Review Lenovo Flex 14 Entry Level 2-in-1 Laptop / Tablet PC

hey everybody if flan Seidman we’re taking a look today at the Lenovo flex 14 this is their entry-level yoga style device which basically allows you to use it in tablet mode and in tent mode and then of course you can have the screen go all the way back for a super big tablet this is the 14-inch version we’re going to be taking a look at today and they’ve got a lot of different configurations including one that has an AMD Rison processor in it unfortunately that is not the one we got in from Lenovo to review this one’s got the i5 built in but you’ll at least get a sense as to what kind of performance to expect from it and also of course the overall hardware design now before we get into this review I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this is on loan from Lenovo so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this device is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware the one they sent us is closer to the top of the line of the Flex 14 model so this has an i5 82 65 you processor a 14 inch 1080p display with touch of course 16 gigs of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage they’re selling this one for around $800 give or take depending on where you find it on lenovo’s website they have two low cost models that look very similar to this they

also have 14-inch displays but they are running at 720p they have slower processors and less memory so it’s one of those trade-offs between performance and overall screen clarity versus price so you can actually get into this model line for half the price of the one we’re looking at today but again there’ll be some performance trade-offs on it this is one of these Lenovo computers that will be different depending on where you’re shopping so Best Buy may get one version of it Amazon may get another so you really have to do a little bit of research and shopping around to find the configuration that you want because it’ll likely be at a specific retailer so just keep that in mind as we work our way through the review but again this one is the i-5 82 65 you model that’s closer to the top of the wine now they also have an the rise inversion available and that’s the one I really wanted to check out but they didn’t have those available so we may try to get one in in the near future and if we do we’ll of course do a full review on that one as well even though it will look the same as this one does these aren’t upgradeable I took it apart a little bit earlier you can swap out the RAM there’s only a single Ram slot on it though and you can also swap out the storage it’s got an m2 nvme slot and therefore adding solid-state storage so you could maybe buy a lower configuration with the processor you want and then upgrade to something better later so let’s dive into what we’ve got on this particular model the display here isn’t bad again 14 inches 1080p it is a little dimmer than I would like so it’s not the brightest screen I have looked at so if you are working in brighter office environments you might find yourself hitting that brightness increase button there and not getting any more out of it so that’s something to keep in mind on it but otherwise the display looks nice it’s got a nice warm color tone to it nice

and sharp it was very pleased with that the touch is fairly responsive as well there is a big bezel here at the bottom and I think it’s there so that you have a place to rest your thumb when it goes into tablet mode but I know that bothers some folks out there and it also has pen support although the pen does not come with it we did have a lenovo stylus here that we could play around with and everything seemed to work from risk detection along with pressure detection to on the top is a webcam nothing spectacular to 720p but it does have lenovo’s little shutter thing here so you don’t have to put tape on your camera to block it you can physically block the camera with a little switch here at the top which I know some people find to be a very nice feature of these devices now the weight on this one is three point six five pounds or one point six five kilograms so it’s definitely not an ultrabook but it’s certainly competitive with other computers in its price range it feels pretty well built – you’ve got a metal keyboard deck here the bottom portion of the computer is plastic and then the display I think has a plastic cover that has a nice rubberized texture to it so it’s not all that slippery and the hinge is really nice on it as well you can get the display to pretty much sit whatever position you put it in and of course you can go all the way flat and flip it around and do all of the other two-in-one activities with it I’ve always liked Lenovo’s hinges even on the low end and this one seems to be doing pretty nice with that the keyboard is also nice the travel is a little bit shallow where perhaps than some of the other Lenovo IdeaPad Zout there

but it’s just as comfortable to type on some really nice keys here they’re well spaced apart this is the standard Lenovo layout for these consumer level devices and they’ve done a very nice job of keeping that consistent over the years the keyboard is also backlit it’s also got a very nice trackpad lenovo does a great job of both the keyboards and track pads on their computers and it continues here with this one some models of the Flex 14 at the higher level will also have a fingerprint reader for getting into the computer as well so you can set up Windows hello to do all that for you now on the side here we can take a look at all the ports you have available your power cord goes in here there’s a full size HDMI output for using external displays next to it is a USB type-c port but this is only for data it will not do video or power through that USB C port so you can plug in your keyboards and cameras and whatever else is transiting USB C data but again not video and not power so it’s not going to work with one of those single cable docks for example headphone microphone jack is here on the other side we’ve got two full-sized USB 3 ports this port here will charge your devices even when the computer is off you also have an SD card reader that takes full-size SD cards they will stick out of it quite quite a lot actually so it’s good for transferring data but you’ll want to pop it out

before you put the computer back in the bag and you’ve got your power switch over there so pretty nice the selection of ports and I know people like their full-size ports and this one has a bunch of them so let’s take a look now at performance now remember we are running with the upper range version of the product here but all seems to be good I’m running a 1080p 60 video here from YouTube and we’re not seeing any drop frames and everything seems to be working fine there I of course connects up with all of your modern AC wireless technology so you’ll have some pretty good wireless bandwidth on it I will take a look at the website and see how fast that loads up as you can see here it comes to life very quickly quickly we’ve got an animated gifs writing here from a little launch they did earlier today and altogether it’s a pretty snappy performer here for doing all of the basics so web browsing email word processing I think all of those things will be just fine on this one especially at the higher end and on the browser bench org speedometer test we got a score of 173 which is right in line with what we would expect out of this processor in fact it did a little bit better than the IdeaPad 730 s with the same chip we looked at a little while back we got 98.3 on version 2.0 of that test and altogether it is a good performer for doing the basics now battery life on this is probably gonna be in the 6 hour range doing some of those basic tasks if you turn the display

brightness down and really just focus on word processing or something like that you might be able to squeeze a little bit more out of it but it is really not going to be a good battery performer and I would say that’s probably going to be the case across all the different configurations that you have available on this one so let’s move on now to some gaming and as you can see here with fortnight running this is probably not going to be your ideal gaming machine 720p fortnight was only doing about 10 to 20 frames per second when we went down to 480p we got about 25 to 45 frames per second so not spectacular we also ran rocket league and turned all the settings down and at 1080p we got around 50 frames per second which is relatively playable but not ideal given that we had to reduce the image quality significantly but all their games do run pretty well on here half-life 2 at 1080p was getting between eighty and a hundred and forty frames per second and online distribution platforms like Steam have tons of old games available that will run nicely on here you’re just not going to get any of the newer stuff to perform all that well with it so just bear that in mind now in

the 3dmark cloud gate benchmark test we got a score of seven thousand three hundred and nineteen and that is very consistent with a bunch of other computers we’ve looked at recently running with the same class of processor so altogether it’s performing as we expected it would we I ran the 3dmark stress test which measures how well the computer does under load for an extended period of time and there we got a failing grade of 95.6% 97% is passing so it’s conceivable that if you do put the computer under load for long periods of time you might see a slight performance decline as it will clock the processor slower in order to prevent it from overheating and on that topic you should also know that this is not a fan las’ computer it’s got an air intake here at the bottom that exhausts out the back it is rather noisy it’s not a quiet fan but it doesn’t come on all that often it really just comes out when you start doing things that tax the processor a bit but if you are sensitive to fan noise this one might be a little bit louder it’s not high-pitched though it’s more of a low pitch to it so it’s not all that annoying but if you don’t like fan noise at all this is something that probably won’t be for you because it will kick on when it needs to keep that processor cool and it also seems to be doing quite well as a movie watching device we’ve got the usual jellyfish test file that we like to look at here 140 megabits per second 4k HEV C at 10 bit that is coming up just fine here with no dropped frames or anything else like that it’s able to decode all of that in hardware the speakers here are pretty decent on it too they’re on the bottom not a lot of base to them there’s one on the left and right

here but they are very crisp and clear nice and loud and good stereo separation but if you want a wider range of sound I would suggest putting in a pair of headphones or using bluetooth headphones or something that more match your audio preferences but for web conferencing and even just watching movies around the house it should do pretty well at that so that’s going to do it for our look at the Lenovo flex 14 this is not a bad entry point to lenovo’s two-in-one lineup if you’re looking to save some money again you’ll have to hunt around a little bit at different retailers to find exactly the configuration that you’re looking for I would also take a look at the rise in version of this because that one might be the sweet spot for performance and price and gaming performance – given that those chips do a little bit better with games and like I said I hope to get one in at some point and try it out to see for ourselves how it does if you have any questions let me know down in the comments below and until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht Brian Parker in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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