cloud 9 c959 ergo tkl You NEED to try this Gaming Keyboard!

good people i’ve gone through my fair share of ergonomic keyboards and split keyboards but this has got to be the best one yet that i’ve tried it’s from a brand called cloud9 ergonomics not to be confused with the cloud9 gaming esports brand even though they have very similar logos so this is the cloud 9 c959 ergo tkl as you guys know i love me a tkl keyboard and this is the most comfortable typing experience that has come across my desk although the keyboard itself it’s not without its issues but we’ll get to that later to give you some context about my daily typing needs my email responses consist of three lines maximum and so i don’t require to be typing hours and hours on end but when you go through those typing tests to get comfortable to familiarize yourself with the keyboard this is when things got really interesting because typing 10 minutes straight on a standard tkl keyboard versus the ergotiko wow what a huge difference and my gosh it eliminated so much of the wrist pain that i was having especially on my right hand and the air go tkl in terms of how your wrists how your fingers how your hands fall into place just makes perfect sense so ergonomically this thing has got a lot of things going for it first of all we

have this removable soft touch leather red wrist rest that are velcro attached to the keyboard but it does make unpleasant sound if it’s not seated properly as it does have a bit of a play and it kind of squeaks come on the split functionality of course is a huge deal being able to split the two keyboard pieces apart creating more room in the center potentially for a mouse or other objects that you want to place there on your desk without interrupting the comfort or the typing experience we do have these two usbc cables included one short one and one long one to give you some flexibility the keyboard connects with a usbc cable plus we have a usb passthrough here which is uh appreciated but it’s not full speed it’s just usb2 now in the gaming environment i would suggest to keep the keyboard whole or somewhere else in the vicinity in case you need to use any of the keys on the right side of the split like here for example in dying light 2 you can reach that keyboard or of course you can remap it to something on your mouse or something else on the left side of the split for exploration games where you don’t necessarily need the other half i love having all this additional space to just have my hands a bit closer to each other and play some subnautica my gosh what an amazing game the keyboard works just fine if you only have one or the other part plugged in so for fps for example if you don’t require all the stuff on the right side of the keyboard unplug that and just clear up some of that space for mouse movement and also being able to really comfortably position the left side of the keyboard and exactly where your elbow lies on the table where your wrist falls it’s fantastic although if you have the 60 or 65 or even a tkl keyboard that the standard positioning it on an angle for your fps needs is also fairly comfortable provided you have you know good wrist rest and you’re just navigating around the walls area now before we listen to how the keyboard sounds and talk more about its features let’s hear what our sponsor has to

say shall we welcome to the light where wings fly silent and constantly impress with performance what the wings of the light have beautiful circular showcase i’m just here for some fans this diffusion is unlike anything you’ve seen before and i’ve seen rgb fans before yeah but these are argb from be quiet you’re saying this is their first arch fan must be good right we have 120s 140s high high-speed and standard versions too there’s also the three-pack with a hub that is right impress your inner self with the new light wings so you can fly into the be quiet light wings check them out below okay so size wise it is definitely bigger than your standard tkl keyboard as you can see because of the built-in wrist rest because of the stuff on the side and generally a much bulkier frame there’s actually nothing connecting the two pieces it’s just bare plastic it is slightly magnetic at the bottom to collect the two sides but if you want to split it it’s no effort at all but the thing that really sealed the deal for me in the ergonomics department is the ability to raise the front of the keyboard in two steps therefore eliminating any pressure around the wrist area which none of my previous split keyboard experiences had this functionality it was more flat but here because of this split functionality plus being able to raise the keyboard in the front section is just incredible this is a very comfortable typing experience and obviously we have a lot of motion on how you want to position this on your desk now a few things to keep in mind both of these have to be extended like you cannot use only one because this thing there’s gonna be a lot of play and also the small feet so the small feet on both sides

are not very stiff and so they can just like collapse onto each other which is which is really annoying while the larger feet are much more stable and don’t fold under pressure so in terms of the typing experience when the keyboard is put together it’s very comfortable you just have to be mindful of this gap so normally the text would be following each other so i use my index finger on my left hand to reach y all the time but now i have just have to retrain to use my right hand for more touch typing you know proper touch typing now aside from the ergonomic element which i think is awesome this keyboard has a few unique things going for it number one is that wheel in the center so it attaches to the left side if you’re using it in split mode it would be cool if you were able to like reposition it based on which thumb or which hand you like to use the most for it so it is aluminum which i did not realize it is also removable and it has multiple functionality built in like if you press function and the actual button you can either adjust the system volume switch between applications do horizontal scrolling and also adjust the brightness of the rgb illumination all those four modes are color coded and you can also disable the lighting if that’s not your thing i really like the default shortcut keys on the left side for cut copy paste and select all i use this all the time we also have macro keycaps if you want to use those keys as macros instead you can change all the lighting on the fly with this dedicated button and also lock the windows key specifically for gaming which i appreciate i’m also a big sucker for accented keycaps i’m happy

that we have that one cloud9 purple keycap included i wish there were more and of course i wish they were pbt or at least double shot abs in terms of rgb on the keyboard it’s plenty vibrant and bright because of that white plate underneath but i do end up turning off the wheel illumination because to me it looks spotty as for the switches they feel pretty good the stabilizers are about average nothing to write home about so definitely i’ve typed on better keyboards in the past and there’s also a bit of pinging happening especially with some of the larger keys and if you’re really listening to it so as an overall package at 199 it’s a little expensive given the abs keycaps and the pinging that’s happening inside the body so the typing experience while it feels good for the wrists it doesn’t sound so good on the ears but on the other hand the typing experience is wonderful for your wrists for your fingers you know where things are if you’re touch typists this will not be an issue whatsoever i just wish that the smaller feet were more stable because that elevation is perfect for me but the keyboard just slides around and those feet fall back into place if you’re looking for something ergonomic and in a split keyboard space 199 is actually not that bad and it’s fairly competitive in this split ergonomic category so definitely worth a look i’ll leave all the links in the description below thanks for watching i’ll talk to you in the next video

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