it doesn’t look like anything crazy uh four and a half pounds roughly and i’m expecting construction on everything to be pretty much the same from what i’m accustomed to just a design difference and first things first they’re telling us that the pen will magnetically attach to the side of the display

which i’m not shocked and that’s a good thing we’ll see if it’s as secure as some of the previous generations some of the nibs there fell out but i caught them and as mentioned this is charged via type c for those of you that are wondering go ahead and remove this and we’ll see how this attaches i do not think that there is any coverage of this machine yet on youtube so i’m going ahead and i’m putting this on the side of the panel and there it attaches seems really secure based on what i’m seeing no movement at all let’s go ahead and remove this piece of paper and take a look at that keyboard which again i’m expecting good stuff we’ve got the b o speakers a little bit of wobble on the display nothing too crazy and a fairly large uh track pad the same style keys solid travel i expect the experience to be very similar to what i’m already accustomed to i’ll go ahead and bring that all the way up to the camera and things look good here we’ve got of course a kill switch for the webcam remember that is a 5 megapixel shooter with ir for windows hello support we have a fingerprint scanner right there we have a dedicated key for the hp suite of software which i think is definitely a good thing because i believe you’re going to have their gaming suite as well as all the traditional support assistant stuff for all of your drivers updates all that good stuff and of course all the keys that most of

you who follow my channel already know i appreciate like uh the master mute for the microphone that does have an led to let you know that it’s muted let’s go ahead and power this on we’ll see if it can be powered on it looks like it is going to it is a gloss display for anyone uh wondering with the oled option but remember in the hierarchy of the three panels uh the two ips panels key difference being i believe just the reflective coding this is the way to go because your color accuracy vibrancy contrast ratio everything that oled brings to the table is immense in my opinion and that’s whether you’re just using it as a laptop or you’re using it to create content color proofing video stills so it’s really a big difference so now we’re just wrapping up the first boot here into windows 11 and overall what i can tell you is that i’m really impressed with the brand new design employed here the rounded edges all around soft touch feel it’s just a nice machine so a lot of the design cues you’re already accustomed to seeing from the spectre family of products but again really slim bezel on this brand new 16 inch panel and of course the same keyboard that i at least i already really enjoy using for those of you unaware i own and enjoy using my spectre 13.

It is a few generations old but still just as competent as when i got it in terms of being a really portable and lightweight ultrabook two in one and for anyone looking for a larger form factor out of a two in one i don’t know how you’re going to really beat this i mean i can’t in my mind right now think of another machine that employs the same 16 inch 16 by 10 aspect ratio ratio excuse me oled panel that is uhd plus and then also has a discrete gpu option in fact when i look at you know the surface laptop studio it is an interesting machine but i know that as long as nothing uh is wrong with this meaning nothing i’m not expecting presents itself then this is in my opinion a much better overall product just in terms of the parts it brings to the table and it being a traditional two in one as much as you know i think there are advantages uh to a new design and and giving us a new way of looking at things i already know what to expect with this two in one uh really windows 11 i think is more of the learning curve for the majority of new users out there and that’s because a lot of them just haven’t used it yet and remember the pen needs to be charged in fact out of the package right now i do not think that it is so they do include right there a little type-c charging cable for the pen and i will go ahead and get that charged up so that we can actually see what performance is like i’ll

probably be giving you an update i’ll give you an update on this as quickly as i possibly can but overall you know the display looks excellent and i’m just excited to start putting this machine through its paces and get down to business see what the audio quality is like but again build quality seems really nice as expected with the spectre lineup and i think the i o is in check the fact that we retain an hdmi out i think is critical because you know many machines of course are eliminating them but at a little under two thousand dollars i think this really is going to satisfy a lot of customers based at least on my early impressions of seeing what the build is like the display quality is like now the next thing to do is just start putting it through some testing see what gaming is like content creation and that’s why i think this is going to be a really popular machine is that it has a little bit of everything i think the most interesting thing that we’re going to see is what those fans end up sounding like when they’ve got a deal with keeping this rig cool with that 30 50 in tow because remember this is the same cpu that you’ll find on the specter 16 otherwise it’s really the gpu and display that have bumped this up to nearly 2 000 us dollars before tax and of course i’ll likely end up opening this up as well again remember the ram is soldered here 16 gigs of ram if you want 32 you got to go with the 32 gig model so keep that in mind and as i mentioned earlier in the video it’s a 500 plus premium for the 32 gigs which i do not think um is you know warranted i think 16 gigs will be more than enough for the majority of users i will likely also do an inking

demo with this in time uh just excited to share it with all of you again the first time i’ve seen a 16 inch 16 by 10 aspect ratio oled panel especially with a uhd plus res and then a 3050 this is a brand new addition to the spectre family and i think possibly the best spectre ever made especially if what you’re looking for is more of a desktop replacement experience of course this isn’t going to give you desktop class performance but in the spectre lineup it absolutely will best of both worlds here if you’re looking for a two in one and of course don’t forget the two in one element that very easily you go into content consumption mode um also ideal for drawing on screen although we do have a little bit of wobble of course here with the hinge and the hinge does look like uh it’s been uh well it’s not a redesign but a brand new design for the specter lineup at least and then of course if you wanted to go into uh tent mode i mean whatever you’re looking to do with the spectre uh when it comes to two in one capability you know it’s going to deliver what the balance of the spectre lineup has to offer so it’s really just a matter of how you want to use it but any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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