Review ROG Z11 You’ve NEVER seen an ITX Case like this

good individuals i truthfully don’t even know where to begin with the asus z11 itx room it feels like it’s a masterpiece it’s a truly special item it’s doing several things entirely in a different way than what we’ve concerned anticipate from an itx market however it’s also actually bothersome to work with it’s sort of difficult to deal with in regards to the setting up treatment so who is this case for and why does it exist i invested the last three days functioning with the z11 as well as it brings several special features that i haven’t seen anywhere yet like the 11 level motherboard angle giving you even more space behind the motherboard tray for cable televisions and obviously better air conditioning too it’s a masterpiece that provides you the flexibility of alignment either vertical or horizontal with the gpu always on display screen as well as the glass on the side as well it’s also the develop quality element below is absolutely incredible it’s light weight aluminum glass plastic and steel that all work very well together in terms of product choices and aesthetic appeals but at 279 bucks this case will be difficult to advise also for itx enthusiasts so unless you are strictly asus rog fan possibly

this thing isn’t for you so in this video clip allowed’s cover whatever that is remarkable regarding the z11 every little thing that is interesting as well as whatever that resembles why why does that exist right after this wow a mirror surface with a rgb lighting on a team group memory set not so insane nevertheless the whole component lusters and also shows light for that distinct appearance the kits are available in 16 or 32 gigabyte abilities with as much as 4 000 megahertz rates examine it out below alright so first off prior to we enter this size comparison let’s admire what asus has done below with the aesthetics i have actually never ever seen anything like it it’s a real rog style case with angular sections cleaned light weight aluminum solidified glass actually distinct air flow designs as well as this complex structural layering on the front on the sides essentially around the room that makes you seem like this is something that ought to remain in room and also not back on planet but on the other hand because it’s all combed light weight aluminum and also glass be prepared to constantly cleanse this thing after any kind of kind of handling and currently allow’s discuss that size contrast and also this is kind of hilarious ideal following to the corsair 4000d airflow mid tower as well as the corsair one itx unit the asus z11 is a behemoth in the upright orientation it is taller than the 4000d mid tower and it’s simply somewhat much shorter in the the size so it’s primarily a mid tower kind element however, for an itx motherboard that is a very high-risk step for asus to do since the itx market is obviously diminishing we’re seeing

small itx enclosures that can fit as much hardware as feasible while not exceeding that mid tower classification while below the z11 almost highlights the direction they intended to take not appreciate the size at all as well as simply stress concerning the amazing factor and also the functions like the ao for example it is absolutely loaded four usb ports 2 of which are usb 3 a kind c gen 2 we have power reset buttons a combination sound jack and this led switch with which you can switch the illumination of the enclosure or you can just link it to your motherboard for that cohesive software regulate the io would be completely easily accessible to you no matter the positioning the power switch incidentally is in red and does not adhere to with the entire argb illumination on the power supply shadow which entire rog area at the front when it comes to the instance accessories we have this power supply extension that is used when the case is resting horizontally we have a power supply sfx brace since the case sustains both atx as well as sfx power supplies we have a radiator brace for the bottom follower if you’re going all water air conditioning below we likewise have a pump bracket that has a little foam and can be set up on the inside we additionally have this tiny light weight aluminum screwdriver which is going to be practical for the setting up procedure there’s a glue plastic logo plate that is made use of when the instance remains in the vertical alignment and finally some bits and also screws plus a couple of zip ties make certain to evaluate the individual manual due to the fact that working with the z11 is unlike anything i have actually worked with in the past in regards to in fact accessing the interior eliminating the panels as well as like identifying

what goes where so you get in the room by eliminating leading panel that provides you access sideways panels which are screwed in thankfully the place here is extremely easy with the pegs near the bottom entering very first and afterwards you just move it from the top removing the case feed is simple there’s a thumb screw on the inside and afterwards you merely pop off the feet which means you can not carry the case by the feet you can not utilize them as deals with since that solitary thumb screw on the inside will certainly not support the weight of a fully crammed system currently the interior differs from anything i’ve worked with previously as well as it’s type of non-traditional sort of great so specs smart you can mount dtx or itx motherboards with cpu colders as much as 130 millimeters so you either intend to choose something reduced profile or a water cooler gpus as much as 320 millimeters are supported and asus states that three-way slot cards can fit inside the z11 but it can yet it additionally in many cases won’t so for instance the recently launched rtx 3090 it’s a three-way slot card as well as it’s much shorter than 320 millimeters so in concept it should fit but 2 things firstly the gpu have to have just two pci brackets due to the fact that as you can see there’s that little frame next to the pci slots as well as for that reason if you have a 3rd on the graphics card it will not uh grant you access it clearly will not fit there secondly if your gpu only has both pci brackets but it’s a three-way port design that must fit however then your cooler will certainly be right versus the glass that is one more aesthetic compromise where the graphics card will certainly be rather right versus the glass there however it will be sort of choked regardless of having

some ventilation at the front with its very own detachable filter that you sort of take down and eliminate for cleansing and also we additionally have some air flow on the side with its very own fine dirt filter as for dirt defense for the remainder of the front both the room and also back panels have a built-in fine mesh with detachable pieces for the sides there’s additionally a dust filter for the feed panel that is shaped around the air flow pattern that makes me assume like the tooling for this unit should be absolutely costly which makes feeling why this expense 279 bucks currently for cpu cooling if you’re not going with the 130mm cpu low account tower we have a 240mm radiator assistance on the side of the motherboard but you have to remove this ssd bracket that can mount 2 ssds as a result your storage space is currently kind of compromised as well as limited if you’re utilizing that room for a 240 radiator and also of program in this horizontal positioning with the radiator at the base as well as the bump over it that will certainly cause some issues in the lengthy term for this aio even if you’re opting for a customized water cooled route it’s going to coincide situation due to the fact that the pump will need to be above the radiator currently the case comes equipped with three 140 mm 1400 rpm fans which are actually effective and also they are a bit loud at complete rate however it aids greatly with air conditioning especially in this straight positioning we’re not blocking way too much uh of that consumption with the single 104 mil fan near the power supply which incidentally gets on a different platform so it does not interfere with the power supply compatibility so you can install a really long power supply that may

overlap with the follower if you eliminate that little uh angular shroud there yet at the very least you will constantly have a follower for intake near the bottom near the power supply talking of power supplies because the shroud is so substantial complete dimension atx unit are compatible as well as likewise the brace at the back is a little extended in reverse providing you slightly extra room for cables on the interior and also we likewise have that brace like i discussed earlier for sfx power materials now the twin one 40 ml fans up top can be exchanged out for 120 mil fans and you might potentially install the radiator there yet it’s not advised simply due to the fact that the motherboard io is dealing with exactly because instructions so you need that room for clearance for all your wires if you mount a radiator with a collection of followers there no other way you can place a displayport cord because generally those are actually chunky at the cable exit and also secondly you can see that whole part of the structure up top is practically blocked off without easy gain access to so i doubt you can actually such as or fit jam a 240 radiator with it as an air conditioning recap there’s a 140 intake near the bottom that can be replaced for a 120 mm radiator with that bracket included you can mount two 120 motor fans next to the motherboard for consumption or exhaust with a respective 240 radiator and for the top exhaust we have both 140mm followers with spacing for 120. This sort of cooling possibility for a room this enormous it looks like various other points were prioritized so in terms of gpu clearance i would state anything that is six centimeters in size ought to satisfy and it should fit no issue up to 320 millimeters in size in terms of the elevation of the gpu you have regarding four centimeters far from the pci slot uh for the gpu height so tall graphics cards should be fine wide graphics cards up to six centimeters should be fine as well up to 320 meters in length millimeters yeah millimeters as for the motherboard tray you can plainly see that is angled at 11 levels which gives you a great deal of space behind the motherboard tray for all your wire work and we additionally have that cable television cover before the motherboard onto which you can place a 2 and a half inch drive so storage space isn’t totally jeopardized if you do make a decision to go with this configuration but certainly m. 2 drives on your motherboard is what i would suggest doing one of the very best features about this case especially for itx is the center at the back not just do we have 6 four pin fan connectors that you can attach every little thing right into it you don’t call for little splitters for your

motherboard because normally itx motherboards don’t have a million 4 pin follower ports yet we likewise have 3 five volt addressable headers which means you can link other accessories like my lianle all-in-one cooler plug directly into the center so i can control all the lighting using the center through my motherboard and we also have two inner usb 2 pass-throughs in situation you’re running an all-one cooler or maybe an additional center you attach both into the center for the case and after that that enters into your motherboard that is great for an itx system currently when it involves the assembly process whatever is virtually simplified in regards to placing motherboard the gpu the 240 radiator and directing all your cords in my instance the cord job took around perhaps 15 minutes and also it was rather delightful yes the angle aids to conceal and also stash a few of the cables specifically where the angle goes to its optimum however all the i o wires are quite chunky as well as that leaves you little area to really uh compress every little thing since the side panel is totally level against that section one word of caution during assembly when the instance remains in the vertical orientation without the bottom uh panel mounted the fan actually has tiny rubber little bits to avoid uh it going straight against the surface area that you’re working with so simply take care with that yet my concern with cable television management wasn’t directing whatever however really connecting points right into the motherboard like usb ports display ports your ethernet wire which is since the motherboard is encountering up therefore all your io is inner definition you have to connect in every little thing from the back panel as well as route it right into the motherboard which is incredibly challenging to do because the room isn’t enough specifically getting to the

graphics card that resembled one of the most challenging for me as well as think of needing to replace a usb cable or replug something because is mosting likely to be a problem not only since you need to get rid of the side panels which calls for to eliminate a minimum of three panels so the back panel the leading panel and also the side panel too but you likewise have to take into account the positioning of your unit because both of those introduce different difficulties for your motherboard in as well as out wires you will have to shut down the system or transform off the top fans when you’re replugging anything into the motherboard and also especially when doing anything for the gpu cable television transmitting since that displayport wire is absolutely enormous as well as it touches the leading followers i need to reroute it to ensure that it touches the follower frame and also not the blade moreover i desire that asus had constructed in the power supply adapter someplace on the inside because in the straight positioning using that 90 level adapter i suggest you have to follow a particular assembly treatment and also like connecting it in and also routing it via the little feet to make sure that it exits on the best side you have to consider so numerous points for this point to look good ultimately of the day you have the power supply cable television that will be at the front while all your i o cables will go to the back you will have no concerns tidying up the interior but it is all the exterior wires that will look sort of messy i desire they would certainly have put much more believed into exterior wire

management because going from straight to vertical orientation needs a bit of cord readjustment as for cooling i was amazed to see this massive temperature difference in vertical versus horizontal orientations in horizontal setting our gpu is so much cooler as well as my thinking is that due to the fact that the front fan is unblocked so we have this front to back continuous column of air versus the case in the vertical positioning where all-time low is essentially just choked when we contrast temperatures versus other itx cases of course the gpu is much cooler in horizontal orientation to make sure that’s a positive but to be sincere for this size of an itx instance i was expecting to have a bit extra variety in cooling potential larger cpu towers maybe as well as extra watercooling support after having actually dealt with the z11 i still can’t pinpoint who this situation is for it’s except itx fans due to the fact that cases like as well as case dan instance the new nr200 from cooler master while it’s somewhat larger in the itx room it is a lot smaller than this man and it really is much more affordable and supplies better cooling ability and possible the distinct component of the z11 is its layout as well as this direction of like we’re gon na release something that is completely off the beaten track we ought to offer asus some props for trying to do something risky like that but obviously at this cost factor it’s such an inconvenient exterior cable monitoring since the motherboard is dealing with up on the interior and not is dealing with on the exterior side that is quickly accessible like regular i assume the demise below truly depends on that flexibility of orientation

because if it was just one placement that was offered after that a collection might have concentrated their focus on making certain that the motherboard io is dealing with on one of the sides on the exterior to ensure that you don’t need to take care of this entire interior cord management yet you do have that upright positioning which gives you even worse cooling it does look cooler though yet temperature levels do suffer my favorite component concerning the z11 is its layout i enjoy all the paneling all the layering for glass the brushed light weight aluminum the layouts of the ventilation all this like angularity for the room but i still would certainly not suggest this for anybody trying to find an itx experience unless you’re seeking a challenge good people i’m dimitri thanks much for watching check out this other appropriate content subscribe for more i’ll speak to you in the following video allow me understand what you consider the asus z11 i know it’s going to be bulk of like no however, for people who do what is your preferred part regarding this case great speak with you guys next month

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