Preview Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Fan Edition Unboxing vs Samsung S21

so it’s not too long at all now before samsung scourges back its metaphorical mac and yields us all a good long hard stare at its recent freshest flagship smartphones the galaxy s22 family but apparently merely minutes before that happened samsung has finally managed to release this we appeal here the galaxy s21fe the devotee edition explanation of last year’s flagship blower now the original samsung galaxy s21 was a tiny little handset but it did have a few little issues including some raw p battery knife to say the least here on the exynos sit so the question is can the galaxy s21 fan edition paper over some of those hits and render the killer user experience that we’re all crying out for well as far as the pricing moves the galaxy s21 fe is barely more affordable than the standard s2 1 flagship starting at 699 quid for the 128 gig simulation and that cost jumps another 50 quid if you crave double storage although samsung is also chucking in three free months of disney plus wars you are eligible to mostly binge on moana all through winter get yourself through this dreary season that’s enough waffle i’m not going to make you on a full-on tour of the samsung galaxy s21 fe 5g and do a side-by-side comparison with the original s21 to see what’s actually improved and is the fun edition worth your money and for more on the latest and greatest load please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell applauses okay so let’s start with what is in the box well you got yourself one samsung galaxy s 21 fe porky pin to get your sim in there type c to sort c

usb cable and a quick start guide and that’s basically it so there’s no charger in there as usual not really a big shocker made how skinny the box was so here is my samsung galaxy s2 1 fan edition 5g as you can see there i’ve got the lavender model which emphatically reminds me of journeys around to my grandparents as a sprog because oh son did my hannah beloved a good chip of lavender all i need now is a biscuit barrel full of trios and fraternities and basically nostalgia ended as well as lavender you can also pick up the s21 fan edition in olive green otherwise you can also grab in standard lily-white or pitch-black if you prefer something a bit more discreet it’s not extremely different from the original galaxy s21 colours as you see here this is a sort of purpley version and as you can see there the specific characteristics hasn’t really altered up too much either the camera chassis and the edge of the phone now blends in more with the uh the rest of the back end although there is still a bit of stratum act on the go there so overall yeah i do consider the s21 original examinations a bit more premium with that metallic instrument and camera chassis and it is definitely a disgrace that the s21 fun edition doesn’ t come in the rainbow selection of pigments that the s20 fan edition its precede can be found in as for the actual information well the arse end of the s21 fan edition like the original had again framed from glastic which may sound a little wanky but it has proved impressively rugged and scraping fighting now on

the s2 1 which i’ve had for over a year now still looking moderately pristine formerly “i m giving” it a bit of a buffing and speaking of which that matte finish is also pretty decent at obscuring greasy magazines and other annoying traces like that meanwhile around the front of the love publication you once again get a gorilla glass victus corten this is agreeably shatter resistant you can drop the supporter publication from great distances hopefully that screen should exist unscathed but i have noticed that victus does scratch up a lot more easily than previous versions of gorilla glass so the original s21 here that showing has got some somewhat deep scratches and gashes on it which thankfully are visible when you’re actually consuming the phone but whenever the screen is hibernate and they are quite obvious so yeah you may want to slap a screen defender on the s21 fe as there’s not one pre-installed but the good news is you do have full ip68 water and dust opposition just like the original s21 so the follower edition can get dunked in a shower or sink or whatever and live just fine and while the original galaxy s21 was pleasingly compact one of the most miniature telephones of 2021 at 6.2 inches the width has been boosted for the enjoyable edition to 6.4 inches so not quite so pleasingly compact although there’s not much difference between them thankfully those bezels circumventing the exhibition just as skinny as before now if you actually give the

s2 1 recreation volume a little of a pro to get that sim tray out there you’ll see it’s a double-sided affair so two sims at once but no apartment for a micro sd storage card to expand the 128 gigs or 256 gigs of onboard storage just like the original flagship as far as the actual software goes on these smartphones the galaxy s21 fan edition is in the exact same commonwealth as the standard s2 1 you’ ve got the latest freshest android 12 on there with a lovely bit of one ui 4.0 extinguished on top so you’ve got all those lovely brand-new android 12 facets for instance whenever the phone’s camera or microphone isn’t exploited you’ll get a little notification popping up up top there just so you know that your phone is keeping tabs on you you can give that a little tap for more information as well as “youre seeing” accurately which apps are accessing the camera on the mic and then you can deny access if you demand and as always with one ui batch of customization and personalization now on the s21 fe as well so dive into wallpaper and mode you’ve got that freshdue colouring palette boast as introduced by android 12.

This can acquaint fresh new colorings for your menus and icons and everything based on your actual wallpaper that you’ve got installed to really mutate up the seek and the vibe and as ever lots of other bonus pieces chucked on now by samsung as well including lots of gesture support you’ve got a bit of one-handed mode bixby procedures all that good nonsense but i won’t bang on about one ui 4.0 again in this video because i’ve already done a full video up precisely on samsung’s openings emphatically check that out if you want to know more and of course as ever the people who are going to get the most out of the samsung galaxy s21 fan edition are unsurprisingly the devotees because samsung has absolutely laded this thing with all of its usual bonus apps so if you use samsung p samsung health smart things all that good stuff well yep that’s all present and correct and when it comes to actual android updates and safety revises samsung is one of the better producers out there for sure basically outside of buying a pixel smartphone you can’t really do considerably better you’re pretty much guaranteed to get regular certificate modernizes both the s21 and the s21

fe up to december’s security patch for instance and the actual screen tech on the samsung galaxy s21fe is exactly the same as on the original s21 just a little bit bigger basically it’s once again a dynamic amoled parade 20 by nine facet reassure with a full hd plus solution 2400 by 1080 pixels and i really like samsung’s smartphone boards because they’re super super bright you’ll have no problems with visibility even on a really sunny day now with the s21 fe highly particularly punchy as well you’re set to the vivid screen state by default those colourings really really lustrous can temper things down a little if you prefer slightly less slap you in the face vibrancy terrific view inclinations as ever and of course merely a minuscule little bit of intrusion from that selfie camera which is a pinhole cut off up at the top end of that smartphone you’ve got all the usual eye comfort modes and other display tools as usual if you dive on into the settles and it is a 120 hertz body again set to high-pitched refresh by default on the audio breast you’ve got a stereo orator set up once again here on the galaxy s 21 fe let’s see if it’s actually any good stack of smartphones sat beside me might hint the number of stock android smartphones is actually somewhat damn small right now all right now for a quick basis of comparison let’s just uh try the s21 again so despite what this stack of smartphones sat beside me might recommend the number of stock android smartphones is actually somewhat damn small right now so there’s

definitely a clear difference between the s21 and the s21 fan edition the final volume actually promote the audio on this thing it doesn’t get fairly to the same sort of peak volume as the original s21 but the audio character is definitely better the audio isn’t quite as tinny and echoey you’ve got a more full-bodied bit of voice now from those orators unfortunately of course no actual headphone jack now on the s21 fe as with the original s21 so there’ s gonna be dongles all the way otherwise a good flake of bluetooth and i have found that the bluetooth connectivity on samsung smartphones typically quite damn reliable and solid codec support as well so now performance and as with the original s21 the actual chippings that you get jam-pack inside of the recreation edition does depend on which corner of this shameful little planet you actually choose to live in you’ll have the snapdragon 888 if you live in the likes of the us whereas here in blighty we have regrettably samsung’s exynos 2100 instead however my evaluation sample of the samsung galaxy s 21 fe comes with precisely six gigs of ram stuffed in there whereas you’ve got eight gigs and the original s21 hence a slight discrepancy in the geekbench orchestrates and i didn’t notice when i was setting up the s21 fe that it did seem to be struggling a little bit with uh downloading apps in the background and too doing a general duties in the foreground but touchwood now roughly 24 hours later it does seem a lot

happier with life and everything is nice and lustrous smooth again so even though it’s got a little less remember doesn’t seem to be affecting that execution and if you are a gamer then yes the follower publication can treat pretty much anything you throw it’s weird just like the original galaxy s21 although most demanding entitles like gentian impact if you improve that up to the highest detail rectifies and stay it on 60 frames / second the devotee copy does load its pants just a little you will see some jankiness and juddering in that frame frequency but if you time dial down the graphics a little then you’ll conclude you’ll get a nice silky smooth experience there perfectly playable the screen responsiveness no issues with that whatsoever again only a tiny bit of minor intrusion from that selfie cam and of course now on the s21 fe as with the standard samsung galaxy s2 1 you got a game booster feature as well so you can set a good bit of the main priorities state make sure you’re not getting interrupted by notifications or anything like that you could also record the action you can monitor the temperature of the smartphone

monitor the remember practice and check how much battery life you can expect if you keep on gaming because one of the biggest problems with the original samsung galaxy s21 certainly this exodus simulation was the battery life which frankly was a massive stilt of pants clearly samsung has sounded or rotates of frustration and has hopefully resolved it here on the love copy which sports a larger capacity battery it’s now 4500 milliamps as to report to simply a measly 4 000 milliamps so here’s hoping that length improve is going to be enough to solve the problem but i will be doing an in-depth review of the samsung galaxy s21 fe after employing it’s my full-time smartphone for about a week or so so check back next week to see if it truly did help when it comes to recharging the galaxy s21 fe though there’s been absolutely bugger all converted there 15 watt wireless charging subsidize otherwise 25 watt wide accusing you will have to provide your own adapter though because once again bugger all plug in that box so let’s finish up this unboxing in side by side comparison with a squint-eyed at the camera tech and while both the galaxy s21 and the s21 fe sport a triple lens organisation it is actually slightly different optics on these two blowers with the cursory gleam of those camera apps it appears that nothing has really modified the toggles and general boasts remains the same you’ve got the exact same laid of camera procedures on both of these smartphones and as usual you can rearrange them as well so you can bring some into the main camera ui or chuck them away into the more division if you don’t really use them very often the s21 fe seems to support the exact same 12 megapixel primary sensor as the original flagship smartphone and you also once again get a 12

megapixel ultra wide angle shooter as well for a very different view of specific actions and here’s just a few speedy side by side shots that i snarled in the past 24 hours with the s21 and the s21 fan edition so you can see how they stack up but i will be doing an in-depth review of that camera when i fully discuss the s21 fe next week nonetheless the original s21 64 megapixel so-called telephoto lens has been replaced in the fan edition with an 8 megapixel crap-shooter and this may have a lower resolve but instead it offers a suitable three times visual zoom plus a combining zoom that exceeds off at 30 durations the only other supposed difference between the galaxy s21 and the s21 fe is when you dive into the video tech if you try and change up the rules and regulations by extend all the way up to the top of the screen so you’ll see that now on the original s21 you can shoot full hd or ultra hd at 30 or 60 frames per second but you also have an 8k at 24 frames per second option as well races now on the galaxy s21 fan edition uh this actually exceeds off at 4k at either 30 or 60 fps there is no 8k option and then last up around the front here i am bugger all difference between the s21 and the fan publication once more it’s a 32 megapixel selfie crap-shooter so you get some ravishing face grabs on the go there unless your face is quite as haggard gaping as mine but as i said bide aria for my in-depth review of the samsung galaxy s21 fe for a closer look at that camera tech the photo and video chops but that in a nutshell is my whirlwind tour so what do you think of the samsung galaxy s21 fe are you dared despite the fact that it basically expenditure about the same as that original flagship hopefully the battery bayonet will be improved you’ve got that suitable telephoto shooter on there so maybe that’ll sway it for you be good to your thoughts down in the comments below satisfy do shove subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest deck and have yourselves a murderou lovely remain of the week applauds everyone love you

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