ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share my full review the digitally digested segment for the sony xperia pro i this phone launched at the end of 2021 with a retail price of 17.99 in fact that’s the same price as my daily driver the z-fold 3 but unlike samsung sony is not trying to reinvent or re-imagine the smartphone experience but rather perfect it so what do you get at that 17.99 price point well first and foremost uh the main camera on this device is based around sony’s one-inch sensor that you’d find in the zv1 or the rx100 they’re essentially top of the line point-and-shoot cameras that no one in the industry beats it only utilizes 12 of the 20 megapixels i’ll get to more on that later it’s essentially just because that lens that you see here which is much larger than the 16 mil ultra wide or 50 mil telephoto 12 megapixel shooters the lens would have had to have been gigantic it would have essentially created imbalance on the device so this is the first run by sony at throwing that one inch sensor in there you have real-time tracking with it you can shoot up to 20 frames per second i autofocus 4k 120 frames so really this is for photo enthusiasts

but don’t get me wrong i said the best of everything you have a 6.5 inch 4k oled with a 120 hertz refresh rate that you’ll see soon you also have a snapdragon 8 processor running the show 12 gigs of ram 512 gigs of internal storage that is expandable using a micro sd card stereo speakers there’s another camera a selfie camera 8 megapixels that’s probably the only thing not worth writing home about no wireless charging here but you still have the ability to charge this at a pretty fast rate i mean faster than my z-fold three so that is a good thing victus gorilla glass on that six and a half inch 21 by nine again very color accurate display and really best in class everything so android 11 fairly stock sony not trying to uh really overlay to death that’s something that you know they were known for years ago and then they pretty much walked back and it amounts to good things so what you’ve been looking at this whole time is the vlogger bundle now the vlogger bundle i think with the phone will set you back a little over two thousand dollars it does not include this microphone uh lav system that you can see right here that i just reviewed recently which is a nice addition i would say to this setup but you could use any microphone you want and what the bluetooth or excuse me the vlogger bundle includes is the bluetooth grip which i already own but this is a review unit going back to

sony and then an arm or a mount i should say that allows you to throw on the included three and a half inch field monitor which is magnetic this does just come off and then it also has a mounting point a hot shoe up there for your mic so if you want to use a shotgun mic you can and for those of you that were wondering why you were looking at this well that is why because this is one of the things that makes this really unique and the reason you would vlog with this orientation is because you want to utilize that one inch sensor not just because the eight megapixel selfie camera is the weak point of all the cameras on this phone but because the one inch sensor with that 24 mil variable aperture lens is the star of the show besides all the best in class hardware now you’ve looked at my face long enough even though i know you couldn’t see it incredibly well let’s get on to the actual device camera performance and whether or not i think it’s worth the price before i do that there’s also a microphone right there which i have to say the audio on is exceptional so in the event you don’t want to use a mic shotgun mic or lav don’t worry about it the audio captured here is really good so let’s go ahead and tear this thing down i’m going to go ahead and disconnect this

first i’m also going to show you something now if you didn’t notice this is connected to the camera of course and that’s because it is powered by the camera so as you can see right here we have power and input on this as well as an audio input just be aware that you know this is going to take down that 4 500 milliamp hour battery which is a really good capacity battery and you can get through a day but if you’re going to use it in the fashion i’ve been showing you here at the beginning of this video it’s going to drain that battery very quickly and that’s why sony has given you a power port as well so if you want to incorporate a battery bank into this setup you can on the other side you have your on off switch as well as the ability to flip the display’s orientation and a brightness button and there’s even a mounting point here on the back of the display and you know this is a great package i do wonder what sony will do in the next revision of it but that’s always something i wonder about every great product so no surprise here and by the way this is not a perfect device no device is so that shouldn’t

surprise anyone but it’s still really really good so let me go ahead take off the microphone and get rid of the bluetooth grip which of course by the way i didn’t mention gives you the ability to shoot stills video zoom and have customizable buttons you know that’s just something that i guess could be self-explanatory but for any of you that are wondering i didn’t want you to to be too curious about the capability and let’s get rid of that and let’s talk about this device so as i’ve mentioned candy bar style beautiful 4k oled display and one of the things that i think is really amazing about this and i’ve always personally been waiting for sony to do this because i remember panasonic was the first company to incorporate a one-inch sensor into a smartphone i think it was in the late or mid 2000s i don’t remember if it was 2005 or 2006 could have been 2008 i don’t remember off the top it flopped and that was just because it was too expensive although it was less expensive than this device people just didn’t know what to think of it and you have to remember for most people out there the smartphone has replaced uh their point-and-shoot camera so it’s about time that we got a smartphone that actually has the capability of the best

uh point-and-shoot cameras on the planet and for the majority of users as i stated this in general phones have replaced point-and-shoot cameras but for people like me and for many of you that subscribe to my channel you’ve been waiting for a phone that performs like an rx100 or zv1 because that is the only way it could replace your point-and-shoot camera and this is incredibly close to doing it i mean the still quality is excellent color science on here another benefit of sony you know improving upon color science and then bringing it here their apps are unrivaled i mean pretty much every manufacturer has copied their quote unquote pro experience apps you can see video pro actually was just introduced with this phone another thing i really like about this device is that there’s no notch there’s no cutout we have six and a half inches of full display i mean the eight megapixel selfie camera as i mentioned not that good but it doesn’t cut into the display integrity so you’ve got to appreciate that now when you take a look around the body of the device which i think is really nicely designed and feels substantial on the left side we have our sim tray which is also where you’re going to pop in your micro sd card and it is tool free this is another thing to love about this you have no necessity to have a sim key to pop in there so easy access you’ve got to dig that i mean i do then a lanyard loophole there because after all this is a camera is it not besides being a smartphone

bottom we have our type c port as well as a microphone right there and then along the top of the device you still have what has gone away from most a three and a half millimeter audio jack in addition to that another microphone on the other side this is pretty much where all the action is the right side of the device we have our volume rocker power button that also doubles as a fingerprint scanner and then we have a shutter button a half press will actuate focus full press takes the image remember 20 frames per second on this with actually accurate uh auto focusing now that sony’s the king of the hill in that realm and then we have a button that is dedicated for video this will launch the video pro app that i mentioned is brand new to sony and launched with this device so you have a button dedicated to taking you into video and a button dedicated to taking you into still and then on the back of course as i already showed you we have three cameras the center one being the star uh with that zeiss uh lens that you know a 24 mil variable aperture that really just outperforms much of the competition 4k at 120 frames uh is just unheard of on a smartphone in fact it’s fairly unheard of on most of sony’s cameras unless you’re shooting with

something like my fx3 that i’m recording this on or the a7s iii or of course they’re a1 but all that aside great camera performance out of that now the 12 megapixels as i mentioned had they gone with a lens that would have utilized the entire sensor the lens assembly would have been much larger to the point that i think it would have been an eyesore and i think sony’s fear there is of course this still has to be aesthetically pleasing and i think they really did accomplish that we’ve got some time of flight sensors for autofocus with the other two lenses as you may have noticed and as i mentioned before that microphone we’ve also got an nfc contact point no wireless charging i really like this soft touch finish on the back really means no fingerprints more manufacturers should get on board with this it looks great it doesn’t start to look terrible over time from being touched so those are good things i mentioned the 4500 milliamp hour battery is great for general use but once you really turn this into an rx100 that’s where things slowly fall apart now in my own experience the beauty of this device is that for someone like me for travel i would instantly pick one of these up in fact this is the only phone that would pull me away from my good old z-fold three this is in my opinion the z-fold three the most dynamic phone

experience on the market but if you don’t care about having a tablet in your pocket that folds up to a candy bar this is the phone to have in my opinion now personally i’m still going to be waiting to see what sony does next round with this this is their first foray into the one inch being embedded into a candy bar and i think it’s a really good offering and i don’t think anyone that picks this up is going to be disappointed the one thing i will say about it is that when you shoot stills with this in auto mode the basic mode they can be underwhelming when compared to the computational advances made by competing products and that’s sad because this absolutely has the better sensor lens combo so i feel like sony still has some more work to do on the auto side of things but if you’re willing to jump into settings play with aperture shutter speed really go manual you’re going to love this thing it’s going to perform just like again a rx100 and the performance is really really close in spite of not using all 20 megapixels you really do have to think of it again like the a7r4 that i have in the background there you know one of the things i love about it is with that 60 megapixel sensor when you throw in an aps-c lens it does get cut in half you know you end up with uh 20 some odd megapixels that’s usable from the center of the sensor but you have all of the advantages of the a7r4 sensor inherently and the autofocus system that the body has well the same thing applies

here even though you’re only using 12 of the 20 megapixels you end up with all the advantages so shallow depth of field there’s a bokeh mode in here for those of you that are wondering dynamic range all of the properties even the fact that the megapixels are literally larger the surface area surface area excuse me as opposed to traditional smartphone sensors which sony’s the biggest maker of in the world you just have inherent advantages so one thing i want to start off by showing is i’ll jump into you know their camera app and again you can see instantly you have a lot of capability when it comes to settings no lack whatsoever you want to change your mode easily can do that and this is going to be very familiar for people that are sony users for other people not so much now the basic mode is what i’m talking about when you’re in the basic mode which pretty much looks like stock android and that’s because this pretty much is a stock android phone that’s where images can be a little underwhelming as i stated but colors are still really natural i don’t think that they look bad it’s just that for example shooting at night other manufacturers samsung apple google will outperform this device but if you get manual this device will output

outperform the rest but i do think that that is a concession that cannot be made at this point at 1799 sony has to have a device that nails it every time it can’t be only if you’re willing to go into settings so just something to be aware of but you see all the different modes that it offers and then of course the actual capabilities so it’s pretty cool i mean they’ve done this before but not with a one inch sensor if i go ahead and jump back of course we also have the cinema pro and by the way warnings will come up about overheating i have not experienced any but remember this is a one inch sensor just like the rx100 zv1 those cameras experience overheating so it’s not a shock that you could experience it here as well now the cinema pro mode essentially gives you the look and feel of working with a venice camera from sony so you’ve got a project i mean you can customize every single thing to your heart’s content right now you can see i’ve got 4k 120 but you know if you want to scale that down to 2k you can if you want to get rid of the 120 and go to something a little bit more usual like 24 frames you can do that i personally like to shoot at 30 but you can go to 60 as well so it’s really up to you what you want to do and then obviously you know when you get into this area that’s where you start to be reminded that you’re in

the pro app what is cool though is when you’re recording it does essentially act like a tally light also i didn’t mention we do have an led indicator you know notifications i love that i miss it i wish we still had it but you know most devices have done away with it sony retained it i think that’s another brilliant move just appealing to rationale i mean why get rid of that i mean i know why they got rid of it it was to make screens bigger and i think that it they can still co-exist let’s just put it that way let me jump out of this uh there are a lot of advantages to using those uh the pro modes but this is the new one that sony added for video pro rather than cinema you can launch it with the button right there next to the shutter button and this gives you the ability to zoom in zoom out and of course gives you access to the majority of again the controls that you’d want to use you can still jump in you can see the little camera button there of course record your focus switch you

can jump into the menu i mean this really again gives you a lot of flexibility you can see you can go with avc or or hevc but you know be sure that you have a system that can deal with that file format it is definitely more strenuous here i have a video this is just a simple test of the sony xperia pro i just wanted to see what the quality was like microphone of course video here in the studio just checking make sure volume’s all the way up to make sure that audio capture is nice and cleanly and realistically you gotta still hold it fairly far away which isn’t that big of a deal but certainly i think gives you a little bit so i’m gonna stop it there because that is an issue um one of the things that you will experience with this device is that when using the vlogger bundle that 24 mil lens still makes it so that you have to fully extend your arm which is similar to using the zv1 or an rx100 for vlogging unfortunately so that’s just something i wanted to point out but that audio that you heard which hopefully reproduces well over my studio mic that was all captured from that microphone and that i shot today that is that was just a demo for this review it is great i mean i’ve used it on several occasions it’s impressed and that’s one of the reasons that i don’t feel you need to have any sort of dedicated microphone but obviously depending on the project you’re shooting with it you can now for me traveling knowing that i could

potentially no longer have to carry a zv1 or rx100 is what makes this phone uh lust worthy because as as i said earlier in the video i’ve been waiting for something like this for a very long time and for anyone who was already traveling with full-frame or even aps-c mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras the you know point-and-shoot stuff is only something you can truly get rid of once you can carry it in your pocket and this does represent a step in that direction now for traditional user their phone as i stated earlier has already replaced point-and-shoot so this may not be something they feel they need especially since it does require in many instances some intervention rather than living in an auto mode although it does do well in auto i don’t want anyone to think you can’t shoot an auto you can it does fairly well it’s just you’ll do the best you can actually manipulating settings like you would on a traditional camera but for general users i feel like they’re likely to already if they’re going to have a camera they will have the point-and-shoot but for enthusiast hobbyists pros alike that are already

lugging around a gear bag if they can eliminate having an rx100 or zv1 by having this phone i know how appealing it is to me and it’s almost an instant buy so sony is on to you know the right track uh in my opinion no question about it they just need to continue to work on this a little bit more and i say that only because they are oh so close but i want to give you an example here of an image i took of barks that’s barkley our lab and you know the colors look good natural and as does i would say the the audio autofocus locked but i mean he wasn’t really moving too much as we getting close you know things do start to get a little smudge-tastic but that is par for the course with this one-inch sensor i mean you go in 100 crop it’s gonna happen but i feel like the you know the image speaks for itself it’s still a good shot what i’m going to show you side by side though is essentially the same image that i shot on my z-fold three and while i could you know focus on comparing these two devices they aren’t really comparable i mean you’ve got one that aims to replace your camera and just be the best phone on the market and the other aims to replace your tablet and the z-fold 3 does do that let me get rid of some of these notifications they’re piling up while filming not anything surprising here

come back to it now so as you can see barks there the images look really different i mean and these are shot on on auto i for a very deliberate reason i want everyone to be able to see what these cameras are going to perform like without human intervention so if you did this at home you’re getting the same results i’m demonstrating for you here and what you can see really clearly is how different the color of the wood flooring looks and barkley for that matter you know i feel like the sony does a better job overall than the samsung but it’s low light shooting where the sony does not and that’s where you would have to take over to really get it in my opinion to shoot to the same level as the z-fold three now bear in mind when you’re utilizing uh the 12 megapixels as opposed to the 20 on the one inch sensor on the sony it is approximately going to be the same size of sensor area that is in samsung’s latest s22 so that gives you an idea on the actual size but of

course the sony should still easily outperform it because of the sensor quality that i’ve mentioned before you know dynamic range depth of field larger megapixels those are all advantages to the sony of course i don’t have that here with the z-fold three but just something i wanted to mention and then if i zoom in on barks you can see the z-fold three does you know pretty well see if i can i had a feeling i would be able to one-hand it with the candy bar there let me go ahead and just bring it back up so you can see it but that’s another one of those things where you know you need it as a reference point to really see so let me go in to a similar crop here similar doesn’t seem like it because i’ve got you know the z-fold three um opened up and it’s completely different resolution as well but similar and i have to say both are really good but again if you want something that’s going to i mean things look pretty blown out as you may have noticed with the samsung whereas they remain fairly natural looking and that’s not the brightness in the device either that’s just things getting crushed i mean i

can lower brightness let’s do that right now take it down we’ll see how much of a difference that makes because the the sony’s at about 50 i mean that made a difference but i can tell you barclays natural uh colors on his coat definitely seem to be more accurate on the xperia pro i than my zfol3 so again just food for thought you know it’s something where i don’t think you’re going to be disappointed with this device some people may buy it saying well it’s got a you know an rx100 built into it so it’s going to be amazing with the right end user absolutely i agree um when it comes to using this for everything else you know i tested it with verizon which where i live is the best network it’s kind of the best network everywhere for the most part performance was flawless i do not have 5g in my market but everything worked well the speakerphone the fact that you have stereo speakers is another really nice touch that makes this phone outperform a lot of other devices great for consuming content the fact that you have a 21×9 aspect ratio so that you know if there’s no letterboxing on cinematic content that’s part of the reason that when you utilize the cinema pro mode on this you really do have that experience again very much stock it does

have some of sony’s bloat but you know the playstation app it’s not too egregious xperia transfer these are things that i do not think are a big deal at all the game enhancer but remember you’ve got pretty much the best processor on the market more than enough ram at 12 gigs it competes with all flagships and that half terabyte of internal storage clearly tailored to someone who’s going to be using this smartphone as their daily driver when it comes to it being a camera and just a content consumption and storage device and the fact that you can expand it throw another half or full terabyte microsd card in there they’ve become more affordable than ever this really does permit like sky is the limit type capability so again if i didn’t own the z fold 3 this would definitely be on the shortlist because i mean how else do you incorporate an rx100 into a phone it needs to be sony i mean yes other manufacturers are trying to do it leica’s out there trying to rock it but really to me sony’s the company that needed to do it and uh this is a very good step forward i mean for a first gen model granted they’ve really upped their game across the entire xperia lineup of phones this is as a first gen to me easy to recommend but it’s not for everyone you know it just

isn’t because you really have to essentially value that one-inch sensor not in an irrational way but in a way where you fit into i feel like the sort of consumer i am that you know you’re not going to have to carry an rx100 or zv1 anymore and that’s worth it to you now for me personally i still would pick the z-fold three at present especially uh with the pen input that i now have and water resistance these are on even keel more than ever of course the cameras are not in the same realm the capabilities uh not that close at all but in where things are at right now i still am far too happy and accustomed to having the larger display you know the nearly eight-inch display on the interior of the z-fold three now when the second generation of this phone launches and the camera performance improves even more it’s gonna be harder and hopefully they introduce wireless charging as well that to me is something that i’m not saying it prevents me from wanting one of these but it is a step back that i cannot justify anyone who follows my channel knows i will not support abandoning uh qi charging it’s something

that i started using back when we had you know replaceable back plates in order to utilize them on moto and htc phones you know at the beginning of smartphone time essentially uh you know who remembers all those classic hits but the whole point is is that they’ve gotten so much right with this it’s easy for me to recommend now whether or not it’s worth the eighteen hundred dollars i get where the pricing comes from i mean you’re talking about a 750 camera with the zv1 or even more with the much more premium rx100 line where you’re going to go over a thousand for the mark 7 which utilizes the exact same sensor and logic ports so you’re talking about in many ways a value if they can get to the point that they utilize the entire sensor i think until then many critics uh are going to continue to say this is in some ways false advertising because it’s not really utilizing the full one inch sensor and therefore it isn’t worth the money and it doesn’t really replace the zv1 even at 750 but again the performance of the still and video on this is so close to being like uh what you’ll get out of a zv1 or rx100 that we’re just that close to getting me on board so once sony gets there and i wouldn’t really care if this lens got absurdly larger if the quality is there

because this is still look at how much smaller this is than my z-fold three i mean they do not compare right so clearly i am willing to take on a thicker device i get sony’s trying to keep it one way but if they choose to do so they’ve got me it’s that easy and then you know having the the pro apps is just like i said sony kind of started it and everyone was like we got to do this too you know samsung apple they all jumped on board to try to perfect that sony being the master of di in 2022 and they have been for several years now and also being the master of sensors when it comes to the world’s smartphones since they’re in the majority they really have you know the world at their fingertips when it comes to making this product better so i have high hopes for second gen i can easily recommend this now if you’re okay with being a gen 1 adopter it’s not buggy you’re not going to experience a lot of problems it’s not perfect the electronic stabilization for video is fine it’s not amazing but it’s fine you know is there some rolling

shutter going on with this will you get a little bit of a jello effect yeah remember it’s an rx100 inside of a smartphone but overall i think that this is still unrivaled right now i think we will see more competing products and that’s why sony’s got to get on that horse and just fully commit this as a gen 1 product is amazing i think the vlogger bundle has a ways to go i mean i think they should come out with their own grip rather than this grip which really was designed for other cameras i mean it was a novel idea but if anything if sony really wanted to make this attractive i think they could have probably priced this into that 1800 1800 price point at least you know the grip and the mount maybe if they want to sell the display separately i get it but um i think they need a custom handle that really makes it so this thing is totally uh wireless you know there’s got to be a way sony i’m sure you know how you could make this display wireless and also maybe we throw power battery pack inside of the actual grip make it chargeable over type c so that you know it continues to top off the phone and power uh the display at the same time there’s just there’s room for improvement there just like there’s a little bit of room for improvement with the device but overall again great

performance easy for me to recommend if the price tag doesn’t make you choke if it does give it a generation this thing will go down in price it’ll still be really compelling and sony is in my opinion one of the last great phone manufacturers that’s really just starting to get their feet wet again which is a great thing because boy do we live in a market of everything is kind of the same except for folding devices so great to see something else that’s not the same and still essentially offers a different experience even if it is in the same form factor great display great cameras again that selfie shooter not great but otherwise all the other cameras are excellent and i mean i cannot stress enough the eye autofocus real-time tracking color science sony is on the right path so i really like this phone but i still like my folding phone a little bit more so sony’s gonna have to do just a little bit more i did this before that’s how much they’ve got to do to get me to drop samsung since i’m already spending eighteen hundred dollars and i spent two thousand on the previous gen fold so they can get me and they’re not trying to get the

world on board with this just the same people i feel like that are willing to bite off that nearly 2 000 price tag with folding devices so they can get me i would love to not have to carry an rx100 and by the way the perfect situation or example for that is like you know when i’m traveling granted not through the pandemic when i go out to dinner i don’t want to carry an rx100 or zv1 if i can put this in my pocket i mean part of the thing that people have always talked about is is the rx100 or zv1 actually pocketable and the answer is really no i mean you could fit it in a pocket but it’s not going to be comfortable this on the other hand it’s going to fit and it’s going to fit a lot better than my z-fold 3. now it’s just a matter of getting this a little bit closer to perfection which it’s there i mean come on the fact that you can use this phone on verizon is already a huge win but that rounds it out i know i didn’t show a lot with software and browsing the web that all works perfectly i think the main emphasis here is battery life and camera performance and the good news is those things work well any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later .

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