Review 2022 Razer Blade 14 – The Small Things!

This is the brand new razer blade 14 the 2022 model and also it’s not a large update contrasted to the previous one however there are a bunch of tiny little updates to boost this laptop computer that last year’s version really did not have now from a layout perspective this is fairly brand-new this form element for razer just came out last year and also it’s a 14 inch video gaming note pad if that’s what you want this is the market that this laptop is providing to it’s still utilizing a beautiful black anodized light weight aluminum it has that anti-fingerprint resistant finishing of course it still obtains finger prints but it takes a bit longer to get very oily instead of added greasy without the finish it has the same quantity of ports which on the left hand side has a usb a port you have your type c port and also then an audio jack the exclusive power connector is still 230 watts so the exact same as last year you have a full dimension hdmi port usb an and also then an additional usb type-c port now because this is using an amd processor it does not support thunderbolt but with any luck by the end of the year we’ll get a firmware update that sustains usb 4.0 all the previous razers had smaller sized keycaps and razer has actually slightly boosted the size of the keycaps to make it simpler to type on total it’s absolutely an improvement as well as they have bigger change tricks as well as instead of making use

of cutouts and after that putting the audio speakers inside the speaker grilles are currently equipment cut or laser cut instead in the manufacturing facility as well as it simply makes the deck look a great deal cleaner the mouse or track pad is still the very same as the previous one so if you have actually utilized previous razor blades you’ll really feel red at house the proportion is excellent it’s directly in the center and also it really feels extremely accurate to make use of the following enhancement is the mux switch there wasn’t really one on the previous model however now you can go into razer synapse and also select specialized gpu just this does require a hard reactivate however when you boot back up you’ll be making use of the committed gpu just and you can likewise change back and forth in between 60hz and also 165hz depending on whether or not you desire to conserve battery life one more huge change is the efficiency modes on my previous razer blade there is just a well balanced and custom-made setting with more recent models you get balance custom-made and quiet mode as well as the one thing they did enhance this year is the follower noise on my older version they would certainly get close to like 60 decibels which was really loud when points were like truly pressing the laptop computer the max these followers will certainly get on the 2022 version is around 53

decibels as well as depend on me every decibel you go up is a large difference in noise so keeping it at 53 decibels when things are on max is a big difference contrasted to various other gaming laptops currently the screen is precisely the exact same this is the 2560 by 1440 variation with an ips panel wonderful shade range and also shade precision but the screen brightness is still about typical it’s a very punchy panel like if i’m gaming on this games look fantastic if i have to do any kind of layout job on this i really feel completely comfy utilizing this display screen the various other improvement is the home windows hi cam it can still log you in using your face however it’s currently a 2 megapixel camera so it sustains 1080p currently this design i have below is the ryzen 9 6900 hx matched with 16 gigabytes of ddr5 memory you have a one terabyte nvme ssd it’s a gen 4 drive as well as of course that gorgeous 14 inch display as well as in terms of cpu efficiency it’s rather a lot the same to the 5900 hx in last year’s variation the multi-core rates are nearly the very same the only difference is that the newer 6000 collection is giving better solitary core clock speeds and that truly makes a difference possibly more at 1920 by 1080 yet if you’re playing video games at qhd or greater you’re not going to see that much of a distinction in terms of cpu performance currently if you’re making use of the adobe suite this is a mild upgrade not so much due to the fact that of the cpu however extra so to do with the reality that the 3070 ti in

below is much faster than the rtx 3080 that i tested last year exact same holds real if you’re a programmer like if you have last year’s design this is not an upgrade fine i compiled mozilla firefox at the exact very same time currently if you’re a player the 3070 ti on this guy does very well in fact it defeated out the rtx 3080 both at 1920 and qhd or 2560 by 1440 and 1920 by 1080 i got concerning 13 structures per second more compared to the rtx 3080 from last year yet i do have a gut sensation there’s a reason why they really did not send me the rtx 3080 ti and also i think because the distinction in between the 3070 ti and also the 3080ti is very minimal possibly like a few frameworks per second so if you’re considering this laptop i would most likely go for the 370ti i really feel like that’s going to be the sweet place and that’s going to offer you the best bang for dollar in terms of performance now thermals in this year’s model are conservative but they are much better than the previous version it can occasionally get up to 93 94 levels celsius however after that it drops down into the 80s and it remains there until things cool off clock rates were still great the efficiency really did not endure as well much and i feel like these amd

processors are made for the kind of tuning that razer wants to do intel tends to run a little bit as well warm still as well as i discover that razor has to nerf the efficiency of the cpu a little bit too much to maintain thermals down as well as i discover with amd they have a lot even more legroom inside it’s the same to the previous version you still obtained the big vapor chamber cooler right in the middle with 2 huge fans on the left and right you have a convertible nvme ssd this is a gen 4 drive as well as the read and also compose rates are dual of what the previous version can do as well as after that you do have a swappable wi-fi 6e card you do have a 61 watt hour battery which is the very same as the previous variation however i am obtaining a little much better battery life last year’s version i got about five hrs as well as 30 minutes this one’s offering me five hours as well as 52 minutes the only point i don’t like about this laptop and this was my issue last year is that it can just go up to 16 gigabytes of ram and it takes place to be soldered on to the motherboard now obviously there’s design reasons why it can not happen on a laptop computer this dimension however that’s where we’re at right now currently if you’re video gaming this is probably not a big deal however if you’re purchasing this allow’s state for imaginative work and also pc gaming the ram constraint might bother you so the 2022 version is not a substantial upgrade like i claimed in the start of the video clip yet it does take a few things and improves it you have much better follower noise much better thermals you have slightly larger essential caps ddr5 memory and better performance being made use of with the gpu compared to last year’s version this is not a substantial upgrade if you have last year’s model like depend on me you do not require this this is not an

upgrade for you at all however i still assume it’s one of the best 14-inch pc gaming notebooks since it takes the amd cpu which i really feel like fits razer’s adjusting far better than the intel ones due to the fact that they’re so conservative and also it sets it with a husky nvidia rtx card if you go with the g14 it does have a beefy gpu yet it’s an amd gpu as well as if you go with the alienware x14 don’t go with the alienware x14 it’s overpriced and rather weak contrasted to this i just feel like this is one of the much better 14 inch pc gaming laptop computers in the market right now if you don’t mind having 16 gigabytes of ram if you do and you’re doing various other points then this is not the one for you but if you’re purely gaming as well as that’s it then this is a wonderful little improvement so that wraps up this evaluation remain tuned i will be contrasting this to the g14 so if you have any questions regarding that let me recognize in the comment section down listed below like the video clip if you liked it subscribe if you have not already and i’ll see you men in the next one

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