Review Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED Convertible Laptop with Killer Flaw

hello lovely sounds i’m chris from techspert and today we’re going to be remembering the asus vivobook 13 slate oled flake of a mouthful devotee often r this awkwardly designation invention is a 13 -inch windows 11 tablet with a elegant oled screen and the ability to quickly convert into a laptop when needed same to microsoft’s surface core and skin-deep pro it’s also priced at around 600 quid now and blighty and that toll includes the keyboard dock the stylus confine and a few cases other parts that you’ll need to get the full shift set up on the go but is that actually worth that premium well i’ve been testing out for over a few weeks now so here’s my in-depth izu’s vivo book 13 slate oled review and for more the latest the greatest tech please do framed subscribe and hitting that notifications bell mirths now first up i don’t often gush over the actual chests that laptops come in because frankly they’re usually carrying as but with the vivo work 13 slate all that azus has really exceed itself applaud your eyes on this colorful pee-pee beastie now four and inside you’ll meet a wonderland of goodies including the vivobook itself of course a burnished envelope containing such detachable keyboard delightful as well as a tablet standy thing more on that in a bit you’ve got a stylus pin for scribbling on that screen a reasonably pact adapter for billing the bugger and

even a carry occasion for the whole bali lot absolutely lovely substance now the tablet fleck of the vivobook 13 crack or passed weighs merely 785 grams but then when you taken into account in the keyboard that’s another 335 and you’ve also got a detachable stand which is necessary for engaging a laptop procedure and that’s another couple hundred g’s so overall immediately you factor in all these extra components the vivobook weighs about as much as your ordinary 13 -inch ultra portable the actual tablet part of the vivo book appraises just under 8 millimeters although that is bulked up greatly once you compute the standy proportion which is used to prop it up those bezels circumventing the spectacle are reasonably skinny just about thick enough to stir the tablet pleasant enough to clutch without expanding the size much as for the arsene that’s fabricated from an aluminium metal with a brushed finish so it doesn’t really pick up smudgy periodicals very easily and touchwood that seems to be tough enough to avoid cosmetic damage when you are just banging the vivobook in a backpack to lug it around the place while up front you’ve also got a gorilla glass display as well which again has remained pleasingly scratch free despite the fact i’ve generally been plowing this thing like a big pile of poop as for the actual connectivity well that’s not too hot so surely don’t get your hopes up because of course this thing is basically precisely a tablet you’ve got two usb 3.2 type-c ports with displayport harmony and they could also be used to power up the laptop and

besides that there’s a micro sd poster book and that’s it no dedicated hdmi or full size usb or anything again as you’d expect from a tablet form invention now the best bit of the vivo notebook 13 slate or led by far is that 13.3 inch flaunt which is oled tech as the name of the thing is various kinds of spoiled previously that 16 x9 cinematic facet rate further highlights that this isn’t a invention we’re working on the working day long instead it is designed for consuming movies presents and of course your favorite follicly challenged youtube tech it’s only a full hd solving but the compact screen immensity meant that visuals are still sharp enough to enjoy your media while the distinguish is simply stunning the panel is hdr guaranteed and approvals dolby imagination content with depth colors and natural emblazon replication by default azusa’s modestly entitled dazzling shade mode is active and this does pump out some nice vibrant luxuriant seeming visuals but you are eligible to manually tweak the complexion production if you crave by diving into the display establisheds and slapping off the hdr 100 of the srgb and adobe rgb ranges are covered while the group also tops at exactly over 500 nits so outdoor contemplating is surprisingly good for an oled and a cord speaker plan with full dolby atmos supporting ends the parcel so even if you don’t plug in a duo of headphones you will enjoy pleasingly crisp audio although it’s not quite raucou enough to drown out

background noise in a busy kitchen and azusa has chucked in a little of equalizer action as well with plenty of presets otherwise you’ve got full manual button if you require a little of a player now fixing the izu’s vivobook 13 slate oled’s keyboard is nice and simple thanks to the wonder of magnets and the two remain firmly connected as well until you prise them apart and as soon as you do connect them as well that council is mostly ready to use however you will also need to attach that separate stand to the ascend to actually prop the thing upright and again this uses the wondrous science of magnets and it snarls on neat and fast and easy and views on there somewhat securely although i do find rarely that when i’m trying to adjust the tilt it does really kind of slip off and that can be really bloody annoying i surely would be preferable a built-in stand like you get on the legs of the microsoft skin-deep go and pull not really sure why that didn’t happen but here as for the typing experience well that 1.4 mil key excursion is pretty deep for a detachable board comparable to my 4 000 pound macbook pro while the chiclet keys are well sized and spaced with separate gathering keys and even a decent flake of apartment for the touchpad overall it is very impressive stuff for a detachable keyboard although it also isn’t backlit so good luck working on this thing in the dark as for the software well the vivobook 13 slate oled whatever the hell it’s actually called controls for

windows 11 which you can use in either laptop or tablet procedure and as well as prodding the touch screen or exploiting the amazingly spacious and not more horrible touch pads here you too have full brace of course for the azus pencil 2.0 stylus which again comes bundled with the vivo volume great to see this comes terminated with a series of interchangeable pencil tips as well and subscribes up to 4096 levels of pressure so it’s paragon for you a little of scribbling and sketching what it is you want to get up to there’s absolutely zero latency with this thing it is a great little stylus that really compiles me want i had any kind of artistic clevernes at all you’ve got right click and offset buttons right here on the edge of the stylus which are very helpful indeed you’ve also got a configurable button now on the end of it as well which by default onus up microsoft whiteboard and are talking here about imaginative cleverness here’s one i drew earlier the battery life on the stylus write 2.

0 seems to last forever as well you’ll easily keep your going for a good hour or two when it is time to charge up all you need to do is yank open this end bit and you’ll see you’ve got category c usb port in there for billing back up and there is a nifty little guided indicator now as well to let you know when the

status pen is fully juiced and ready for action so overall great stuff the only trouble is there’s nowhere to stash it when you are actually done with your sketching and of course the vivobook 13 slate all that sports a camera up above the expose when it is in landscape mode it is a 5 megapixel front-facing camera absolutely fine via your skype in your microsoft team and whatever it is that you want to do it’s not very grainy a video i actually caught pretty well with quite strong lighting and uh quite weak lighting more so no worries if you find you do have to do a bit of video chat war with a window behind you or something like that because as you can see they’re not faced at all by those certainly shining lights and you do have a bit of intelligent ai utter filtering going on in the background as well so if you are using the built-in mics now on the vivo work well that’s a pretty good job of picking up merely on your symmetrical vocals while cutting out some of the background bellow that’s going on all over you although as usual would you say it’s just squander a freaking headset and then yes now on the back end of the azus vivo journal slate you’ve also got a 13 megapixel buttock camera and why on earth this is even there i’ve got absolutely no friggin thought whatsoever if you’re the kind of person who goes to a gig or anything really and then starts filming video or making photos on a big frigging 13 -inch tablet then maybe only precisely don’t do that so anyways still further so good with the azus vivobook 13 slate or heads despite the clunky reputation got a couple of little

flaws overall a very likable little convertible but there is one little problem and by small problem i mean an absolute calamity and that is the performance bundled inside of the vivobook 13 slate oled is a 10 nanometer intel pentium silver n6000 cpu with integrated intel graphics and this is backed by up to eight gigs of ddr4 ram though azus has sent me a review sample with exactly four gigs on board and immediately alarm bells are starting to go off so passing apps that come straight out of the microsoft accumulation is generally absolutely fine you do actually get the s version of openings 11 pre-installed on now by default so that’s clearly what is just hoping you will end up doing and even with these apps you will see some judders in general junkiness now and there but the likes of these are in disney plus and netflix they all laboured penalize nonetheless as soon as you start trying to do anything outlandish like browsing the web for instance well that is where you will truly enter a nature of agony i’m not exaggerating when i say it makes up to a full half a hour to load up some websites like youtube and that’s in the edge browser as well if you dare to try and use something like google chrome instead well the vivobook 13 will crash and burn like a concrete helicopter and you may well think that i’m taking the piss so let’s do a little experiment let’s see how long it takes to load up my recent youtube extravaganza in the microsoft fringe pre-installed browser on this thing i’m gonna time it to see to the second how long that makes okay gonna affected the

microsoft edge icon at the same time as i start the timer so go okay so the edge browser is lading i’m going to kind into the search bar as you can see there nothing’s seemed so far sometimes it does take a little while for this thing to warm up just busy working on the uh the bing home page at the moment here 20 seconds still no signals of being oh there we go we’ve got the bingham page that made 29 seconds uh we’ve got has popped up in the address bar we have uh we have a bit of war here we go okay yep here we go it’s loading up youtube 43 seconds let’s kind in texpert in the search bar again took a little while to make through right there we go texperts okay 55 seconds on you can do it baby you can do it definitely clicked it still no response one minute five there we go it’s ticking through okay gonna try moving down okay it’s playing a video but uh no no actual act going on there still trying to scroll down still not going any answers no it’s just all gone black now which is probably a pity okay there you go click one minute 40 seconds we’re almost there okay so there you go so one minute 52 load up the video albeit it’s still stuck in some sort of limbo so there you go and if you can handle the general lethargy of the web browsing experience and that’s a bit of an understatement well you do have full wi-fi 6 support with a bit of gig plus action on there as well not that you’ll genuinely feel you know the full force of that hyper fast connectivity as for your storage quite limited you’ve got up to 256 gigs of pcie 3 ssd war on board otherwise 128 gigs of emmc mine’s the 128 gig ssd representation and that storage is slow as clods but then

because i always like to end on a positive the battery life on the vivobook is absolutely bloody stellar you’ll readily have a full day’s use out of this thing so if you want to terribly extremely very slowly browse the internet well hours and hours of presentation before it ultimately dies so that in a nutshell is the azus vivobook 13 slate or produces i’ve probably screwed up that epithet several times throughout the course of this video so i apologize in advance for that that’s my discus after a week of use and would i recommends the following i mean yeah i really like the oled screen i love the fact that azusa’s compressed in the keyboard and the stylus and all that stuff into that stunning container by the way absolutely fantastic stuff but the implementation of its simply means that i just i just cannot recommend those things anyway you literally cannot browse the internet except if it has the fortitude of father teresa and don’t know better than good but anyway that’s what i think of the azus vivobook etc so obviously let me know what you think down in the comments below please do check out my reviews of other azus convertibles and asa laptops and all the other stuff that i’ve got gold on now on textbook uh pog subscribe to get notifications about i’ll have yourselves a incredible remainder of the week mirths everyone love you

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