Review BlackShark V2 and V2 X Gaming Headset Razer NAILED IT

hi great individuals i’m dmitry i have a vibrant case to make i have actually never ever suched as a razer pc gaming sound product previously on the evaluation table today we have 2 brand-new pc gaming headsets the razer black shark black shark shark black what is it the razer black shark v2 and the razer black shark v2 x the less costly alternative 99 as well as 59 specifically this is a wonderful sector for razer to enter especially due to the fact that they’ve done their research in terms of area comments in terms of attempting to basically see what people require and also individuals want in an appropriate esports pc gaming headset and deliver the truly intriguing part regarding the black shark v2 is that the 99 cost sector is fairly saturated we have the hyperx cloud 2 the gsp 300 which is just one of my favorites the g pro from logitech the steel collection arctis 5 however i still seem like the black shark v2 is bringing some serious warm into that 99 cost classification and also i’m really a great deal extra ecstatic concerning the v2x due to the fact that at just 59. This is going to be i think one of the most popular 59 headset on the marketplace for 10 cheaper the kraken x is absolutely not worth it the v2x child so in this video allowed’s talk about the build quality comfort audio quality microphone quality and also the built-in functions inside the usb sound card i wish you enjoy let’s start right after this the z490 phantom video gaming itx from asrock is the best small motherboard to couple with your intel 10gen cpu it features an aluminum alloy heatsink with an energetic follower thunderbolt 3 support and also better mosfets to preferred overclocking plus you get 2.5 g lan wi-fi 6 a robust m. 2 heatsink and a high top quality deck built-in take a look down listed below alright so initial let’s cover the layout as well as the v2 obviously adheres to in the footprints of the original black shark with the entire air travel motif helicopter headset appearance alike as you can see they look rather amazing on the head low profile layout nothing is as well large and also protruding amazing there are a few physical differences in between the two headsets as well as i actually prefer the appearance of the v2x the cheaper version just since the razer logo is no much longer environment-friendly it’s black so we have this whole matte black layout plus the v2x has a slightly more crude structure on the ear mugs consequently hiding any finger oils whereas on the v2 it is matte black as well as we have the razer green logo design it looks cool however it does reveal finger marks much easier they both have razor text on top of the headband but the expensive model has added sewing on the sides they both have memory foam cushioning yet the v2 has various textile which is meant to breathe more it’s intended to be this

ultra soft fabric but it reminds me a bit of like uh the cellular lining of a swimsuit product so it’s not exactly super smooth to the touch honestly i prefer the natural leather material on the less expensive model but because the ear cushions are somewhat different it does collect warm extra on the v2x the actually interesting point about this product is that it is breathable yet it has pretty suitable passive noise seclusion so it does beaut out all the background sound simply as great as it does on the natural leather material the one benefit on the v2 apart from having more breathing area is that the lining on the within is much thicker so if your ears do reach that internal wall surface it will certainly be a whole lot more comfy than the v2x which has extremely thin almost non-existent cellular lining this is the v2x and also you can feel the plastic over right here now when it involves build high quality my impressions were combined first of all the headset is exceptionally light-weight which is an enormous advantage for comfort i can wear this thing for six hrs without presenting any pressure points anywhere the headset kind of vanishes on your head it’s superb the v2x is in fact even lighter so they disappear also much more just when it concerns feeling the construct high quality that’s when it ends up being a bit unsatisfactory not that it resembles creaking anywhere yet the ear mugs are hollow on both versions as well as i do not particularly like the dimension extension mechanism usually it extends from the headband however right here you just kind of flight on these tiny metal rails on my v2 version the rail system is actually a bit stiff so you can’t really have smooth modification whereas on the v2x they just really feel a lot better smooth slide on both sides likewise this activity on the ear cuffs on my v2 version really feels a whole lot more loose than what i have with the v2x so build quality and also feeling of this entire framework on the v2x feels a lot extra superior unfortunately than the v2 i guess that’s a good idea for the less costly design however it does show you that there is a variation in develop high quality from one headset to the other the revealed eco-friendly cable on each side includes additional razer character however i am fretted that this could become the factor of failure simply because when you expand the headset to its optimum it practically extends the cable television with it i presume the develop high quality includes its territory because this is the lightest gaming headset in the 99 area particularly when you compare to the g pro the gsp 300 the arctis 5 as well as the hyperx cloud 2. Honestly though when it’s on your head it is exceptionally comfortable so you could forget the develop top quality failures allow’s claim but i would certainly be extra mindful and also handling this thing in time whereas with my g professional my gsp 300 they’ve been with a lot as well as they still feel like they might take a hit both headsets have a volume dial on the right side that is both smooth and also there’s an omphalos that has a little bit of petting so you sort of know when you go to 50 which is excellent both headsets have a mic mute switch at the back the cable is non-removable on either yet they are different so on the v2 we have a speedflex cable the same discovered on their mice wonderful light cable television that silences out any type of wire noise and also you can still hear it however it is practically not obvious while the cord in the v2x is a standard rubber wire yet i actually like the eco-friendly i assume it connects the layout well but it also has a little louder cord noise like when it’s brushing easter t shirt for instance the v2x also features an environment-friendly extension cable television for the earphone and microphone splitter while the v2 does not ultimately the microphone is removable on the v2 yet it is out the v2x one truly smart component on the microphone is a little symbol that’s expected to face your mouth just in situation your microphone is revolved in a strange way and also uh you’re wondering why it doesn’t appear great simply see to it the microphone symbol is encountering the appropriate way so from a function viewpoint the v2 is certainly the much more exceptional design especially since we have the usb audio card consisted of while it is not consisted of on the v2x what razer is trying to achieve here with the black shark v2 headsets is deliver best-in-class microphone quality and also best-in-class audio high quality also but i hunch they all say that i think it’s.

time to start talking concerning sound shall we as quickly as i placed on the black shark v2 it reminded me of the sound signature that i’ve obtained so accustomed to on the g professional x headset so really pure all-natural well balanced noise signature which doesn’t seem like razer in any way i guess it’s because i had decreased my assumptions you know my other recommendation point for razer video gaming audio is the kraken x that has actually an entirely burnt out mid-range really rough high-end and really muddy bass as well as they repaired every one of that with the v2 as well as the v2x they actually share the exact same motorists the triforce 50 millimeter chauffeurs but the v2 being the higher end design has titanium something in the drivers also so there is actually an audible distinction in between both headsets yet they share the exact same foundation of being rather well balanced having various earcups on the v2x also makes a difference so the bass is slightly i would certainly state richer or even more stressed on the v2x while the high end is extra stressed on the v2 so it does appear clearer on the treble side actually excellent that at 100 quantity my ears are not bleeding from harsh distortion from the treble so whatever is kind of smooth it’s extremely loud and with the usb audio card at 100 volume it’s yeah it’s loud i would normally most likely to regarding 80 percent to have an extra comfy paying attention experience and also pc gaming also yet i’m still really amazed what you obtain for 59 on the v2x audio wise i would 100 usage this for competitive cs opt for retreat from tarkov for any type of ecological categories also where you simply intend to be submerged right into the audio atmosphere i do not think there’s any certain like frequency or part of the sound contour that does not have behind other headsets in this cost array so they do sound very similar to the g pro x which is a whole lot much more costly the gsp 300 has a somewhat wider audio phase when you put them on it doesn’t feel incredibly shut off like they do increase the sound stage somewhat but in regards to bass and also the high notes they’re quite comparable.

the audio phase is relatively shut off as well as that is just one of the advantages of the black shark v2 because it has built-in thx spatial audio and also actually isn’t regrettable like it’s not your border audio modes it’s even more like just slight audio phase growth offered the video game’s engines as well as there resembles different profiles that you can pick on just a few video games that are presently offered for spatial audio i do not believe it diminishes the audio experience actually i assume the opposite it does add a little of added like ecological development which does not damage the initial frequencies that are there yet that is one of the value adds when you choose the greater end black shark v2 versus the v2x so now gents and girls allow’s see what this microphone can do and if the hype has been worth all of it right let’s begin with the black shark v2 this is what you’re anticipated to listen to when it’s connected into its own usb noise card with everything readied to fail it’s tolerable but you can listen to there’s some compression taking place on the higher end when i talk up regrettably for razer the microphone capsule they’re utilizing right here is in fact truly great yet the usb audio card is virtually a bottleneck for releasing releasing that’s not a word unleashing its complete potential due to the fact that the microphone seems much better when it’s connected directly into my computer system or a motherboard rather of the usb sound card so this is what the microphone seems like on the black shark v2 plugged straight right into my motherboard bypassing the usb sound card all with each other and you can definitely tell there’s even more resolution there’s better low-end pickup and not as much.

compression happening on a high-end so of course this microphone has a great deal of possible now we’re listening to the 59 black shark v2 x linked into the very same motherboard precisely the exact same setups as the other microphones so they do sound identical as well as uh yeah this is what you obtain for 59 another reason that this is a better value because the microphone has a great deal of potential it’s just not removable but whatever you can you understand if if it’s bothering you similar to this you can just go like that boom can not see it say goodbye to right here’s what the gsp 300 seems like this is 99 headset in terms of real quality in between this as well as what you simply listened to with the black shark v2 x they seem really comparable nice reduced end pickup uh clear not as compressed as what you listened to with the usb uh card from the v2 nonetheless the v2x microphone is somewhat a lot more sensitive than this set therefore you do not require to boost it and get and uh yeah i would certainly claim the 59 microphone seems in fact much better than this man this is what the logitech g professional headset appears like so this is the logitech pro x but i’m not utilizing the usb dongle i’m going directly right into my motherboard so you can expect the same top quality if you pick to choose the 99 variation of the g pro headset it is slightly extra sensitive than the black shark v2 microphone however in terms of quality allow me understand which one appeared best to your ears so currently the microphone test is done the usb audio card has lots of additional attributes for both microphone as well as the audio top quality of the audio let’s check it out so currently that we’re inside razer synapse allow’s see what setups we have for the usb audio card the first point you’ll notice is that there’s action recommended and after that it’s since it wishes to select the thx spatial audio as your default resource instead of the usb noise card so this is something to maintain in mind i maintain it on the razer usb audio card when i want stereo and switch to spatial audio when i do one that’s surround setting without needing to go back out as well as get in the razer breaks by itself so that’s type of useful let’s go into the mic setups as well as here we have.

whole lots to experiment with not just do we have microphone gain level of sensitivity if i wish to reduce it and after that enhance some some of the other setups we have microphone increase also yet microphone level of sensitivity so right here this is essentially your noise gate going to really reduced it will certainly try to separate all the background noise as well as will only choose up my voice if i’m loud enough we have volume normalization so if you’re speaking quietly like here so talking quietly and also if i’m speaking truly loud like i’m truly upset at the display it must attempt to attempt to normalize the balance vocal clarity this is what it seems like at the 100 this what audios like at reduced i maintain it handicapped as well as we have ambient noise decrease so it does compress your voice a little yet if i’m tapping on my workdesk for example right currently you most likely will not be able to hear i do appreciate side tone which is in actual time without any kind of latency as well as you can manage the volume for that and also we have a number of microphone equalizer setups i like the broadcast quality we have the meeting one we have a personalized also where you can dabble with each establishing if we enter into enhancements so this is your audio profile you can raise the bass i locate type of odd that we have sound normalization and also singing clearness when it comes to the audio quality that’s entering into your headset i hunch if you’re like paying attention to a teleconference you intend to listen to the voices plainly and also we also have various sound equalizers type of fundamental things and you can develop your very own also lastly going right into the mixer setup i maintain every little thing on automobile even if i discover it to actually do a good task in regards to increasing the atmosphere in the video game setting or motion picture setting if i’m like watching some youtube stuff yet if you go into manual you can transform which outcome goes right into which application so like i mentioned earlier the entire thx spatial sound isn’t a gimmick it’s a much better execution or like a slightly much less hostile execution of border sound audio and also the engineers at thx develop specific profiles per video game based on the products.

based upon the game globe etc in my video gaming it really did not take away from the experience which is a positive which generally happens when you enable border noise when it’s not correctly applied yet with spatial sound it’s like a slight development of your audio phase without destroying all the details so for my ending ideas i feel like razer is mosting likely to be preferred with the black shark v2 headsets with the v2x more so just since it’s 59 it has the exact same microphone generally the exact same audio high quality and also i would state also much better develop top quality than the v2 the only reason to get the v2 is that if you desire that usb sound card dongle and also all types of adaptability on the eq for the microphone and also for the sound top quality although to be truthful i discover the microphone high quality to be worse when you utilize the usb dongle despite the fact that you have all kinds of presets as well as various ambient sound decreases and etc still for 99 i believe the audio quality has actually satisfied my assumptions of what i was expecting for a new 2020 revamped neighborhood comments taken gaming headset from razer and also i am completely blown away by the black shark v2x this is the spending plan headset to beat in the 2020s perhaps even 21 we’ll see good individuals i’m dimitri thanks much for enjoying check out this various other relevant material over below subscribe for even more i’ll chat to you in the next.

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