Review Huawei MediaPad M5 Android Tablet

hey everybody its la inside but now we’re taking a look today at the Huawei media pad m5 10.8 this is an Android tablet which is kind of an unusual thing these days we haven’t seen too many name-brand Android tablets lately even Google has stopped pushing them but this one’s actually not bad and there’s a 10-inch version which is what we’re looking at today and there’s also an 8 inch version that should perform about the same because it has the same processors we’re gonna take a deep dive and see what this tablet can and can’t do in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this is unknown from Huawei so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware one of the things that I really like about Huawei’s products is that they feel a lot like Apple products and sometimes people get mad at me for saying that but the reality is they have very effectively made things that are very high quality that don’t cost as much as the Apple stuff does and you’ve got a nice glass display here with a very nice display all-metal design on the back here it just feels nice to hold and I think they’ve done a nice job with this as they’ve done with a few other products we’ve looked

at from them recently now this is the 10.8 version it costs three hundred and twenty dollars there’s a pro version that has a pen that one will run about four hundred and ten dollars it even comes with the pen there’s also an 8.4 inch version for 279 and I believe they all have the same processor so the performance you’re going to see on this one should be the same on the others but we didn’t get the pro in from Huawei so we don’t have a pen to demo in this video unfortunately now the 10.8 version here has a 2560 by 1600 display it is very sharp it looks really nice and it’s a high DPI display as well so it’s nice to read for text and whatnot it’s also very bright as well so I was pleased with how the display looks on this it’s got a high silicon Kirin 960 processor built in that is I believe huawei’s own ship and as you’ll see in a few minutes it comes close but not yet exceeding the fastest Android tablet we’ve ever looked at the Nvidia shield k1 we’re there yet but we’re getting there which is good to see here we’ve got four gigs of RAM on this one 64 gigs of storage I believe the base model comes with 32 but it does have I think adequate RAM for an Android tablet it’s running Android 8 Oreo it doesn’t feel as skinned it has prior versions of Huawei products do it’s not going to be a stock Android experience but it’s a little less iOS like than I’ve seen out of Prior Huawei tablets that we’re really mimicking the iOS look and feel this one feels a little closer to stock Android but is not all

the way there the 10.8 version here weighs 498 grams or 17.5 6 ounces it supports 802 11 Wi-Fi up to AC so it feels like it’s got decent Wi-Fi connectivity the battery life on this one will also run you about 10 hours if you’re doing basic tasks like email and web browsing and that sort of thing if you get into gaming and whatnot you’ll obviously burn that battery down a bit quicker but I still think you’ll have decent all-day battery life out of this for most tasks as I mentioned there are some similarities to Apple products here including the lack of a headphone jack there is no headphone jack to be found on this one all you’ve got is a USB type-c connector here at the bottom so if you want to hook up wired headphones they do give you a USB c2 headphone adapter cable in the box but it’ll be something you’ll have to remember to take with you it does of course support bluetooth so you should be okay there next to it is a micro SD card slot I believe there are versions of this tablet that support LTE as well so you might be able to get it on your mobile network if compatible but this one appears just to have a single SD card slot there for augmenting its onboard storage you’ve got a power switch here volume rocker over here two speakers on the back they sound very nice it’s a very clear and crisp and loud sound really decent here for a

relatively thin tablet so that’s good they really kind of though push you into this landscape mode because this is a sixteen by nine tablet so it’s a little better for movies perhaps than it is for reading just given how tall and thin the display looks when it’s in landscape mode that’s one thing that I prefer on the eye is that they have a more square aspect ratio so it’s a little better for reading but if you are a movie watcher I think this is a good aspect ratio for that beyond that though there isn’t anything else really to talk about for ports it looks like it’s got some pogo plugs down here maybe for a keyboard case we did not get that with our review unit here the camera on the back is a 13 megapixel camera looks okay you can see it has some pretty decent detail to it it will shoot video at 4k at 30 frames per second it will also do 1080p at 60 and 30 frames per second video quality looks pretty good but there’s no stabilization built into the camera so you’ll pick up footprints and that kind of thing but generally I don’t really look at tablets as cameras but if you want to take a picture or do a video it should look okay but you might want to be careful about walking around while you’re shooting a video with it and one last hardware feature is the fingerprint sensor you’ve got one

here on the side that works also as a home button for your device there’s also a little haptic feedback motor inside that’ll give you a little vibration when you push that as well so you’ve got that available to you it’s also a multi-user tablet so people can log in with their own fingerprint and get their own profile which is one feature of Android that I really like especially on tablets it’s easier to share one because more than one person can use it performance on the tablet is great actually I was really impressed with how quickly it browses the web and does all the things that people typically do with their tablet so it really feels like a snappy and responsive device here the picture quality on the display is excellent a text is very sharp and again a really decent overall tablet experience and if you’re watching online video like YouTube or twitch or Netflix I think you’ll have a very good experience here as well we’ve got YouTube running with one of my 1080p 60 videos and it’s playing back just fine here I’m not seeing any drop frames maybe one or two here but nothing really all that noticeable and it really feels like a decent viewing experience with a very very nice display that has a nice natural range of color to it so it’s very pleased with the video playback on here as well and it does a pretty nice job playing games – we ran GTA vice sity and had a very good experience there was a very good frame rate and

no issues with that game whatsoever goat simulator which is also pretty graphically intensive ran very nicely on the tablet as well so I was pleased with the performance that we were getting out of it playing games and we also ran the 3dmark sling shot gaming benchmark to see if we’re getting close to the Nvidia shield k1 tablet that Nvidia tablet came out about three or four years ago now and has yet to be exceeded by another Android tablet it is that powerful and unfortunately this one isn’t quite there yet we got a score of 2511 which is much better than many Android tablets we’ve looked at over the last couple of years but still not better than the shield k1 but nonetheless you can get a lot of decent Android games to run on here I think it’ll also be pretty good for emulation so I was curious to see how well it might handle the dolphin emulator and while it does run the games and they look okay it doesn’t perform anywhere near the full speed that you would want for a good playable experience so we’re probably running at about 10 or 15 frames per second if that here so we’re not quite there yet on some of the higher-end emulation some of the flagship phones now are running the dolphin emulator at full speed but not this particular tablet but I think it’ll be fine for you know doing the Dreamcast and the PlayStation one and a number of other 8 and 16-bit consoles but we’re not quite there yet

for some more modern stuff but we’re getting there and it’s good to see there is some movement now in tablet performance because over the last couple of years it’s kind of been in decline so I’m a bit encouraged by this but we’re not again quite there just yet so overall I am quite pleased with what they put together here it feels like a very nicely constructed product it’s got a nice display it’s a lot less expensive than an iPad and in some cases you could probably buy two or three of these compared to what one iPad costs and if you’re not doing all that much on your tablet beyond watching video or browsing the web you really don’t need an iPad for that and I think you’ll do quite well with one of these and have a pretty similar experience for again far less money so that’s gonna do it for the huawei media pad m5 and until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel was brought to you by the lime TV supporters including gold level supporters Chris alligretto the four guys with quarters podcast Tom Albrecht Gerard Newberg in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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