Review Lenovo Ideapad 330S Laptop with AMD Ryzen – Budget Laptop!

hey everybody you fly inside then in this week we’re looking at Rison based laptops that cost less than $500 today we’ve got one that’s under $400 from Lenovo this is the IdeaPad 330 s and it has one of those AMD r5 2500 u processors inside and the reason why you should care about these chips is because they deliver a lot of performance for the low price tag and we’re going to explore what this one can do in just a second now I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds all of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware like the other ones we’re looking at this is a 15-inch laptop with a 1080p resolution the display looks good but like the others it’s a bit on the dim side but that’s typically what you get out of one of these lower-cost laptops but it’s more than fine for basic usage I like the resolution it’s nice to have a 1080p display at 15 inches movies look good texts and photos look nice and sharp and overall it’s a good display for the money so no complaints there now inside it’s got the AMD rise in r5 2500 u processor now the last laptop we looked at was the Asus vivo book that had the 3500 u chip that one should be faster than this one but as you’ll see this one performs just as nicely as the other one does and it shouldn’t so it looks like the other one may have been a little bit constrained in its performance because it did have the more powerful processor now we’re gonna get a little technical here for a minute but we have to to kind of explain some stuff inside it’s got 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage and if you’re just looking to buy a computer this thing is ready to go out of the box you don’t need to change anything or

upgrade anything to get the full performance and the reason is is that the RAM is running in dual channel configuration which is what these AMD chips require for the best graphics performance we have looked at AMD laptops that often only come with one stick of RAM installed and you have to open it up and put another stick in this one like all the other ones we’re looking at this week is ready to go at full blast when you buy it but if you wanted to upgrade the RAM you’re going to have some difficulties because it has one four gigabyte module soldered on to the motherboard and the other one is socketed so you could take out the four gigabyte module that’s accessible to you and put in an eight for a total of twelve but you will be taking the laptop out of its dual channel mode because you’re not running with a matched pair so just keep that in mind if you expand the RAM you might see a performance decline so you’re probably going to want to stick with the eight gigs that it comes with it has 256 gigabytes of on-board storage with an nvme SSD you can take that out and put in a larger one if you want and there’s also room to add in a SATA hard drive and you can pop that in and have two hard drives going at the same time that SATA drive can be a spinning drive a mechanical drive or an SSD so it’s got a decent amount of expandability like all the others we’ve looked at this week and

that’s what’s been interesting about these low-cost laptops I see more upgradability on these than I do on the more expensive ones out there so you do have some ability to make some upgrades to this one more technical gotcha here though is that this one only has one gigabyte of shared video memory available the aces that we looked at a couple of days ago has two gigabytes available now for basic usage this is no big deal but if you’re running a video editing application or some other app that requires more video memory to be available for it to use that might be problematic you can’t change the amount of shared Ram at the time I’m recording this video we did try and figure out a way to do it but it’s not possible at the moment so you are locked in with that one gigabyte of shared video ram and that could be limiting for some folks looking to do more graphically intensive applications now the weight on this one is four point one two pounds that is one point eight seven kilograms it feels pretty nice it’s got a nice solid build to it I like the fact that the display hinge goes all the way back here that’s good for finding the right screen position but it’s also good if you’ve got kids around that tend to be a little too overzealous in their laptop opening this will certainly prevent some damage over ones that don’t go back this

far and it was also cool to see that although the laptop is mostly plastic the top of the lid here is aluminum the keyboard is great on this one it is not backlit like some of the other ones are but I like the size of the keys and how it feels to type on it really nice travel to the keys they push down quite far so you get a good amount of tactile feel it feels very similar to the keyboards that Lenovo puts on they’re more expensive laptops so that’s good you got a full number pad here on the side the number keys are a bit smaller than their other key equivalents on the keyboard here but I think you can get used to it pretty quick and I like that there’s a big zero key which is what a lot of us number crunchers are used to so that is good you’ve got a trackpad here that is nicer than what we saw on the Asus a little less spongy very accurate good stuff all around here on a sub $400 laptop for input on ports you’ve got a couple of talked about we are power port here is right there you can plug your power adapter in there quite a small power adapter – that goes with it so nothing too bulky to travel with HDMI is outputted here to an external display USB 3 is right here for plugging in USB devices you have a USB type-c connector next to it but this is not a display output or a power input connector it is strictly USB data devices that will work with that USB C port over here you’ve got a headphone

microphone jack and then on the other side we have an SD card reader the problem though is that the SD card will be sticking out quite far here as you can see so you’re not going to get that card travelling with you but you do have the reader built-in you have another USB 3 port here and you have a Kensington lock to lock the laptop down on a desk speakers are downward firing not the best sounding things out there I wouldn’t expect them to sound all that great for the price point but they’re loud and somewhat decent stereo separation but of course you’ll probably want to plug in some wired headphones or Bluetooth headphones for better audio on their battery life is about the same as what we’ve seen on other rise in laptops at this price point not great around five or six hours or so less if you’re going to be really hitting the graphics system with games and video editing and that sort of thing so don’t plan on all-day battery life here but that’s often the trade-off you make with a low-cost device so let’s move on now to performance we’ve got a 1080p 60 video running here on my youtube channel everything is running just fine we’re not seeing any drop frames here so I think from the standpoint of Netflix and other things it should be a good experience for you there now as far as the basics go like web browsing word processing and spreadsheets and whatnot you shouldn’t

have any issues here I will load up the home page as an example and you can see just how fast everything kind of springs up it’s connected right now to my AC wireless network and all of the pages here are rendering very quickly on this multimedia rich site I think you’ll have no problems and you’ll probably be surprised by how nicely everything just runs on here given the low price point we also ran the browser bench org speedometer web benchmark test and there we got a score of 87 point 8 on version 1.0 of that test and forty-seven point 1 on version 2.0 that doesn’t make it as fast as an Intel i5 or i7 based machine at least for that test but for what you’re going to experience here it’s fine it’s nice and quick and everything that you’re trying to get done will get done for a lower price point now on that benchmark you’re probably noticing that this lenovo is performing a little bit better than the aces we looked at a couple of days ago that presumably has a more powerful processor and that theme kind of continued as we went into some of the gaming tests that we run us we’re going to start off with GTA 5 we’re running it at 1080p at the lowest settings and it ran great on here just like it did on the asus but it did run a little better here on the lenovo we were seeing the laptop get into the mid 30s for frame rate more often than we did on the asus again not something

you might notice throughout the course of playing the game but something if you’re tracking the frames per second you’ll probably pick up on so it did pretty well there although we did get a warning from GTA about the fact that we were running low on video memory when we set up those 1080p low settings so just be aware of that you might have some glitches or some other things in games that are less forgiving on the video memory due to that limitation we talked about a little bit earlier next up is rocket League we were running that at 1080p low settings we get about 50 to 60 frames per second there so it ran really nice but of course didn’t look that great you could turn up the image quality a bit and get down to around the 30 frames per second territory but you can keep it at 1080p just with that framerate dip there so not bad fortnight 30 to 40 frames per second 1080p at low settings now when you do that setting on fortnight it’s actually rendering the game at around 720p and kind of upscaling it but nonetheless it is a playable fortnight experience we also ran the new version of doom at 1080p it wasn’t very playable kind of the high 20s or so when we turned the resolution down to 720p we were seeing about 50 frames per second so

overall you can get gaming performance out of this that you won’t be able to get out of a $400 or less Intel machine and that’s what’s so great about these Ryze and processors really good playable games they may not always look the best but you can get a nice playable framerate out of this low cost budget device and on the 3dmark Cloud Gate benchmark test we got a score of 11,000 521 that puts this one pretty much on the same footing as the Aces we looked at which should be running faster with its 3,500 you processor but isn’t so we’ll try to get some more 3500 u machines in in the weeks to come here to see what we should be getting I also wanted to draw your attention to a more expensive Intel device namely the yoga 920 that we looked at a little while ago check out the difference in graphics scores between this one which is about 400 bucks or less and that much more expensive yoga with the i7 it’s much much faster graphically and that’s because these AMD chips are tuned for graphics and you’re getting that performance that you’re not going to get on something more expensive

great stuff which is why I love these things so much next I’m going to take a look at is the 3d mark stress test there we got a grade of 86.6% now that’s a failing grade passing is 97% so you probably will see some throttling as the laptop heats up and is under sustained loads you’ll see kind of a dip in performance over time but to be honest I didn’t notice anything in the testing that we were doing with the laptop but it will be there under extreme loads so just keep that in mind more expensive laptops can often cool themselves more efficiently and don’t have any performance fluctuations you might see a little bit on this one fan noise though like the others we looked at isn’t bad on here usually we’re hearing really loud fans out of these tiny little laptops I think because this one is much larger it’s able to blow out that heat with a bigger fan and as a result the fan noise really isn’t offensive and even having it sitting here on the desk next to me wasn’t all that noticeable compared to many of the other laptops that I look at with much noisier fans so it will keep itself cool and it won’t make all that much noise doing it but again you might see some fluctuations in performance under long periods of sustained load now normally at this stage of my laptop reviews we are running Linux and seeing how it works on the laptop as you can see here we are still running Windows because we couldn’t get Linux the boot and I was testing this out during a livestream where I had some of my experts in helping and there was just no way to get

it going at least easily so I think if you are a Linux person this is probably not going to be the one for you the Aces we looked at a couple of days ago did boot up Linux just fine and a couple of days we’ll be looking at a dell Rison laptop we’ll see how that one fares but this one is not for the Linux folks out there sorry about that no fingerprint reader no backlit keyboard I’m ok with that given the price point very pleased with the performance that we’re getting out of it but just note you only have a gig of shared video memory which might impact some of the things that would make use of the graphics here on the laptop if it had the two gigs it would be a real slam-dunk but it is pretty close to that at its price point given the configuration and you can definitely add more storage to it also down the road so altogether not a bad value here at all and another great example of how really nice these low-cost rising chips are for their price point more to come during rising week though so stay tuned and until next time this is la and Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht rajesh logic gr and Kellyanne Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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