ALLDOCUBE iWork GT 2 in 1 Unboxing – A Surface Go with Surface Pro Specs

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the aldo cube iwork gt this is an 11-inch windows-based tablet specifically windows 11 home out of the box it has an intel 11th gen core i5 processor the 1135 g7 8 gigs of lpddr 4x ram impressive for a budget friendly tablet like this 256 gigs of internal storage it also has a micro sd card slot for those of you that are wondering as well as fairly decent i o it’s 11 inch ips panel is uh 2000 by 1200 resolution which uh seems decent for an 11 inch panel like this and it should be interesting to see how well this performs now again it is fairly budget friendly uh which is what makes it compelling um i’m you know not sure what the other keyboard is priced at they included the lightweight keyboard they do have two different versions but let’s go ahead and get this thing out of the box if i was able to actually break the seal i thought i did there and see how it works you know when aldo cube reached out to me asking whether or not i’d be interested in checking this out i said sure because you know the specs on paper are fairly compelling for such a budget-friendly machine first thing we see through a free two-year

warranty extension and let’s see this machine so i’m going to go ahead and just flip it over 45 watt quick charging with this we’ll see how quickly that actually charges um so there is the tablet and i’m gonna go ahead and peel that off in a moment so we do have a web camera at the front it appears to be a notch but that’s just the plastic overlay right now nothing along the bottom feels like this is a combination of polycarbonate and some aluminum um you know some sort of aluminum here we’ve got two type c ports these are not thunderbolt for those of you that are wondering a hdmi out right there these all well the type c ports are capable of power delivery as well but then with the hdmi 4k 60 is what i believe all of these are rated at it would have been nice to have gotten thunderbolt 4 out of this but because the chipset is of course capable of it but remember this is a really tiny tablet which again with the hardware it has seems impressive so we’ve got a webcam on the front but then we also have a camera here on the back in terms of other things power button right there volume rocker and they’ve actually labeled all of this hopefully you can see that some pogo ports right here and then on the right side of the machine we have a usb type a port a headphone microphone combo jack and a micro sd card slot and of course

ventilation uh on both sides of this machine it is a windows machine so that makes sense so let’s go ahead and peel this off and so now we’ve revealed the actual display and it’s going to be interesting to see how it works let’s see if it has any juice to power up going to find out right now seems that it does getting some activity here let me go ahead and put that down for now we’ll see what else is in the box i anticipate that we have the charger which we do again a 45 watt uh power brick right there and pretty straightforward what you’re going to do with that right charge it up i’m curious to see what battery life will be like and i think that’s going to be you know one of the things that can make or break a product like this because you know at its price point uh it’s affordable it’s small you know for someone who wants something smaller than a surface pro uh eight but with similar performance maybe this is compelling uh we’re gonna see it’s only going to be a matter of time before i know how well this can actually perform touch screen sensitivity seems okay out of the box so far and uh you know i’m not expecting anything phenomenal from the speakers but hopefully they’ll be okay now what i can tell you is that we’re seeing a lot of flickering here um i’m not seeing that in person with my eyes but my camera is picking it up so be aware of that that’s not what it actually looks like um and this is not that

that is uh to do with a pulse uh through the display this is you know not to do with my camera for those of you that are wondering so they’re forcing me to type in a name let’s see there’s the keyboard let’s just go ahead and throw in ed and i am not going to password protect this thing and i’m going to go ahead and just put that down for a second let’s take a look at the keyboard so i’ll put this to the side and you know it is a combination of polycarbonate and metal again i’m not sure exactly exactly what it is but it’s safe to assume it’s some form of aluminum uh let’s see if i can crack this open and again with the two keyboards one kind of looks like you know the apple the the ipad floating design this one i believe that they sent me is not that design i didn’t know which one they were going to send frankly but this may be the more practical of the two even if cosmetically it doesn’t look as appealing just keep sending this through the motions here and yeah this is not the other one so basically we have a trackpad right here on this flap and it is completely magnetic you can see the pogo ports right there i showed you that on the back of the machine there is the keyboard no backlighting

to my knowledge on this um you know chiclet style keys we’ll see what it’s like and then these two slots are the different positions for the angle essentially adjustment that you have with the machine when it’s mounted and it’s completely magnetic so let’s go ahead and just all that snapped on pretty well and it is locked on there so that’s the first position which um i don’t think i would be able to use too comfortably i mean it’s usable but i imagine the second position is where it’s at and that is where it’s at because that is uh stable it’s at a good angle let me go ahead and back that up again the flicker i can’t do anything about that you’re all seeing until we get uh to the desktop so that i can actually pump up the brightness that should compensate for what you’re seeing that’s being captured by my fx3 but that’s not something i’m really seeing in person at all so just be aware of that it’s something that happens but again whether or not this is going to be for you i think really will boil down to pricing at the 700 i think it might be 735 740 for the tablet alone i feel like that is on the high side even though it’s budget friendly because inherently over time we all know that

surface pro devices get clearanced out they go down in price significantly they’re still much more expensive than this you know just spec to spec but of course buying into something like a surface pro brand the design language build quality that inherently means that something like this i feel like has to be significantly less expensive in order to really compete the only thing that this i think does have going for it alternatively is its form factor because if you find the new surface pro 8 it’s not so new anymore to be too large that’s where something like this could be advantageous because it is significantly smaller so let me go ahead and try to bump up that brightness and see if it actually does anything for the experience because for what you’re seeing i should say so brightness is all the way up now and it’s blown out on camera but the flicker is gone so for those of you that were wondering um it is you know possible to eliminate that flicker um at least that is being captured by the camera now for me i never saw the flicker with my own eyes it’s something that i see on my preview monitor so that i see what all of you are seeing but otherwise you know it is not visible to me at all um so 75 brightness seems almost to do it but looks like we have to go up to around 85 for the pulse modulation to go away so it is it appears to be gone but again it’s looking a little bit blown out i’ll adjust camera settings for this when i do my update but the panel looks decent i’ll go ahead and

get on wifi let’s just get on a network right now and then i will we’ll just see what video playback and audio sounds like and right now i’m going to get a feel for the keyboard the keys are very small but again that’s a product of having a tiny tablet like this i mean comparable to like a surface go but with internals that are more like a surface pro and that’s pretty cool i mean i think that is part of the appeal here now i’m not aware of any pen input capability for this machine which would be nice i see the the flickering is back um again for what all of you can see so i’ll take the brightness up even more so it would be nice to have pen input i’m not sure that that’s a possibility um that’s something i’ll reach out to the manufacturer to find out but at present i don’t think that they have stylus capability but we’re going to find out either way the keyboard seems decent again the keys are a little bit small but i’m not having any typos in the very little bit of use let’s see what that touch pad is like i know you can’t see it because it’s like an extended lip and you can’t raise up the keyboard anyone that was wondering i just heard the fan kick on so if you were wondering about what cooling would sound like it’s not very loud but it’s you know it’s audible let’s go ahead and just play something shall we and i’m gonna make sure that our volume is all the way up and i will angle the the mic to pick this up as best as possible and here with the digital digest and today i wanted to

share a quick unboxing of the samsung galaxy you already know this isn’t a first look in fact it’s not a second third fourth or fifth look and that’s because i’ve owned this phone since launch and this is without any hesitation the best device i have ever had the pleasure of using and the price went down from gen one and two which certainly so i think that’s good enough for a demo just to get an idea i mean i’m gonna use it some more one thing i was impressed about is when i lifted yeah this up is just that magnetic connection it almost kept the keyboard attached but they did a really nice job here with how tight the uh the actual magnets are when the case is you know just attached and then that flap closes to give you this whole package um you know one thing that i’ve however nothing is perfect playing while it’s closed one thing i’m concerned about that i can tell you off the bat is just could the keys possibly imprint on the display hopefully that’s not the case but we’ll find out with time as i you know test it out but overall it’s a pretty slick little device one of the first i think windows tablets that you’ll find from china running windows 11 with again fairly solid hardware out of the box and at a price that’s definitely budget friendly why we’re getting continuous playback here is another story altogether you already know my z-fold three’s wi-fi because it should have gone off figured samsung would make it right i reached out the traditional customer service went through the warranty either way a first look again at the aldo cube iwork gt any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later

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