Review Dell Inspiron 5575 with AMD Ryzen – Budget Laptop

hey everybody its Lawnside but we’ve got one more risin based laptop to look at this week today we’re reviewing the Dell Inspiron 5575 it’s a rising bass device it’s got the r5 2500 you and like the others we’ve looked at it’s got a 15 inch 1080p display and we’re going to put it through its paces very shortly and compare it to the other two we looked at earlier this week but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that I paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware the price point on this one is just a little over $400 which does put it in line with the Asus and Lenovo machines we looked at a little earlier in the week powered by the same AMD processors what’s unique about this one though is that it has a touch display a 10-point touch display to be exact so you can touch the screen and move things around I was pleased with how well balanced it is and how strong the hinges here so as I’m pushing into the

screen it’s not giving way it’s actually pulling the keyboard up here but you can really work on this screen here without having things move around all that much the display doesn’t move that far though that’s about as far as it goes but the hinge feels really good on this nice and tight which is a good thing the quality of the display though isn’t great it is an IPS display so when you’re looking at it head on it’s nice and sharp but because of that touch layer the image kind of drops off when you’re looking at it from different angles it is brighter than the displays we saw on the Asus and Lenovo but it’s also a bit more washed out and the images are slightly colder and that it’s got more of a blue tint to it so the quality of this display is not as good as the other two but if you’re looking for a touch display you’ll have it here complete with very large bezels so again it’s just a matter of what you’re looking for in your laptop inside we’ve got 8 gigabytes of RAM the good news is is that this is configured in dual channel configuration so it will make use of that SURS graphical performance to its fullest ability it also has a one terabyte mechanical spinning drive inside which makes it feel a little slower than the other two just because things are taking longer to load due to the speed of that drive it won’t affect the benchmark scores you’ll see in a few minutes but you will be waiting for applications to load up the good news though is that you can upgrade this

one and this is actually the most upgradable of the three that we have looked at this week so you can swap out the spinning drive and put in a solid-state SATA drive there’s also an open nvme slot for an nvme SSD so you could definitely speed it up with that the RAM here is also configured with two sockets so you can pull out the two sticks of RAM right now there are two sticks of four in here you could put in two sticks of eight and go to sixteen gigabytes and maintain your dual channel memory the other machines that we’ve looked at this week have four gigabytes soldered on with another four gig socketed but there is a significant limitation with this particular laptop which is how much video ram is available for that AMD processor check it out only 256 megabytes are available for the system to use and there is no way to change this at the time I’m recording this video they could easily add a BIOS setting or something to allow the user to do that but they purposely limited the RAM here which as you’ll see in a few minutes is going to dramatically impact its gaming performance and pretty much mitigate all of the benefits you’ll get with a Rison processor so if your intent was to get something to play games as you’ll see this is not going to be the laptop for you now the weight on this one is four point six two pounds or 2.1 kilograms when you’re in budget territory for a laptop you give up portability and battery life and of course this one gives up those things as well battery life is maybe five or six hours doing basic tasks if you start straining the processor with video editing and photo editing and that

sort of thing expect even less battery life than that so keep that power adaptor nearby but this is in line with what we saw out of the other two rise in laptops we have looked at but it’s not all bad the keyboard is pretty decent it’s backlit keys are a little on the smaller side but they’re very well spaced apart this is a design that Dell has used on their other laptops including the more expensive ones so no issue for me with the keyboard at least nice travel on those keys too you get the full number pad here as well decent trackpad not any better or worse than what I’ve seen on other similarly priced laptops it works and I think you’ll have a good run with it this one’s got a bunch of ports so you do have your HDMI output here this is a HDMI 1.3 output so you’re not going to get any high end 4k stuff going out of it you do have an Ethernet jack here which is always good to see on a laptop but it’s only 100 megabit and I had a really dig around in the specs to find out what the speed of this port was it is called it an rj45 which is true but they didn’t indicate the speed it is only 100 megabit but you do get two USB 3.0 ports here along with a headphone jack on the other side we have an SD card reader for the larger SD cards but the cards will stick out of it they don’t go all the way in then you’ve got a USB 2.0 port which will be a little slower than the two on the other side so if you have hard drives that you’re plugging in make sure they go over there and not here this is better for a mouse and keyboard and that sort of thing and then you’ve got your Kensington lock here for locking it down on the on the desk the speakers are downward firing decent volume to them but not great you do get some stereo separation but I think if you want better quality audio use some

bluetooth headphones which this supports or plug in something to that headphone jack because the audio quality out of the speakers is not spectacular so that is the overall hardware so let’s move on now to performance we loaded up my youtube channel and we had our 1080p 60 video running no drop frames no issue with playback so like the other machines we’ve looked at this week this one should be fine for media consumption we also took a look at the homepage it took a little bit for the cage to render on our first visit but after that things improved and I think that sluggishness was due to the fact that we have that spin mechanical hard drive in here that is not as fast as the SSDs you’ll find on the other laptops we have looked at so that’s an area where you’ll see some performance differences but we did run the browser bench org speedometer test which is looking more at its processing capabilities and there we got a score of 105 on version 1.0 of that test and 60 2.9 on version 2.0 and that was very competitive with what we saw on the other Rison based machines that we have tested this week in fact it was a little bit

better than those were on that test so I think if you had a solid-state drive on here you wouldn’t see any real performance differences with the others we have already tested so let’s move on now to gaming and this is where you’re going to see the video memory issue rear its head so fortnight is running here at 1080p low settings 40 to 60 frames per second which isn’t bad but we were having significant rendering issues so trees were not showing their tree trunks we’re getting a lot of floating green shapes in the sky a lot of other issues with various objects throughout the game and again I think that’s dude it’s a limited video memory that’s available on this machine next we loaded up GTA 5 we ran it at 1080p at its lowest settings like we did on the other two AMD devices this week there we only got frame rates between 15 and 25 frames per second with a lot of spiky lag issues going on which really diminished any kind of playability so this was just not doing well here on the games at all rocket League ran a bit oddly as well at the lowest settings 1080p we were getting decent frame rates between 55 and 85 frames per second but I think there’s some thermal throttling going on here that is making it not run as consistently as it did on the other two machines to other games we tested out was the witcher 3 720p lowest settings about 18 to 25 frames per second close to what we got on the other ones but still dipping a bit lower than those did and then the new version of doom at 720p 8 to 20 frames per second again just not consistent performance which is what we did get out of the other two Rison

based machines this week now we also ran the 3d mark cloud gate benchmark test and there we got the lowest four of the three at 9000 371 graphically it was able to keep up with the other two but the CPU test as you can see here is much lower and we ran the test multiple times just to make sure something wasn’t running in the background or something and that was what we were getting just about every time and if we look at the 3d mark stress test you can see our score there is 68.5% this measures how well the computer does under sustained load by running one of these benchmarks over and over again passing is 97 percent so you can see there’s probably some significant throttling going on here which was very evident in the games we were playing so this is definitely not going to be the machine for gamers but if you want that touchscreen in the backlit keyboard for the price point it might be OK for that but overall not the best one of the bunch here by far now oddly the fan noise on this one is the loudest of the three we’ve looked at this week yet it’s not able to get rid of the hot air as well as the other competing devices do and as such this feels a bit warmer to the touch when you’re using it versus the Asus and the Lenovo but it does run Linux and as we saw earlier in the week the Lenovo could not run Linux and the Asus could this one seems to be doing Linux as well as the Asus did so that’s good we’ve got a boon to running here it was able to detect video audio Wi-Fi Bluetooth all of the things that we look for are working here including the touch display so I think Linux will be a good experience and this might be a low-cost way to get yourself a little Linux

machine you can play around with so that’s good but on the whole here this is probably not what I’m going to recommend it’s got some thermal issues but it also has that shared video memory issue and to not give the user the choice to expand that available video memory was a big mistake on this one perhaps they could change that down the road with a BIOS update but this one’s been out for a while and they haven’t done it so it’s really kind of crippled from that standpoint which is unfortunate because this Radeon architecture inside of the AMD Rison processor can do so much better than what this one is delivering at the because its memory is really really limited and that is gonna mean that this one isn’t making the cut for me so that’s going to do it for this week’s reviews of Rison laptops we are going to come back with one more video on this topic where we’re going to take the lenovo which was the best performing and lowest cost of the three and run some video editing applications on it it’ll be Premiere Pro Photoshop we’re gonna look at OBS and we’ll run some game emulators on it too just to get a feel as to what you can do with the lowest cost rise in machine as a baseline and I think you’ll be surprised what these machines can do and if you’re in the market this is the one I would recommend you don’t get but some of the others do have a lot of promise and we’re going to try to look at as many of these as we can because they all have unique attributes so if you

are finding some rising machines that are under five hundred dollars let me know down in the comments section and I’ll try to get more in as the year progresses here and that’s going to do it for now until next time this is la and Simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lon TV supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with Porter’s podcasts Tom Albrecht Rajesh logic gr and Kalyan Kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month [Music] head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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