Amazon Astro Robot, a.k.a. DOOM BRINGER

hello my lovelies and welcome to episode 80 of tech expert weekly it’s obviously a completely arbitrary number means nothing but it still does kind of feel like some sort of minor accomplishment to reach episode 80 and this bag of bollocks the one that i obviously feel is well worth celebrating in the obligatory traditional british nature of sucking booze until i can no longer feel feelings but of course before everything is allowed to go comfortably numb first of all we’ve got to dissect the week’s tech news and thumb the juiciest organs within and this week that lovely plum pancreas is a bit of vivo action and we’ve got the uh yummy liver of amazon you know what i’m just going to vacate this analogy before it goes to really really dark situates expert weekly so the big foreign launching this week happened when vivo plucked back its anorak and presented off its lovely duo of blowers the x70 pro and the x70 pro plus these not especially cheap handsets or proper premium androids busted spooge-worthy specs and the usual clever blocks camera hardware with 5-axis gimbal stabilization that’s so smart it would

make even a psyche doctor look like a suitable thickie the standard pro is powered by a mediatek dimensionally 1200 chipset just like the brand-new xiaomi 11 t while the plus prototype improves that to a snapdragon 888 plus stage although both could crush through a suitable play of gentian impact no worries and while both athletic that gimbal camera tech and a zoom lens it’s the pro plus which certainly amazes more in testing problems and i love you beautiful crooks so much that not only have i unboxed and equated both the vivo x70 pro and the x70 pro plus but i’ve also done you a full its consideration of this the x70 pro plus as well which spoiler alarm it’s effing prodigious earlier in the week amazon also unveiled its latest stray of smart residence goodies and assistances including the obligatory robot which one day will rise up against us and grind all ligaments into dust although at least amazon hasn’t made the error of committing its own deathbringer actual legs unlike those crazy buffoons over at xiaomi so at least you’ve got a slim chance of existence as long as you can merely make it to some stairs plus yeah gotta admit that astro is cute as i wouldn’t actually mind being slaughtered by a machine if it does a appeal and beatbox as my life force pumps from my busted quiver and organization sadly the amazon astro is only going to be exterminating human stateside for now there’s no set uk handout appointment although hopefully it’ll come over

here soon before i decide to end my own existence in the traditional northern demeanour of fatality by red aftershock now if your little bundle of joy detests skyping with their grandparents because and i mention they’re old and sucky then your life could be made less unbearable by the amazon glow a mini projector video chat nature thing that kids can use to interact with remote family members and friends so they are unable to read books with grandmother or cheat like at a mongrels at online activities with their besties to is starting your baby will need the brighten but friends and family can is engaged in the amusing with their portable maneuver the amazon glow goes on sale in the us for 249 dollars from next month and yeah you guessed it once again no decide uk liberate time so us brits are gonna have to wait although hey we’re used to queuing up five hours exactly to fill up bloody cars these days so whatever introducing it on next up was the flippin massive repetition sure 15 a smart display with improved conduct and new alexa widgets and the resemble built-in camera can recognize your cup when you stagger by to serve a personal info for instance your daily schedule so you can see which of your child’s numerous organizations you just forgot to pick them up from you could also watch a bit of netflix youtube whatever on that mighty 15 inch screen although i would reject amazon’s recommendation of cinderella star and point a bellend james corden frankly i’d rather watch maggots feasting on the putrid de kin remains of my own damaged body or mrs brown’s boys and good report this one actually is coming to the uk last-minute in 2022 for 239 quid also coming to the us for 249 next up the amazon adolescents plus service is getting loads of new content that was like a bag of ass liquor next to proper boys classics like chance mouse and thundercats but hey i’m not the target audience here i’m just some old-time but dangerously what the actual is this noise hey it’s me blippi and i am so excited about my brand new show lippy’s treehouse i’ve got a bad feeling this guy’s next door and rotation is going to be project utree 2 the gropinen coming to netflix in 2032.

It might be possible we found something worse on tv than james corden now if the sheer rejoice of being alive these past two years has encouraged you to feast excessively on booze and pork pies well no worries the brand-new protagonist opinion fitness tracker sounds into the halo subscription service which will shortly be boosted with exercising procedures and diet tracking the scene expenses 79 with the year of halo membership included and more you suspected it no ratify of this covered to the uk any time freaking soon so i guess we’re just gonna have to continue to substance our faces with liquor and pies and amazon also announced a shag quantity of reverberating shenanigans including the virtual security guards where someone you don’t know observes your home remotely exercising your very own cameras which sounds like something straight out of a sinister stranger hazard movie and there’s lots of other texts frankly it was an endless friggin onslaught of glossy brand-new contraptions i probably missed about 10 small speakers just when i sidestepped out for a immediate piss and to crack open another tinny but unhappily really short on time this week which tragically does planned it’s time for the members of the show that would probably even make a buddhist monk go on a frenzied machete killing spree it’s viewer remarks fewer observations all right let’s start this week with a hot bit of robin action he says i love waking up to some tech spurts 7 a.m new jersey hello new jersey hope you guys are enjoying your cheerios or whatever sugary american cereal you are consuming this morning and that reminded us actually i’ve got to bible up tickets to go see the many vistums of newark as well i’ve been back to the cinema since murderou corvid was initiated in the beginning of 2020 2020.

But the last thing i saw at the cinema was frozen 2 which is just tragic cedric shack says ultimately a good review of the microsoft incident specially the first half who cares what’s new anyway i’ll need a laptop i’ll buy one of their latest uh anyway um yeah i want the new skin-deep machines inspect appear reasonable if you’ve got the uh the aged money hopefully be able to bring you guys full remembers imminently our next step ted says the original uh duo the microsoft surface duo phone is now 720 quid off hope that happens again next year with the duo or two i make i’d be sickened if it didn’t because let’s visit it’s a highly niche device it’s already quite a hard sell and then at that sort of price point well over a grand you’re going to battle and precisely look at motorola’s recent reboot of the razer smartphone i’ve seen classic original i really like that foldable brand-new copy as well but it’s like grand and a half or whatever that’s just stupid especially when you’re not getting fee cutting edge tech other than the foldable screen and clear they didn’t oblige countless sales because soon after the launch of the original razer they started doing a buy one get one free deal which is just one of the most bizarre why not just do them half price they clearly had a lot of contingents to

shift but yeah why take one bendy thorn out where you could take two and next up jed missile says you continued me sane if not quite sober through a horrible divorce and a residence sale which accomplished this week as well uh now i’m free at long last and can watch your salubrious material to my heart’s material until i pass out um oh jesus worker i’m already i’m really sorry to hear about those recent battles i convey the divorce must be bad enough but buying in southern house is just an ultimate cruelty register 100 worse than cancer of the i don’t know why i have to make it so freaking torturous every time i 100 i’d rather wake up in a sore movie and have to chop off my own buttocks than have to go through another room marketing again i’d rather only douse this plaza in petrol and put a match to it frankly then you have to go through all of that spiel again um next up jaded peanut butter says mr waffle stomp himself hello uh says frenetic miner on the zx spectrum is still the best game ever you are eligible to keep paraphernaliums call of duty etc that activity was epic yeah i entail epic is the word for it that competition was bastard hard guy it was really good but jesus christ i think it made me the best part like two years to finally get to the ending and then all you see is like mr manic minor himself time merely strolling along with a jazzy little theme for two seconds and it’s like that was worth it yeah it’s kind of unbelievable how much video games have changed simply in the last 20 30 times i intend uh earlier this week i started

playing death strand and director’s trimmed and i see it playing in the first two hours i mostly watched a lot of back mental cutscenes and ambled a dude up a mountain and then about the kinds of two three hour mark my six-year-old daughter wandered in and asked what i was playing and i tried to explain it to her i was like oh i’m just busy uh carrying my dead mother on my back i’m just uh taking her to an incinerator so i can burn her corpse before it is transformed into colors goo and she was like why are you only marching why don’t you run there i was like i can’t run because then i might over counterbalance and fall over a bit uh so i’ve got to be really really careful go to go around those rocks in case they tripped me over i entail severely this guy’s got absolutely no balance at all and his entire enterprise is just to walk from one target to another i make it’s mostly the same as downing half a bottle of whiskey and then going for a ramble in the pinnacle region yeah they might as well only call it summer festivities the game anyway um yeah i’m not sure i really get on with death strandon but uh if any of you guys have played it and actually enjoy it or have similar feelings obviously let me know in the comments uh over the hill mtb says i’m looking at replacing my pixel for exceed soon i was considering the sony xperia one rating 3 but do you think it might be worth

holding off for a pixel 6 pro instead um they’re going to be very different smartphones the pixel 6 pro guaranteed it’ll be great if you simply want to point and shoot and get good-looking photos uh every time the sony xperia one differentiate iii surely if you’re uh you know all fair with dslrs and you like to tinker around with various installs before you take a shot then the xperia is perfect you wanted to some actually snazzy seem video as well that cinema pro mode is fantastic now to be perfectly honest i would look for good deals on the xperia one crisscros ii which i absolutely admired from last year the xperia one simulated three isn’t a massive hurry up um so that’s my thing uh riz says would you ever recommend working phone calls without a dispute i always buy a event or eight when i buy a phone but i always wondered if anyone out there ran commando with their phones well you know what uncle spurt says keep it coming wrapped kiddies and whenever i research smartphones i always test them without a occurrence or cover only to see if they do get scratched up easily and you know merely everyday wear and tear and or all of that

shenanigans but if i actually owned a phone myself extremely if it was a very expensive premium smartphone uh then i was only almost certainly blow some sort of protective cover on it and i would definitely applied a screen protection on it as well because i absolutely hate it when a screen gets a scratch on it now we’re patently not talking these levels of reach as move-in house but it’s definitely claim up there with like get your foreskin trapped in your zipper fraser says accosts from milton keynes and by milton keynes i do of course intend shanghai yeah that’s that’s all right buster you don’t have to worry about if as long as you don’t live on a tropical island with all time round daylight and cheap liquor then it’s it’s okay you don’t have to pretend to live in some shitty uk drop and regrets to anyone who does actually live in milton keynes i’ve been there for countless a year so i’m sure it’s absolutely lovely now one of the uh the british uh pearls in the treetop and i’ve actually never been to shanghai certainly need to get my ass there the working day it looks very cool uh next up i know i’m going to pick up this intonation so regrets in advance uh aliosa says uh pretty sure you’re the only reviewer i’ve seen doing slime roller inspects why does nobody else cover them um yeah i imply all the uk tech writers that i am aware do uh asses the motorola smartphones uh so if you don’t follow the websites the general tech booklets is just here on youtube that nobody seems to really give a which uh you know go figure youtubers apparently

prefer playing with really expensive iphones instead next up fire cookie 15 says motorola should make a small screen phone like the iphone 12 mini i intend everyone should make a small phone frankly i’m absolutely does so with these near 7 inch radiations i signify this week i was reviewing the vivo x70 pro plus which is like 6.8 inches i tell you what by the time i’m like 45 my paws are just going to be useless branches from all of this enforced stretching uh jasp6 5 says we’re lucky enough to live only an hour away from southward their expedition of their distillery is highly recommended with a sampling session at the end yeah i’ve most definitely done that uh distillery tour and the brewery tour twice as well perfectly cherish it and all of the delicious alcohol that they output they were really generous with those tests as well on both uh for some of the distillery i kind of lost kind of merely shots of whiskey and vodka and gin and nonsense i did and then after the tour staggering into the shop and there’s someone there behind a desk giving you even more free booze in little short-lived castes so yeah by the time i lastly came out of that shop i was absolutely sh faced i was practically crawling my way out of that home and also i noticed they uh strategically arranged all of the glasses and things right next to the uh to the exit all the breakables so yeah so you’ve added your samples you stagger into that lot and you suddenly order them more

freaking grand it looks like we’ve got some whiskey slash bourbon recommendations from dr tomorrow he says get your mitts on buffalo vestige anika which is japanese and uncle nearest i’ve surely tried buffalo draw before and i’ve emphatically heard of nika i think that’s owned by either the asahi guys or the kirin guys one of the kinds of the big uh liquor firms out there isn’t it uh but i’ve not not tried uncle nearest before definitely i’ll uh i’ll tell you what there’s a whiskey browse not very far from here so i’ll definitely have a bit of a askance next time i stagger in there unquestionably expressed appreciation for for “the panels recommendations” very much appreciated uh next up lorne wanderer says you seem to have a good amount of imbibing time on your hands despite having to work uh yeah i mean that’s the good thing about being a youtuber is i can mostly blend my hobbies of banging on about tech and drinking alcohol and likewise make a little bit of money out of it as well which is a major plus are talking about which there’s a couple of explains now about uh asking what i actually do for a living i’m obviously

fortunate enough that the canal has grown to the point now where i can perform enough currency uh merely off the youtube stuff to live off but i do likewise do a bit of freelance journalism on the side as well as you might sometimes catch some waffle from me in the likes of stuff magazine for instance next up typhoon8 08 says samsung motorola and nokia are going to be releasing budget tablets soon will you be discussing all three tablets when they’re liberated yeah those tabs unquestionably making a bit of a comeback uh i may possibly have already touched a tablet from one of those three and uh you know i’m always down for recollecting a bit of motorola action producing it on and better make this the last comment for the week because yeah i totally run out of time as always uh glc says have you heard anything on onward mobility’s onward mobilities that’s a tough one to say blackberry or samsung’s a72 5g could both be delayed or cancelled because of the world semiconductor famine uh absolutely bugger all uh on either front regrettably onboard mobility is still offering its clunkily entitled pre-commitment program i believe it is on the website or we can sign up to uh now when they’ve actually got them vaguely ready for launch uh so i’ve

signed up for that but nothing still further and it looks like the original calculate of a 2021 liberate is going to be a little bit confident but hopefully soon though will be very interesting to get another blackberry in my middle that’s for sure i did actually cherish the uh the priv from however many years ago that was now like four or five or something uh but anyway yeah thank you very much to everyone who explained last week awesome interpret those observations as always satisfy do smash some more down below be great to hear your thoughts on uh fresh tech zx spectrum creepy-crawly robots that want to drain all of the blood from our organizations but there’s just enough time for a look ahead to next week next week next week what the is next week uh looks like a moderately busy one actually we’ve got a huawei mate work opening on the tuesday afternoon nokia shenanigans on wednesday morning and then there’s an actual sky open as well on thursday where the rumors have it they’re going to be actually launching a suitable tele carton of their own that’s an actual physical incident on the thursday morning hopefully you’ll have a good few bacon friends and loadings of chocolate at the ready so yeah stand sung for full report on that i’ll try and get a video live on the thursday and uh and then on friday if i’m still alive and vaguely conscious then uh textbook weekly at noon as usual so all that remains for me to say thank you very much for watching to the end of this deliver guff as ever very much appreciated uh if you haven’t done previously please do jab subscribe and ding that notifications bell connect the spartan horde why not it’s a giggle rarely have yourselves a splendid brutal weekend as ever love you

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