Amazon Kindle Paperwhite All-New & Waterproof!

hey there gorgeous paper this croissant expert and I’m here with the all-new Kindle paperwhite fresh for 2018 it’s now fully water resistant just like the super premium Oasis model of Kindle but it costs just a hundred and nineteen pounds or shall I say from 119 pounds depending on which model you go for so let’s get this bad boy open and check out exactly what you getting the Box get it all set up and run through the specs and what exactly has improved both folia she loves the box itself but teasing some of that super skinny new design you can see their Kindle paperwhite let’s just slide it on out definitely looks nice and dinky what else do you get in here you also get of course a simple instruction manual had a bit a USB action in order to actually charge it up always handy no plug of course you’ll either have to connect it directly to a computer or provide your own plug adapter in order to get it charged there you go that’s about as simple as unboxings come so as I said before the all-new Kindle paperwhite for 2018 shots at

119 pounds for the it’d gigabytes model and that’s Wi-Fi only if you’re an up the storage to 32 gigabytes that’ll cost you an extra 40 quid so it’s 159 pounds then if you want to go for the Super Deluxe 32 gig model with Wi-Fi and free 4G connectivity as well that’ll be 219 pounds or 100 pounds more expensive than the base model but still more affordable than the all-new Kindle Oasis and as I say you get full water resistance in there as well it’s IP x8 rated now so you give it a dunking in to me is a fresh water for about 60 minutes and it should be absolutely fine great news if you’ve gone on your holidays you accidentally drop it and pull something right that’s nice and light as well as 182 grams afford basic Wi-Fi model is slightly heavier for the 4G version as you can see they’re very slender as well just eight point two millimeters so just as skinny as a new or asus model it’s got this lovely soft touch from rear so it should hopefully provide a nice bit of grip and it just feels nice under the fingers as well things very simple controls you just have the single power button down beneath you’ve got the USB charging port there as well you don’t actually get any physical buttons for turning the page or anything like that it’s all done via the touch screen instead they are all powered up now so that’s got the paperwhite set up hopefully won’t be

too sluggish because sometimes these readers can be a little bit sloth when it comes to the performance as you can see there you get a high resolution 300 pixel per inch display er believe that exactly the same as the old paperwhite the six-inch anti-glare screen so you can be reading in bright sunlight and should still hopefully be able to make up that text without having to squint weeks of battery life bit optimistic we found that with most Kindles we tend to get roughly a week with fairly intensive views like with the commuting and maybe the occasional bit of reading at home as well you generally expect around for 15 to 20 hours of use on a single charge obviously it will drop if you are browsing the store a lot using Wi-Fi or the 4G or if you’ve constantly got that screen brightness turned all the way up as well right so we’re all set up on the Wi-Fi and I’ve registered my Amazon account as well so now we’re into the proper Kindle paperwhite 2018 interface as you see if you use the Kindle before you’ll basically be right at home literally all of your books are stuck we’re here in your library of course your most recent books are right here on the main screen – you tap straight into them otherwise just tap your library and you can access the whole lot you’ve also of course got recommendations direct from the Amazon Kindle Store as well most wished-for etc etc you dive straight into the store with the tap up here as always you’re connected to the Internet via your Wi-Fi or by that 4G connection if you go for the super premium model then you’ll be able to have a bit of a browser and download books direct from the kingís

kinkle store kindle store onto the new big white and of course there’s full audible support here on the kindle paperwhite as well there’s not actual built-in speakers or anything so you’ll need to hook up a pair of bluetooth headphones or a speaker to actually listen to the books always handy but you can actually store them on there if you are going to be storing all your books on your paperwhite I recommend going for the 32 you can mode just to make sure you’ve got enough space to have a decent sized collection so I’ve now chosen a book to download completely at random of course buy some awesome author called Chris Baraka let’s see what this is all about so of course because you don’t get any page tenant buttons it is all touchscreen controls you can either swipe to go forwards right back to go back or you can just do a little tap either side to do the same thing you also access all of the settings and everything by tapping up here at the top this

is just a sample so as you can see you’ve got links to directly by in the book as well you’ve also got the new themes waiting basically just tap up here and you can choose to have a compact layouts or there you guys you can see nice small font so if you’ve got a decent eyesight you’ll be able to cram a lot more onto each pitch all those you can go for a nice bit large text as well if your eyes are struggling a bit and of course you do have full control over the font size the actual font itself all that kind of stuff so you can change it to something different bit of Baskerville action can make it all nice and bold if you are struggling and of course change the size that’s as small as the phone gets as you can see they’re pretty pretty damn dinky it’s a good thing that it’s a 300 pixel per inch screen that text is still looking at nice and crisp clearly legible great stuff and of course you’ve also got full control over the brightness levels everything as well so if it is a particularly bright day and you are struggling a bit you can boost it up and you’ve got the likes of the airplane mode as well if you want to just knock off that Wi-Fi it quickly and cleanly and of course you get all the standard kindle features torn on there as well like the family library and everything so you can actually share your books with the rest of your household if you want to do so you’ve got fast access to like some good reads to read reviews of books

before you actually buy them and if you come across a word that particularly flummoxes you you can just give it a tap to highlight it as you see you’ll get fast access to definitions and more information online as long as obviously you’ve got that online connection and if you do come across a bit of foreign text you can quickly translate that as well as with all you read is it’s not the slickest of performance there is the odd stutter here and there as you’re sort of thinking through the menus win for things to lose but overall not too bad I certainly wouldn’t call it sluggish certainly the Wi-Fi connection everything seems to be nice and nippy books are download and basically in a matter of just two or three seconds as that’s just what you want and if you are fond of graphic novels as well of course they are fully supported as you can see everything looks at nice and crisp and sharp thanks to that fantastically crisp screen you can actually zoom in on a page as well and sort of scroll about reasonably responsive again a little bit sluggish so not ideal it’s not quite the same experience you would get for instance browsing a comic on an iPad or something like that it’s a bit more awkward Amazon has helped to outlaw what you can do is double tap and you’ll access the panel view and this just basically zooms in on each panel in turn and then when you flick across it will just take you to the next panel sorry there in a nutshell is the all-new Kindle white 2018 I’ve also got the official cover right here their water safe fabric cover so this is even that water opponent as well so as you can see it’s just your typical flip cover

let’s just take out this packaging don’t they need to have a read of any kind of instructions it’s nice and simple all you do is you just swap the paperwhite in like sort it just clips in nicely and that’s held in there nice and firm as you can see you can just fold it around then hold it like so when you’re reading and then when you’re done just close it on up like so since you have until you know push the power button or anything nice and lazy and then when you want to commence reading again just flip it open and it will automatically come out of hibernation BAM straight ready to go again feels nice cool that lovely fabric finished – it certainly looks very smart as well and as I say its water repellent – so hopefully even if you drop the whole thing in that swimming pool butterfingers it should be absolutely fine there’s that a bit of girth onto it but nothing too severe so basically if you’re looking for a water-resistant eReader but your budget constructs on the way up to the mighty premium Oasis then definitely the all new Kindle paperwhite 2018 gets a big thumbs up from us it’s got all your typical Amazon features in there it’s nice and slim and light and that screen is absolutely fantastic as well so seeing grab it from November the 7th for 119 pounds for the base model all the way up to turned your 19 if you want that free 4G and the 32 gigs of storage any questions comments anything at that leave down below and don’t forget subscribe for more on the latest and greatest textures everyone love you bye

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