Honor View 20 vs Pocophone F1 Serious value smartphones

hello you gorgeous beautiful people this is Christmas Tex Burton I’m here with two of the best value mid-range smartphones going into 2019 here on the left you’ve got the honor view 20 flagship phone it’s not been officially launched in the UK so we don’t know the exact yukia pricing but it’s likely to come in at around the sort of 450 pound price point here on the right we’ve got your Japanese pakka for an f1 it’s a few months old now and grab it in the UK for around 350 mark both back premium specs and fantastic features but which one might be best for you let’s do a full side by side of everything you need to know and don’t forget for more comparisons and more on the latest in Brits more about tech Tupac subscribe panting that notifications bell Cheers so first oh it’s not too surprising that the two phones could both be described as hand fill-in they’re both over 6 inches the on of you 20 is actually got the bigger screen at 6 point 4 inches diagonally or as the bhagavad f1 at six point one eight inches so not exactly compact in comparison as you see if you stick them side-by-side they are basically the same height the same girth and everything as well and the reason for that is the fact that the pocke phone has slightly thicker bezels there are still relatively skinny thankfully but obviously the honour view xx pretty much eliminates all those bezels it’s about 92% screen on that front panels and the kiss the Baka phone you’d over slightly thicker bezel down below and of course you’ve got that big fat – of a notch up top as well and that’s something that the olive u20 pretty much manages to eliminate instead you just got this dinky little pinhole camera effect over in the top left corner flip them around to the rear and we have to sear that honors handset definitely continues to impress us more than the pocke phone as you can see here the view 20 sports a glass finish compared with these or bog-standard basic plasticky finish here on the pocke phone as you see

there you get a lovely funky lighting effect here on the honour v20 as he produces a V pattern as it catches the light just so we really love this sapphire blue shade is where you can also pick it up in a dreamy blue shades whatever the hell it’s called it’s a lighter blue basically or you can get it in black if that’s your bag but defecates off a more premium feel then as I say this all over that polycarbonate II just kind of basic design of the pocke phone definitely screams budget and as you can see here we’ve got a couple of little marks on it as well so it’s not the toughest of materials you’ll definitely wanna treat it with respect have you doughnut to get all marks out that said neither phone support water resistance you will need to be careful if you’re doing the washing up anything they round up water we head down below you’ll see that both phones use a bit of type-c USB for charging back up and up top you thankfully got a nice bit 3.5 millimeter headphone jack action as well and on the other view 20 you even get a bit of IR blaster actually just quite rare now in 2019 rounded off the physical features is the rear mounted fingerprint sensor it’s actually kind of built into the camera grille here in the pocket foam which we’re not massive funds or we do occasionally sort of find ourselves smudging the camera lens as

we’re reaching for that fingerprint sensor thankfully it’s well separate here on the honor of u-20 well the only viewed xx generally slightly more accurate and responsive than the pocket phones but to be fair it rarely feels on the pock or it’s still pretty good no complaints when it comes to those displays either it’s an IPS panel and both of you 20 and the pocke for an f1 Full HD plus resolution as well so as you can see they’re tiny texts and everything nice legible perfect clarity nor worries the diamond instance and you can sort of configure that a split output as well so for as its dive into color modes and you set on vivid on the v20 you can not get back to normal if you want slightly less punchy colors but we quite like the vivid output and you can play around with the color temperature again similar sort of thing here on the POC or you’ve got the reeds and mod here on the POC or phone and the iComfort mods here on that view xx both of them are scheduled scheduled a bull is that word it is now so you can have that turned on automatically in the evenings and it just makes it nice and easy on the Eifel there’s the blue light you know on that vivid modes colors here on the view xx off slightly more punchy slightly more in-your-face than they are on the pakka for and the likes these oranges and the pinks they really

really stand out but not to a sort of an artificial degree or anything like that they do look rather rather than I supposed to see if you’re not a fan of those bold colors you can’t dial it down on demand but certainly in terms of the clarity the visuals and everything they’re easily a match for one another of course you do get that proper full view experience here on the V 20 was only about a dinky little pinhole camera if you barely even notice to be on a stuff for a little while as of course you do get that intrusive knotch here on the pocket that’s for the actual audio output of these speakers you do actually get a dual output here on the pocke for an f1 although the output from the top speaker is rather rather tinny compared with the more powerful output down below and it’s only really this right speaker that sort of outputs the proper volume decent volume obviously the qualities bits any as you’d expect from the smartphone and speaker but it’s alright for you know just watching a bit of YouTube something like that in the case of view 20 it only outputs via this dinky little bottom speaker and the volume ingrates to be perfectly honest so if you’re in a noisy environment you’re gonna probably struggle so what about the actual software experience we’ve got a nice bit of Android pipe running right here on the view 20 the latest version of

Google’s OS and the good news is you also get Android Pi run and right here on the pocke for an f1 as well it’s fully updated but of course the overall experience is slightly different on both smartphones because they all run on their own ovary but a bit of magic UI version 2.0 point one here on the view xx and in jammies on me UI for Paco as you can see the hair in brackets right here on the pocket for an f1 version 10.1 it’s actually slightly different version of me UI compared to what you might get on some other xiaomi’s smartphones and for instances you do actually have access to an apps drawer which is awesome you can get all your apps tidied away they don’t to be cluttered there on the desktops which is also an option here on Magic UI as well one of the best parts of android play at least in our opinion is the fact that you’ve got those gesture navigations and you do get full support for that in both the pocket phone and right here on the view xx as well there just allows you to ditch the navigation dock down below now as

you can see you can just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to dismiss an app being swipe up and hold an order call it the recent apps menu and if you’re actually in an app you can just do swipe you swipe be in order to go back have both magic UI and the pocket for me UI adds their own bonus features on top of Android and quite a lot of them do work really really nicely so for instance you’ve got a one handed mode in both cases this just allows you to as you can see minimize the display just to make everything much easier to handle just a quick swipe across the navigation dock does the job because if you ditch that navigation dock it’s still quite easy to access you on the view to NHS a swipe from the center down to the corner it’s a bit more tricky unfortunately here on the pock or phone you’ve got to basically use this quick ball feature which is a bit to be perfectly honest plenty of other great stuff in there as well office offers you’ve got great facial recognition on both of these phones those facial recognition immediately starts scanning for your gorgeous mug as soon as you tap that power button and as you can see it’s nice and Swift and responsive on both the pocke for one and the v20 and they’ve both got a wrist awake feature as well so you can just literally pick up your phone and it let me start scanning for your fierce and boom you’re into it again now I could probably spend a good half an hour gone through both honors magic UI and the pocke for me UI and sort of discussing their differences and the benefits of both over all

this they offer quite a nice user experience but I would say that’s the magic UI is my preferred of the two the sentence is just a lot more nicely laid out everything’s a bit more logical and a bit more helpful you can I have to do a bit of digging and me UI in order to find certain efforts and some things like the one handed mode on quite as easy to use if you for instance ditch the navigation dock and use the gestures instead but at least you do thankfully get that app strong with this version of me you I would you dawn on the standard version so what about the all-important matter of performer tour neither of these smartphones definitely disappoint in that area and the honor of u-20 you’ve got while is Kirin 980 chipset nice fresh and new for the end of 2018 since one of the very first smartphones outside of the MIT 20 that we’ve seen it in it’s practically the six or eight gigs around this is the sixth gig model and I found that is absolutely perfect for getting really nice with everyday performance apps just load up instantly as you can see with a quick tap you’re really not hanging around at all and it’s very rare to see any kind of stuttering or stammers at the praça for an f1 it’s call coms excellent snot drug me at four five and again it’s just buttery smooth performance there aren’t hubs along by again the six or eight gigs of RAM would you get pre-installed this again is the six gig version and again no problems

whatsoever as you can see nice and smooth now for chai khon do a benchmark comparison because on a smart phones have recently started blocking the likes of Geekbench definitely a bit of stroke EB in action not really sure what’s going on there but we can definitely testify to the fact that Karen I nearly is great if you want to play in the popular games like pub G mobile light it’s not a problem as you can see the graphics offset by default to hide framerate and nice strong graphics there and everything as well as you get plenty of detail packed in there as we can see if we just dive out of the settings go back into the game there you go you can see you can see all the fine detail of the island from up on high and I’ve had no problem playing full games on both of these smartphones you do get a nice smooth frame rate in both Turkey it’s even on that high detail level because it’s helped along by the GPU turbo to point here on the honor view 20 votes for the handful of games included pub G mobile and I just helps to maintain that consistent frame rate so you pretty much never see a stutter or a

stammer here on the V 20 then thanks lazier for five smarts here on the pocke for f1 it’s basically the same story there are nice crisp colorful visuals and as you can see they’re buttery smooth as well lovely stuff it’s good news too as far as the battery life is concerned you’ll easily get a couple of days of use out of either of these smartphones even if you’re hammering them sort of fairly hard you know regular web checks email checks plenty of instant messenger and camera use all the rest of it it’s all the if you start diving into likes of pub G mobile and full-on Skype video calls that you’ll notice the the battery’s starting to drop more significantly but even then you should make it through a full day of course you’ve got all the usual features in order to call any background apps that are killing at your battery life and you’ve got why we as usual performance mode and power saver mode onboard here with the magic UI and both pretty fast at charging back up again the super charge here on the view 20 seems to be slightly nippy you get over half a charge from just 30 minutes but you get the quick charge over here on the pocke phone as well and that works a treat that’s

for the storage space you do get a choice on both of these smartphones as starts off at 64 gigs here on the pocket for an f1 you can also pick it up in 128 all the way up to 256 meanwhile over here on the view 20 the base model is 128 but you also get a choice of two five six as well there doesn’t appear to be any expandable storage here on the view 20 however as you do get the option of slipping in a micro SD memory cards here on the PAS core and when it comes to the camera hardware it’s a very different story on these two phones the on of you 20 Ice uses a single lens setup as a forty eight megapixel sensor so it definitely makes up for in terms of detail levels whereas on the pocket for an f1 it’s a dual lens setup so 12 megapixel primary lens back to my 5 megapixel depth sensor yeah F 1.8 aperture here on the on of you 20 F 1.9 on the pocke phone we definitely found that the view 20 is better at those little light shots I said the lack of a depth sensor for those portrait shots means that occasionally the backgrounds blurry effect on those portrait pictures aren’t quite as good rather than the pocke phone they always come out really nicely you do however get a sec lenz of some description you on the view 20 it’s actually a time-of-flight lens so that can be used to accurately measure distances but unfortunately at the moment it doesn’t

seem to do absolutely anything at all it’s something that’s gonna come into play I guess if one it manages to put out an update we’ve been promised some camera features that will allow you to do all kinds of crazy 3d animations stuff with your besties but as I say at the time reviewing this video it does absolutely not fall we don’t go on into the camera apps you’ll see it’s quite a different experience there as well though they do have a similar sort of range of features so for instance you dive straight into the auto photo mode you have an AI mode as you can see here where is AI modes on the the view 20 and of course you got the me uie eye modes here on the POC or phone not as very little difference here in the pocket for an f1 with that AI mode enabled and disabled rocío on the view 20 does actually shoot slightly more ball the colors on on occasions and does apply some of those sort of more filtery grainy effects when necessary you do get a full pro mode if you know what you’re actually doing that just allows you to play around with light so the white balance the ISO levels the shutter speed in order to get a very precise kind of result as previously mentioned of course you do have a portrait mode on both of these smartphones as well this is actually includes studio lighting effects from the view 20 but they’re

a bit crap so I definitely stay clear of them as it mentioned a low-light shots before here on the view 20 be hard generally better can suck up a bit more detail with less grin than on the pocke for f1 and deals better with contrast as well but you also get while is excellent unite mods here on the view 20 first introduced on the p20 Pro it just takes a long exposure shot as you can see they’re taking over several seconds and the results are really nice and bright and crisp and very very impressive indeed not completely infallible occasionally you will get a bit of over saturation if you’re shooting a brightly lit monument at night say for instance but on the whole does a very nice job and fortune there’s no night mode to speak up just yet at least here on the Ponca for f1 but we are promised one in February so stay tuned for an in-depth look at that as for the video you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage on either of these phones as you can see there and you can also shoot Full HD as well and either 30 frames per seconds here on apocryphon iPhone or 30 or 60 frames per seconds here on the view 20 image stabilization is sort of all care on the poker fonts a pretty decent job even at that four key level but it’s definitely improved here on the view 20 where you get nice smooth results even when you’re shooting at Ultra HD go check out my full camera views of both apocryphon f1 and the honor of

u-20 in order to see all my photo and video samples and you’ll be able to make your own mind up I suppose front facing cameras this is twenty five megapixel snap it here on the view twenty and it’s a 20 megapixel on the pocket for up to say the results all perfectly fine on both of these smartphone staffers they generally deal fairly well with contrast so again probably slightly better on the view twenty but overall they’ll both do the job for your instagrams and all of that and of course you can get a bit of a portrait action on the go as well which again just sort of blurs out the background see there’s even blowing out the camera here on the the old pocket for so that nutshell is the honor view 20 versus the pocket for an f1 overall I have to say the view 20 is my favorite of the two it looks nicer I prefer the magic UI to pon the phone’s me UI and the camera tech overall as well as especially with the lights that night will definitely prefer on the view 20 but the pocket for f1 as I say the camera up did is coming in about a month or so so that might change my mind on that side of things and both of these smartphones of rock impressive performance great battery life and really nice crisp colorful displays as well so which one are you more tempted by definitely let us know in the comments down below be anderson to hear your thoughts and don’t forget apocalypse grub and ding loud notifications both from one the latest and grits mobile tech cheers everyone love you

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