Lenovo Legion 7i Unboxing // The Best Gaming Laptop?

so i ultimately obtained the legion 7i into the workshop as well as for those of you knowledgeable about my network know that i’ve currently evaluated the 5i consider the 7i as the a lot more pricey costs version of the 5i now for all you amd fanboys out there you can deny the 7i with an amd cpu so if that’s exactly what you want then the 5i is a much better choice i additionally had a luxurious unboxing planned for you yet they shipped me this laptop computer already open so in package you obtain the laptop and also a 230 watt power brick this is the lenovo one it looks better than the typical chiconia ones that originate from other suppliers now there are a great deal of resemblances to the 5i even like you placed them close to each other and also they look precisely the exact same the huge difference though is that when you buy the 7i not only are you obtaining a thinner and lighter laptop at 4.6 pounds you’re additionally obtaining a steel laptop computer the finish on this is far better than the coating on this the various other thing to note is that you get a whole lot more rgb for example on the leading lid the myriad logo design in fact glows well on this guy it does not you have actually led lights coming out of the exhaust fence you also have this really great led strip under which the 5i does not support as well as you have per crucial rgb lights if you want rgb lighting on the 5i you have to pay additional which only obtains you four areas of rgb now also though the keyboard formats coincide on both laptops the travel

range on the tricks are various 1.3 millimeters on the 7i compared to 1.5 on the 5i this is a thicker chassis as a result there’s even more area to put deeper buttons i will claim though the distinction is extremely minor despite the fact that i do choose to kind on the 5i the 7i is still comfortable it’s simply not as comfortable as the 5i certainly you got that perky rgb lighting you have the very same size touchpad both of them are plastic however really feel extremely accurate sticker positioning is actually much better on the 5i the sticker label individual who’s in cost of the 5i schedule does a far better job of keeping them straight compared to the mad boy who’s in fee of the 7i these are just way too crooked for my liking the various other point to note is that you have a grill here to permit air movement in whereas on the 5i you do not now ports are kind of intriguing the something i truly like regarding the 7i is it has these glowing lights on the back which indicate specifically where the port is so for instance if if you’re trying to connect a wire in the back you can just consider the colored lights and get a far better indication now these do have the kind on it as well but they do not radiance so it’s a little harder to see particularly at night whereas this will radiance and also you can see it at any time of the day the port arrangement is additionally a bit various on the 7i you have two usb type-c ports on the left-hand side among them is thunderbolt 3 and on the back you have a hdmi port usb port ethernet jack another usb port and of course your power connector on the ideal hand side you have a usb port now the 5i has extremely similar ports however the big distinction is you don’t obtain those two usb type-c ports on the left instead it has one usb type-c port on the back yet it’s not thunderbolt 3. audio speaker positioning is also different these are straight encountering the bottom of the desk compared to bottom side firing audio speakers both of these just have two 2w speakers all right i was not expecting that despite the fact that both of them have 2 2 watt audio speakers the ones on the 7i are considerably louder and also brighter similar to the 5i the display can be turned 180 degrees so you can place it level to the surface area it does have a reduced off button at the leading so if a person is checking out you through the cam and you want to ensure it’s personal you can turn it off by simply relocating the physical button now this display is 240 hertz simply like the 5i that i evaluated however the huge distinction boils down to illumination this was obtaining over 400 nits of illumination compared to the 340 on the 5i color accuracy color gamut and also all that type of stuff were the exact same great color accuracy so if you’re pc gaming on this but you also prepare to use this for kind of layout job you’re going to have the ability to do that a person of the major factors to opt for the 7i over the 5i is the gpu choice like i think the 5i tops out in rtx 2060 whereas the 7i you can check this completely as much as an rtx 2080 very max q for instance i ran a quick 3d mark fire strike test and this thing did absolutely outstanding it defeated the acer triton 500 and came extremely near to the blade professional 17. Cinebench was a bit less than the competition however it was far better than the 5i lenovo typically takes more of a conventional approach to keeping thermals cooler i did observe something amazing though when i was executing the 3dmark fire strike test the followers kicked on and you can hear them however they were nowhere near as loud as some of its rivals so the vapor chamber within below is doing a far better job inside there’s a lot different you can tell right away that a person’s utilizing a vapor chamber as well as one is not the 5i is using your common warm pipeline setup so thermals should be much better on the 7i you obtain a larger battery 80 watts contrasted to 58 i was just netting concerning 3 and a half hours to four hours of usage on the 5i so i’m anticipating substantially much more with the 7. You have 2 slots for 2 m2 nvme ssds contrasted to one nvme ssd as well as a 2.5 inch drive little bit this is fine it’s not a large bargain however the advantage of having 2 m2 drives is that you can place the exact same drives in below as well as run it in a raid absolutely no arrangement this simply provides you considerably much faster drive speeds ram is upgradeable there’s two slots so lenovo states you can do as much as 32 however i seem like you can press this to 64. and you likewise have a swappable wi-fi card so if that’s something you wish to update down the roadway you can go ahead as well as do that so right here’s things the 7i is clearly a lot more expensive as well as you are getting even more refinements with it however you need to ask on your own are all those little extra features worth it for the sort of things you do if you’re just strictly video gaming as well as you have your earphones on then i feel like the 5i is greater than plenty as well as you’ll save yourself some money but if you’re intending to keep this for a very long time as well as you want some versatility with the thunderbolt 3 port as well as you desire the costs features of a laptop that’s just mosting likely to look better and also really feel far better to utilize than the 7i makes a whole lot even more sense plus you have the option to spec it with a great deal more beefier gpus now as always this is an unboxing and also attribute overview which means i still have a full review showing up so let me understand every one of your questions concerning what you want me to cover on the 7i in the comments section down listed below if you’re interested in choosing this up there’ll be links in the description down listed below if you appreciated the video clip feel cost-free to strike the like switch if you’re new to the channel subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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