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hello you gorgeous person you welcome to tech professionals and today we’ve got something a little bit different for you we’re going to be unboxing and checking out the huawei nova 9 my first huawei handset in a while this bad boy will cost you 499 euros in europe you can’t get it immediately in the uk so you will have to import for that sort of cache you can expect a 128 all that flaunt a terribly competent 50 megapixel primary camera but there are some caveats as well the fact that you don’t get any google services because of course while we’re at that little bust up with america so enough of my good dreaded yammer and that’s flog the huawei nova 9 out of the box taking a full on tour of the hardware and the software and for more on the most recent and greatest tech satisfy do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell ovations all right so first up what is in the box besides the nova 9.

You got yourself a somewhat beefy 66 watt supremacy adapter good fleck of usb war your favorite quarry at the sim tray porky bolt and oh yes of course you do get one bundled condom event to slap on the back end of that nova 9 keep it coming wrapped up keep it safe this doesn’t really included any girth onto the huawei nova 9 but yes it does kind of somewhat spoil the stunning layout now the best thing about the esthetics comes from the fact that the huawei nova 9 is pleasingly skinny it’s definitely the thinnest smartphone that i have wielded in some appreciable age you’ve got a glass figurehead as well as a glass back on the nova 9 no mention of gorilla glass from huawei at all because corning’s a american fellowship i would infer not and that back end is appropriately glossy as well it is a extremely silky field to the point where you could actually use it as a reflect if for some reason i just wanted to stare at my blow top the working day because one of the problems of a glossy finish is it does pick up greasy books and dust far too easily so definitely continue a cleanup cloth helpful i gotta say though i really like the clean simple esthetics now on the nova 9 you’ve got a tiny bit of warrior brandon down below and that’s basically it nice double flier camera chassis there which seems very

neat and straighten little elements like the the red-faced highlighting on the supremacy button i surely approve of extremely and you can grab the nova 9 and the selection of three emblazons you’ve got starry blue subdue green or this here black certainly why we couldn’t be bothered to think of a altogether random epithet for that one so it’s just blacknes and at 175 grams the countries of the north nine is as light as it is skinny but there’s no spray defiance though so emphatically is not depart getting it moist and inside the sim slot here on the nova 9 as you can see there there’s opening for two sim posters at the same time but there is no room at all for micro sd retention cards all right it’s the one way november 9 all set up ready for action i’ve been playing with it for about 48 hours now just getting to grasps with it and at first i got to admit i thought it was rush homily os because it certainly inspects and feels and smells very similar to harmony but in fact it is actually movement a flow ui which as far as i can tell to all intents and purposes is basically harmony os it’s got the exact same setup and layout all of huawei’s usual apps include the likes the app hall petals examine etc and yes the flow ui is not running on top of any form of android here it is just plain vanilla or huawei with nothing of those google assistances so yeah no google chrome or gmail no access to the google play store at least by default so yeah if you’ve abused a one-way smartphone since they’re fisty cuffs with america you will know what to expect it is a similar sort of layout to android if you drag down you do access the ai examine rather than the notifications you’ll have to drag down from the very top in order to access those otherwise if you drag down from the right hand side you’ve

got fast access to the control panel which is similar to what you’ll find on me ui from xiaomi which in itself was mostly half inch from a good age-old apple with its control center you’ve got fast access to media buttons lots of toggles for your bluetooth your wi-fi all your main stuff and if you swipe this away instead of accessing your google feed what you’ve got is a webwiz old-time explanation which i’ve momentarily forgotten the figure of it is the oneway assistant today and it’s not massively disparate to be honest you’ve got a few widgets that you can sort of chuck in up at the top here for fast access to your schedule your weather reports all that shenanigans then if you drag up like so you’ve got lots of headlines based on stuff that you previously looked at and yeah the lack of google services on here in particular the lack of the represent accumulate access will probably stimulate consternation to anyone who’s used to android smartphones but you do have the huawei app hall is it anywhere near as extensive as like the google frisk place or the apple app place well that’s a big fatty no but it’s getting better month on month so for instance you’ve got likes of diesel on there you’ve got likes of sky gore sadly no netflix or disney plus or anything just yet and you do have

alternatives to the likes of google maps in the form of petal maps and yes i do find that the interface and the sailing for example not as good as google maps but there are other alternatives available on the app supermarket and if you are browsing on the app gallery for a specific app and you can’t find it where you can always try pedal inquiry instead which basically allows you to search for any kind of app you can specially think of so as an example let’s have a bit of a examine for whatsapp and this will then come back at you with various options so for example here with whatsapp you can download an apk datum to install the app from the official website now then give you the link to download the apk enter and position it and of course if you are downloading apks you’ve got to make sure you trust the source can be very uh dodgy goings-on indeed if you are just downloading apks willy-nilly without actually paying much attention and generally beginnings like apk unadulterated can be trusted although again not 100 dead cert so footstep carefully don’t merely download random games with russian reputations that you don’t know what they are if you dive on into the motion ui specifies menu again it searches fairly

familiar for anyone who’s uh all fair with a gesture ui from back in the day you’ve got restraint sum of customization here so dive into a dwelling screen and wallpaper being changed up patently the wallpaper the icons that likes the publication open facet is are hidden in now which time twinkles up some quite funky imagery whenever you activate your smartphone you can customize this to show personas of any kind of theme i really like the travel theme because i like torturing myself with idols of places i’ll probably never get to go now you can also play around with the always on display so you can get this schedule to show whenever you want and you can customize what the always on display looks like then back into the arranges menu this is also where you’ll set up the huawei nova 9′ s fingerprint scan and face recognition it is an in parade optical sensor at this position quite low down on the screen so i would have preferred it a little further up but apart from that no objections at all it seems nice and accurate pretty responsive not hanging around waiting for it to unlock and yeah you’ve got the old face and lock as well if your mitts are a bit grubby or moist or whatever so you can get in that way very now of course as there’s no google business you don’t get a google aide now on the huawei

nova 9 what you get instead is the celia voice assistant of huawei’s own creation but much like the google deputy you can call celia up either by hold to the power button for a second otherwise if you’ve turned on the voice activation you can just say hey celia and you’re ready for action and yeah celia’s not exactly the smartest cookie in the jaw not quite got as much app integration as some of the other voice assistants but a lot better than it used to be that’s for sure you know little things like just turn on do not disturb checking the weather stuff like that you generally get what you need whereas back in the working day didn’t matter what you’re asking for you’d pretty much time get a google search on everything good old-time say they can even cheer you up when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps so hey celia “ve been told” a joke why don’t smartphones like being brought to the toilet someone could steal their ip address okay not not the best effort let’s try again hey celia tell me a joke a joke yes a joke what is that fucking – god as for your storage well it’s a option for 128 or 256 gigs of internal storage with the nova 9 so if you are going to be shooting a lot of photos and videos i’d recommend going for that 256 gig pattern uh because there’s no microsd memory card reinforcement now one of the features that immediately enticed

me to the huawei nova 9 was the magnificent 6.57 inch oled expose which time veers gently around the edges of the smartphone very tiny bezels bordering it because it’s an all preceded board of course super light so visibility not a number of problems outdoors even when it’s actually sunny super punchy colourings as well actually reflects through when you’re watching a bit of anime a bit of animated movie action it’s a full hd plus board 2340 by 1080 pixel answer as well so nice and crisp for editing your photos or again exactly kicking back with a bit of sky or whatever and you’ve got a lot of customization options if you jump on into the display provides as well you can apparently stick on a light card you’ve got an seeing convenience state and an e-book mode as well which is very good if you’re spending a lot of time staring at that screen especially in low sunrise you can jump into the color mode and temperature as well and you can swap it up between normal and evocative depending on what your own personal predilections are convert the emblazon temperature and the huawei nova 9 does boast a dynamic freshen rate as well which can flip between 60 and 120 hertz automatically will vary depending on what apps you’re using at the time whether they actually support that high 120 fps refresh not quite such a premium ordeal when it comes to the audio regrettably you do time have a mono speaker down below it’s not a stereo talker setup let’s boost that work up check it out on the

latest and greatest tech satisfy do subscribe cheers so reasonably thundering on that top capacity despite the fact it is just a mono orator though it is of course readily smothered you’ve got to be careful where you place your age-old pinkies clearly is pretty good though even on that top and capacity you do have bluetooth 5.2 subsistence if you want to get connected to some headphones or a speaker unhappily no headphone jack act here on the nova 9 which is a real shim let’s move on to performance and the huawei nova 9 is powered by the snapdragon 778 g chipset which dominances a fair few mid-range mobiles in 2021 and that’s backed by eight gigs of ram this past couple of periods with the nova 9 i foresaw the everyday experience has been perfectly smooth the good older motion ui has run well all my apps have been fine as well a little bit of judgment uh when i rarely start a video but apart from that uh good-for-nothing very distressing generally previous a few seconds and yeah that snapdragon 778 g chipset is more than up to the task when it comes to a bit of gaming as well if i could game on this thing for you know an hour so no worries whatsoever the phone doesn’t even begin to heat up no little moves or anything like that the only downside is that once again

your selection of sports is actually quite limited compared with full-on android smartphones uh but you do have you know again a stately collection on now and again you can download apks as long as you make sure they are from a trusted source because besides the lack of google services and play accumulate funding here on the huawei nova 9 there is another hindrance as well the fact that the 778 g doesn’t actually have a built-in 5g modem which implies no 5g connectivity now on the nova 9 which is a real bum because pretty much every single rival you’ll find at this rate time will give that 5g future-proofing no grumbles when it comes to the battery life though you’ve got a 4 300 milliamp cadre stuffed inside of the huawei nova 9 not one of the biggest capacity around but certainly still further it’s seeing me through a full period and no worries nuts with batch of camera play-act a good chip of gaming lots of app use and all of that and you do have 66 watt wide billing support for this thing as well so when you want to get it

powered back up again it’s nice and spry now let’s finish with the camera tech and what you’ve got here is a 50 megapixel primary sensor don’t have any visual persona stabilization built in there but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference so far in my evaluations this camera tag is obviously one of the best features and one of the most compelling intellects to buy the nova 9 over many competitors it pumps out good see shots at all times of date with slight campaign even in quite knotty status like strong contrast representations you’ll generally get a usable select i did notice some oversaturation in a couple of sample photos but overall the emblazons and styles examined impressively close to what you get in real life in low-grade light-footed i was very happy with the detail stages as well things aren’t too soft peculiarly if you swap to that night mode and hold still for a short duration you can also at any point swap to the ultra wide angle shooter as well it’s an 8 megapixel sensor in such cases and yeah this one prices a lot less well in low-grade light-footed so you clearly shouldn’t even really bother to be honest but during the day it furnishes a different standpoint when needed and also on that back end you’ve got a depth sensor for your photograph shots and you’ve also got a macro shooter as

well if you’re into that no zoom lens to speak of you do get slew of bonus pieces parcelled here in the nova 9 as well including of course the good age-old dependable pro modes most customers won’t even need to touch this because the auto mode is so good but if you do want to get a very particular kind of vibe then you can punched that up and this also allows you to swap uh to good age-old raw format as well if you do want to edit your pickings on the fly and then of course good old-fashioned video modes where you’ve got a good fleck customization you can change up the side ratio deepen the video settlement all the way up to 4k res exactly what i kept it up for the tests although that does mean you can’t deepen the chassis rate it’s stuck at 30 fps for ultra hd you’ll have to bump it down to full hd solution if you demand 60 fps and again i was pretty happy with the results spaffed out by the huawei nova 9 the audio is clearly picked up as long as it’s not too gusty out the picture quality is fine at ultra hd just once again don’t swap to that ultra wide angle shooter at night time and then last-place up around the front end of the nova 9 you’ve got a 32 megapixel selfie crap-shooter and again really really solid for the premium certainly much better than the google pixel 6 one which i discussed earlier you’ve got a wide range of description procedures if you require your face to stand out from the background and again even in low-toned light you’ll get some pretty

good collects for this price point and that right there my fairlies and a elegant insignificant little nutshell is the huawei nova 9 and there’s a lot to been fucking loving it including the excellent camera tech swiped around the back there and the front end as well the lush all-ed display which just swerves neatly around the phone got very respectable performance and battery life but and it is a very big but some mixer bunch would definitely approve you’ve got no google works on there as per standard and no 5g buoy as well which for this sort of price point really being good enough so whether the notation 9 is for you really depends on how heavy an emphasis you place on the camera tech and the uh the elegant parade and whether you actually are going to miss those google services or not so that’s this baldi’s uh general thoughts and conclusions anyway but what about you penalize tribe at home what do you reckon you allured by the northern i’d be great to your thoughts down in the comments below satisfy do shove subscribe and dig that notifications bell for fortunes more seductive tech there’s uh only an endless stream of it at the moment frankly it’s almost christmas and they’re still still with the lunches is everything all right when when does it objective and have yourselves a bloody-minded wonderful remain of the week praises everyone love you

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