Full Review! Oculus / Meta Quest 2 Four Months Later VR with no Computer Necessary!

hey everybody it’s lon seidman and we’re taking a look today at the oculus quest 2 vr headset and when people ask me about virtual reality and what headset they should get more often than not i am recommending this one because it is probably the most consumer-friendly vr headset on the market it is the easiest to get up and running it’s very comfortable to use it works as a standalone device with no computer required but it also works with the computer if you want to use it as a pc headset and as a result this is something that again i think is really well suited for consumers that are just interested in vr and want to dip their toes into the virtual waters if you will and we’re going to take a look at this headset today and all the things that i like about it in just a second but i do want to let you know in the interest of full disclosure that i paid for this with my own funds all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own no one is paying for this review nor has anyone reviewed or approve what you’re about to see before it was uploaded so let’s get into it now and see what i like about the oculus quest 2.

Now the price point on this is 299 dollars for the 64 gigabyte version and about a hundred dollars more for the 256 gigabyte version beyond the storage capacity there is no difference between the 64 or the 256 and i would say if you plan to use this only as a standalone headset you might want to look at the 256 especially if you plan to download a lot of different games and want them on it all the time the games tend to be about three to five gigabytes in size although some are trending a bit larger now that there’s a little more hardware capacity on the quest 2 platform so you’ll either have a limited number of games you’ll be able to store on it and then have to offload and reload stuff or you can just buy the larger one and not have to fuss around with that all that much what i’ve found with vr so far at its stage of development is that a lot of the experiences are short-lived so the games are rather large but you’re not going to play them for all that long you’ll probably jump from one experience to the other over the course of an hour or so so again having a little extra storage space for the standalone experience might work out i bought the 64 gigabyte version because most of my games are on the pc and that’s of course stored on the computer and i just use the headset as a headset most of the time now included in the box is of course the headset but also these two vr controllers and they are

molded for your left and right hands they have a control stick on them along with some buttons here uh there’s a trigger here in the front and then a a little shoulder trigger here and there’s also a capacitive sensor on here as well and this kind of replicates hand movement in the games that you’re playing and it’s amazing how quickly you adapt to these controllers when you’re in the vr environment but one of the neat things about the oculus quest platform is that it can also now recognize your hands and all you have to do is hold your hands up in front of it and it will detect not only your hand but the movement of each individual finger and it’s pretty remarkable given that it really is just powered by a mobile processor and you’ll see an example of a game in a few minutes that actually uses your hands versus the controllers and i suspect we’ll see more and more games go with the hand movement because it is a lot more natural now the hardware overall feels very mature and refined and i found it to be much more comfortable than the original oculus quest that i looked at about a year and a half ago the weight on this one is 503 grams or 1.1 pounds and the old one was 571 grams or one and a quarter pounds and it doesn’t sound like a lot when you look at it on paper but when you’re wearing it for an hour it is a difference

that you’ll notice and feel especially if you tried out the other one it’s pretty comfortable over an extended period of time the padding here is really good and overall it wasn’t putting a lot of pressure on my face like i felt on the other one so i was very pleased with the comfort there the strap that i have on mine is the default strap that you get on the lowest priced option they do have a premium strap that might be easier to adjust especially if you’re sharing this with other people so this one has a velcro strap here at the top to kind of tighten things up around your head and then you can also tighten up the sides here with this other strap but the other more premium strap option i think might be a little bit easier to get people in and out of because it just has a little twisty thing in the back to get you going they integrated speakers into the strap like they did on the prior edition the speakers sound very nice and you get a really good amount of spatiality and stereo separation obviously because they’re basically shooting into each ear individually but there’s also a headphone jack here and i’ve got a pair of really nice sennheisers that i wear with this that really get you into the zone there because it will filter out all the other noise in the room but the built-in speakers here are actually very very good for being the default that comes on the strap the eyepieces here have a limited ipd adjustment versus the prior edition so there’s only three stops here on this as you’re moving things around i did hear for some from some folks who said that you can kind of

force it into the middle of a position if you want but they sometimes slip out of that they basically click into place now the ipd settings are 58 millimeters 63 millimeters or 68 millimeters and if things are not looking that good or they’re a little blurry you can adjust it and find the setting that works best for you but there’s only three settings where as the other one you could more finely tune so that’s one difference to the negative that i found especially if you have eyes that fall outside the normal range for ipd distance now if you wear glasses they do include a spacer in the box to give you a little bit more distance between your glasses and the lenses of the headset and that you can just insert in between the padding here and the headset itself one thing i really like about the headset is that it’s very easy to pull the padding off to clean it and you can buy a couple of these padding inserts and just swap them out if you’ve got kids that are sharing the headset or something so that can be pretty useful there the battery life on this of course is not great you’re looking at about two hours or so depending on the experiences that you’re running some of the more demanding experiences will run closer to the two-hour mark and others will give you a little bit more battery life if they’re not working the processor too hard you charge it through its usb type-c port right here this will fast charge with the usbc power delivery so it won’t take all that long to charge it and again you’ll get about two hours of playable time out of one of those charges but to be honest by the time you get to two hours your eyes are ready for a rest anyhow and i’ve never run the battery down on this thing before my eyes gave out on it now the resolution of the new headset has

been improved over the prior edition it’s running now at 1832 by 1920 pixels per eye that compares to 1440 by 1600 on the old one that reduces something called the screen door effect where you see the borders of the pixels when you put the headset on the lenses tend to magnify the image and on a lower resolution screen it also magnifies the borders of the pixels so when you can kind of cram more pixels into a space you’ll see less of that when you put the headset on and that is definitely noticeable here now not all the games for this will support that higher resolution but every game benefits because they’ll upscale to the native resolution and again there’s less of a screen door effect the field of view on this is 90 degrees and that means you’re not going to see things in your peripheral vision like you will in real life i found that the space games and other games where there’s a darker environment tend to be more immersive as a result so if you’re in an area with a big outdoor scene which is very brightly lit you’ll definitely feel more constrained perhaps than you would again in a game with a darker background but by and large the developers of these vr titles are very good at focusing your attention and you very quickly kind of forget about the fact that your peripheral vision isn’t getting as much another big improvement on this one is that it runs at a higher frame rate this runs at 90 hertz or 90 frames per second and that compares to 72 on the old one you can achieve those frame rates both in the native oculus quest 2 software and on the pc side and you definitely want to use that whenever possible it just makes the vr experience better and it reduces motion sickness because it also reduces latency and anytime you can reduce the latency the more comfortable it’s

going to feel now a lot of the oculus quest 2 games require that you enable 90 hertz in the options for that game and the reason is is that you’ll see a slight graphical reduction to hit that frame rate and that is always the trade-off it’s graphical fidelity versus frame rate that’s the case on the pc it’s going to be the case here on the headset but the good news is that the resolution and frame rate is supported both for the native titles and for pc titles that you might load up with it this has a snapdragon xr2 processor that’s an improvement over the 835 and the old one this has six gigs of ram versus four gigs on the old one as well so across the board a nice improvement and you’ll see that if you’ve ever used the oculus quest 1 in a lot of the native titles they feel more responsive the menus kind of navigate quicker now just like the prior edition quest this has four cameras on it to track its position in space it also uses these cameras to track the position of the controllers or your hands and i do suggest giving yourself some room to play in because a lot of the vr titles assume that you can move around and what you do is create what’s called a guardian now this is a shot from the old version of the quest but it’s exactly the same here on the new one and what you do is you define the floor you pick up the controllers and then you draw out your space that you have to play with here you can see me doing that here and then it will kind of create a virtual room in which you’ll be playing and once you get too close to the end of the barrier it will project up that virtual fencing there to let you know that you’ve gone too far and if you go beyond it it’ll actually fade the vr image out and give you the image

of your room so you know not to walk into something so i would definitely clear out a good area make sure you’re not near stairs or something where you could hurt yourself because it’s very easy to kind of get lost in these games and do something that might result in personal injury you can actually set a pretty big area with this but it doesn’t like to work outside the cameras are pretty sensitive so if you get into an area that’s too bright you’re going to have some tracking issues likewise if it’s too dark you’re also going to have some tracking issues so a decently lit room is important and again it’s not going to work very well outside some folks have gone to gymnasiums and other places and had very large guardian areas set up and there’s some really cool stuff you can do with this headset and developers have been working on different types of games to take advantage of larger play spaces so let’s take a look at some games running on the quest and these are all native games that run on the headset without a pc you’re able to stream the output of the headset to a chromecast or an android tv you can also stream the output to a phone or tablet and that’s how we’re capturing this footage now this game is called space pirate trainer it runs at the native 90 hertz of the new quest 2 and it’s just a lot of fun it’s a really neat introduction to room scale vr because you have to make use of both of your hands you have the choice between two weapons or one weapon and a shield as you can see and you have to move around the space to avoid getting hit it is so simple to pick up and play i found people really can get this game real quick and it’s just a fun way to get a feel for how modern vr works uh this is also available on the pc it plays the same on the pc but the graphical fidelity is a little bit better on the computer but this is a very good version of it and a real showpiece for the whole modern vr experience

here’s another one called vacation simulator and this one allows you to use your hands versus the controllers and it’s kind of fun as you can see i’m playing around with some of the objects in the space and what’s funny is just how quickly you adapt to using your hands versus the controllers here everything just feels natural the hand controls are still a little bit glitchy it’s early days for this feature but it’s definitely something that i think is getting there and this game executes it pretty well it’s a real fun game it’s a sequel to another one that i like quite a bit called job simulator so definitely check that one out i’ll fast forward here a little bit so you can see a little bit more of the gameplay this i think supports the higher resolution and the 90 hertz as well the graphics here are pretty simple they’re kind of flat shaded so it’s a little bit more compatible with the hardware and one thing that you don’t get in watching these 2d images from the headset is the level of immersion all of this is 3d and you really feel like you’re in these environments it’s just a ton of fun and i’m really impressed with just what you can do with the standalone titles here’s another one called vader immortal now this one came out on the original quest but runs great on the new one this is an example of a game that i don’t think is at least at the time i was recording this was optimized for the quest two they might have upres the graphics since uh but it just kind of immerses you into this awesome star wars story there’s lightsabers you have an encounter with darth vader uh there’s three episodes to it i’ve only done the first episode and i have to get to the other ones and this is a cross buy title so if you buy it for the quest you get the pc version as well if you really want to go for the higher graphical fidelity but it plays great on this quest and the old one and it just is such a fun immersive experience really really good stuff they have a new star wars title though

called tales from galaxy’s edge and i think this kind of ties in with the new disney world ride here and here’s an example if you have a very big space you could totally walk around in this ship if you had enough room they do provide a mechanism where you can kind of warp yourself to different parts of the scene but again if you had that space you could just walk around freely in these star wars environments this is kind of similar to vader immortal similar gameplay but a very different story and it just gives you again just that immersion into the star wars world now given the quest has been around now for about two years there’s a lot of titles to choose from and you can browse through their store to see what’s available if you dig around you’ll find a lot of free experiences too they don’t tend to bring the free stuff up front and center as they really want you to spend some money with them but there’s a lot of game demos available so if you wanted to try out a game there’s a good chance you’ll have a demo that you can get first there’s a lot of free video streaming applications available so i think you could spend some time without spending a dime just to get a feel for the platform by downloading demos and some of the free experiences now we do have to talk about the elephant in the room which is that oculus is owned by facebook and for a long time your oculus account was separate from facebook but now facebook requires you to have a facebook account to use an oculus headset and if you misbehave on facebook and they lock your account you’re also locked out of your oculus account i don’t like it but that’s how it works and there are choices out there for other vr platforms that don’t require you to register with facebook but if you don’t like

facebook that will be an impediment to enjoying this product and there’s really no way around that because the facebook account is a requirement there is an independent app store for the quest called sidequest and you can install that there’s instructions on their site to do that but again the official support is facebook only and you must have a facebook account now as i mentioned the quest 2 can also work as a pc headset utilizing the oculus link feature that requires that you connect the headset to your computer with a supported usb cable now there’s another option that some folks have been using called virtual desktop that allows you to stream the vr title from your pc to the quest over wi-fi i’ve played around with it a little bit it’s pretty cool but for me the latency was just a little bit too much but a lot of folks do that and have a very good experience without being tethered to their computer but if you make use of the official link feature you do need to connect the cable to your computer and leave it connected at all times now oculus sells a nice long usbc cable for that purpose it’s expensive because it’s a fiber optic cable but regular usb cables can work as well now i recommend getting a usb 3 supported cable the one i have here is from anker who makes some really good cables one end here is usbc for my headset and then i plug it into one of my usb 3 usb a ports on my laptop here and this cable has been working fine for me you definitely want at least 10 feet of cable to get yourself out from the computer a bit because again you will be tethered unlike the native operation of the headset and there are some requirements on the pc side now these change quite a bit so you’ll want to check the oculus support pages to see what is the minimum right now it looks like the minimum is a gtx 970 and then you can go up from

there the 2000 series gpus i have a 2080ti on my computer upstairs and this one is running with a 2080 max-q those work great and i’m able to get a pretty similar experience here on this headset as i do on my htc vive pro now what happens is is that the gpu in your computer will take the image that it generates compress it and push it out over the cables this is not like port where you’re getting a direct display input to the headset so there’s a little bit of artifacting that you might see from that compression process because it is basically streaming the game over the usb cable but you can if you go into a diagnostics tool bump up that bit rate a bit to improve the image quality i found it to be very close to what i experienced on my vive pro and i’m not a real vr power user here so i think for most folks the default with the cable when you plug it in is going to be just fine but you can tweak it a bit but it won’t be as pure as a vr headset that makes use of a direct displayport or hdmi connection now when you attach the cable to the headset you’ll be prompted to enable link mode that will begin the communication with the computer and you’ll soon be brought into the oculus pc store and you will need to use the controllers because at the moment the pc side of things doesn’t support the hand movements and one thing i suggest you do for the best results is to go into the oculus app on your pc when the headset is connected and go over to the settings here so that you can get the graphics dialed up because by default it’s going to go for the lower frame rate the 72 hertz you’re going to want to bump that to 90 and then you can also tweak the resolution i’ve left mine at the default setting here but you can tweak some of the graphical settings to improve things or reduce quality as you see fit this also works just fine with the steam vr platform so if you have games on steam like i do you can just load

them up and steam recognizes this as a regular oculus headset sometimes it’s a little weird to have to load up steam from the oculus interface but it works and i haven’t had any problems with compatibility and it’s good to see now that both the higher resolution graphics and the 90 hertz here is supported in link mode now a little bit earlier during a live stream we booted up star wars squadrons on my gaming pc and we hooked up the headset via the link cable i was using my hotas setup which is a joystick and throttle combo to get the best experience here and it works great in fact i haven’t found a pc title that doesn’t run great on the quest 2 in link mode that includes the oculus titles that include steam vr titles even some of the indie stuff that just runs directly boots up just fine because it’s a fully compatible oculus headset to whatever software you might run so i found it to be a great experience you get a lot more graphical fidelity and detail out of the pc side of things now i am definitely seeing some battery drain on my headset in link mode both on this laptop and my pc upstairs with the official link cable i have a feeling that my motherboard is not providing enough amperage over the usb port to power the headset and charge it and i’m getting a little bit of drain on top of that although it doesn’t drain as fast when plugged in as it does when it’s working standalone and i found that i can jump into a pcvr session on my quest 2 a lot faster than my vive pro the vive pro requires me to boot up separate sensors sometimes i got to redraw the room and everything this is a lot quicker i just plug it in and within a minute or two i am in the vr environment and with limited time i’m often grabbing this a lot more than i am my vive pro just for the convenience factor alone and overall i think this is a great entry point into vr i have a feeling that facebook is selling a lot of these especially because there was inventory of these around the holiday season and there wasn’t inventory of playstations and xboxes so i think a lot of folks pick these up as an

alternative gift for the holidays and i think people that are getting into vr for the first time are really going to enjoy the experience the titles that i’m seeing running natively on this headset are very close to where some of the early pc titles were about four years ago and those were enough to get me hooked on this whole vr thing and it’s been fun to hear from people who bought one of these things and are totally into vr now because i have been a big fan of vr for the last couple of years and it’s been bumming me out that there hasn’t been more interest in it through some of the viewers that watch my videos and it’s fun now to see people beginning to explore and discover it through the quest platform and the best part about this is that if you do have a pc that’s capable you can plug it in and start experiencing some of the pc titles too all good stuff the only downside of course is that facebook connection and if that’s a problem again there are alternatives out there on the pc side but beyond that if you’re looking to dip your toes into those vr waters this is definitely something worth taking a look at that’s going to do it for now until next time this is lon simon thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by the lawn dot tv supporters including gold level supporters brian parker jim peter tom albrecht frank lewandowski mark bollinger and chris allegretta if you want to help the channel you can by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to lawn dot tv support to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe

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