Review Vivo IQOO 9 Pro (Global Edition)

hello wonderful utterances i’m chris from techspert and today we’re going to be checking out one of the beefiest most fee smartphones in existence and despite that it’s probably one you’ve never even heard of i’m talking about the vivo it crew nine pro eku they asked me if i had any questions i probably should have said how do you actually pronounce the blood thing gobbledygook list aside the ecu 9 pro sports all kinds of crazy specs including a near 6.8 inch amoled ltp or screen with a quadruplet hd plus resolving you’ve got the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset freshly launched to the rsn of 2021 jam-pack in there a 4 700 milliamp artillery with 120 watt wireless blaming aid you’ve got a 50 megapixel buttock camera with gimbal optical image stabilization and this right here is the special edition bmw m motorsport simulation as well packing some unusually snazzy scheme but fairly of me waffling on let’s get this thing out of the box make you on a full on tour of the hardware in the software and for more on the most recent and greatest tech please do thrusting subscribe and ding that notifications bell glees okay so first up what do you actually get inside of this lovely box so you’ve got an absolute beef kicking of an adapter backpack in there got your usb charge cable quite a big in as well you’ve got a form c usb to 3.5 mil

headphone jack adapter which necessitates no headphone jack on the actual phone itself boo whoosh you’ve got uh an image of a automobile looks like quite a nice car probably a bmw the headlight kind of reminds me of a banana i symbolize i’m gonna be perfectly honest in case you haven’t realized by now i know utterly shag all about vehicles so uh that’s kind of lost on me and uh oh it’s the sim vehicle on the back or another car looks very similar and of course you’ve got the actual ecru 9 pro itself but not only that you likewise get a protective contingency wrap in there which actually retains the same sort of design so you’re not covering up and masking that lovely finish and there there is everything you get wrap in the box with the phone pretty good hole overall so now let’s check out that phone so first impressions of this bad boy are that it’s rather bloody big it’s a mighty 6.78 inch expose so certainly one of the biggest out there even in 2022 but as you can see they’re surrounded by jolly skinny bezels and the screen does actually slope around the left and right sides as well so not much computed majority this phone’s got a suitable heft to it as well weighs over 200 grams you certainly feel it when it’s stuffed apart inside your pocket and this is a phone that feels as premium as it watches as well the engine is fabricated from an

aerospace grid aluminium alloy as you can see they’re very skinny on the left and right shapes where the swerved glass almost fulfils the curved glass of the back and are talking here about that ascend it really is the star of the show here on the ecu 9 pro certainly a very original design and keeping with the car theme of course you’ve got to go faster stripe all the way down at that claim periphery and a suitable wide boy camera jolt as well it’s absolutely chuffing prodigious although likewise thankfully doesn’t really jut very far out of the back end at least when the phone is resting on a desk and you’re tapping tapping on that screen it’s not rattling about everybody that’s definitely good and i gotta say it even though it’s an absolute whopper i really love the way that this smartphone feels in the handwriting as well facilitated along by the carbon fiber texture on that back end just contributes a delightful fragment of grasp there’s lovely smooth curves and rounded corners and everything it is therefore does fit delicately in the entrust even though it is an absolute behemoth and i really like some of the insidiou little details that vivo’s chucked in as well like the blue highlighting here on the supremacy button so overall yep suitable lush now as you’d hopefully expect from a flagship form maneuver the vivo eco 9 pro comes loaded with the most recent freshest android 12 os but everything regards just a little bit different from stock android and that’s because you’ve got the fun touch os launcher slathered on top and no i didn’t impel that up it is actually announced fun stroke is it actually fun well you know what i quite

like it i gotta say so for instance i like how vivo hasn’t really shambled with the actual google ui it is a unusually furnish android feel just when you’re flicking about you’ve got the google discover feed you’ve got your apps tree on there you can pull down your notifications bar with all of your toggles and if you jump on into the prepares you’ll find that you do have quite a few extra bonus bits stuffed apart inside of now so for instance the dynamic results segment this allows you to customize all kinds of different aspects of the ui so for example the ambient dawn consequence this basically expends those curved peripheries as a stopgap notifications light-footed and you can personalize and customize what kind of jazzy disco effect you get whenever a notification pops in can’t conversion up the complexions unfortunately like you can on the likes of color os but here this customization even extends as far as the in certain usb animation and the blame animations what daddies up when you are scanning your fingerprint as well and you’ve got plenty of other supporter favorites tucked away in here including an always-on display quite a decent selection of those that you can choose from as well including some awfully jazzy funky impressions but entertaining touching doesn’t feel perfectly cluttered with bonus chips unlike some alternatives the likes of pigment west which i’ve already mentioned you do get the ultra game board as well which i will definitely be testing out in a little so i’ve been using the vivo iku 9 pro on and

off for about 48 hours or so now and i’m going to say one of the highlights for me not a particularly exciting aspect frequently but it’s definitely that in display fingerprint sensor it’s an ultrasonic scanner rather than optical it is therefore does take a proper 3d image of your photograph and first up the actual setup was insanely fast the fastest i’ve seen on any smartphone i’ll actually appearance it to you now so gonna tap start inputting bang my digit on and boom done so what was that about two seconds if that even and then despite the fact that it’s ultra ultra fast at registrant your publish it’s also accept and it just seems to work every time absolutely fool proof even when your hands are a bit grubby a bit sweaty whatever doesn’t seem to faze this thing at all and as usual you’ve also got the alternative option of face and fastening as well if you can’t use your fingerprint for whatever reason and as you can see they’re just as swift as that fingerprint sensor if not actually faster so is moving forward now and another highlight here on the vivo uku 9 pro is undoubtedly that 6.78 inch amoled spectacle this boasts a mighty 3200 by 1440 pixel solution so visuals are improbably crisp whether you’re checking out your photo collection or really browsing some movies on netflix you just got to remember to manually bump up the screen resolution to that peak level if you want to enjoy those super crisp visuals though because it is set to 2400 by 1080 full hd plus by default and sadly the 9 pro can’t swap up that

resolution on the fly to suit whatever material you are watching but colors really nice and poppy as well as you’d expect from an amoled parade you can actually switch up the shade output in the parade arranges perform things even brighter and more evocative otherwise tone things down a little if you prefer more natural realistic colour breeding perfectly bright enough on those maxed out adjusts you can clearly see what’s going on outside and perfect considering inclinations and everything as you’d expect from an oled flaunt and like most smartphone spectacles these days even fairly budget boards you do get a fast refresh supporting on now as well max is out at 120 hertz and as you can see it is a dynamic freshen frequency as well it can scale up or down to match your material and thankfully despite the curved display i haven’t noticed any issues with responsiveness when i’m clutching the phone relatively close-fisted it seems good at ruling out any accidental media on the edges there so you can continue to use your apps and such forth and like most of the flagshippy premium smartphones the eq9 pro also boasts a stereo talker production but is it actually any good let’s bump up the publication and learn their new tie-in buds are your perfect partner wherever you go i’m pretty sure they just described a trendy flask there but whatever perhaps these will be a close second so yeah gotta say very happy with that output on that top volume clearly packs a proper pierce but the audio remains clear there’s no deformation or tinniness or anything like that sounds like a premium smartphone mostly unfortunately however like other payment smartphones there is bugger all headphone jack activity now on the nine pro so you will have to use one of those atrocious dongly thingies otherwise good part of bluetooth act which seems perfectly fine no issues with connectivity it’s got a strong reach on it as well so all good so now let’s have a gander at the performance and i know i’ve been saying this for mostly every bit of the vivo iku 9 pro but it is once again a gory highlighting utterly flawless achievement that’s perhaps unsurprising because this thing is rocking qualcomm’s recent snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset as launched at the end of 2021.

If you’re a bit of a benchmarking devotee and who isn’t well these are the scores that were spaffed out by geekbench five as vivo blower actually managed to beat the samsung galaxy s22 plus with its samsung exodus 2200 chipset so that snapdragon 8gen1 ain’t about and i’m not going to funny about doing one of those stupid level the race tests what we’re going to do is we’re going to really set the vivo eku9 pro through its gaits with a good part of gaming and naturally as this is one of the most powerful smartphones in existence in 2022 so far we’re going to leap straight-from-the-shoulder in with a good genting impact on those maxed out detail situates and while i’m waiting for this to download yet another big freaking inform as usual now is a perfect opportunity to show off the game space in-game pieces you’ve got a respectable assortment now as you can see once you pull out that toolbar time by flicking from the edge of the presentation you can see exactly how much cpu application and gpu practice you’ve got on the go you could also check out your remaining battery life which is particularly handy when playing the likes of gentian impact as that does tend to drain the liquid rather quickly you’ve also got a couple of different modes you can play around with as well so you start off in symmetry but you can bump it down to battery saver mode if you’re running low on juice exactly try and get a little bit longer out of it otherwise if you are playing more ask and fair like gentian impact you should probably chuck on the being mods ogre procedure this will really push your smartphone to its limits make sure you get the absolute best

possible performance from this thing and as you can see there are many other boasts you can play around with including stymie any notifications you’re not getting agitated you can lock the screen brightness recording the parade yada yada you can actually customize which alternatives appear in that menu so to really test out that snapdragon 8gen1 i bumped up the detail deep-seateds to the highest possible level maxed that out also got it up to the 60 frames per second mode and i got to say it flawless performance pretty much then it was a couple of tiny little jedis in the framework but very tiny surely virtually inaudible it’s definitely very impressive terribly smooth throughout neat accept screen on the go as well and one of the issues that i’ve heard about the snapdragon 8gen one is that it does tend to heat up under duress but thankfully you’ve got liquid coolant tech built into this v-board blower so that helps to keep the phone temperature under control it’s certainly still got a little bit toasty on the back end but certainly not to a paw tip-off singing sort of level and i didn’t notice any decline in concert even over a good long hearing and the potential benefits of the snapdragon 801 chipset go beyond time the excellent gaming recital as well of course you got the stupendous on-chip security system as well built-in 5g modem on there so full 5g subscribe you’ve got your wi-fi 6e as well as with the battery life can’t really complain there either you’ve got a 4700 milliamp cell stuffed inside of that very giant make to be

perfectly frank and this seems to do the number of jobs neatly for all day play no roy’s if you are going to be on the likes of kenshin jolt you are eligible to mostly watch that battery life trickle down preferably fast but that’s standard for any smartphone if you’re just going to be doing the usual stuff you know a bit of camera participate uh you know streaming media streaming movies and music and such forth you’ll readily do intuitions expended like this even with hours and hours of screen on time and even if you do find yourself racing low-pitched on blame well no worries at all because this vivoblow fundings 120 watt cabled billing so mostly plug it in go to the toilet procreate yourself a cup of tea and occasions are it’ll probably be brutal finished by the time you’re back and as if that wasn’t good enough you’ve also got 50 watt wireless charging on this thing it bills even faster wirelessly than most telephones do with a murderou cable bund in their own homes so let’s finish up this eco 9 pro unboxing with the squids at that very massive camera protrusion on back exclusively the 50 megapixel primary sensor with fleck gimbal ois built in now it’s the standard fun touch camera ui right here which as you can see is absolutely laden with various features and states and all of that other good stuff that you can play around with it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re fresh to it but it’s got all the standard features on there the likes of hdr procedure you’ve got an ai mode which you can switch on if you want to and as you can see this will merely further process your epitome so it maybe ogles a bit more attractive if not quite as natural and i’m going to say taking photos with the eku9 pro neat and simple that focus is super super fast really lock straight-shooting onto

your subject to keep them crisp here’s a small selection of some of the test photos that i managed to give with this vivo blower and as you can see impressive color reproduction and delightful sharp-worded detail as well while the pro can generally deal well with less than perfect igniting in lower light-headed the camera does seldom struggle to capture more accurate tints versus contenders like the pixel 6 and samsung’s galaxy s22 but the detail elevations are still reputable you can also at any point barter to the 50 megapixel ultra wide angle shoot ever get my knuckles out of enclose there like a good deal of ultra wide angle shooters this unfortunately does captivate darker tones compared with the primary sensors so not quite as natural face images i’m also emphatically a fan of the fisheye lens effect as well which you can swap to with a immediate sound of this weird little epitomize now you can choose between a variety of effects with this moz and it just allows you to capture some certainly flattering up-close shots of friends lineage pets whatever some jolly trippy i kind of feel like i’m in a 90 s rave music video and if you shoot a lot of cruelty movies of the farm or whatever else well good consume you can shoot 4k footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second otherwise boost it all the way up to 8k as well if you just wanted to absolutely cane your storage although ak does top off at 30 fps you can’t do 60 fps that would be kind of beyond this smartphone’s abilities and again here’s just a quick fleck of sample footage i shot lots of cat based drama and you are well aware fairly joyful with the the visual yield there certainly neat snappy detail starts to struggle a bit more in ambient status again but good-for-nothing extremely bothersome and strong audio captivate as well lots of other bonus modes to play around with including the likes of the

nightboard portrait modes and if we swap to more as you can see there’s a few flakes stuffed away in there as well and then last-place up around front you’ve got a 16 megapixel selfie shooter which again is absolutely fine for your everyday snaps you’ve got full hdr smart-aleckies on there you can use the portrait mode to blur out the background not ever fully seamless but generally does the number of jobs beings do actually ask me why i don’t bother with instagram and there’s your answer and there you have it that in a nutshell my cherish these is the vivo ecu ecu 9 pro and i gotta say even though it’s bloody-minded massive uh which is usually not a good thing for me with my stumpy little fingers and such forth i absolutely admired working this thing pretty much every part of it excites from the media performance the gaming choppers through to the camera tech and the battery life because i’m playing with it ahead of the official uk launch and everything i don’t know the actual official pricing just yet but i will bang that down in the video description as soon as i know that but what do you guys reckon it’d be great of your thoughts down in the comments below please do jab subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the most recent and greatest deck and have yourselves a devotee brutal tastic residue of the week encourages everyone love you

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