QGeeM Thunderbolt 4 Mini Dock (6in1) Unboxing

ed here with the digital digest and today i wanted to share a quick unboxing and first look at the qgeem thunderbolt 4 mini dock this retails for 150 us dollars at the time of this video and in full disclosure this was furnished to me by the manufacturer for review purposes now i’ll include a link in the description for those of you interested in picking one of these up and for anyone that follows my channel you already know that i am a big fan of thunderbolt connectivity after all it essentially is the umbilical cord of productivity and overall connectivity and that’s because it is the most versatile connection on planet earth pretty much allowing you to do just about anything so who is this mini dock for as opposed to a traditional 15 or 16 in one dock that really looks to exploit thunderbolt to its full capability anyone who knows that they only need more thunderbolt ports and that’s exactly what this delivers now because it’s small don’t think that it’s portable i mean yes far more portable than a traditional 15 or 16 in one dock which qg makes as well they’re roughly twice the price but this still needs to be connected to an outlet so this isn’t really about portability it’s just about a smaller footprint and knowing exactly what you need and really not paying for more things that you don’t so what are you getting here you’re taking your one thunderbolt port from your latest gen mac or of course any intel based laptop or system in general that has thunderbolt

connectivity and you’re expanding that to four total ports of course when it comes to video out 8k 30 hertz over a single connection or dual 4k 60 hertz output so if you want a dual setup easy as always with thunderbolt the included charger is a 120 watt charger for the actual mini dock it’ll output to your device that you’re connecting over that single umbilical 60 watts which is par for the course in a world of 65 watt chargers for things like ultrabooks so perfectly adequate for that but a higher powered machine this is just going to trickle charge if your machine actually will permit that and of course the throughput is 40 gigabits per second not a whole lot else to tell let’s go ahead and crack it open take a look at it and again this is really about knowing what you have to get for yourself and let’s see if that even cracked the plastic it did and i say that because traditionally people are going to go with the larger form factor docs and it makes sense i mean they give you you know a wide array of ports but why pay for more ports that you don’t actually need so i have you know in the last year covered

maybe one other mini dock and they only came into existence over the last year and that’s because quite frankly thunderbolt was always aimed at giving you as many capabilities as possible not really a fine-tuned experience so the first thing we’re hit with is the user manual and then you can see the dock itself which again really really small and that’s that’s pretty much the point here as i’ve been saying over and over again is to have something that is understated uh the form factor and footprint is you know tiny i mean palmable uh so but you know again you know you’re not getting hdmi out you’re not getting type a ports those are usb type a ports you’re not getting a card reader that’s you know if you’re looking a little bit of uh dust on this but if you’re looking for something like that this is not the right product for you you know go ahead and check out other thunderbolt docs that i’ve covered that are not minidocs because again many docs are really aimed at just expanding your thunderbolt connectivity and that’s exactly what this does now this does have a usb type a port so you know it’s not only type c connectivity but that is pretty much it so as you can see on the rear here we have the actual power connection port there that is for the brick that i will be showing you in a second three more thunderbolt

ports here on the back this is the connection that will you will run to your system of choice because this is going to not only of course be a thunderbolt port but also give you that 60 watts to that device that you’re using so again mac intel based machine and this is going to charge it while it also essentially gives you data transfer video out all that good stuff power button on the front and that’s pretty much it you know again really small footprint ventilation on the bottom if you want to keep things clean maximize your desk space that’s what these are for and a user like me i can use a mini doc now a lot of people do need all of those ports the card readers um you know my fiance is a good example she is right now using a plugable uh what is it the 15 and one that i covered a while back that’s ideal for her because in her use case scenario she needs all of that you know all of those ports she needs two display port outs in order to drive to 4k 40 inch monitors i on the other hand don’t need that in my thunderbolt setup so something like this will work for me but not for her so they’ve included a thunderbolt cable right here which is no surprise just looking to see what the the length is it says 0.72 meters for anyone that’s wondering and you’ll use this to connect the qg mini to your laptop of choice and then this is that 120 watt brick so this goes straight to the wall connects using that barrel pin connector right there to the back of the qg mini dock and

you’re in business so again to recap even though this is only an unboxing if you know that really your biggest problem that you’re trying to solve is just that your laptop doesn’t have enough ports in fact many machines these days have one or two ports at most that’s been a trend this is a really good way to expand it generally speaking that’s what thunderbolt mini docs are about and if you’re trying to figure out the difference between thunderbolt 4 and 3 i mean backwards compatibility is one of those big things so don’t worry if you only have thunderbolt 3 on your machine it will work or it should i haven’t tested it yet but that’s part of the spec of thunderbolt 4 and of course the 8k video output but the throughput is the same so when it comes to connecting external hard drives nvme ssds that are high speed that can really use the entire you know thunderbolt throughput something like a sabrin drive like i have right here these are the type of things that you know when you connect them you want to have thunderbolt connectivity and even though this is a thunderbolt 3 drive it should work here without any issue whatsoever and that’s the beauty of thunderbolt 4.

so keep that in mind that’s those are a few of the key differences between thunderbolt 4 and 3 but for all intents and purposes again same throughput same breadth of capability but that rounds things out again today was just an unboxing first look i think this is going to be a good solution for a lot of people that don’t need you know a giant hulking thunderbolt dock and are really just looking to have more ports to do the things they already do and just don’t have them on board their laptop of choice any questions or comments please feel free to post them hit that like button and as usual please feel free to subscribe and please stay safe later .

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