Review Razer Junglecat Android Game Controller – Switch Like Experience for Smartphones

hey everybody its la inside bin and we’re taking a look today at the Razer jungle cat this is a controller for select Android phones that looks a lot like a Nintendo switch but you are using your Android smartphone and it’s got some very sensitive buttons on here that I keep hitting we’re going to take a look at what this controller is all about here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure if this came in free of charge through the Amazon vine program however all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this controller is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware the price point for the controller is $99 it uses Bluetooth Low Energy and if you want to use it like we’ve got it working here you need a phone that’s compatible with the special cases that it comes with so right now it’s a time I’m recording this video it works with the note 9 from Samsung it also works with the Samsung S 10 plus and it works with the razor phone too but that is it here in the US I believe in Europe they might have an additional case for Huawei but as far as I’ve been able to test these three phones here in the US are the only ones that will fit the special cases that you need the cases themselves are not all that sturdy as you can see

they flex quite a bit so I don’t think this is going to provide any protection for your phone at all really it’s just a mounting bracket to get the controller attached so if you have an existing case you got to take it out of that case put it in this one and then what you can do is slide the controllers onto these little tracks here to secure it and it clicks in and it has a nice secure click but I’m finding the controller’s still wobble quite a bit here on both sides so it doesn’t have a terrific feel to it it doesn’t seem to have the tightness that you’d feel with a Nintendo switch and even the switch has a bit of flex to it this has got a lot of flex as you can see here and I wasn’t all that crazy about it now as for buttons you’ve got a d-pad here and like a lot of the other razor controllers I’ve played around with there is practically zero travel to this d-pad it is incredibly sensitive they’re also very clicky you can hear there so if you just lightly tap the button it’s going to fire off there really is not much distance between the button push and the actuation here at least with the d-pad the buttons on the other side are about the same as well very very clicky I don’t like the fact though that the buttons for the controller here are below the thumb stick but I thought just my preference we’re going to talk to an expert on this in a few minutes to get his take on it the sticks feel very close to the Nintendo switch sticks they are clicky stick so you can push them down they really feel almost the same as the switch does so that was pretty well executed there you’ve got to select and start button on each side and then you also have your shoulder triggers and shoulder buttons here these are simple digital buttons not analog so they’re either on or off and if you don’t have a compatible phone you can still use the controller because they can dock to this little mounting bracket here and then you can use them separately so you can put your phone on a stand I guess whoops they pop out easily as you can see there and you get this

tiny little controller that you can use again they do pop out pretty easily so if you don’t have a compatible phone it might work on its own because it is a nice little compact controller that you can take with you but I think if you have large hands it may not work so well these are powered by Bluetooth low-energy radios and as such you should get a decent amount of battery life out of these and they probably won’t need to be charged all that often what I did not like for the price point here is that they don’t give you any charging cables in the box you got to find your own USB C charging cables and power adapters to get them charged up so be ready to do that I’m pretty sure you can use them individually I believe when they’re both on they act as a pair and it works with PCs they say as well so there’s a little bit more than just the basic Android functionality here but I think realistically given the uniqueness of the design you’re probably going to want to get this paired up with a phone that’s compatible with it now these are two independent devices but when both are on they sync with each other directly and then have a single connection to your phone so if you turn on one and not the other you can use it on its own but once the other one comes on it becomes a single controller so I don’t think this is going to work the same way your switch joy Khan’s work in that you can have a two-player instant game going on with two independent controllers I don’t believe that’s how this one works at least insofar as our testing is concerned and also through reading the manual the latency on this is not

bad we did our usual test where we take our iPhone at 240 frames per second and record a button push and the screen at the same time to see how long it takes for something to activate on screen and there we saw a lag of about 76 284 milliseconds which actually for an Android device is not bad again this was on the note 9 phone so depending on the device you’re using your mileage may vary but I was pleased to see that it was below 100 milliseconds which has not been the experience I’ve had in the past with many other Android devices so altogether I think the latency on this one is pretty much acceptable for most of the mobile games that you’re going to play on it now they do have an app that you can use to configure it let’s boot that up and see how you can customize the controller for your particular needs so this is the gamepad app that razer puts together and what it will do is break your apps down into things that are compatible and things that are untested there’s a bunch of compatible games that do work with it and support the sensitivity controls and the button remapping that you can do and the untested games they’re saying may or may not work depending on how they have been coded you can add any app on your phone to this just by clicking the Add button there to jump into it and it was not immediately apparent to me how you can go in and actually configure things because if I just tap on Fortnight right now it’s going to load up Fortnight but if you push and hold down what it will do is bring up the menu options here and the only customization you really have is just stick

sensitivity without really getting any idea as to what impact this slider has so I would have loved to have seen something on screen that I could use to test the sensitivity without having to jump back and forth to the game but this is the only thing you get here is just a slider that doesn’t give you a lot of indication as to what exactly it is you’re adjusting but then you can also remap keys so you can go through here and map different buttons to different functions if you want so that’s an option that you have there but that’s pretty much it there isn’t much in the way of customization on this controller and what things you can customize don’t provide a lot of information to tell you what it is you’re exactly doing and given how robust the Razr applications are on Windows for their keyboards and game controllers it was kind of surprising to see so little customization options here but you can do some basic button mapping one thing it doesn’t do though at least in our testing is map the controller to touch screen functions so the games that don’t support controllers will not support them with the app there’s no way to make that work so just keep that in mind so what about gameplay well I’m going to bring on an expert Jake Lindy who helps us out here on the channel this is your first time on camera but people have heard your voice before you are my mobile gamer because this is your phone which you graciously donated to the cause here yeah I get paid to play video games so you know it’s like a dream job for you right no complaints here and and so you played a bunch of games and we took a lot

of footage of it I did yeah so and we did a bunch of different types of games so let’s start off with fortnight okay which is running right now on screen so what was the fortnight experience like on here so I started off with fortnight and when I had never playing on my phone I’ll hook up my Xbox controller to it so when I’m using the Xbox controller I got to kind of bounce it on my lap so it’s nice just to be able to hold it and have the screen right there in between your hands right so it’s like a switch in that way yeah yeah there’s no you know you don’t have to try to finagle it and have it falling off your lap right playing with this versus the Xbox controller it has the thumb pads up at the top the joysticks they’re so well on the Xbox controller you have the joysticks at the bottom and the buttons on the top so it kind of inverted it that way right so it’s different it was different feel because the button the sticks are in a different place yeah and then a Sony controller would probably have them lower I think on on the layout so it’s a minute getting it takes a little getting used to more left to right yeah but it was it felt okay though it felt sorry for most of the party there’s a bit of a jump from the top to the bottom there hitting the a button to jump and then going up to move around okay so that was a little tricky thanks you had it move your thumb a lot yeah okay yeah that was a little tough getting used to that and I’m it was alright it’s something like for casual but I’d probably prefer the Xbox

controller for playing a shooter game like that right so you would not you would not replace this with your you wouldn’t replace your xbox controller with this for a fortnight yeah unless use the Xbox controller right unless you’re like on the road and this is more convenient right yeah yeah definitely you know you want to hop on for a game before bed you’re just laying there yep yeah it’s poppadom but if you’re really trying to play head use the Xbox one got it alright so let’s move on now to Sonic the Hedgehog which is on screen here but we had you doing some gameplay now that you did with the d-pad right yeah he’s just the d-pad on the left there and then just the buttons there and how did the short throw of the the buttons there work for you I actually really liked it very sensitive aren’t they yeah it’s I don’t know it’s nice because you don’t have to move your hand your thumb around very far everything’s right there you can just kind of angle your thumb versus pick it up and move it you know and then we also did some things that were definitely not on the supported list which were emulators so we did the dolphin emulator so how that worked okay right yeah that felt really good I really like the joystick for that it was just like a very it’s very short kind of travel on it like it’s you know you just have to go a little bit left a little bit to the right it was it you can get all the way there yeah and it paired up so there wasn’t any compatibility issues with that it saw the controller and it works yeah it just worked right up just worked fine um you had the PSP

emulator – yeah we’re Anna it was the burnout game and everything worked fine with that that worked well no really complaints there so I think it’s really good for like racing games and you know like jet ski games I guess you know it works fine for those it was a good experience there yeah right now you were mentioning to me off-camera that you felt it felt a little flimsy is that still something you yeah I’m gonna do there yeah I mean the Dhokla it just feels like honestly just feels like cheap plastic and then when you kind of like grab it and go yeah and you do that well there is sort of like you know it just doesn’t feel stable for $100 I was expecting it they make it look like it’s made out of metal and that yeah you know like it’s like a really nice well what struck me is just how nice it snaps in like you get that nice click when you when it connects yeah it didn’t feel that way after it connected so that that was something that threw me off a little bit there so what’s your final verdict on this do you think it’s better than nothing or is it something that you would if you were in the market for something like this would this be something you’d consider so I’d say if you know if you have a hundred bucks to spend go ahead and spend it I think it’s a little overpriced honestly you can get a Xbox controller and one of those attachments you can put your phone right on the top of it or you know 60 70 bucks or something like that I would guess and they would perform better I think but I think that’s kind of more of a convenience travel factor is what you’d use with this kind of liquid to switch okay so I three out of five three out of five okay good well I appreciate it cuz you are the expert on this mobile gaming stuff so thank you for your input on this appreciate it your first appearance on camera yeah get back to work now I’ll see you in a bit all right thanks that’s gonna do it for this look at the razor junglekat my opinion is very close to Jake’s on this one I’m not a big fan of these really sensitive deep pads

but if it’s something that you’ve used before and other razor controllers this will feel very similar but I was disappointed that there is not more Android phone compatibility and I was also disappointed that the phones that are compatible with it don’t really have a nice tight and secure fit these controllers really do move around quite a bit which reduces the premium feel that you would expect from something that costs this much but if you’ve got the phone this will work quite well and it will give you that switch like experience just know though that when you are using it your charging port is blocked so your phone will not be able to be used plugged in and it’s also not compatible of course with the iPhone either so this is strictly Android and again for the best experience you have to use one of the three phones that it’s compatible with so that’s going to do it for this look at the Razer jungle cat thanks to Jake for coming on camera and giving his insight into the product as well let me know what you think down in the comments below and until next time this is Lawton Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Chris alligretto Tom Albrecht Brian Parker in Cali an Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month at over two lon TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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