Review 8bitdo N30 Pro 2 Controller – New for 2018 / 2019

hey everybody is line side bending we’re taking a look today at a new controller from 8bit doe this is their end 30 Pro – I believe they had one that looks similar to this a little while back but this is indeed a new controller here at the end of 2018 it’s a bit more compact than some of their other ones that they’ve released it’s kind of retro inspired and it’s real focus here is the d-pad which i think is probably the best d-pad they have put together so far out of all the controllers they have made in the last two years or so and we’ll be taking a closer look at this controller in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that 8-bit though sent these to the channel free of charge however nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this hardware is all about and then we’ll see how it performs so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware these will cost you thirty nine dollars apiece so they’re not all that expensive and they will work as other 8-bit though controllers do with a number of platforms including the PC it supports direct input and X input it works with the Mac it also works with Android devices including the Nvidia shield and tablets and phones and it works with the Nintendo switch so you can use this on a lot of different platforms and I’ll show you a few of those in the course of the review here it is though a smaller controller than some of the other 8-bit though controllers we have looked at so this is their SN 30 Pro we looked at just about two or three weeks ago and you can see this one is a lot thinner and it’s also got smaller buttons too as you can

see here so if you have larger hands you may not like this controller as much but if you are looking for something more compact and portable this one might be worth considering so while I think it’s going to be great for retro gamers modern gamers may have a little bit of a problem with it because it is so thin and the result of that thinness is the fact that they had to line up the shoulder and trigger buttons in a single row here so your l1 button is right here your r1 button is there and then your r2 and l2 buttons are in between and that’s going to take some getting used to especially if you’re used to those buttons being above and below each other like you would have on your pro controller or on an Xbox controller the SN 30 Pro by comparison is a lot thicker so they could fit that shoulder and trigger button configuration in the same way as the other modern controllers so this one’s a little bit different there so just keep that in mind you might have an issue if you have a lot of games that rely on those buttons but it is functional it’s just a button placement might be an issue for some and like other 8-bit dough controllers that have the pro designation there is a rumble motor inside of it you’ll feel it moving it’s not as pronounced as a larger controller might be but it does give you a little bit of vibration it doesn’t do the HD Rumble that you get on the switch joique on for example but you will get the rumble controls in games that support that both on the switch and on PC so that was good to see and one thing I forgot to mention is that the sticks also have buttons on them as well so you will get that clicking action on that my only real gripe with it is that every time I pick it up I push a

button somewhere there’s a bunch of buttons here on the bottom that control the pairing as well as the special functions on the switch so every time you’re touching it you’re generally getting a button push so just bear that in mind the larger controllers here I was able to pick up in a spot where there weren’t any buttons and here I keep pushing one whether it’s one of these down here or one of the shoulder buttons up there so you might do inadvertent button presses when you do pick the controller up off the table but that’s a minor gripe let’s take a look now and see how it performs with game play so I’ve got the controller paired up with my switch right now and it seems to be working fine on a modern game the sticks are very sensitive and you can see just a little bit of movement here will get you a very fine control on-screen and then if I push down harder I will get faster movement as you would on other controllers because the sticks are a little bit smaller it’s going to feel different than the Joye con controller here will feel because the sticks are slightly smaller than those and it’s certainly a very different feel than the pro controller but they do work fine and I think I have a good amount of sensitivity and respond very very well to what I’m doing here you also have the motion controls available to you I want to finding though that when I do a motion like this and sometimes pushing the button here at the bottom so this will take you back to the Nintendo switch home screen for example this button here will take a screen shot this one in the

middle is reserved for it’s pairing modes so you will probably hit those buttons by accident as you’re going here but overall it works pretty nicely it feels really good and again you just have to get used to the button placement here on the top let’s take a look at some retro games and see how it does with those so where I think this controller is really going to shine is with the classic games on the NES you can see I’m going left to right here and not seeing too many errant diagonals a couple here and there but I think that might be my fault there I’m going to show you a test that I ran in just the second here just be warned there’s some blinking and flashing from my LED lights and if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing you might want to jump ahead using the video index down below so what we did is a very rapid left to right movement and we found that we weren’t getting as many errant diagonals when making that movement as we were on other 8-bit Doh and other third-party controllers so this design I think is going to hopefully make its way into some of their other controllers and really improve how they operate the d-pad on this one is really good for a third-party controller and it might be probably the best one I’ve seen for a while I’m going to probably reserve judgment until I hear from some

hardcore players after they get their hands on these to get a final verdict for me it’s fine feels a little on the stiff side made me a maybe has to get loosened up a bit but generally it’s been really good for these games and I don’t think you’ll find a better dpad right now it’s actually better than the pro controller is d-pad which a lot of people have been having a problem with so if you’ve been looking for something to play these retro games with on your switch in particular this one might be a really good choice for that I also tested the latency with the switch to see how long it takes for a button push to get registered on screen and we’ve been measuring this with the switches built-in display to just get a good baseline there there I got between 68 and 70 milliseconds give or take from the time that I push the button to something getting registered on screen which wirelessly puts it at the same speed as the pro controller is so it’s really not going to give you any difference in overall latency here and it feels quite good so that is really good here what they’ve put together I think for retro gaming and the nice thing too is that because you do have all the buttons at the top you can get access to the switches menus and whatnot as well so all the things that you would need to do here you can do and I think it will be a very good pairing if you’re a retro game fan on the switch let’s take a look at the PC now so right now I’m connected to the PC with the Bluetooth connection and it seems to be running just fine we are currently running in X input mode I was also able to connect it up directly with the USB type-c port here at the top and that might be the better way to go if you want the least amount of latency but overall it’s been a good experience just like the other 8-bit though controllers are they have very good windows compatibility in

addition to the other platforms we mentioned earlier and you shouldn’t have any problems that I can see here using this controller on a PC latency is also very good on this especially when you are connected up with that USB type-c cable so in my testing we were getting about 44 to 50 milliseconds give or take which is actually as good as an Xbox controller directly connected to the PC so very good latency especially on a wired connection Wireless was about what we saw on the Nintendo switch about 68 to 70 milliseconds on that your wireless performance though of course will vary depending on what kind of hardware you have on your computer and of course what kind of display you have connected up to the computer we tested on a 144 Hertz gaming display but overall they’ve made great strides in reducing latency and those strides continue with this controller now our testing methodology for latency is that we shoot a screen at 240 frames per second with an iPhone and we bring the controller in frame we push the button and see how long it takes for something to show up on screen it’s kind of a real-world latency test and it’s been working pretty well here on the channel and we’ve been able to track improvements of controllers like these 8bit though controllers over the last couple of years by employing that same methodology with the same screen over there and that’s been really helpful in figuring out what kind of experience you might get with these so overall I am pleased with it I’m very pleased with the controller as a retro gaming controller in particular I think the d-pad has been improved quite a bit I would love to hear from some hardcore retro gaming fans out

there to see how improved this is it feels much better to me and some of my testing it looks like it’s been performing way better than some of the other 8-bit dough and third-party controllers we’ve tested but I really do want to here for some hardcore players out there to get their opinions as well but I do think they’ve made improvements here so this really is a good retro controller maybe not so much on the modern side just because some buttons aren’t in the right place and things might feel a little bit smaller but overall nice controller and I’m hoping that this new d-pad design finds its way into other 8-bit dough controllers this year because I think a lot of people will be pleased with it until next time this is Lyon Simon thanks for watching this channel was brought to you by the lime TV supporters including gold level supporters Chris Allegretto the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht gerard Newberg in Kelly Anne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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