Mini Review Razer Pro Type Ultra & Pro Click – The Best Productivity Peripherals?

as many of you may know razer is a gaming brand when you think about razer you think about gaming peripherals gaming laptops gaming accessories they actually just recently got into pc components like cases aios chroma fans you name it if you remember last year they introduced the razer book 13 which was their gateway into the productivity market and it was a great laptop you can actually check out my review right over here to learn more about it they’ve been working on expanding that ecosystem with accessories that could fit your work setup and today we have a few peripherals on the table that completes that the first one is a wireless mechanical keyboard called the pro type ultra which is this one and then we have the pro click mini wireless mouse which is basically a slimmed down version of the pro click version that was launched a while back now mike and i have been using these things for the past few months way before the official launch because razer was kind enough to send us some early samples so let’s just find out what the deal is with um this new pro setup but first a quick word from today’s video sponsor oh i see you’ve been working on your core when you core you got a p6 the new thermaltake core

p60 g enclosure is for those with core priorities on displaying your beautiful hardware in this wall-mountable fully modular frame and a transferable core to switch between closed and an open design the interior of course is fully ready for your fans radiators built-in vertical gpu mount with the support bracket lots of io options at the front and is available in black or white snow editions the core p6 is built for makers check it out below alright as always i want to kick things off with the price the pro click mini costs eighty dollars which is twenty dollars cheaper than the pro click wireless mouse the prototype ultra costs a whopping 160 dollars now if we look at the competition the first thing that comes to my mind that competes with the pro click mini is the logitech mx anywhere 3 mouse that thing is literally it’s exactly the same in terms of shape and features wise it’s a little bit different but i’ll let mike chime in on his experience using the mx mini a little bit later in the video but right now i just want to focus on the prototype ultra because this thing is a really unique piece that’s catered towards a very specific type of audience so for starters the design is very sleek and it complements the rest of razer’s pro lineup so the frame is made out of anodized aluminum while the rest of the chassis is plastic build quality is solid with minimal flex around the frame and if you’re coming from something like you know a basic 20 to 30 dollar keyboard this is certainly a huge upgrade i also like the white and silver contrast since it blends in with the rest of razer’s pro lineup and you can also tell that they’ve taken a page out of the gaming keyboards now this is a full-size keyboard which i’m sure

will come in handy for professionals who work with a lot of numbers i know people who work in the healthcare industry and they rely on numpads so this is a very thoughtful inclusion the keycaps themselves are the basic abs plastic materials so nothing surprising here i am a little disappointed with the text positioning with some of the keys since they’re off-centered and you can certainly tell the difference when you compare to the rest of the keys that are actually centered so razer please address this very soon with your future batch because that is a definitely a qc issue they’ve also added a soft touch coating to resist fingerprints and improve comfort while typing while that is true having used a lot of mechanical keyboards i actually don’t see the soft texture adding a significant difference in that area now given that it’s white it’s probably going to be easier to clean because you know you don’t have to worry about dirt or grime getting stuck with sort of a rougher texture if you had that with the keycaps so i guess that’s a benefit you also get two adjustable kickstands integrated at the bottom to angle the keyboard to your preferred setting so you either have six degrees or a nine degree setting and the bottom rubber feet do a pretty good job keeping the keyboard in place razer also includes a soft touch cushioned wrist rest that doesn’t clip onto the keyboard but it sort of aligns with the frame and guys let me just tell you this is probably the best addition to your setup because it just elevates your comfort experience when you’re

spending hours in front of a display writing up emails or just dealing with management stuff now this is a mechanical keyboard so naturally we have to talk about these switches so the prototype ultra comes with razer’s yellow switches i’m going to link to dimitri’s fantastic video going over the switch options that razer offers including the razer yellows but in a nutshell these are linear switches that somewhat align with mx speeds so they’re very fast with an actuation point of 1.2 millimeters with a total travel distance of 3.5 millimeters since these are linear and not tactile or clicky you don’t have to worry about them annoying people around you in the office plus razer has added sound dampening foam to quiet things down even more so why don’t we go ahead and take a listen the keyboard is backlit and white and uh it does get bright enough to view the text in low light situations you can actually adjust the brightness levels in 15 increments using the function keys now if you’re using a mac i do have some bad news for you this keyboard isn’t officially supported with that os now technically it will work over bluetooth or a 2.4 gigahertz receiver but you won’t be able to take advantage of all the commands that are strictly mac focus so i personally think this is a missed opportunity for razer

because logitech supports both pc and mac with their pro level keyboards and considering you know this thing costs 160 us um it just makes me question if razer even thought about the pro users uh in the market because you know people still use mac and they want something that functions with both platforms as for connectivity there are two ways to pair this keyboard you either can go with bluetooth or 2.4 gigahertz mode using the included receiver there is a switch at the front to enable either of those modes and there is a compartment underneath the keyboard to store the receiver which is awesome so you don’t have to worry about losing that and if you’re wondering you can use a single receiver to pair the proclick mini as well so that’ll save you an extra usb port on your pc keep in mind that that can only be done using the multi-device pairing feature through razers and apps if you’re using bluetooth mode you can actually pair up to three devices on this keyboard and that can be done with the function and one two and three keys the led indicator right above the numpad will show you the status when it’s activated when it comes to battery life razer is claiming up to nine days of use without any backlighting using the bluetooth mode and if you switch over to 2.4 gigahertz mode expand around eight days of use

uh now if you enable the full brightness setting that’ll actually dramatically reduce the battery life to 13 hours and for my testing uh that’s exactly the number that i got or roughly the numbers that i got using the prototype ultra but when you put it up against the competition like the mx keys from logitech it’s actually a bit less and uh and that’s because i struggled to kill that keyboard in a few months with the backlighting turned on and off this on the other hand is a mechanical keyboard so that’s another factor to consider when you’re shopping around my recommendation is to plug this thing once a week just to juice of battery if you use it in hybrid mode you can also monitor the battery status to razer synapse software and razer does include a usb c to usb type a charging cable to charge up the device last but not least i want to quickly go over the pro click mini now i’m going to be honest with you this is something that i will never use in my life since i have really large hands i mean as you can see by that comparison it just says it all so using this thing on a regular basis uh it was just really

uncomfortable now sure i get the idea that it’s slim sleek and easy to carry around while traveling which is why i let mike test this out since he travels quite a bit and he has small hands also as he was testing this uh razer was supposed to call it the pro click mobile which is why when he mentions it he’s gonna mention mobile instead of mini because clearly they changed that to the very last minute so mike take it away man all right guys so eber asked me to hop on camera talk a little bit about my experience with the pro click mobile and that’s because i’ve actually had it on hand now for almost five months so i have a little bit longer term perspective about this thing razer sent us here in montreal a prototype just to check it out and to give them a little bit of feedback so it’s an early sample but i’ve got a couple of opinions about it first of all let’s talk about that mobile part the mobile part means two things to me number one is size and weight because when i’m traveling i’ve traveled with this thing a few times those are the two primary things that i’m looking for anything that i carry with me has to be lightweight because i don’t want it sort of weighing down my backpack too much and it has to be small well small they nailed it all right so this thing compared to the regular pro click it’s tiny not only that my usual sort of mouse that i use when i travel is the g403 it’s smaller than that too the interesting thing though is because it has two replaceable double a batteries in there it actually weighs more than either of these two mice but there’s a little way around that so first of all razer bless their hearts they made sure that this thing could run off of only one single double a battery the other option that i’ve sort of looked towards is using a double a to triple a adapter to cut down the weight even more of course that affects battery life but i’m going to talk about that in a bit now the other thing that i

wanted to mention about this is something that some of you might be cringing about and that’s the fact that it uses replaceable batteries personally i usually have an issue with that because of the environment but i also don’t like having a built-in battery because if you’re traveling you’re always looking for you know a charger or whatever so in this case i’m using exactly what i would recommend to you guys and that is rechargeable batteries inside of this mouse helps with the environment a little and you get amazing battery life and about that battery life i actually can’t comment because after almost five months the original batteries that i put in this thing well they’re still going the last couple of things i wanted to talk about is of course just the general experience over the last five months and to me this thing has stood the i can’t say test of time but at the same time there’s no blemishes on this thing from the shmu in my hands i’ve been using this as a daily driver every single day so like eight hours a day here at the office it works really really well ergonomically that’s where some people might have a little bit of an issue with it because it’s a mobile mouse of course it’s so tiny for my hands it works sort of okay but for longer term i enjoy using something that is very much ergonomically designed like the pro click itself on the other hand if you’re using this on a daily basis i would not recommend it for anybody who has larger hands a couple people here in the office tried to use it for a day or two at a time and they did complain

about a little bit of hand cramping luckily though everything else about it the build quality the fact that you have a little compartment in here for the dongle everything about it is what i would look for in a mobile mouse so i guess that’s pretty much it for me i absolutely love this thing right now while i’m recording this i’m not quite sure about what the price is but if it’s under 100 bucks razer really nailed it so back to you eber well mike uh good news is that the price for the pro click mini is under a hundred dollars and as i mentioned earlier that goes head to head with the mx anywhere three miles from logitech now feature-wise the mx mouse has an integrated battery that can be charged over usb type-c the sensor performance on this guy was actually really really good it was amazing i didn’t have any issues with tracking razer’s actually using an advanced optical sensor it’s great for navigating through applications on a day-to-day basis they’ve also added a free spin mode which basically lets a scroll wheel spin in freestyle depending on how much force you give the scroll wheel so this will be useful if you’re working with longer documents or spreadsheets there is a tilt function which i’m sure will come in handy with certain applications now it’s certainly not as good as logitech’s mag save system because that automatically shifts between tactile mode and free spin mode and there’s a little bit of weight to that so i just find the logitech stuff to be a little bit more premium whereas this just seems a little bit basic finally i want to go over these switches now razer opted to go with silent mechanical mouse switches which offers a quiet distraction free experience when you click

away they’re also very durable for up to 15 million clicks and honestly it just feels like i’m clicking a dampening material right underneath the primary left and right buttons it’s somewhere between tactile and mushy just take a listen for yourselves now this is a thoughtful feature for those who value a sound experience when using peripherals but ironically when you pair the pro click mini to the prototype ultra it just takes away from that silent aspect because this thing is it’s really loud and it’s just not consistent when you use these devices together so that’s something to keep in mind when you’re shopping around i should also mention that all these buttons are programmable through razer snap software but if you look at the competition once again logitech actually has pre-built profiles for applications like photoshop premiere pro final cut pro and microsoft applications so that’s another benefit going with the mx anywhere 3 or just any mx peripheral or mx product so here’s a takeaway with these new pro profiles from razer i’m going to start things off with the pro type ultra you see this thing is a good start for razer because it’s a very unique piece as i mentioned at the beginning because you get you’re getting a wireless mechanical keyboard with really good battery life and a great comfort

experience when you’re typing away unfortunately it’s a bit louder for my tastes and not to mention the fact that it doesn’t support mac os is a huge downside and for 160 dollars i i just believe that it’s way too overpriced the proclick mini is a great mouse uh it’s quiet compact sleek and has fantastic battery life then again you have to remember that you need to use two double a batteries to get this thing you know set up instead of charging it over a cable and for 80 it’s a great alternative to the mx anywhere 3 mouse if you’re looking for something that’s completely white and you know just matches with the rest of the pro lineup from razer of course so in that note thank you so much for watching i hope i was able to cover everything that uh you need to know about the new razer productivity peripherals um let us know what you guys think about the pro type ultra and the proclick mini uh if you’re shopping around for something uh to sort of fit your productivity setup would this be on your list i’m really curious to know thank you so much for watching and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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