2022 Razer Blade 14 vs ASUS G14 – The Easy Choice!

so i’m actually having this 14-inch laptop computer area since there are some actually great products on the market now the macbook pro 14 if you desire something that’s provided in the direction of designers and also designers there’s the blade 14 the g14 both remarkable gaming laptops there’s likewise the x14 by alienware however we don’t touch that it’s no bueno contrasted to these two if we’re chatting regarding layout and build quality personally i believe the blade 14 is constructed far better such as this is totally light weight aluminum even under it just really feels incredibly solid contrasted to the g14 you have plastic little bits under which removes from the allure don’t get me wrong it still really feels really premium but there’s simply this appeal to the blade 14 that the g14 doesn’t have they both weigh about the very same somewhat heavier with the blade yet the g14 is a bit thicker and also because it’s utilizing that 16 by 10 facet ratio the laptop computer itself is deeper now to me the little points are very important as well as one thing you’ll see if you have both laptops is that the depend upon the blade 14 is means tighter like it just feels nice as well as strong you open up the screen there’s extremely little wobble to it whereas the g14 tends to wobble a bit more it’s not poor it’s not a major worry yet

there’s a difference in between these 2 laptops the various other point is when you close it as well as once again this is a little point not a big bargain to many but when you close the g14 this is what it seems like when you close the blade 14 that’s what it seems like it really advises me of just how you close a macbook pro and the audio of it is much less than many various other laptops once again dumb due to the fact that you can merely just shut your laptop computer extremely slowly and also never ever hear it yet several of you out there are rather aggressive when you close the displays and also the blade 14 does sound quieter ports are nearly similar they both have two usb-a ports 2 usb type-c ports hdmi 2.1 ports you have the audio jack the only difference is that the g14 features a mini sd card port if you intend to put external storage space the various other thing i favor with the blade is that the ports are at the back side of the laptop computer contrasted to the front side of the laptop computer like they have on the g14 their vents occur to be at the back so cords are mosting likely to be closer to you as opposed to further away preferably in the excellent world i ‘d enjoy to have all the ports on the back however it’s obviously not

qualified with this design of design yet the one location that the g14 begins to triumph on is comfort designs for one it utilizes the ergo hinge so air movement is better two it has a much better key-board like typing on this guy ah asus is doing such a great job with their key-boards they just really feel so comfortable to type on huge keycaps the blade 14 don’t obtain me wrong it’s it’s an excellent typing experience it’s simply not my favored the one point that the blade 14 does better though is rgb the perky rgb on this person way much better than the rgb on the g14 it’s simply hard to see on the white model and because the font style they’re using it just doesn’t brighten as brilliant even on the darker variation additionally if you do determine to go on the white version i still suggest you go black there’s a green color on the keys and it’s not the very same color or exact same paint task as the deck of the keyboard although both laptop computers have forward-facing speakers as well as i do appreciate the laser cut layout they’re currently using on the blade they simply appear better on the g14 they obtain louder they have extra bass there’s even more depth to the

sound despite having thx allowed as well as spatial sound and also all that things on the blade the audio quality is simply really flat like it just does not appear that excellent they both have web cams the blade got upgraded to 1080p they both support home windows hello there 720p on the g14 but quite truthfully they both still look quite awful so right here’s another instance of the hinge if i turn these display screens back the razer blade is mosting likely to remain whereas the g14 will not due to the fact that the hinge on it is not almost as strong as the blade once again not a large bargain but i still intend to point it out the display screens themselves are both qhd or qhd plus with the g14 they both have similar shade gamut yet the g14 does obtain brighter so if you’re functioning outdoors a lot you’re probably going to choose the g14 display a bit much more now efficiency is what you men truly came right here for because they’re kind of similar somehow yet various when it involves the gpu you acquire the g14 you’re getting the rx 6800s you’re getting the blade 14 you can top it approximately a 3080 ti my model below just has a 3070 ti so gpuis it’s practically unfair but you’ll see that this 3070 ti does effectively contrasted to the 6800 s now cp performance is intriguing due to the fact that this is utilizing the 6900 hx and also you would certainly anticipate that to run faster since it’s technically an unlocked cpu which can have even more power pressed to it contrasted to the hs that’s within the g14 yet with

multi-core rates the g14 was faster and very same applies with solitary core clock speeds if you are doing anything that remotely involves innovative work it actually boils down to the particular application you’re using with photoshop as well as after results this 6800 s outperformed 3070 ti i would certainly imagine the 3080ti would press back if you’re talking about adobe premiere professional then the blade 14 done far better than the g14 i additionally did a davinci resolve test since i personally used davinci resolve i quit utilizing best a long time ago and also the blade of 14 a little exceeds the g14 however the difference is negligible currently due to the fact that asus pushes their cpus a little hotter for longer the mozilla firefox put together test was 7 mins faster on the g14 contrasted to the blade 14. If you’re a programmer because of that 16 by 10 display screen and also the faster clock rates this will certainly give you better compile times yet if you’re utilizing blender do not also look do not even look at a laptop with an amd gpu so the tgp of both gaming laptop computers are nearly the same the 6800s runs up to 105 watts contrasted to 100 watts with the rtx 3070 ti power bricks are pretty much identical in dimension the blades power block is a little bit taller whereas the asus version is a small bit wider this is a 240 watt power brick contrasted to 230 watts now if you’re pc

gaming at 1920 by 1200 or 1920 by 1080 on the blade the 6800 s does defeat out the 3070 ti i don’t think it ‘d be out the 3080 ti yet it does beat out the 3070 ti due to the quicker solitary core clock rates and also of program it can press those cpu rates greater for much longer since that’s simply the method this thing is tuned yet as soon as you switch it to qhd fine which i picture most of you will certainly be gaming at qhd because these are qhd presents the 3070 ti exceeds the 6800 s so thermals are where things obtain really fascinating the g14 tends to run a little bit hotter and with that you do obtain better performance whereas the blade 14 is extra conservative it does not such as being in the 90s for too long it’ll drop down right into the 80s as well as with that you get a cooler experience there’s some advantages and downsides to this the g14 will certainly always be the far better performer in terms of the cpu like this is an hs cpu beating out an hx processor however longevity sensible i feel like the blade 14 has the advantage due to the fact that it’s taking the secure approach you also obtain method quieter fans with the blade 14. I understand it does not resemble it’s way quieter in this chart but believe me every decibel makes a distinction on your ears and also the blade 14 does a far better job with it now both laptop computers have a muck button however it does require a restart if you’re switching over in between the integrated as well as devoted gpu vapor chamber colders bigger on the blade yet i do appreciate the little information that asus is performing with the style

swappable nvme ssds but the read and also compose speeds are way much better on the blade this is not a gen 4 drive and if it is it’s a very slow-moving one ram soldered onto the motherboard one of the most you can get with the blade is 16 gigabytes the g14 either has 8 or 16 soldered on depending on the model you get but you do obtain one port that is upgradable so my model has 32. Battery life way much better on the g14 it’s simply a bigger battery 76 watt hrs compared to 61 under 10 hours contrasted to under six so right here’s the important things i really love the blade 14. i directly believe it has a much better design develop quality and also look but things that’s giving me a difficult time recommending it now is the rate difference between both of these laptops like this is a 2600 laptop computer with a 3070 ti compared to the g14 that has the 6800s the fastest gpu they offer for it that expenses 18.99 if it was ahead with 16 gigabytes of ram that’s an 800 distinction i don’t think the blade 14 with its soldered on memory and worse battery life deserves 800 more if i had to select between these 2 and i was a person that traveled a great deal but also loved to video game as well as i desired actually great battery life it’s a piece of cake it’s the g14 if things were a lot more equivalent in cost after that i might suggest the blade 14 for specific circumstances possibly if all you were doing is pc gaming possibly if you were video gaming and doing a little bit of 3d job after that the nvidia cards make a lot even more feeling as well as keeping that you improve follower noise but as of today since the rate distinction it’s a piece of cake the g14 makes a great deal more feeling today i really hope that answered all of your inquiries if you have anymore allow me know in the comment area down listed below like the video clip if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t currently and also i’ll see you individuals in the following one

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