Review RTX 3090 – Gaming Benchmarks and CPU Scaling

well here we are again with one more nvidia gpu launch as well as this time it’s the rtx 3090 a card that costs 1500 and also it’s supposed to provide you the ideal that ampere can provide right currently to give you a little of idea what that indicates in regards to hardware bucks you can grab a ryzen 7 3800 xt 32 gigabytes of 3200 megahertz memory an evga rtx 3080 xc3 if you can find among program and still have some cash left for some storage space or perhaps even a really nice supper i want you to keep that in mind as i experience this video clip because it actually places everything into perspective uh from our rtx 3080 video clips a great deal of you on twitter as well as instagram we’re discussing waiting on the rtx 3090 before upgrading so this video clip is gon na be a really honest discussion about whether gamers need to actually make the jump to make sure that leads me right into what we’re covering initially there’s the typical video gaming criteria at 1440p as well as 4k the following action is to see if the rtx 3090 is being cpu restricted by rerunning all the criteria with an overclocked cpu at 1440p 4k and indeed 1080p also currently undoubtedly we understand that the rtx 39d isn’t made to be a pure video gaming gpu because it uses significant benefits in compute work however it’s still being flogged to players with deep pockets every little thing seems to be aiming in the direction of that direction since it comes bundled with a free copy of watchdog’s legion and nvidia popped it into their geforce video gaming lineup instead than offering it a titan branding also the

previews yesterday focused on crafting an 8k gaming story i also intend to point out that reviews such as this one weren’t permitted up until orders go live so a great deal of individuals have currently made their acquisition decisions now which’s as well bad since this video clip is gon na be a caution versus gamers really acquiring the rtx 3090 yet in any case we remained in example the founder’s edition of this gpu so instead we have this gigabyte rtx 3090 that simply appeared a few days before launch so allow’s start with specs because there’s a little a reality examine as soon as possible nvidia did make it apparent that this card is memory focused over all else that’s a quite huge bargain for people making use of innovative calculate or technological applications that are vram restricted today as a matter of fact we’re close to tasting some memory restrictions as well as settle ourselves so i completely listen to in video on this remember when it was launched the rtx 2080 ti had some impressive performance uplifts versus the 2080 because it had almost half more cores 3 gigabytes of extra memory and a bigger memory user interface for half even more cash it didn’t supply the finest bang for the buck but it was still an excellent gpu for players who had the cash to burn on boasting rights the 39 d on the other hand has only 20 more cores than the 3080 extremely comparable clock speeds yet even more than double the memory and wider memory interface so this card isn’t made to be much faster than the 3080 in games and allow me repeat that the 39d is not meant to beat v3080 by a significant margin however it’s greater than double the cost at the same time custom cards will certainly opt for between a couple of bucks and a couple of hundred dollars more something similar to this gigabyte rtx 39d gaming oc is intended to hit 1580 yet a few other variations like the rog strix or aorus extreme will be above 1700 the fascinating point is the pc gaming oc has the ability to strike a constant 1980

megahertz while performing at under 70 levels celsius that’s concerning 100 megahertz faster than the rtx 3080 founders edition we have while running at pretty comparable temperatures truthfully i can’t inform you sufficient just how outstanding this is given that the rtx 39d core places out a lot more warm however this likewise raises a respectable factor about contrasts in this video it’ll make the rtx 3090 look a bit far better than it would certainly at stock rates noise was actually well took care of also yet anything aside from near silence would have been a failure for gigabyte provided the large size of their heatsink surprisingly power is pretty comparable in between these two cards with the pre-overclocked rtx 3090 drawing at most 35 watts more yet don’t let this chart fool you the 39d as well as 3080 are 2 of one of the most power hungry gpus of perpetuity as well as we ‘d advise a minimum of a 700 watt power supply now on camera this gigabyte rtx 39d might look like a rather typical personalized gpu till you realize it’s definitely large also contrasted to the rtx 2080 ti version you’ll require to be truly familiar with exactly how huge it is not simply the three-way slot elevation or the size yet the size also it could start slim but there’s a massive overhang that just outpassed the pcb another thing you will certainly need to be familiar with is the capacity for gpu sag these personalized rtx 3000 collection cards are huge large and also heavy i recognize evga is offering anti-sac brackets with a few of their cards but gigabyte does not we saw a couple of odd things with this gpu to start with gigabyte has actually made use of a pcb that’s shorter than the heatsink but they kept the double 8-pin power adapters better to the card’s back side those are linked to the pcb by means of expansion cords they additionally tried to copy

nvidia’s air movement design by opening a section of the backplate so among the fans might breathe a little bit much better the trouble is that those power line in fact enclose a good amount of that follower’s air flow so keeping that out of the means allow’s enter into the standards with our usual test system running at stock setups [Music] [Songs] [Music] [Music] well that was definitely interesting wasn’t it you see from the really first day when nvidia revealed these new gpus we were saying that the 39d won’t use or won’t give much of a video gaming advantage over the 3080 as well as this verifies it i also want to state this set even more time that this gigabyte rtx 3090 is slightly overclocked whereas the 30 80 pound position isn’t so if i were to compare these cards in their stock arrangements the separation would be somewhat much less and also already it isn’t that much across all the games at 1440p we saw just about an eight percent total rise in typical framework prices and also even less than that with the one percent lows one point i do desire to discuss is jedi complying with order and overwatch have built-in frame rate limiters that can not be overridden and it appeared like the rtx 3090 struck those a few times so its performance has been topped a little bit 4k eliminates those limitations so the rtx 39d is currently around 14 ahead on ordinary and also it shows 11 renovation in 99 percentile framework prices too the basic truth is even at 4k as well as the greatest information setups video games become restricted by gpu processing long before they require greater than 10 gigabytes of vram or the memory bandwidth offered by the rtx 3090. sure you can fix the results and make this card look a great deal better by throwing in 8k yet that’s simply an advertising and marketing hype is anyone really mosting likely to dip into that resolution possibly not but like i stated at the starting these super close results got us questioning if the rtx 39d was being bottlenecked by the core i9 10900k i imply sure it’s the fastest cpu offered for pc gaming now yet with a gpu as powerful as this we might be running up against the limitations of cpu horse power so we went off for even more criteria and also this time instead of the 100k performing at the typical 4.8 to 4.9 ghz in video games we overclocked it to a consistent 5.3 gigahertz not just that but we’re including 1080p results below too considering that those could really inform us if there’s a cpu traffic jam someplace look i recognize what you’re stating no one’s going to get a high-end gpu to play a 1080p yet i disagree because a high-end graphics card can be an intriguing alternative for affordable gamers who play at low resolutions to get exceptionally quick frame prices or greater structure rates and far better reaction times and that’s why we’re including this for them kicking points off with csgo as well as this video game was undoubtedly cpu restricted in a large method considering that even the rtx 3080 with an overclocked cpu can in fact beat the rtx 3090 in a stock system this is likewise why you will not see much distinction between the stock systems 1080p as well as its 1440p results currently it looks like we’re shattering heads first right into a game engine limiter talking limiters that’s specifically what occurs with jedi loss order because it caps at 144 structures per second and overwatch too incidentally overwatch’s brand-new patch enhances the framework cap to 400 so we needed to re-benchmark all the cards here carrying on and there’s a few video games with small increases with the overclocked cpu but also for the many component both the rtx 3080 and also the rtx 39d are still revealing the gpu limitations still exist at 1080p 1440p brings whatever also closer with each other however the 5.3 ghz 10900k positively influences 99 percentile frame rates greater than averages either method besides a few exemptions the rtx 3090 wasn’t bottlenecked by the cpu at 1080p as well as it absolutely isn’t right here either currently at 4k there’s essentially no difference between the outcomes as well as the splitting up between the rtx 3080 and also 3090 adhere to regarding 13 typically so that’s virtually anticipated because 4k puts all the emphasis on the gpu also in even more fundamental dx9 titles alright so with every one of that done i assume it’s time to cover this up and people there’s no uncertainty that this gpu should be a best purchase for creators digital musicians or any individual that requires accessibility to a lots of calculate horsepower i can’t say with that said in all because it is mosting likely to be a vital part in my own editing and enhancing operations moving forward yet like i said in the intro there’s a lot of reasons that this video clip was done from a video gaming viewpoint as well as i’m hoping it aids some people hit the brakes before succumbing to the hyped up consumerism and also making a truly bad purchasing

decision and look flagship gpus are constantly rather low on the value for cash scale and also there’s no rejecting it a fine example of it was the rtx 20 dti back in 2018 it set you back 50 greater than the 2080 and also it included in between 20 to 37 percent far better performance currently in 2020 the rtx 3080 is a remarkable value supplied you can really find one for 700 possibly its rate is even too reduced however that’s another conversation for afterward yet let’s see where the rtx 3090 ports into this since it sets you back greater than double what the rtx 3080 does while supplying at the most 14 higher framework rates at 4k at launch this makes it one of the solitary worst values versus a less costly choice we have actually ever seen from any kind of geforce or radeon gpu sure previous titans may have been worse yet bear in mind according to nvidia this isn’t a titan it’s a geforce card so i guess that’s it from a maker’s standpoint i’m pretty excited regarding the rtx 39d and also what it can bring to the table as well as i’m also looking onward to popping this point into among my brand-new modifying workstations but also for players the genuine question is just how much are you happy to spend for just 14 and also videos bold you to claim double they want you to say it they need you to state it since they’ll assist their following actions which which must be a really very large red flag for everybody

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