Review Wyze Outdoor Camera Security Camera

hey everybody it’s lon seiben and i’ve been a big fan of the wise security cameras they are very affordable devices that are quite functional but the original security camera here was not weatherproof and you couldn’t use it outside now they’ve got a brand new outdoor camera which is right here this is completely wireless and it will run outside for three to six months depending on how many notifications and alerts it sends out and we’re going to be taking a closer look at this device and what it can do here in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that wise did send this to the channel free of charge however i did buy a kit as well that i should be getting here soon all of the opinions you’re about to hear are my own nobody is paying for this review nor is anyone reviewing or approving what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this camera is all about now the price point on this is 49 and that includes the camera and the base station you can buy additional cameras for thirty nine dollars now unlike the original product here which worked fully self contained this camera requires the base station to operate and each base station can support up to four cameras now my biggest gripe so far with this is that the base station does not connect to your network via wi-fi it has to be plugged in via hardwired ethernet i’m pretty sure they could change this in the future but at the time i’m recording this video it does need a hardwired connection to your network to operate so if you have your internet router on one side of the house and you want to put the camera on the other side you might be hitting some range issues with that so be aware of that you might need to find some way to extend

your network out to the parts of your home in which you want to get more camera coverage and i’m hoping they address that because i think that’s a major shortfall on this one you do have to plug it into power here it’s not power over ethernet and the base station is designed to work inside the home the camera of course can work outside it is weatherproof but not waterproof so it can support splashes and rain and snow and all the things it might encounter outdoors but it’s not something that you’re going to put under water so no monitoring the bottom of your pool or something with this interestingly is that both the base station and the camera have sd card slots on them the base station’s sd card will back up cloud footage and the camera’s sd card will record motion events now also unlike the original camera which can record continuously this camera won’t because it is operating off a battery so what it’s going to be doing is basically recording to the card the same stuff it sends up to the wise cloud and we’ll cover the

cloud storage features in a little bit as we get further into the review now on the bottom of the camera here you can pull off the base of it so you can bring it in to charge you also have a tripod mount here as well if you want to use one of those the camera will operate they say for three to six months between charges and the longevity of the camera is going to vary based on how much activity it sees so if you’ve got a very busy storefront where people are coming in and out all day that battery life will be much less but if you’ve got it out in your backyard where maybe a critter comes by every once in a while you’ll probably get closer to the six month mark so everyone’s mileage will vary on that the sd card here goes in on the bottom and then you also have a spot here in the back for charging and what’s really important with this camera and these things are in here pretty good for a good reason uh is that you want to make sure that after you finish charging the camera you really get that seal tight here to keep the water out because they do not recommend or advise to operate the camera continuously powered because it is not going to be weatherproof unless that door is back on and properly sealed up to keep the water out of that usb port there so just really work on that to make sure it goes flush and it’s in place the same here with the micro sd card slot on the bottom and then

you put it back out on the magnetic stand and you are good to go the base station here does have a usb port at the time i’m recording this they’re not doing anything with that port i would imagine at some point in the future maybe it will work with the wise sensors that we’ve covered in a previous review but right now that port is unused so now what i’m going to do is get this camera hooked up and what we’re going to do is let it sit out for the weekend and i’ll be back on monday or tuesday here and we’ll see exactly how the camera works we’ll take a look at his video quality and some of the other features that we can do with it so i’m going to go get my screwdriver out put this thing outside and we’ll be back once we’ve got some footage recorded well a weekend became a week because shortly after we got the camera installed on my garage we ended up getting a tropical storm it was a pretty nasty one but it was a great way to test out the camera so here is a shot that was taken during that storm you can see the wind is blowing pretty hard on the tail end definitely a lot of compression artifacts here on the recording that’s to be expected on one of these lower cost cameras it is recording at 1080p and you’ve got a decent field of view on it as you can see here on a nicer day about 110 degrees so i was pleased with the video quality overall it is good for what it is and i replaced actually a blink camera that stopped working on my garage over there with this one and i like the quality of what this camera is outputting a little bit better so really no complaints during the day night vision doesn’t look too bad on it either this is with everything completely dark outside you can see it illuminates pretty

decently with its built-in ir illuminator so that was good my only complaint though is that if you’ve got somebody walking up to it like i am here as the person gets closer that illuminator is so bright that it washes out the face and you really can’t identify the person if somebody is sneaking around your property at night and there doesn’t appear to be at least at the time i’m recording this video a way to turn down that illuminator a little bit to balance things out better hopefully they can add that feature in the future now this being a wise product it will work with other wise devices we’ve reviewed a bunch of them in the past including their plugs and light bulbs and other cameras and if i want to look at my garage camera right now i can just tap on it and what it will do is connect to the camera and start feeding video and audio from the camera back to the phone here so i can log into that camera anywhere in the world provided my internet is working and we’re good to go there you’ll note though that the battery life here is at about 54 and the reason why the battery is at that level after about a week of usage is that i’ve been experimenting with the camera quite a bit to prepare this review i’ve been connecting to it like you just saw there i had it run some time lapses which i’ll show you in a few minutes so i’m doing

things that are going to eat at the battery a bit more than a camera that’s just sitting out there waiting for motion to occur but if you have an area that’s going to have a lot of activity like the front of my garage here it’s likely you’re going to be closer to the three month mark on battery life before a recharge is required versus the six months and again your mileage is going to vary based on what you’re doing with the camera now when you connect to the camera you’ve got a lot of different things that you can do with it when you have that connection established the first thing here is the little speaker icon when this is lit up like it is right now you’re going to get all of the audio that the camera’s microphone is picking up i found it to be a pretty good experience and when we were shooting that shot of me outside during the evening i recorded some audio with that shot let’s have a listen i am testing the test of the camera to see how it works so there you go if you’ve got people in your driveway or something chatting you’re going to hear what they’re saying and that audio should provide some context perhaps for a motion alert that goes off on it next to it you’ve got a record button so if i tap on that right now it’s going to start recording video of

what the camera is seeing and it will record that onto the camera’s sd card and if i hit it again here that will stop the recording and it will drop it into the gallery which i’ll show you in a second next to it you’ve got a microphone button and when you tap on this it will allow you to speak into your phone and then have somebody near the camera hear what you’re saying through the camera’s speaker i did find the speaker to be very tinny and not all that loud not the best experience but if you have it by your front door somebody should be able to hear what you’re saying it’s just not a very good speaker but it’s adequate enough for what it is and that should be better than having nothing but it could be a little better there’s also a photo button here so if i tap that it will take a photo and save that photo onto the sd card now if we go over here to more we can jump into the album and that will give you the ability to look at some of the things that you have recorded onto the camera like the photo we just took or one of the videos that we shot so that’s useful you also have the ability to take time lapses and you can either do one immediately or you can schedule it for certain times so you could do a sunrise or a sunset if you wanted to you could point it at a flower and have it record the progress of that flower blooming so this is what the time lapse looks like after it fires off pretty cool stuff what the camera is doing is basically taking a still frame at a set

interval and then it’s compiling all of those still images into a video that you can then download and watch like we just had up on screen here i was not able to get the scheduling to work with this feature it just could be a little bug in the early version of the software that we’re playing with but basically what you do is you jump into that time lapse setting and then you can set the duration and the interval and it will tell you how long of a video you will get based on the interval that you’re programming into it so right now i’ll get a video that is 15 seconds long but it’s going to take it 15 minutes to capture all of the footage and then you can go in here and adjust how often it fires off and for how long that process should go for and then you will get a time lapse video that you can share with your friends a little bit later so that’s pretty cool stuff you also have the ability to turn off the motion tagging you might have seen that in a few of the sample images we were playing back a few minutes ago basically what it’ll do is it’ll show you what it thinks is moving and what triggered the motion alert and that’s often useful if you’re having a hard time seeing exactly what the camera thought it picked up and then you can also set a scheduled recording and what this will do is basically just start recording for a length of time that you specify at a time period that you want so for example i could have it uh record a video on saturday august 15th from 3 to 5 p.m and it would dump that recording off on the sd card for me but just know that that will take a lot of battery life to do and it’s not going to be something you’ll want to do all

that often especially if the battery life on the camera is at a low point so let’s jump in now to the camera settings and you can get to those by hitting the gear icon and this will be a good opportunity to talk about how the camera records video and how the free wise cloud works with it so we’re going to jump into the events recording option here and as you can see i’ve got the text motion set to on so if the camera detects motion it will record 12 seconds of video and then it will upload that video to the wise cloud where it will be stored for free for 14 days without a subscription if you want to store the video longer than that i would put an sd card in the base station and then as you’ll see here the setting to backup to base station is on so the base station’s sd card will also get a copy of that video and it will record as much video as it can get until the card fills up now the other thing here is something called recording cooldown and what this is is kind of a battery saving feature so that the camera’s battery doesn’t die if you’ve got a lot of motion going on after that recording so it’ll happen here again is it will record 12 seconds of video and then the recording will stop the video will get uploaded and then right now the camera is going to wait for the cool down period before it starts recording again so right now mine is set for three minutes i can make it as short as one minute and i’ll get a warning here about how this might impact battery usage and what this means is that

after that recording is done it’s going to wait a minute and if it’s still detecting motion it will record another video and this is one of the trade-offs you have with one of these battery-powered outdoor cameras there’s a trade-off between battery life and the longevity of the recording and you can make some adjustment to it here but that is pretty much it i do believe what wise will be doing in the near future is allowing people who are paying for their subscription plan to have more options within this event recording feature here but of course that will impact battery life if you shorten the cooldown period or lengthen the recording but at the time i’m recording this video it is 12 seconds with a max of one minute cooldown and that will be the case if you don’t want to pay for a subscription all right let’s take a look at a few other settings here we’ve got the notification settings where you can decide whether or not you want motion or low battery notifications if i turn off motion notifications i won’t be notified but it will still record the motion events if i set the motion event option to on like we had earlier i did find though that i don’t get notified until the event recording concludes so typically it’s running about 15 seconds behind when that event actually started so just be aware of that it’s not an instant notification of somebody in your driveway it’s going to be delayed by at least 15 seconds or so in my testing so just be aware of that the detection settings here determine how sensitive it is at the time i’m recording this video you cannot manually set detection zones or exclude different portions of the image so right now as you can see it’s looking within this box but i can’t limit it to maybe just a small section of driveway it’s going to pick up

everything i have found though that this is working really really well i am not getting many false alarms at all these trees are moving all the time even down in the lower section here and it’s never pushing me alerts for things like that it is detecting vehicles driving by which is what i want and of course when people or animals are walking around on the driveway i’m getting those detected and apparently there is an infrared sensor on the camera that is allowing those notifications to be a little bit more accurate and i found that to be really good here so i have no complaints about the notifications it’s generally pushing things that are legitimate events for me and then over here in advanced settings you got a few other things that you can adjust you can decide whether or not the night vision mode is always on off or on auto you also have the ability to turn off those infrared lights that were blowing out my face a little bit earlier i would again like to see an adjustment there so you can balance things out because it would be good to have those lights on just not as bright perhaps as they were when we were looking at that a little bit earlier if you have the camera mounted upside down you can rotate the image in here and you can also decide whether or not you want the timestamp or wise logos on there and you can also see the health of your sd card on the camera too and they’ve got one other neat little feature on here called travel mode and when you enable this the camera will essentially detach itself from its base station and work as its own independent security camera and it will record motion events or time lapse video to the sd card that’s installed inside the camera so you

could take the camera with you on a trip and have it basically be a surveillance camera for your hotel room or something like that given the fact that the battery on the camera will last a good long time you should be able to set it up for a week-long vacation and be able to keep track of what’s going on in your hotel room when you’re not there kind of a neat little feature they added to the mix here and that’s something that you can configure through the settings on the app now as i mentioned this is integrated with the rest of the wise ecosystem so all of the other wise devices are in the same app and all of your other cameras will integrate with this as well so if you are looking on your events page here on the app you will see everything that this camera is picking up along with the otherwise cameras that you have you can of course filter things down so you can look at one camera specifically if you need to and i have apparently the beta version of their person detection running and this has been working pretty nicely as well so you can see it picked me up setting up a camera a little bit earlier there and it was able to determine that this was a person that walked in front of it this service is going to be offered a little bit later to people who are not long-standing wise customers so be on the lookout for that but it also as you can see here gives me all of the motion events that the camera picked up and again i’m not getting a lot of false alarms every one of these is a legit person or thing that’s been walking in front of my camera so that’s been pretty good one last thing to take a look at and those are some of the rules that you can set up and integrate here so for example i could set up a

device trigger so that every time my garage camera detects motion i can have it turn on one of my lights somewhere in the house or turn on a plug somewhere or maybe have one of my indoor cameras begin recording to its sd card there’s a lot of nice integration here you can also integrate with if this then that ifttt so you can have non-wise light bulbs for example turn on when that wise camera triggers off altogether it’s really nicely integrated here and i think they’re off to a good start with this outdoor product so overall i’m quite pleased with what wise has put together here i think this is a tremendously good value for what it is this is not a robust security system it is a notification camera very similar to what the blink cameras are and we’ve reviewed those as well i’ve been very happy with the blink cameras that i’ve been using but i think this one is a little better i like that it’s got an internal battery that you can charge just by plugging it in versus the double a lithiums that the blink cameras require the visual quality is better here and because i’m using all the other wise products now i like the ability to integrate it more tightly with some of the other things that i’ve got in the house my only gripe at the moment is that these base stations require ethernet to work and i think a lot of consumers are used to things just connecting to their wi-fi and i’m hoping that they can maybe solve that problem through a software update in the future now what i wanted to do was set this camera up on the opposite end of my home to where the

garage camera currently is and i tried to connect this one up to the garage base station which is in the bonus room above where that camera is situated outside and this thing couldn’t pick it up on that other side of the house so this one will have to be set up closer to where this camera is going to be and it’s not a big deal for me i’ve got ethernet everywhere because i do tech reviews for a living but a lot of consumers don’t have that now you can get by with a power line adapter or one of those mocha adapters that we’ve looked at those should work these cameras don’t use that much bandwidth but you shouldn’t have to buy extra stuff here it would be nice for this thing just to connect up to the existing wi-fi and be done with it just like their other cameras do so hopefully that’s one thing they fix but otherwise it’s a good product and a solid value and i’m looking forward to integrating this into all of my other iot devices i’m currently using that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lawn dot tv supporters including gold level supporters tom albrecht chris allegretta david hochman brian parker mike patterson and bill pomerantz if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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