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so i just want to apologize for taking so long to make this video but i really wanted to take in the pixel 4a because right now with the world the way it is on its knees trying to get back up from this global pandemic this phone is perfect timing like a lot of people out there you don’t understand it’s it’s rough for a lot of people people are losing their jobs people are having a tough time paying their bills and and for us tech youtubers which is me included to come out and talk about these 1300 smartphones that do this and that might make a lot of people feel upset that’s why i think the pixel 4a is so special because when i started reviewing this device i was going to talk about how this feature is not as good as that phone and and vice versa but then i sat back a little bit and thought about what do i truly use in a smartphone and ninety percent of the things i do daily can totally be done using this 350 dollar smartphone let’s take the note 20 ultra for example this is a 1300 us device over 2000 here in canada and don’t get me wrong this is an awesome smartphone it’s a beautiful design it has 55 cameras it can space zoom up to 4 000 times the list goes on but i only use two of

those cameras the wide regular wide lens to take portrait shots of my kids and i use it for video and every once in a while i’ll dip into the ultra wide lens if i need to get more in the frame but the rest of the cameras i never use wireless charging i mean i’ve converted to wireless charging i like it but i don’t need it okay and quite frankly you’re gonna charge your phone faster if you don’t use it and that’s something the pixel 4a is omitting the display is 6.9 inches and that’s great it’s good for media consumption but this is a big phone to hold i don’t want to be carrying this in my pocket every single day not only will people think i’m excited to see them it just feels uncomfortable the pixel 4a on the other hand feels great in the hand it’s a good size same size as the iphone 11 pro maybe slightly bigger due to the slightly bigger display but overall it’s light it’s plastic it’s even lighter than the 11 pro and a lot of people might disagree that plastic is not a great material in terms of premiumness and in some cases it’s not when you’re

talking about a one thousand dollar note 20s but the beauty of plastic is it’s lighter and it’s more durable and a lot of hardcore android nerds will tell you that you need a high refresh display and as an enthusiast i love 90 or 120 hertz it’s hard to go back but realistically once you stop using it for like 10 minutes you don’t even remember it until you start using it again and even though this has a 60 hertz display it feels fine it feels fine battery life has been great just as good as those thirteen hundred dollar smartphones at least some of them i can get through the entire day in fact i actually stopped using this phone for five days and left it on and the standby was unbelievable like i came back to the device and it only dropped by like 10 to 15 percent the camera quality the one lens camera quality is unbelievable this is the same camera combined with google’s computational photography that the pixel 4 has and to have that in a 350 dollar smartphone beats out the entire competition at that price point i would have loved the ultra wide lens but i’d be paying more but for that single lens to be so good and takes the photos it takes it’s consistent you’re always going to get a good photo out of this lens and the night mode for a single lens is unbelievable now i know this doesn’t have water resistance

but how many phones at 350 dollars does what it does have though is a headphone jack and you have to understand something a lot of families who are struggling who are on a budget looking at this device don’t want to run out and buy truly wireless earbuds because those types of devices have to be replaced every two years because the battery degrades and in some cases can’t be replaced families want to use what they already have and everybody doesn’t matter the income bracket you’re in has wired headphones software this is google software it’s clean android it’s going to get feature drops it’s going to be updated for at least the next three years something you can’t say about other manufacturers except for apple at this price point you’re lucky in some cases depending on the company if your phone gets an update a year later no 5g and i don’t think this is an important one a lot of cities a lot of places still don’t have 5g like here in canada they’re building it and even if they have it kind of ready like in the states on t-mobile and verizon the reception is still not that great it’s still not that great and consistent as lte it still won’t be for another couple of years until we see good 5g implementation and the last thing is the

snapdragon 730 this is a very budget to mid-range processor and it feels fine but every once in a while i get a bit of micro lag it’s it’s not terrible to the point where the phone’s unusable but i do notice it and it has me kind of concerned for longevity honestly if i was not a tech reviewer i’d be taking a hard look at this phone especially if you’re a student or just somebody looking for a device to take on the subway from home to work every single day and snap good photos on the weekend this is what that device is a lot of us think we need these expensive smartphones but i guarantee that this phone will cover 95 of those use cases now don’t get me wrong i can’t speak for everybody and some people might be able to take advantage of every single feature of a note 20 ultra but i think for most people out there especially on a budget you’re going to be very happy with this device and i think we need to stop looking at these really expensive smartphones and saying these are the best phones of 2020 because right now we’re seeing a lot of innovation in the budget sector and i truly feel like these guys are the true winners i hope this makes a lot of sense for you if you have any questions let me know in the comments below like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next

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