Honor 8x vs Honor Play Side-by-side comparison

hello you could just lovely people this is Chris from Texas burn and I’m here with honors latest affordable hands that these honor 8.x I’m gonna do a quick side-by-side with the honor player only launched just a month or so ago they’ll do full comparison the specs the features all that kind of shenanigans to see which one might be best for you and from all the latest on a small phones and all kinds of gorgeous tech then don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below Cheers first up I don’t actually know the final honor it x UK asking price because I’ve got this handset just ahead of the official launch but they have assured us that I’ll be under two hundred and fifty quid some makes it even more affordable than the honor player which is an absolute bargain at just two hundred ninety pounds stick them side-by-side Leon laws that doesn’t seem to be a massive difference in terms of the general size but more or less the same height and the honor it X is just ever so slightly wider but it’s barely even noticeable however it is actually quite deceptive as the honor it X actually rocks a enlarges 6.5 inch display compared with the already pretty sizable 6.3 inch display here on the honor player the reason for that is the slimmer bezels here on the honor air text as you can see they’ve completely slimmed down especially down beneath the screen so you don’t get that bit of honor Brandon like you do on the honor play of course both of these phones are absolute beast good luck stretching all the way up to that notifications bar without actually dislocated in your thumbs thankfully both of these phones also support a bit of 100 more which really helps out so as you can see they’re just minimises the size of your desktops and your apps everything else and just makes it nice and easy to use they both weigh under 200 grams so got a

decent heft to them of course as well even all they look fairly similar from the front as you can see the design is completely different on the back I’ve actually got a clear edition of the honor play which sports this funky sort of micro chip style designer you get a nice bit of highlighting around like the camera grille the fingerprint sensor and those power and volume buttons as well over the standards on a player also rocks at this sort of matte metal finish as well quite unique for 2018 where pretty much everything is made of glass just like the standard on it it acts like they were playing pick it up in a couple of different colours this is obviously the black model beaten also grab it in blue as you see it’s got a funky two-tone effect then I stripped down this side with the honor Brandon and of course the dual lens camera both these phones support a central thing print sensor mum stood there on the rear and in both cases pretty nippy as well giving the tap Samuel taneous Li tap and as you can see pretty much straight into your desktops while the honor plate uses the new type-c USB method of charge and you’ve got the old micro USB here on the honor 8x and both phones do support at least a bit of 3.5 millimeter headphone jack you want to plug in your wired phones via these handsets water-resistant loss you’ll definitely not want to drop them in the box or anything like that there’s actually not

much difference when it comes to the screen tech any of these kids you get a six point five inch IPS over here on the honor 8x beyond a play is slightly smaller at six point three inch IPS display both of them off full HD Plus so nice crisp images a nice punchy colors as well which you can actually fully customise we’ve dive into the display settings you’ve got the color mode and temperature you’ll see it’s by default set to vivid modes you can also dial it back to normal colors if you don’t want them to be quite as punchy and poppy and of course both blow sports of the usual iComfort more just to filter the blue light and get that nice of easy on the eye experience and yes of course both the owner it X and the player sports a bit of screen notch action up top as you can see the kids the 8x is a bit skinnier though and thankfully you can mask it from view on either these smartphones if you find it a bit obnoxious as you can see nice crisp detailed images no matter which model you choose so perfect for watching a good bit Netflix things like that upon the gore one little funny with the honorary exit I’ve already noticed which will hopefully be sorted in an update around the actual release is that it won’t actually run Netflix as you see when you try to load up and says please update to the latest version and when you try to update

to the latest version it says your device is incompatible but I’m sure that honor will get that sort is from for the official launch touch woods now both Fiona Ian X and the honor play rock a nice bit of emotion UI 8.

2 sat on top of android version 8.1 Oreo so busy means they’ve got a very similar feature set obviously got a display customization as I mentioned before you’ve also got that one-handed morgue as you can see you’ve got bit voice control as well on the honor place I mean that might be coming to the honor is X and then update not entirely sure but one of the best features added by emotion UI is the face and lock which is hidden away in the security section and for ever reason you can’t use that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for instance you’re wearing gloves or something like that all you need to do instead is you can raise the device or just tap that power button and it will immediately launch the fierce unlock so if we tap the power button now as you can see just skip straight past the lock screen and straight into the desktops it’s really Swift even those lower light conditions works from really well got the usual honor slash while we’re apps air pre-installed on there as well and you also get a bit of sweet action on both of these phones too as busy acts as a hub for your games also allows

you to do game acceleration as well.we terms that this just allows you to play your games as smoothly as possible without resources being diverted to other stuff in the background and as you can see you’ve got an uninterrupted at gehrman feature in both case as well that’s what’s running the show it’s last year’s flagship platform the current 970 here on the honor play and it’s a slightly more stripped back Caryn’s 710 chipsets here and the case of the honor 8x and the standard models and both of these phones come with four gigs of ram if you’re into your bit of benchmarking you see there’s not a massive gulf of difference between the honoree at X and the honor players you can see the other players definitely more suited to multitask and thanks to its higher multi-core score but the moderate X keeps up pretty well both phones kind of course play a bit of pub G mobile and the case the honor it’s exit recommends medium detail settings which I see is probably about right to be honest you do get a nice bit GPU turbo support here on the honor it X as well as the honor play and that just helps to basically keep us frame rate nice and smooth throughout the game and experience as long as obviously you’ve got a decent connection and

everything as well we’re in both cases the game is definitely perfectly playable and a lot of bloody fun when it comes to the battery tech there’s absolutely no difference between these two and says you get a 3700 50 milliamps on both the honor 8x and the honor player that’ll keep you going all day long no stress whatsoever even if you do not have skype in-game and stuff like that of course you’ve got the usual power saving mods and they both charge up in basically the same amount of time and once again when it comes to the storage there is absolutely bugger all difference between them 64 gigs of storage is that the base model and of course you’ve got microsd expandable ‘ti is where you expand up to 400 gigs here on the honor 8x for us is just 256 gigs here on the honor play we’re still plenty of space for all your media downloads things like that so what about the camera tech well as you can see both the on 8x and the on a plate use a dual lens or a snapper here on the autoplay it’s a 16 megapixel F 2.2 primary lens backed by a simple 2 megapixel depth sensor and on the on 8x is actually a 20 megapixel primary lens F 1.8 again backed by a simple 2

megapixel depth sensor people it up the camera you’ll see it honors a standard effort with slight differences in both cases they both do rocket a bit of the AI scene selection as busy just helps to boost any scene you’re trying to snap so for instance bring in a blue sky really to life making it all look nice and vivid you’ve also got the moving pictures mode which comp used at the same time as the AI mode what that does it just shoots a brief snippet a video with every photo you take just a bring your galleries to life as you can see you get plenty of bonus camera modes as well like the portrait mode of course making full use of that depth sensor to me keep your subject nice and crisp while blur in the background help them to stand out here on the honor EXI actually boss quite a smart night mode similar to the p20 Paul just allows you to shoot say a nice extended exposure scene even when using it by hand without any other sort of blurry results you typically get stay tuned for a full in-depth on it in X camera review to see if that’s actually any good you get all the usual standard modes as well such as the prop manual controls just Elijah to fiddle around with lights of the ice or the white balance things like that slow motion video your lens of course which turns you into a wee little chipmunk or whatever pretty much

anything you might need when it comes to the video side of things however the honor it X tops off at Full HD any of the 30 or 60 frames per second rows on the honor play you’ve got the option of 4k resolution video at 30 frames per second some really nice crisp detailed results and of course you’ve got the usual object tracking in both cases as well and a bit of bonus stabilisation here on the honor player which you don’t get on the 8x and when it comes to the selfie cam there’s no difference between 16 megapixel in both of these handsets with an F 2.0 aperture and as you can see you get the usual platter of bonus modes too so for instance likes a portrait even though neither of them have a dual lens front face and snappy used to get a portrait mode of sorts can be a bit janky but it just tries to again produce that blurry bokeh background affect only God I’ve just accidentally taking a shot myself on the on a EDX 100% a keeper as always yay and that in a nutshell is the honor it X versus the honor plate both very great value handsets as you see both of the 300 pounds of the kiss the on it XD Sugarman it under 250 so for whatever reason you can’t quite stretches the honor play this will do the job nicely and of course the honor it X does boast some advantages over the on a place such as that almost completely front feel and display well a lot the other specs such as their batteries storage things like that are basically identical so which one are you tempted by the honor 8x all the on a plate definitely let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to hit subscribe for more the latest and greatest mobile tech and lots more besides cheers everyone

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