Poco M3 – So Much Phone for so Little!

look it’s december it’s time to break out the holiday t-shirts and it’s also the time to still talk about good affordable phones i’ve partnered with poco to talk about their poco m3 right off the bat on top of the box 6 000 milliamp hour battery you know this thing is not going to be a one-day phone it’s going to be at least a two-day phone and that’s great if you love really good battery life inside the box we have your paperwork we have your tpu case i like when they do this you know because a lot of people receive their phones but they don’t have their case yet and they need something to protect it until their good case comes in and other times this case alone is more than good enough for the duration of the phone now thankfully they kept it clean there’s no branding on it so it’s just a very minimalistic look you also get a screen protector again this is 129 smartphone and you’re basically getting a smartphone kit to use your phone to go with it now the phone is different than most reviews you’ve seen because they had the black version i have the blue version which i think has a nice punchy

contrast to it you have your 18 watt charging brick it uses a usb type-c cable and you also get a few bracelets inside you and your significant other can wear these together and fall in love maybe you won’t but at least you have some sort of friendship bracelet and if you don’t want to share you have your own personal braided one which is cooler than the rubber ones now most affordable phones will use a full plastic body this is using a plastic chassis but instead of plastic on the back it’s using faux leather i like the way this looks it makes the phone look more expensive than it really is and it also just feels a lot better to hold on the right hand side you have your volume rocker which has a nice click to it there’s your power button which also acts as your fingerprint scanner super fast to log in on the right hand side you have your sim tray not only does this hold your sim but there’s a slot for a micro sd card meaning you can expand the storage to whatever you want on the bottom you have a speaker it’s a usb type c and a microphone on the top a headphone jack which i’m always happy to see and most importantly well not most importantly but kind of cool an ir blaster i don’t see this that often so if you’re sitting on the couch and you want to change the tv you can or you can be that hero in class that messes with the

teacher when she turns her back after putting on a movie speaking of heroes i’d really appreciate it if you subscribe and like this video now this window houses your camera sensors and the polka logo the 48 megapixel standard wide lens a 2 megapixel depth sensor which helps for things like taking portrait shots a 2 megapixel macro lens if you want to get really close to something and see an enlarged image of it i’m not expecting this to take insane shots and beat out a two thousand dollar smartphone but the fact that it has all these different lenses to play with is pretty special at this price point you get night mode you have portrait mode you have different video resolutions you can play with and you even have a pro mode if you want to get very granular with the settings you’re using to take a photo now on the front of the phone you have an 8 megapixel camera and of course it’s going to take selfie shots you have different effects to play with i turned beauty mode off because i don’t want too much skin smoothing but we’re going to do a comparison to the xiaomi mi 10 t-pro so that you guys can get an idea of what this camera looks like the display is 6.53 inches so it’s hella big it’s

big enough to watch media on it unfortunately it’s not oled it’s ips lcd and 60hz the fact that this is 1080p is even a big deal you know the competition to this is the moto e which is the same price but the specs of the moto e are significantly worse that phone only has a 720p display it’s running miui version 12 with android 10 and yes it will get android 11 at some point down the road it’s a fairly clean experience it’s not too heavy i’ve seen significantly worse skins out there everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be now the processor is always a hot topic on affordable phones this one’s coming with a snapdragon 662 and four gigabytes of ram snapdragon 662 is more than plenty to browse the net answer emails and play a lot of the games you enjoy sure it’s not gonna run fortnite and pub g at the highest settings possible but you can still play it you know but if you’re looking for like the basics to be handled okay this processor is more than capable then there’s battery life and we kind of touched on this already six thousand milliamp hours because it’s a plastic phone because it’s a bigger shell they’re able to cram more battery inside of this you know i haven’t personally tested the battery life yet because i just unboxed it but i’m easily expecting this to go over two days of use before needing to charge now

you do have a fast charger in the box but of course this does not support wireless charging and fun fact this phone has stereo speakers with the speaker on the bottom and then another speaker embedded into the top of the device here’s a little sample of what this sounds like [Music] these are the best speakers i’ve heard at this price point look poco is doing what poco does best they’re giving you a lot for the price you know they’re cramming a lot of specs inside of a phone that you just can’t get anywhere else for this price point now obviously i got to do a full review on this guy and if you want me to do one let me know in the comment section down below but i love seeing stuff like this and this one definitely impresses on the spec sheet if you guys have any questions let me know in the comments section if you’re new to the channel subscribe like the video if you liked it and i’ll see you guys in the next

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