Review HP Spectre X360 16″ (2022) – The Best 2-in-1 Laptop?

so this is the hp spectre x360 this was announced late fall of last year but we just caught the review units now and i still think it’s worth a look because hp makes some of the nicest looking convertibles on the market now the spectre lineup is a lot more expensive than the envy lineup this is their premium convertible brand or they can premium lineup of laptops and look it’s a classy looking piece you know they still have that kind of like gold accents with either a black or blue chassis depending on which color you prefer it’s still cut in certain aspects like the corners but instead of being super duper cut they’ve kind of rounded out the edges to give it more of a smooth look it’s about 4.4 pounds so it’s not super heavy but it’s light enough that you can literally travel with it and yes this does pick up fingerprints i mean it’s black right not as bad as the older razer blades but it’s still a black laptop it’s gonna pick up fingerprints now opening it up is easy you can do it with one hand the hinge is a little bit wobbly which is

normal for a convertible just because it has to flip you know all the way around and so it’s not going to be perfectly stiff but i love this keyboard it feels so comfortable to type on like if you’re buying this for productivity you’re going to love typing on this thing there’s good travel distance a little bit of keyboard flex but not a lot to complain about on the previous model they had a massive vent on the top they got rid of that and they redesigned it and they put these speaker grilles on the left and right hand side when you close it there’s a tiny little gap so yes it’s a little bit more flexible on the lid but i kind of like this because if you ever dock your laptop it gives more room for air to flow which i always think is a good thing now this touchpad is using windows precision driver it is very accurate to use and it feels

fantastic it’s right in the middle so the symmetry is great you do have a fingerprint scanner to log you in or you can use the webcam at the top if you want to use facial recognition now the most important thing i’ve noticed and you guys know i keep up with the latest sticker trends on laptops these days and there’s a war going on in the background okay this is a very male dominant business and as you can see here intel has increased the sticker size of their i7 sticker in fact it’s right above the nvidia sticker this is a power move huge power move on intel’s part in fact whoever is the sticker guy for nvidia didn’t do a good job here okay he cut it a bit too skinny which makes me think intel is paying off the nvidia sticker guy as for the webcam this is a good one they’ve increased it from a two megapixel to a five megapixel as you can see at the top it supports windows hello but there’s a lot of features packed into this like if you’re gonna be buying this and doing a lot of conference calls you’re going to like it you know not only has the quality been upped but hp also has a new piece of software in their command center called the glam cam and this can adjust certain features like your beauty mode you can have it auto follow

you there’s like different mechanisms for when you walk away from the computer it will automatically lock or if it still senses that you’re there and let’s say you turn your head to talk to someone else let’s say someone’s looking over your shoulder the screen will kind of dim so that they can’t see the information that’s on it personally i think these are all great features i will say though that their auto reframe which follows your face around when you’re not directly in the center it’s not as quick as apple’s but i like the fact that a lot of pc laptops are starting to implement this now since we’re talking about the display no matter which model you buy it starts with a 3k display this one’s the uhd plus display and it happens to be oled and it is absolutely gorgeous like i love watching content on this thing i just love this screen the blacks are so perfect and if you’re doing any sort of design work the color accuracy and gamut is fantastic it’s not as bright as let’s say a mini lcd display that you’d find on a macbook pro but it still gets bright enough oleds tend to have a tougher time getting brighter but they do a much

better job on those blacks now one other thing about this display is there’s a lot of reflection just because it’s a glass panel so you’re going to notice that if you’re in a very bright room but it does come with hp’s mpp 2.0 pen in the box if you buy a retail unit this guy is going to be in the box it’s a great pen and they’ve included a little magnet on the right side of the display it’s super strong like this is not gonna fall off if you’re moving the display up and down it’ll stay there nice and securely but it doesn’t charge wirelessly if you want to charge this thing you have to open the port that’s on the side of the pen and you can charge it via usb type c now the overall drawing experience is good right like it’s not going to have very low latency like you would on an ipad pro since it does have 120 hertz display this is 60 hertz so i think it’s a fantastic pen if you’re doing a lot of note taking like it feels nice and smooth you can draw on it and it’s very good to draw with

but it doesn’t have that same accuracy as a high refresh display and a pen optimized for it now the speakers are pretty good there’s four of them in here and they get quite loud very nice highs pretty good mids the only thing i found was that the low end got quite muddy at max volume so you can hear the bass kind of muddying out if you have this thing at full blast now the performance on this is pretty good it’s not amazing but it’s good enough depending on what you’re doing it is using last year’s i7 11 390 h with 16 gigabytes of ram it does have a one terabyte nvme ssd and of course that uhd plus oled display now this specific model is the most expensive one it does cost over two thousand dollars but the entry level model starts at 14.99 you don’t get the rtx 3050 but you do get a 3k display now performance is very very similar to the previous 15 inch model because if you guys don’t remember that model came with a 10750h processor which had six cores and yes it’s technically faster in some situations than the previous one but it’s not a massive upgrade in terms of overall

performance single core clock speeds multi-core clock speeds are exactly in line with this type of processor which is 35 watts but at the end of the day it’s still only four cores if you’re buying this for editing video we can do it but i wouldn’t buy this strictly for editing video like there’s much better laptops that will give you a better experience for this price point it’s just a kind of like a jack of all trades master of none like it can do some video work not maybe not a production level but it can handle it it can obviously handle photoshop with no problems and it’s okay for developing a little slow when it’s compiling mozilla firefox but it can do it one thing that really impressed me though was the heat management like it runs very cool on performance mode it does hit a little bit over 40 decibels but these fans are usually not allowed at all that’s probably why they went with a 35 watt processor instead of another h series and if you change the profile from let’s say performance to their sense ai mode it will keep fan noise below 40 decibels now i was gonna open up the laptop but there’s no point since the ram is soldered onto the motherboard you can’t upgrade it what you buy

with it is what you get the only thing that can be swapped out is the nvme ssd if you want something bigger or different down the road now this battery is 83 watt hours and i got seven hours and 50 minutes before needing to charge that’s really good considering there’s an h series processor inside of here so all day battery life is on the table honestly i really love this design the 16 by 10 display the oled the colors it it performs very well it’s not like the perfect replacement for a video editor but if you’re someone who’s kind of dabbling into everything this should be enough performance for that type of stuff but i think it’s also just a good sidekick to a desktop like if you need to travel this has enough power to get you through your tasks but when you’re back at home like you can flip this in tablet mode pull out the pen load up hp’s duet software and then use the display as a wacom tablet if you’re interested in picking this up there’ll be a link in the description down below if you have any questions let me know too like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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