Review Corsair MP300 SSD : M.2 NVMe vs M.2 SATA Drive!

hey everybody its la inside but and we’re back once again with our Intel nook the hades canyon nook i reviewed a little while ago i took the top off don’t worry about this cable here everything is fine because i wanted to do a head-to-head comparison inside the same computer between an nvme m2 harddrive versus an m2 SATA Drive and this particular nook allows you to plug either technology into its m2 slots and a lot of modern computers now offer these choices and the speed difference is going to be quite significant I think between these two drives and I wanted to do a little comparison here so you can see exactly which one you should be looking at the price on this MP 300 is only about 75 dollars or so for the the 250 gigabyte version the 480 gig version is now under $200 so the price difference between the slower SATA drives and the faster nvme drives is closing in quite a bit in fact I don’t remember the nvme drives looking this inexpensive when I was out shopping for this drive when I was putting together the computer initially so this is gonna be a fun little comparative here now this Drive came in free of charge through the Amazon vine

program however all the opinions are about two here are my own nobody is paying for this review and no one has reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before this was uploaded I did purchase the Intel nook with my own funds along with the original hard drive that it has inside so let’s begin with a sequential disk speed test and we’re going to run the black magic disk speed test here and we’re going to start with measuring the performance of the WDM to SATA Drive here again this is the slower technology of the two and we’re going to select that folder there and go over to test here on that drive and just run this test and this is going to get skewed slightly by the fact that this is also the system drive but I think we’re going to see a big enough difference here between the two that that shouldn’t matter all that much so pretty good performance though out of the others older drive we’re getting about 480 megabytes per second on writes and about the same on reads will see those writes drop off just slightly because the drive is probably caching the rights there but nonetheless you can see the potential performance we got out of this driver really doing quite well here even reading well above 500 megabytes per second so not bad for a traditional m2 SATA Drive so now let’s see how our nvme drive will do connected to the PCI Express bus on here so we’re

going to go and select that drive the nvme here and hit OK and start the test and I think we’re going to see some differences in performance here so immediately you can see we’ve got much wider bandwidth here for the drive to operate with so we’re able to write it close to 800 megabytes per second and reads here so far are around 885 let’s take a look at another round of testing here again this drive looks like it’s caching a little bit and now you can see the reads are running at about 1.2 gigabytes per second so as usual a lot of times with these affordable drives the write speeds don’t often equal the read speeds but you can see how this might really benefit you if you are doing a lot of video encoding or something where you need to write quickly or read quickly as you’re working through that process there’s a lot of a lot of potential here with these nvme drives that you don’t get with an older m2 SATA Drive so if you’re a computer and you got to check the specs for this if it supports an m vm e pci express drive in its m2 slots like this computer does then if you want performance going with the nvme drive is a good decision here because they are significantly faster than these m2 SATA drives even though they go into the same ports and that’s one of the cool things about these drive these computers that are equipped with the nvme compatibility it’s backwards compatible to m2 SATA so if you want a really large drive and don’t care about performance you can get one of these m2 SATA drives plug them in but you can also run an nvme side-by-side as we’re doing here with this Intel nook so if you

have the money and want the performance go for nvm II and it looks like the prices are coming down significantly let’s take a look now though at how this drive performs with random reads and writes which often look a lot different than sequential reads and writes do so here are the crystal discs mark results from the MP 300 drive from Corsair our sequential reads and writes are similar to what we saw on the black magic disk speed test that is a multi-threaded read and write test here which kind of measures the total throughput of the drive and of course the write speed is slower than the read speed the multi-threaded random reads and writes did ok about 688 megabytes on read and about 600 to 65 megabytes on writes typically SSDs don’t do as well with these random bits of data so there you can see the difference in speed between sequential and random on a multi-threaded test there these two lower results are single threaded tests so this is just a single thread sending data through to the drive you can see those speeds are a little less given that it is a single thread operation and you can also see the single threaded random read and write score over here so not bad at all and just for the heck of it let’s run this on the MTS a to drive while we’re here and see if there’s any differences with kind of an off-the-shelf similarly priced M 2 SATA Drive so here are the results of the M 2 SATA drive running with the older SATA technology you can see the reads and write speeds here are significantly less than what we saw with the corsair drive running on the nvme technology so certainly a big boost there as we saw with the black magic test we also have the random reads and writes in the multi-threaded mode here and you can see what we got there versus what we got on the nvme drive so not bad on that one either a good

performance boost with the newer technology on that test the single threaded sequential reads and writes were a little closer as you can see here this test usually gives you a lower score on these things and if you look down below here at the random reads and write in single threaded mode the scores are very close between the two drives and that’s something I see quite a bit on that single threaded test but if you are looking for an m2 drive and you don’t see that much of a price difference between the nvm II and the m2 SATA clearly the nvme is going to give you much better perform and this performance of course will be important for people that are processing a lot of video but also for gamers where you’ve got a ton of data getting read off of those discs and then being shoved into your GPU you want the best throughput you can get especially as you get into some of this 4k gaming so even if it’s a few dollars more I think you are better off choosing an nvme drive if your computer supports that until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lawn tv supporters including gold-level supporters Chris Allegretto Tom Albrecht bill Reiner and Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lon TV / support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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