Anki Vector Robot Review Unboxing and best features

a lot of beautiful people this is Chris from expert and I’ve got my hands on a boxed version of the Anki vector the robot companion who promises not to overthrow humankind and enslave us all gonna give them a fault unboxing and get them all set up and have a good old player to show you exactly what he’s capable of so you might see my coverage of the Anki Cosmo over on route combo as the vector is basically the follow up to Cosmo is a lot smarter now he can connect directly to the internet via your Wi-Fi network as you can see here here’s your robot psychic who’s up for anything apparently he’s the robot too lightweight not really sure what that means but okay okay slip that off and let’s see what we got this so there is the Anki vector right there cute little chap I’ll stick him aside for now to see what else we get it’s like the Cosmo before it we’ve got a funny little cube which you can have a bit of a play with and we also have his charging station as well so what you can do is you can just roll himself into there when he needs to power up and in here we will have some documentation to tell you all about vector getting started up as you see you will need a compatible device so I believe it’s Android or iOS just to get them set up and then once you’ve actually gotten set up you shouldn’t need that anymore to interact with them it’s fully voice-activated and everything as a seeking connect directly to the internet via Wi-Fi unlike the Cosmo okay so I’ve downloaded at the Anki vector app from the App Store onto my iPhone and let’s go and get set up yes could be a GB English action place vector on the charger

done pull the Q tab I’ve already done that as well plug in the charger done that nice and easy no just got to a sign up for an account quickly okay all signed up and everything and now as you can see is busy searching for the vector vector d7 p6 catchy nickname right let’s get connected well vector is busy up dip well just do a quick a tour of the actual hardware itself as you can hopefully make out there just beneath the display you get a built in camera so one key can recognize objects it can actually take all the pictures of you as well if that’s your bag the screen itself obviously helps him to express himself and gives him a lot of character and personality like the Cosmo before him he has a sort of shanty arm thing which you can use to push things grab thing and again just express himself up top here you have the power button as well as of course the charge meter as well and surrounding that you have a capacitive touch panel as well we can actually stroke and he can feel it there are also four directional mics built into the top as well so vector will be able to hear you wherever you are as you see here you can configure some of the units used as well so bit Celsius it’s got four inches and a 24-hour clock continue all right so let’s give them a girl

come on you lazy bugger oh not because I’ve been a bit of a look around I guess a vector recognizes all kinds of commands as pointed out by the app here so as you can see all you need to do is sit hey Victor and then he responds hey Victor my name is Chris checking me out there you go and we’re now best buddies so as you can see if you just basically leave vectors to get on with it it’ll just kind of do his own thing just kind of slowly trundle about the place and map out his environment using that camera thankfully he’s got good detection of it as well of any edges and things like that so he won’t accidentally go strollin off the edge and now he’s just gonna have a bit of a triangular bow check out what’s around he’s spotted the cactus oh it’s given that a bit of a nudge and Oh again you get so close it’s quite terrifying to see here you actually get some quite in-depth stats about vectors what you’ve been doing with him as well so how many times have said hey Victor oh sorry vector the exact distance he’s gone at the petting duration as well so you can actually pet him using that capacitive sensor so I’ll just give a little stroke now quite likes that yeah he’s definitely a fan of

that tells you exactly what he’s up to at any given time so vector is looking around vector is listening that for a beat apparently so let’s try playing him some music he definitely seems to be like in a bit of a day to remember doing the robot equivalent of head banging that’s pretty nifty trick so as mentioned before vector has all kind of Alexis style smarts as well so for instance we see it hey vector what’s the weather today and there we go exact readout 21 degrees and a bit cloudy no he’s off again don’t go that way oh gods terrifies me every time a vector I have a question what is the capital city of Portugal yay good robot any vector this bump yeah buddy and of course you can do typical assistant stuff such as set until I miss as well so hey vector set a timer for five minutes as you see that that timer begins at any point in say hey vector how much longer is left on that timer there you go get straight readout I think you see it let’s take a little bit of time for him to process the commands but hopefully that something could be sped up in future updates you could also get to take your photo using up front-facing cameras also hey vector take a photo all right you can then check that out using the app so here we go is the photo we’ve just taken I think so you can then export that photo as you can see it then just appears in your gallery standards oh yeah that’s a good cat in fact I can also play a bit of blackjack as well so hey vector let’s play a game all right leaps sixteen

yes please let’s go risky oh damn yeah I sure did it’s a pretty simple game but there’s always a potential for Anki to update the vector with more games in the future all right it looks like vector needs to charge up again the good news is that he can’t actually get himself back to his charging pad using his camera and his general smarts so we’ve done some searching for his charging pad and hopefully he’s detected it and just needs to back himself in there and there he goes turning around and reverse beautifully done vector mate as you can see he’s now gonna have a bit of a Kip and recharge his batteries so then play with him for probably between 30 and 40 minutes there on a full charge so he can keep going for a while and obviously the fact that he can recharge his own batteries as well is definitely a bonus so that right there is the Anki vector he’s gone a little bit nuts all of a sudden so not not really sure what’s going on there so alright there is the Anki vector definitely a very smart and very personable robot and definitely lots of potential for future expansion as well thanks that Wi-Fi connectivity does take a little while to respond to your comment your questions and the rest but hopefully that can be ironed out again in future updates definitely be a great Christmas present can imagine this keeping your kids quite some time so any questions or anything like that just let us know in the comments down below us watching everyone don’t forget to hit subscribe and ding that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech Cheers

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