Review Logitech G PRO X Wireless – The Gaming Headset To Beat!?

i can not believe it they finally did it logitech has placed a usb-c link on their video gaming product ideally that broadens into the rest the category however the logitech g professional x wireless is exactly what you would anticipate for the g pro x wireless to be the professional line is actually all about the core capability of this being a solid gaming headset uh in esports as well as at your residence i really feel like logitech truly spearheaded rationale behind wireless video gaming peripherals being equally as great as their wired counterparts removing the entire stigma around latency around battery life around integrity in the warm of the minute and also the g pro x wireless is a really great contender on the market yet basically all my complaints of the wired variation the g professional x still bring over to the cordless version unfortunately so in this video clip allow’s see precisely what is various discuss the sound quality the microphone top quality and its relationship to various other wireless pc gaming headsets that are still worth it in 2020 allowed’s evaluation react to this greet to correct airflow with be peaceful purebase 500dx a portable mid tower with a mesh front panel as well as 3 140 millimeter pure wings two fans that are capable and also silent appreciate tasteful argb lighting a very easy case and also a type-c port to function in take a look listed below great so let’s begin with some trouble uh the rate factor 199 dollars that’s a 70 costs versus the g pro x the wired variation or you can even spend less 99 for the basic g pro that is specifically the exact same

headset but without the blue voice capability and also incidentally i don’t wish to ruin anything however blue voice is equally as bad as it is right here as it was on the wired version as for devices all the essentials are covered we have the usbc wire for billing a substitute collection of velour ear pads there’s a lug bag and also the usb dongle that you can store inside the ear mug simply revolve it and also it will not drop out in regards to style nothing has actually altered the headset being cordless though has enhanced in weight slightly versus the initial g professional x and also the ear cup uh density has actually also raised not the actual pillows however the ear mug itself since that’s where you can house the added components as well as the battery it is just one of the heaviest wireless sets i have in my collection however you do not actually feel that which is a good point they type of disappear on your head eventually the natural leather headband is superb feels actually superior i simulate the pro x over below as well and the stitching on the sides the subjected coiled wire on top of each ear mug looks superb and in my experience with the g pro x which is what i have actually been making use of for the last like 6 to eight months as my primer pc gaming headset i’ve never discovered this to be a concern and also it shouldn’t be an issue below either in general the build high quality really feels alright but the swivel on my wireless variation is slightly extra loosened than what i have on my wired variation as well as my only nitpick concerning like the style um is the chrome accented centerpieces over right here that get all kinds of product and cruds that builds up in the grooves and additionally this matte black material that is extremely easy to scratch the dimension extensions are essential right here as well as i desire that we had a bit a lot more

even if i’m beginning to value wireless video gaming sound increasingly more now since i have a digital fact headset so here’s my rift examination i’ll be doing this convenience examination for all cordless gaming headsets in the future let’s see just how the g pro x wireless handles this uh situation it’s not negative the headset is extremely comfy the securing pressure is not as well limited i just want the ear pillows were slightly thicker to make sure that it would certainly develop a far better seal otherwise there’s a little bit of spacing that is produced comfort sensible outside of vr i discover these fantastic despite having glasses there’s no extreme clamping force i have actually put on these 6 hrs the other day and also took taking them off there’s no ringing ears there’s no pressure buildup anywhere the only 2 things to bear in mind is that there isn’t much cushioning on the inside so if your ears are bigger or like more sticking out as well as if they do make call with that internal wall it may not be so comfortable and also certainly heat accumulation due to the leather ear pads which is why i appreciate the included velour pads which are amazing for the warmth of the summer which is currently now provided this is a wireless pair all the controls lie on the left side so we have our power switch with the blue and red signs we have an extremely smooth volume wheel over that is a mic mute then there’s the type-c listed below the power button and also an led indication the microphone obviously is removable yet regrettably there’s no very easy means to inform which means the microphone capsule ought to encounter your mouth i needed to eliminate the memory foam in order to understand which means is the proper way i am not a fan of this quantity wheel similar to i was not a follower of it on the g915 keyboards for three reasons there’s a little resistance on it but no ductility whatsoever there’s constantly a little bit of a hold-up between when you change the quantity on the

headset versus when you see the volume bar in windows as well as number three it is tough to have exact quantity change as a result of the various other two factors so you always finish up reducing or adding even more volume than intended battery life is ranked at 20 hours which i believe is conventional since in 6 hrs i dropped 20 so if you do the interpolation i ought to have about 30 hours of runtime the one irritating thing concerning this cordless gamer and truly all wireless pc gaming headsets is that if you close down the system as well as you power it back on you need to manually transform the headset off as well as back on once more for it to be recognized by the dongle i would certainly suggest having dongle in your site since if the eco-friendly led is flashing it implies this thing is disconnected and also if the eco-friendly is solid it means the headset is linked so now let’s discuss audio high quality as well as i got ta say i have actually constantly enjoyed logitech wireless sound as well as this individual is no exception to me they sound almost identical versus the wired g pro x which has all-natural tidy well balanced sound which rollovers to the pro x wireless they sound so much fuller and cleaner versus the corsair hs70 that kind of nearly seems hollow they have much better mid-range definition and overall resolution versus the cloud flight however i still really feel like the gsp 370 from sennheiser is a far better sounding set just the reduced end is deeper and also richer as well as if you attempt to add some bass in the equalizer settings and also the g-hub suite it doesn’t truly

job here it sort of crumbles i choose the default neutral state due to the fact that or else it appears sloppy when any type of bass is included in right here the high note’s a beautiful toe actually smooth clean there’s no hiss behind-the-scenes also when the headset is at absolutely no volume and i truly seem like they have actually tuned the vehicle drivers and also the wireless connection to sound as close as possible to the wired variation which’s a significant favorable this headset has excellent passive noise seclusion as a result of the ear cushions truly silencing out every little thing that remains in your environment as well as that really aids to pinpoint information in your gaming atmosphere regarding audio hints and directional awareness you don’t require border seem you do not require digital 7.1 all that things stereo imaging on right here is wonderful by default and also i truly do not understand what logitech has actually done right here in terms of border noise which was great on the g933 and also the 900 series of headsets however below it is it’s just never worth it not only does it develop an actually negative soundstage setting however the bass is exceptionally sloppy so you lose a heap of information on the low end and there is definitely no advantage in regards to directional recognition when stereo mode is already so good so their new motion picture surround audio to my ears seems awful it really pains me to say that honestly since i loved it on the 900 series of headsets yet i don’t understand what took place if i was to place this headset in regards to audio quality versus everything else that i’ve heard this would be close second right behind the gsp 370 in regards to quality much far better than the cloud trip much far better than the online additionally a lot

much better than the hs70 however it’s also a great deal more costly i believe the pricey component truly comes not from the wireless nature but from the the little blue voice tax obligation as i call it which is due to the fact that i really feel like the microphone pill itself as you will certainly hear is simply not qualified of getting so several effects of sound gate and compression for it to appear excellent since by default it does not appear excellent so using a number of effects on top of that makes it audio worse allow’s uh allow’s take a pay attention so what you’re listening to currently is that taped by the pro x wireless without blue voice made it possible for and by default like if you apply any type of results onto this it’s not mosting likely to take care of an inadequate microphone it’s unclear it’s very pressed and doesn’t seem natural as well as it’s not precisely what blue is recognized for best among my favored microphones is in fact from blue the blue brownish-yellow which has lovely warm tones i mean putting blue voice on this package is a humiliation really and now let’s allow blue voice so it can sound worse what you’re hearing now is that with the broadcaster one pre-programmed and also it does include a little bit much more bass a great deal even more compression some noise gateway so i am louder yet the microphone still is fairly bad this is the g2 kenny s predetermined i don’t understand how it’s in the professional reduce broadcaster classification because it seems absolutely nothing like it ought to this is a fun one fm terminal this is possibly what i would use to talk with the children this is a tsm misconception and i do value it we have a great deal of flexibility in the software i handicapped blue voice just so we can have this discussion without anything used on the microphone i like i appreciate

the concept behind blue voice and having the ability to fine-tune each single eq setup and also come up with your own preset but it does not fix a microphone that is currently poor simply for referral below’s the wired pro x headset linked into the usb dongle with blue voice impaired one idea is that you have to lower the gain over here to 50 around 50 especially for my voice since otherwise we are clipping and also this microphone does seem far better than the cordless one that’s easy to understand and also really does seem better when we enable blue voice in addition to lengthy as your gain is managed so if your gain is expensive it will certainly sound horrible if you gain is a little reduced it will certainly compensate including more bass and it will eliminate a whole lot of the distortion that could occur when the microphone is as well sensitive today i have the broadcaster one preset allowed and also as long as my level of sensitivity is controlled it does improve the total singing top quality including a lot more bass a lot more volume and even more compression to the voice so the wired microphone without and with blue voice does appear better than the cordless now to be fair i seem like all cordless headsets have subpar microphone top quality this is no exception the gsp 370 by sennheiser i suggest there’s a whole lot even more to be wanted in terms of depth resolution of your voice and clearness as well it simply really feels so abnormal and also pressed and just to give you an additional recommendation factor this is the cloud flight likewise cordless headset with a cordless microphone yet with much worse microphone quality versus the g pro x wireless or the gsp 370. However out of these microphones which ones sound the very best to your years allow me know in the remarks and also so to wrap up i intend to state that the professional x cordless i seem like is a welcome addition to the market despite the high price and despite the bad microphone due to the fact that the audio top quality that’s an actually good standard that is taking on the gsp 370 that has its very own issues despite the fact that it seems fantastic below it’s quite much smooth sailing and also that’s a significant positive i have no concerns trusting this headset as well as it’s audio efficiency for affordable cs choose eft as well as truly delighting in anything in my gaming collection due to the fact that the sound is good it truly does draw though that the surround audio experience is so a lot worse on the pro x wireless as well as the pro x versus something like the g935 but the stereo efficiency below is exceptional i just wish that the high quality across all attributes was extra balanced in regards to like having excellent microphone having excellent surround sound yet this headset has battery life comfort and sound quality going for it as well as whatever else is additional but yeah that’s my review of the g pro x wireless allow me understand what you assume in the comments subscribe for even more check out this various other pertinent web content as well as i’ll speak to you in the next video yeah it’s not a headset for the neck

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