Review HP Pavilion 14t Laptop 14″ with Intel Tiger Lake – 14t-dv000

hey everybody it’s lon seiben and we’re taking a look today at the hp pavilion 14. this is on the lower end of the price scale from hp but a nice laptop nonetheless and we’re going to be taking a deep dive into how this laptop works in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure this came in on loan from hp so we’re done with this it goes back to them all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approved what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what this laptop is all about now the price point on our review loaner here is about 700 give or take and there’s a lot of different ways to configure this laptop and the price of the laptop will vary of course based on the configuration options that you choose now the review loader we got in has an i5 processor an 1135 g7 this is the new tiger lake chipset from intel and it also has the iris xe graphics on board and these are a really nice improvement over prior generation intel devices and in many cases these tiger lake laptops actually do a pretty decent job playing games these are not gaming laptops per se but they can run games that laptops in this class couldn’t run well a year ago and they’ve made some real strides on the graphics side here with these new intel chips now if you do want to play games on this though i would advise going up to the i7 version of it because the graphics on the i7 version are slightly more powerful than the i5 and you get a few more frames per second out of the games that you’re looking to play on it versus the i5 version so i would say the i5 is probably fine for photo editing and light video editing but the i7 is probably where you want to go if you want to play some games casually on this thing again no replacement for a gaming laptop but they can play games and in this generation of chips the i7 is a little better than the i5 at that another thing to note is the memory now this one has 8 gigabytes of ram installed but they also have a version with 12 gigs of ram and that would sound like a good kind of middle point between 8 and 16 to go with a 12 gig

configuration but we’re finding with these tiger lake chipsets that they don’t like some of these odd memory configurations where the two ram modules inside of the computer are not of an equal value so for example this laptop has eight gigs of ram and it’s split up between two modules four and four the 12 gig version has an eight and a four and as such it can’t really get the most out of the graphics performance with that configuration so my advice on the ram is either get an 8 gig version or a 16 gig version but don’t do the 12 gig because you will see a graphical hit there and we’ve been noticing that with another machine again powered by the same chipset if you’re still with me this one has a 14 inch display 1080p there’s three different display options available you have an entry level display that’s only running at 720p and you’re going to see a really attractive entry price on this model i wouldn’t go with that display i would make sure you go with at least the 1080p version and then there are two brightness options on the display so this one that i have on the review loaner is the brighter 400 nit display it looks great in fact the brightness is turned down right now so we don’t blow out the camera but there’s also a less expensive 1080p display running at 250 nits which will be dimmer than what we’ve got here on the desk and if you don’t really need that bright of a display the 250 should be fine but if you really don’t like dim displays the 400 here is the way to go i do believe they also have a touch option available but not in the brighter display and yes we’ve had a lot of explanation to do here on the configuration but there are a lot of options and it’s good to know what to look for when you are shopping and in many cases retailers will get one version or the other so just be advised as to what we just went through and be careful when you’re shopping to make sure you get the best

configuration because i really like the way they outfitted this one and i think that’s how you probably want to go with the one that you choose and at a minimum i would avoid the 12 gig configuration just because it won’t perform at the moment the way that the 8 or the 16 gig one will do graphically now there’s also a version of this laptop with an nvidia mx450 gpu that might give you a little bit of a graphical boost in certain areas but it may not be enough compared to the i7 to warrant the decrease in battery life you might experience with that separate gpu on board so i would probably again stick to the i7 version of this if you’re looking for a good graphical performance with decent battery life but there is a gpu option if you need that for your specific application this one has 256 gigabytes of nvme ssd storage on board you can upgrade the storage and you can upgrade the ram on it if you want so you do have again a lot of configuration options here and that’s always good to have a few different ways you can configure one of these computers to find the best price and performance ratio that works for you as for ports we’ve got a bunch of them on here let’s take a look at the left hand side first we have a headphone microphone jack here along with a usb 3 port for connecting up devices on the other side we have a micro sd card slot so you can plug your camera cards in there you have a usb type-c port here this is a full service port so this can charge the laptop it can send display out to a monitor and of

course you can have data devices going in and out there are a lot of great little docking stations that you can buy that will plug right into this and give you a single cable to do all of those things if you want to do that and kind of turn it into a little desktop you have a usb 3 port here you’ve got a full size hdmi output and you have the power adapter that can go in here so you can power the laptop either through its included adapter or through the usb type-c port all very convenient the weight on this one is 3.4 pounds or 1.54 kilograms it’s a mixture of metal and plastic it feels pretty nice for a low-cost laptop here the keyboard will kick up on you as you’re lifting up the display but otherwise it feels pretty well balanced and the display goes to about here so this is not a two-in-one but they do have of course their x360s which will work as tablets but for a laptop it feels pretty nice and pretty nicely built now on the keyboard here it’s backlit on some versions so you have that available to you the white backlight will kick on when you are in a darker environment a nice trackpad here it’s a decent size tracks pretty well no issues with either the keyboard or trackpad and you also have a fingerprint reader on certain versions as well for opening up and getting into windows a little bit quicker than having to type in your password now it does of course have a webcam here at the top it is 720p so not the best quality out there but it does have a pretty wide angle to it at least compared to some other laptops in its class so you can see i could easily fit two or three more people around me for a family zoom call or something like that it’ll certainly work well for video conferencing given that it’s got a decent intel processor inside battery life on this i estimate between seven

and eight hours doing the basics you’ll want to keep the display brightness down a bit especially if you have the 400 nit display but it’s passable and it will charge up pretty quickly when you do plug it into power the speakers here actually surprise me they’re on the bottom and i’m typically not a big fan of these downward firing speakers but these actually kind of project out to the side and i think there’s a bit of room here to enhance the sound a bit inside of the case so i was pleased with the sound quality you don’t get a lot of bass out of the speakers but they do have a good range of sound really nice stereo separation and it doesn’t sound muffled even though they are on the bottom portion of the laptop you have an air intake here at the bottom that you’re going to want to keep clear because it does have a fan on board the fan does not kick on often but if you are doing things that really tax the processor like gaming or some video processing or something that of course will kick that fan on it’s not all that noisy it’s about on par with other laptops of its size but just know there is a fan on this that will kick on when the computer is placed under heavy load let’s take a look now and see how it performs we’ll begin with some web browsing and work our way from there all right let’s boot up google chrome here and see how it performs now when you’re shopping for this there are two wi-fi options one is a standard ac wi-fi there’s also a wi-fi six version that’ll be a little faster if you have a wi-fi six router i have an ac router here at the house so nothing fancy but it seems to be working just fine for web browsing and some of the other basics that you might do on a laptop like this so i anticipate no issues with email and word processing and spreadsheets and all that good stuff

we also checked out youtube a little bit earlier we ran a 1080p 60 frames per second video from my youtube channel and we didn’t have any drop frames or other concerns with its performance on video playback so it should be fine for doing netflix and twitch and all the other services that you might stream to your laptop so all together it performs as we expected it to doing the basics and on the speedometer test we got a score of 259.4 on version 1.0 of that test and 129 on version 2.0 and that comes in right where i expected it to a little bit better than the i5 chip from the prior generation but on par with what we’re seeing out of chips from this generation and all in it performs the way i expected it to do so let’s move on now to gaming and we’ve got grand theft auto 5 here running at 1080p at the lowest settings we did notice that it would hiccup every once in a while like you just saw there a little bit of lag here and there it was doing it on this game and a few others that we were playing at this resolution i think you’ll have a better go at 720p with this game and many other aaa titles on the i5 hardware and as we’ve seen in reviews of the i7 variant of this chip you do a little bit better with that one versus the i5 given that it has more gpu cores available if we take a look now at the witcher 3 this is running at 1080p lowest settings and you can see we had another little hiccup there and

about 30 frames per second give or take playing the game here not bad but i think you might want to go to 720p which we will do right now and as you can see the game is running much better at that lower resolution so i think 720p is kind of the sweet spot for the i5 variant for the best performance especially with some of these newer more demanding games we also ran fortnight at 1080p there we were doing a little bit better between 40 and 70 frames per second but again this is another game that i think might do better at 720p on this variant because as you can see we’re getting a few little hiccups in the graphics there as it’s loading in new textures and other things there we might see this improve as drivers improve from intel and on the 3d mark times by benchmark test we got a score of 1111 and that puts this one on paper at least a little bit above the ryzen 5 4500u that we looked at on both the lenovo flex 5 and the hp envy x360 although i do recall the gameplay experience being slightly better on those amd horizons and that again could be some driver issues that intel has to work through on the new platform here now if you’re curious how the i7 might do in comparison well check out the dell xps 13 we reviewed a few weeks ago that one of course costs a lot more than this one does but it has that i7 1165 g7 processor and you can see there is a pretty noticeable increase in graphical performance on those two graphics tests versus the i5 we have in this machine so that again is a good argument for looking at the i7 when you’re out shopping for this laptop especially for playing games now on its temperature did a very good job here on the 3d mark stress test we got a passing grade of 98.1 percent that means we shouldn’t see all that much thermal throttling when

the computer is placed under heavy load and you can also see what the temperatures are there of the cpu when that stress test concluded alright one last thing to take a look at here and that is linux compatibility we’ve got ubuntu 20.10 booted up video is good wi-fi is good bluetooth and audio are all good and i think you’ll have a pretty good linux experience with this machine it seems to be pretty compatible across the board so no issues here so altogether i think it’s a pretty nice little machine from hp i like the form factor i like that they’re keeping the screen sizes the same and making these laptops smaller over time so if you want something that’s nice and has a good processor inside that doesn’t break the bank this is definitely something to consider just make sure you get the right configuration that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the london tv supporters including gold level supporters brian parker jim peter tom albrecht and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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