Review HP ENVY Pro 6455 / 6055 Color Ink Jet Printer & Scanner

hey everybody at LAN Simon we’ve got another printer to take a look at this one from HP this is their NV six four five five this is an all-in-one that’s got the flatbed scanner the auto document feeder and of course the color printer and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this device and seeing what it’s all about here in just a second but I do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this is on loan from HP so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this printer is all about now the price point on this is pretty reasonable 149 dollars for the version with the auto document feeder scanner up here they have another version that doesn’t have the auto document feeder but does have the flatbed portion and that one sells for a little bit less at 129 dollars so let’s take a closer look now at the hardware this is following HP’s new consumer design language here which gets rid of buttons and screens and pretty much relies on your mobile phone to do all of the interaction with the printer there are a few buttons on here for making copies and whatnot but a bulk of what you’re going to do including set up is going to be done on your mobile phone and a little bit earlier I did a live stream where we set the printer up in real time using my phone it was very easy to do it got on the network and we were able to get up and running very very quickly you do have to download HP’s app which runs on iPhones and Android devices along with tablets and it runs on the Mac and PC as well very easy again to get going and once you’re on the network you can easily add other devices to the mix during that set up process we did get started on the phone and

then we were able to connect to the printer automatically using Windows and Mac OS without having to go download anything additionally so once you find the printer on the network you’re all set and ready to go it even work pretty well with Chromebooks too now if you prefer not to connect this up to your network you can plug indirectly via USB in the back you do of course lose all those networking features and you can only really use it with one computer but you do have that as an option for you there from the Inc standpoint this is your standard HP printer so what I’ll do here is just pop the hood so you can take a closer look we have a color cartridge here and a black cartridge if you lose any of the three colors you have to replace the entire color cartridge what HP is looking to do with this printer like they do with many of their printers is get you into their instant ink program which I think can be more economical versus buying the cartridges every time you run out and the reason is is that the instant ink program charges you a flat monthly fee based on the number of pages that you print and I wanted to show you some of the differences that you might encounter when you do prints so for example this page has a lot of coverage and this one has little coverage in other words this one has more ink on the page physically then

this page does and if you are buying the ink cartridges outright this page will cost you more to print than this one will but if you are using the instant ink program HP will send you new cartridges every time you start to run low provided you stay within the monthly allocation that you’re paying for which means that this page costs the same as this one does and the ink itself is also less expensive when you compare it to buying outright and that’s one thing to start doing the math on to figure out if it makes sense for you to use instant ink versus just again buying cartridges each time you run low another factor to think about on instant ink is that you’re not charged for when the printer is cleaning itself out I’ve heard from a lot of you where you say you know the printer uses up a lot of ink when it’s trying to get those nozzles unclogs when you have instant ink you’re only paying for pages not for cleaning and again it could be a more economical solution if you are doing regular printing throughout the course of the week so do the math on your usage and figure out whether or not it makes sense for you to go with the instant ink subscription plan do note however that the printer knee to be on the internet for you to use instant ink that’s how it reports its usage back to HP and that’s also how new cartridges get ordered so if you’re not comfortable with that instant ink is not going to work for you also if you cancel your instant ink subscription any cartridges you have don’t work any longer because they do validate your subscription when you plug them into the printer the paper capacity on this is not spectacular it only holds about a hundred sheets the paper I have in here right now is your standard eight and a half by eleven it takes a four paper which is a little bit longer but it

doesn’t support legal size paper you can though go smaller so you could do like a three by five card an envelope four by six five by seven all of those work in here but there’s no manual feeder everything has to be put into the paper tray here to go through you can print borderless though up to eight and a half by eleven on this so if you wanted to do a full size photo print you can do that these four color printers are not great for photo printing but we’ll give you some examples of some photos we printed out in a little bit that did look okay but not as good as a dedicated photo printer might look one of the things that I like about this new HP design is that they have lights in all the different places that you might need to have your attention drawn to so for example when it’s time to replace ink cartridges you’ll see a light here to indicate that you need to open it up over here to get at those cartridges when you run out of paper you’ll see a light over here and this light here will change out of white should the printer have some issues and then you can load up your phone and see exactly what the problem is now HP rates the speed of this printer at 10 pages per minute for black and white text you can see it cranking out a few pages here the color documents they say will run at about seven pages per minute note though that this is in the standard quality mode and I think if you’re just printing black and white text standard quality is fine the text is nice and sharp very readable very good print quality but the color document suffered a little bit in the standard mode mostly in areas where you’ve got a lot of coverage on the page so if you’ve got something like this document here where you’ve got blocks of color you’re going to see banding in that standard quality

mode so if you want a better quality image you’re going to have to set your computer or mobile device to the best quality setting that will dramatically reduce the print speed increase the amount of ink being used but it will look a lot better now you can set the printer to automatically print on two sides of a piece of paper so what’ll happen is is it will print out one side and then it will suck the paper back in and print on the other side that was nice to see at a printer at this price point and it seemed to work pretty well in our testing now this is not an ideal photo printer as I mentioned but if you do need to print photos every once in a while you’ve got that option I ran some 4×6 photo paper through a little bit earlier as you can see it prints borderless but it does look a lot better when you set the quality mode to high that includes your phone or your computer because I’m getting a lot of that banding when we were printing it out on the faster print mode you’ll still see some of it here on the higher-quality print but it’s not as visible so again set that high quality setting and then sit back and wait awhile because these prints will take forever to come out especially if you’re doing an 8 by 10 or something like that now the scanner up top here is a 1200 by 1200 dpi scanner again you’ve got the choice to use the auto document feeder or just place it on the glass I’m just gonna do a quick copy here so you can get a feel for its scan speed it will scan it up to 1200 dpi what I’m gonna do real quick is run a copy and this will scan at 300 dpi which is

about its fastest scan speed so you’re looking at about seven pages per minute scanning in black and white and three pages per minute in color so it’s going to take a while to scan documents in and it won’t flip the documents over either so if you got a two-sided document you’re gonna have to run it through twice manually now one of the things that I liked about the printer is that they’ve got a really neat way of setting copies here on it so what you’re going to see here are two buttons on the front the color copy button is to the left here and the black-and-white button is to the right so if I wanted to make maybe two black-and-white copies I can dial that in it will blink for a second to make sure that’s what I want it to do and now what its gonna do is scan the document here and then start printing you can get a census to the scan speed here as it’s going and now it’s going to give us a black and white copy you can set up to nine copies here on the front but of course if you are printing something from your phone or from a computer you can set more copies if you want and there you go you can see things coming out of the printer in black and white and then I can run it through again and push that color button and get the same results here so let’s take a look now at the HP smart app that accompanies the printer this works across all platforms and it runs the same across all

platforms too which will make this easy to demo if you want to print something when you’re not at home this is how you’re going to do it so for example if I want to print out a document I can go here to view in print I can print a document that’s stored locally on the phone or I can connect up to a cloud service it’ll download that document and then send it over to the printer via the Internet you can’t just select file print on your computer like you would if you were on the network so the app here is the only way to do that when you’re not at home there’s a couple of other things worth taking a look at they’ve got a neat little cameras scan app here that works like a lot of those apps you might use in on your phone so it’ll detect a document here it will process it and do its best to try to get it into a workable format I can then take that document and print it out so that will get connected to my printer and fire it off for me that way so you can kind of use your phone as a scanner if you want and I can also scan from the printer back to my phone if I want going to go in the other direction so we can load up some documents here on the printer what we’re going to do is go over to the printer scan button here by the way you can adjust the order of these things if you have things that you use more frequently and if you just click the blue button here it will automatically detect that I want to use the ADF it’ll begin

sucking in those documents and transmitting them to the phone and you have a choice as to what you want to do with this document after it’s done scanning so for example we could have it print out again if we wanted to we could save it to the phone we could share it with another application that supports PDFs basically anything you would do with the scanned document you can do here and we’ll let that scan in real quick and finish up by the way if you are using a computer on your network this will show up as a network scan device in other applications that support network scanning so you’re not limited to just using the HP app you can use the Apple image capture app for example and bring it in to that OS 10 native utility if you wanted to so you do have some options there so now that the document has been scanned again I could print it out I could share it with somebody else we can also have the HP smart tasks go to work on it and those are kind of little macros that you can set up to maybe print something and then email it somewhere else but one thing you’ll note on here is that there is a fax button and this is not going to support faxing over a phone line but HP is giving you two years of a free fax sending service as part of the deal here so if you send a lot of faxes and never receive them this might save you some money because he can get rid of the phone line so let me show you how that works here real quick I’m just going to go to continue to fax and what this will do is pull up a very familiar looking interface here you can type in who is going to and the phone number you’re going to send it to you can put a cover page on it if you want and then when you click send fax what it’s going to do is send this fax through the HP service to the physical

fax machine located at your destination HP says this is HIPAA compliance so if you are sending documents for medical purposes it will comply with federal HIPPA laws and if you are doing a lot of outbound faxing this might be something to consider but again it does not support receiving faxes over this service but it is possible to email documents directly to the printer because it gets its own email address so if somebody were to attach a PDF to that email when it receives it it’ll print it out for you automatically there’s a lot of cool little services here on the app that I think might be useful now the app also supports photo printing and you can grab those photos from your phone’s camera roll but also from cloud services if you want you can add some filters pretty rudimentary ones but you can still play around a little bit with the look of the image here without having to jump out to another app what I would suggest you do though when you go to print is to pull the menu up here to select a higher quality print setting so when you pull that menu up here you can get options for the number of copies that you want to print you can also set that print quality here as well and I would suggest definitely going to the best option there to get the best quality print it will again print borderless and it will go up to eight and a half by eleven borderless if you want to get a nice big print out of here now I got my Amazon echo device out here because you can do some pretty cool stuff with Amazon voice commands and the HP printers now including this one and I’m not going to use the a word here so don’t worry about having to mute devices but you are going to need to get out your a word app on your phone and go over to skills and games here on the side and what you need to search for is HP print or HP printer I guess and what you’ll find is a skill inside of the Amazon a word app that will link your echo devices to the

printer and once you get all that going you can ask it to print stuff for you so for example I can say computer computer tell my printer to print the latest comics and what’s going to happen now is it will go out and everyday you can have the latest little funny pages sent to your printer so we’re gonna let this print out here real quick and when it’s done I will show you what you get and here you go you’ve got some syndicated comics delivered to your printer everyday with just a voice command these will change everyday because these are what the newspapers get through their syndication network so I thought that was pretty neat you can also print out stuff to keep your kids busy I asked it to print out some coloring pages for my kids a little bit earlier and it was able to do that and there’s a list of other things that you can ask for including things like graph paper and lined paper and other kinds of stationery items and then in the app they’ve got a lot of resources for downloading other projects that you can do with the printer so if your kids are stuck at home all summer poke around in the app I’m sure you’ll find some interesting stuff that you can use to keep your kids busy and overall it’s not a bad device it’s not you know the most spectacular

printer out there but it’s also pretty reasonably priced for what it is I think it’s very attractive so it’ll work well in a living space and overall I think it’s a pretty good value for what they’re offering here again you got to do the math on the instant ink and whether or not that makes sense for you I would say if you are printing on any kind of regular basis there’s a good chance it will be economical but you’re just gonna have to keep track of your usage and I might come back in a little bit and do a video on instant ink I did want a while ago but it’s probably time to do an update just to help people through that decision making process and you can always cancel it and then go back to buying cartridges the old-fashioned way if you want but it’s again something to consider with it but overall not a bad printer here and that is going to do it for now until next time this is LAN Simon thanks for watching this channel was brought to you by the lime tv supporters including gold-level supporters the four guys with quarters podcasts Tom Albrecht rictus to do’ chris Allegretto in cali an kumar if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to LAN TV slash support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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