Review AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT – The Little GPU that Couldn’t

so it took amd six months since the rtx 3060 came out to finally launch their answer and this is it the rx 6600xt now normally this should be exciting but based on the comments that we’ve seen so far amd’s announcement was met with a bunch of shoulder shrugs and more than a few angry responses and i completely get it especially when you consider what happened to the arcs 6700xt which board partners are still having trouble selling it anywhere close to what amd said that it would cost and let’s be honest with a starting price of 380 u.s this isn’t what you’d call an affordable graphics card by any stretch of the imagination the other thing i want to mention right away is the fact that today is not the day that you will define these cards on shelves at least because you’ll need to wait until august the 11th for that though i’m pretty sure that some might make their way into some online sellers today so just keep your eyes open anyways i don’t want to start this video on a negative footing because there’s actually a lot to like about the rx 6600 xd but i also think amd might need a reality check about certain things as well so let’s get to that but first a quick word from our sponsor you think you can

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one third the size of the 6700 xds the smaller cache amount is probably one of the reasons why the board power is rated to just 160 watts but let’s talk about that price for a second because i know it’s going to be a hotly debated topic especially after the rx 6700 xd ended up hitting hundreds of dollars above amd’s suggested price even before scalpers got their hands on it a lot of that was because prices spiraled out of control from you know from everything from memory to pcbs to shipping so that made it impossible to actually hit the 480 starting at price but eventually amd did step in and partially subsidize some cards right before launch so they could actually go for the marketed cost what’s gonna happen with the rx 6600xt is anyone’s guess but one thing is pretty obvious guys if for some damn miracle if this thing hits 380 dollars um it’s still 50 more expensive than the rtx 3060 and that’s making a big statement we also have to remember amd’s setting this up to be the spiritual successor to the arcs 5600 xt and to a lesser extent the 5700 but it’s more expensive than both of those i mean the 5600 xt launched at just 280 dollars while the 5700 came out for 350 dollars so yeah there is another hit against that 380 dollar price another thing that really needs to be mentioned is what amd’s showing as their reference design versus the reality uh for most people i mean look at this thing it’s so cute and perfect for small form factor systems but most will end up looking like the xfx merc 306 black edition card that i have here and will

be using it for this review and let me say this again i hate seeing efficient gpus like the 6600xt packaged into such ridiculously huge cards it’s just so pointless this one’s two and a half slots high and it’s almost 11 and a half inches long it’s actually one of these smaller ones if you can believe that i’ve seen some of the cards pushing 12 inches in triple slots and they’re a lot wider as well luckily this one looks pretty good with an overall stealth design and it’s fed by a single 8-pin power connector so compatibility with older systems shouldn’t be an issue luckily some companies like asrock will be scratching that small form factor itch with cards like the challenger itx hopefully they will be widely available at a fair price now coming back to the xfx card what do you get for all that size and cooling well um very little there’s a small increase to the game and boost clocks and that’s about it oh and there is that nice little 40 increase in the prices that basically push this thing into the rx 6700 xd territory now i can rant about that all day guys but let’s move on to what you actually came here for and that’s performance now before getting into that i do want to talk about power consumption because if you look at amd’s numbers navi 23 is supposed to be ultra efficient and that’s exactly what it is as a matter of fact even though the xfx card is slightly overclocked its peak power consumption actually came in under amd’s total board power spec and on average it consumed just 130 watts which makes it perfect for more efficient small form factor systems

minus the xfx card’s size of course compared to the rtx 3060 well it isn’t even close at all that thing sucks back more than 40 watts on average and even stepping up to the 6700xt will bring you into a whole different dimension when it comes to power needs and with the xfx card sporting the massive cooler the average temperature stays totally controlled at a maximum of 70 degrees while the fans spun at super low speeds remember this cooler is meant for a lot of higher end cards so it doesn’t have any trouble here and that hot spot temperature is completely normal as well that all leads to clock speeds running along at a pretty constant speed of just over 2.6 gigahertz but it’s also evident that as temperatures increase you get a cutback of about 25 megahertz so now on to gaming benchmarks and let’s get started by walking through 1080p and the results are pretty straightforward guys the 6600xd either ties or beats the rtx 3060 and in a lot of cases acts like a bridge between the 3060 and slightly higher end cards like the 6700 xd and the 3060 ti but here’s the other thing at a technical price and a repeat a technical price of 380 dollars and the version we have here with a minor overclock likely going for around the 425 dollar mark is the rx 6600 xd really worth the money for 1080p in a normal market i’d say its 50 premium is too much against the rtx 360 but this isn’t a normal market by any stretch of the imagination so who knows where everything is going to land you’ll also notice i’ve included the rx 5700 here as well and

there’s a reason for that from a pricing perspective it actually started at 350 let that sink in for a second it was launched a little more than two years ago but in a bunch of games it still gives pretty comparable performance to this brand new 370 gpu that right there is a perfect example of today’s gpu market if you have one don’t get rid of it for 1080p gaming that’s for sure moving on to quad hd and we have to remember amd said that this is a card that’s laser focused on 1080p performance and if you want to run at high resolution you’d be better off stepping up to the rx 6700 xd if you can find one of course overall it provides good frame rates with every game being playable you can buy this thing and be confident 1440p gaming is possible but there’s something else going on here as well with only 128 bit bus amd is hoping their infinity cash makes up for that bandwidth efficiency versus the rtx 360’s 192 bit but in some cases it certainly isn’t and in the end the gap between the two cards become virtually non-existent here and that sort of points towards the 3060 being a bit more of a versatile card if you’re buying for 1080p right now and want to potentially upgrade to a high resolution screen in the future the rx 5700 pulls even closer too and i’d say that’s even more of an issue since it would stop amd’s previous customers from moving laterally towards a new card in the same price bracket of course there’s pretty much no reason to ditch your 5700 series right now but i guess the same thing could have been said about the rtx 2000 and rtx 3000 series now we’re in the process of updating our library of ray trace games but even these older titles the 6600 xt tends to suffer against

nvidia’s cards but look that’s to be expected anyways as more and more titles get the fsr treatment this will hopefully improve but until that point i wouldn’t recommend turning on ray tracing plus if you saw dimitri’s video from the other day you’ll see how pointless it is in most games right now or in the case of fortnite it’s just simply broken in the epic setting so i guess that wraps things up and i’m gonna level with anyone watching this video even if graphics card prices were normal right now i’m actually not a fan of amd’s offering with the rx 6600 xd it’s being launched six months after the rtx 3060 and for more money it barely beats it in most situations and they say that it’s a day late and a dollar short there is one shining light in this whole thing though while the performance per dollar isn’t great the 6600 xt’s performance per watt is incredible and that’s amazing news for upcoming cards from amd the only way out of this is to flood channels with cards near the 380 mark before the rtx 360 can hit higher levels of availability but will that happen well it’s really hard to know but amd needs to do better since their pricing policies are leaving cards on the shelves at retailers that are actually selling nvidia cards for msrp in today’s environment and given this demand that’s just a disaster so on that note thank you so much for watching i hope you were able to take away everything that you needed to know about the rx 6600xt let us know what you guys think about it um are you excited like are you really excited about this graphics card chime in with your thoughts in the comments i’m amiibo with hardware canucks thank you so much for watching and uh i’ll talk to you guys in the next one oh don’t forget to spend responsibly

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