Fantastic £20 Home Security Camera Neos Smartcam

hello people this is Chris from tech spurts and I’m here with a very exciting and very dinky new security product the neo smart cam set to take your home by storm in 2019 no at least it will if you buy it now you don’t need me to tell you that the world is completely and basically we all need security products strewn about our homes to save us from being burglarized every five seconds but of course the majority of them like this nest camera here in exactly cheap after the hardware’s pretty expensive and on top of that you also generally lumbered with some sort of cloud recording storage costs as well to actually save the footage that your camera captures blending our smart cam aims to change all that for a start it costs just 20 quid which is absolutely nuts despite the fact that it is fully featured it’s definitely far far better than just a Christmas stocking filler so for a start it can live stream Full HD video straight your smartphone just like most other security cameras with full motion and sound detection to notify you when there might be something up at home you’ve got night-vision support you’ve got air x digital zoom there’s two way audio so you can actually speak to any theeven gets her in your home it automatically activates when you leave the house there’s SD card support C and continuously record video on-demand and like most saw the security cameras as well the neo smart cam

supports cloud recording with 12 seconds of video saved to the cloud on motion detection and all that for 20 bloody quid what so right now I’m gonna get this thing unboxed and set up and we can have a full a tour and see if it’s actually any good so first of all let’s just pull this thing on out of the box it’s a nice basic cube design as you can see that lovely beige color so hopefully should fit in with most home decors flip it around to the back you’ve got a full sized USB port and a micro USB as well and of course thinking little speaker 2 actually I’ll put your voice when you’re saying oh I get out my arm you thievin beggars inside the box you also get a handy little Mountain magnetic plate there and a nice bit of action so you can actually power it up always handy and if you just pull on the base like so this will pop the bottom out as you can see there this just allows you to as you see align the camera so you can have it pointed in any direction you particularly need and inside of here you’ll notice a couple of extra bonus little bits so first up you’ve got a micro SD memory card slot there so you can just slip in your carne and get continuous recording straight to that and you also have the setup button which we’ll be using in a second so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is sign up for an EOS account you can actually do that online and then once you’ve done that just download the

Neos smart home app form either the App Store if you’re an iPhone or Google Play if you’re on Android and then get that opened and sign in with your information now ideally you want to choose a corner location in the room that you want to monitor they’ll just allow you to get a full view of the room and also preferably you want to be covering all of the entry points so if anyone comes into the room you immediately see their face and preferably don’t have it in and add a window or some other bright light source as well because I’ll just saturate the picture and it won’t be good so I’m gonna stick the camera in this corner here that’ll be covering all of the doors and everything in the room and of course it’s got to be close to a power point otherwise you won’t actually be able to power up the camera so first off let’s get it all plugged in that just slips in there now as you can see there the status LED and next to the power point is flushing and so it’s time to continue you just have to quickly on your Wi-Fi details and then that will allow the camera to connect to your wireless network now we just need to press and hold the setup button oh and it makes something a little more excellent case we’ve got a QR court just need to show that to the smart cam I think you got on your smart car is or setup you can actually choose a location and everything to no magnetic disk just slap straight on to the base of the camera like so held in there nicely by that strong magnetic attraction and then don’t forget to position it the right way up otherwise your footage

will all be upside down or sideways or something and there we have it security camera installed easy so fast forward a couple of weeks into the future I’ve been using the Neal smart cam all for the holidays and definitely for 20 quid so far I am very impressed as worth pointing out that it’s not the final version of the app which I’ve been testing out is still a beta version so it’s a little bit glitchy on occasion duke is able to shut it down because it crashes something like that but that’s pretty common for beta versions of apps I’m not gonna dwell on it hopefully those little bugs will be fixed for the final retail version I have to say I’m very impressed by the sheer level of functionality you get for those two crisp tennis the camera successfully detects any kind of motion I haven’t seen it feel yet and it can also be primed to pick up on any noise and immediate error as well the sensitivity levels are thankfully so it won’t pick up on every little bump in the house when it’s active just the room that it’s actually housed in who selects the camera from within the app you’ll be able to see a live feed of exactly what it is Sean right now and it does give you a pretty in-depth timeline as well of any motion all noises detected basically the previous few days these little clips are stored in the cloud for free for 14 days which is really really impressive considering again this is a budget camera you can also download any clips or take screen grabs of them etc as well to make them

more permanent if you do detect any dodgy or particularly amusing behavior and at nighttime I’m again impressed with the results that night vision works really really well I see my cats skulking around in the dark for instance I would like to be able to skip between different days more easily you do this you just have to keep on scrolling down scrolling down scrolling down in order to reach previous stairs at least as far as I can tell it in this current version of the software bird again I’m sure little gripes like that will be ironed out in the final version of the software as previously mentioned you can actually speak directly through the cameras I’ve designed a built-in speaker so you can detect any dodgy behavior and busy tell the burglar to bugger off your audio quality is a bit ballz unfortunately but to be fair you still kind of work out what the person is saying so it’s not the end of the world and again despite the fact that it’s a 20 pound budget smart home camera you do have direct access to technical assistance as well which is pretty damn good typically replies under six hours I’m actually tested that out but it’s great to see that they are really fully supporting their product and that’s some strong beard action on the go there as well good stuff certainly nutshell is the neo smart cam definitely a great little device considering again it’s 20 quid that’s bonkers as all the full functionality you expect from a camera like ten times the price of it so I highly recommend picking it up if you want to secure your home on the cheap don’t forget spock subscribed in our olaf occations bell for more on the latest and greatest UK textures everyone love you

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