Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro vs Pocophone F1 Full comparison

hello beautiful people this is Chris from Tech Spurs and I’m here with the Joey Mir Pro freshly launched here in the UK one of the first yummy phones to actually come to this country and we’ll do a quick side-by-side comparison with the POC or for an f1 also by Jean we launched earlier this year rightfully grabbed a lot of headlines because it offers great value for money so it’s actually the difference between the me at pool and pocket for f1 in terms of the specs the hardware the software the overall experience well let’s have a gander and don’t forget for more comparisons than the list and create small Bartek – ding that notifications bell and get that subscribe button a bloody good pork Cheers it’s a first time when you do stick them side by side the differences are pretty much non-existent as you can see there they both support pretty much front fill in it displays nice bit of fat and not Jackson up top if that’s your bank Yummie me at port does actually have slightly skinnier bezels here beneath the screen but there really isn’t much difference in it all a literally a difference of a millimeter or two so the pocket for an f1 definitely impresses from the front that’s for sure but what about that back end well that’s what the me at Paul starts to set itself apart because as you can see it’s got a lovely glass finish and it’s actually fully transparent as well so you can see all those gorgeous inside bits look at that pure smartphone filth and I love how Jamie is actually written some

inspirational messages on the inside as well if your eyesight is actually up to it clever stuff and definitely very unique despite pretty much every smartphone in 2018 rocking a glass back in contrast the pocket on F one’s a plastic back and lacks any kind of excitement sadly as you can see there to scuff up a bit as well it actually pretty much arrived in this condition so you’re gonna want to take a good care of it or maybe slap a kiss on it but as the me it pro screams premium the pocket on f1 sadly looks a little bit budget the rest of the phones are mostly identical down beneath you get a bit type-c USB action and a dual a grill speaker over on this side you get a lovely bit of highlights and a nice red coloration on the meat cause power button just to help it stand out a bit other side is just the symmetry of basically nice and straight forwards then up top the pocket for an f1 sets itself apart with a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack something you won’t get on the mir pro another design difference concerns the fingerprint sensor is actually a mounted a physical sensor as you can see here on the POC or fawn f1 the sense of actually fall under your finger when you pick up the handset occasionally I do accidentally finger the camera lenses by mistake bit of a hazard there but as you can see there just a quick tap and you’re straight until desktops not hanging about whatsoever it’s nice and responsive nice and accurate rarely feels in the case of the Xiaomi me airports actually built into that display instead one of only a couple of

phones that rocks that right now phone like the one we admit 20 people and on the whole it’s generally pretty responsive as you can see there again not too much hanging around not quite as nippy as the one on the pocke phone but still pretty good the failure rates here on the me it brought are slightly higher though than they are on the pocke phone you’ve got to learn just the right sort of level of pressure with which to push your thumb down on the displays but a little bit too light or a little bit too heavy and it won’t recognize but you know what pretty damn snazzy and it’ll definitely start a few conversations in the pub so let’s have a shifty at that screen text both these displays are more or less the same size you get six point to one inch display here on the meet airport and it’s a six point one eight inch on the pocket on f1 negligible difference however they are two very different screen text it’s an AMOLED display here on the more premium meet it it’s actually an IPS screen here on the pocket for an f1 if you do put them side-by-side like this you can notice immediate differences as you’ll see you get slightly more vivid hues here on the me it’s Prada all that really brings those colors to life you can see the likes of the greens they’ve shown a bit more than they do here on the standard IPS screen on the pakka phone start to see the pakka for looks bland it’s just not quite as strong you can of course customize the output to some degree on both smartphones as well as you see actually got an always-on boards here on the meet it poll that busy just means that when the phone is hibernatin you’ll be able to see the time the dates and also any notifications that are waiting as well you don’t get that option here on the pocket or phone or if you do they buried it away

somewhere where I can’t bloody find it together you’ll read them ordered everything as well if you dive on into the colors and contrast you can actually change up the color temperature as well it’s just another example of the difference in the color output hopefully you can make out it’s very clear certainly to the naked eye you get much more punchy hues here on the AMOLED panel on the meat prom the orange is really shinin off the the mere poor the blues and this pink down here is well really really really poppy the pocket for and more natural hues I guess so not quite as attractive but each neuron you know the good news is you get perfectly crisp output from both of these smartphones as well they both Rock a full HD + displace that’s 2248 by 1080 here on the pretty much the same 2246 by 1080 here on the pocket on so everything looks nice and sharp as for the brightness levels well you certainly have no trouble with the the chamois mIET paw even in really really harsh daylight it goes up to 600 nits of brightness so it’s truly icier in the bhagavata font so he doesn’t shame itself though it’s still nice and bright as well so you’ll have no problems again outdoors and both of these blowers you’ll find that they run a nice bit of Android Oriol so noir update 2pi just yet for hopefully that should be

coming soon and of course you’ve got mui as i love to call it slaps on top as well in both cases a bit of 9.6 now this adds a whole bunch of bonus features on top of Android and Bizzy changes up a look in the feel as well unfortunately on the mirepoix there are not themes available like she’d give you an app straw so you have all the apps cluttered here on the desktops those are the kiss the pocket for everyone it does like to have a bonus theme which does allow you to have an app straight down there which is definitely a massive bonus especially if you’re a massive or CD like myself because is easily rectified here on the the mir probably just like on the pocke phone you can quickly and easily change up the actual launcher all you need to do is head into the homescreen reasons default launcher and for instance you can install the nova launcher and then boom when you go back to the home screen you have that apps drawer it’s no biggie it’s just a bit of a shame that that’s not on there by default at the moment neither of these smartphones offers official recognition unfortunate apparently that will be coming to the mere pro in some regions at some point so a bit vague but hopefully we will see that soon as an alternative to the fingerprint sensor you’re plenty of other me UI stuff as well such as second space and

a bit of a clock as well just bonus Security’s busy make sure nobody gets into your sensitive bits or to speak I’ve got over those in depth in my me 8 Pro tips and tricks guide over on the combo so go check that out for all you need to know but the overall experience boring that apps drawer is basically the same now impressively the topographer on f1 rocks a bit of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset action which is absolutely fantastic and given the price and everything everything is sought an iffy your apps just load up straight away as soon as you tap them very straightforward stuff and of course you get exactly the same thing here on the media pro as well you get a nice bit of Snapdragon hit 4-5 slightly more RAM you get a gigabytes of ram by default in the media for roses choice of six or eight gigs here on the pakka phone but either way the likes of your pub Gees will run top detail levels I’m sure it running on HDR with a super smooth frame rate and all the issues with connectivity or anything like that as well as you’d expect from the air for five however when it comes to the battery tech there is a clear difference between the two here on the media pro you actually get a three thousand milliamp cell it’s still strong enough to see you through a full day even with quite a lot of use I’m going to get usual battery saver modes and everything as well but here on the pocke for f1 you actually get a much larger four thousand milliamp cell something’s you can absolutely hammer it throughout the day lots of skyping lots a camera use a good bit of gaming and stuff you should still make it to bedtime and if

you’re a bit more conservative you should make it through a full day and a half no worries and of course you get the usual battery saver mods and so on very impressive indeed and of course you got Qualcomm quick charge to power you back up to full in no time at all as for the storage space here on the me it probably got 128 gigs as standards by the pokemon phone f1 you’ve actually got choice 60 428 or 250 gigs of storage and I believe you’ve got off the specs off the top of my head here that only the Pago front f1 actually supports micro SD memory card expansion up to 256 gigs which brings us neatly onto the camera tech and both of these blow sports a dual lens rear camera but it’s very different hardware on these smartphones me at ports a 12 megapixel primary lens F 1.8 aperture and that’s backed by another 12 megapixel lens this time f 2.4 you have a 2 times optical zoom and a bit of or is action and it gets the puck or it’s once again a 12 megapixel primary lens this time f 1.9 and that’s backed by a simple a 5 megapixel depth sensor for those portrait shots and you don’t get any of that sexy optical zoom action we dive on into the camera app you’ll see it’s a very similar experience on both of these handset you do of course get a bit of AI mode action on both the Mir Pro and the paga for f1 to be perfectly honest haven’t lost a massive amount of difference whether you

have it activated or not our shots generally come out really nicely even with it off you do of course get the obligatory filters on both of these handsets HDR mode or the usual shenanigans you got a whole bunch of bonus modes as well most of the popular ones you can just flick to here at the bottom and of course you do have the bonus camera mods at the top as well without dual n so you can shoot some nice portrait snaps here on the media probably got some snazzy studio lights and effects so for instance you can get it movie mode rainbow which is very psychedelic do some blinds you can have dots everywhere all kinds of randomness you do of course I’m a full manual mode on both these sunsets as well we can take the lights of the white balance and the shutter speeds as you can see only the me airport actually offers that telephoto lens action when it comes to the video you can of course shoot usual time-lapse and slow motion as for video calling shoot 4k resolution video on both these smartphones as well but only the meat 8-core offers that 120 frames per second modes you can shoot some really nice hyper realistic footage and you can slow bits down as well get it into a nice slow motion effect and if you flip around to the front facing camera there’s actually very little difference between them at all it’s 20 megapixel shooter with an F 2.0 aperture as you can see they’re fairly wide angle you can get quite a lot into each shot and you can shoot a portrait mode effect as well and that in there is how the Xiaomi me across stacks up against the xiaomi pakka for an f1 as you can see both solid hardware and pretty much identical software only a couple of little differences here and there cuz the pocke phone actually impresses more with its battery tay it’s got a mighty four thousand milliamp cell on there me it poor has the nicer design however of course that AMOLED screen is absolutely stunning that camera tech gets a bit of a bump as well so which one are you more tempted by definitely that’s not in the comments below and that’s know why and don’t forget to hit subscribe doing that law implications both for more on the list and griz sake cheers everyone love you bye

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