Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10 Plus Side-by-side comparison

Samsung has just launched its new Galaxy S 10 and s 10 plus flagship phones and I’ve had my greasy mitts all over these super premium Mobile’s to see how they stack up in terms of specs features all the way through to that sexy camera tech sees my full side-by-side comparison with the Galaxy S 10 and s 10 plus and don’t forget for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech to poke subscribe and digne notifications bell Cheers now first off it’s probably not a massive shock to learn that the Galaxy S 10 is easier to manage with a single hand than the Plus model there’s not a huge amount between these two when it comes to the dimensions and weight but once you upgrade to that plus it certainly does make a difference the overall feel hopefully they are both also quite comfortable to grip thanks to those curvy edges and corners the Galaxy S 10 and the S 10 plus both pretty damn rugged as well you get a Gorilla Glass quarter and they both support an IP 68 dust and water resistance written as well you can choose between a selection of prism colors no matter which model you go for green white black and blue are all on offer however like galaxy s 10 plus also boasts a ceramic white and black and finish as well it’s a bit more premium and there are actually some differences in the specs of the ceramic models as we’ll touch on in a bit when lookups the display tape or the S tone and the S 10 plus rocks samsung’s new infinity or despair the Galaxy S 10 has a 6.1 inch panel whereas the Plus model obviously boosters in size to a six point four inch which actually doesn’t seem to crazy big in 2019 given all the other ridiculously sized handsets we’ve handled

that selfie camera is now actually housed in the display a sort of a punch hole knotch type thing and the displays on both of these phones curve around the edges as usual so that display it does fill almost the entire front end of each phone that’s what the split itself it’s Samsung’s new dynamic AMOLED tech you get a 19 by 9 aspect ratio and a quad HD plus resolution on both phones and no matter your choice you’ll get support for HD or 10 Plus as well which is Samsung’s on standard this can regularly change the brightness level as your viewing back videos or carrying out other tasks in order to suit the picture and ensure strong color visibility sometimes all those support smart phones rate at a 0.4 on the G NCD skill just nor the full color difference and no I’ve got absolutely no idea what that means but I’m guessing lower is better as for brightness no worries there either they both have a 1200 nits peak brightness you’ll easily be able to see what’s going on in an outdoor environment Justin and the STM as both rock a ultrasonic fingerprint scanner built into that screen as well this is a proper 3d sensor so it could basically work even and Riaan even if your fingers are a bit greasy and it’s not fooled by any 2d images so it’s super secure the Fitz Canon is a bit more basic unfortunately in this case you just get simple 2d scanning so it’s not gonna be quite as secure as that fingerprint sensor but at least it’s an option when it comes to the performance Samsung didn’t actually want to tell us the exact chipset that both of these phones use at the time of our briefing as it could apparently have actually changed between the briefing and the official launch have what they did tell us is

that the S 10 on the S 10 plus will both use the same octa-core it nanometer processor so you basically expect that to be the Exynos 98 20 these are of course just the European specs and it may be the case of in America they both use the Snapdragon 8/5 5 instead and both of these phones also have 8 gigabytes of RAM packed inside while the ceramic version of the plus boost this to a rather ridiculous 12:12 certainly in our hands-on session we saw no kind of slowdown stammers or stillness from either of these phones as you would kind of expect and some songs one UI which sits neatly on top of Android pi also does a great job of app management in the background apparently so for instance this can call any apps that back on the might wear down your performance in battery life at times when you typically don’t use them well look up to the storage the ceramic version of the galaxy s 10 plus comes with a whoppin one terabyte of storage while the prism models of the Galaxy S 10 and the sm+ server be there 128 or 512 gigs of storage and every model also has for microSD memory card support of up to a further 512 gigs sorted out into the battery tech and of course the plus model has a substantially bigger battery as well it’s a 4100 mininum cell compared with the decidedly piddly 3400 milliamp on the s10 both fallen support a better faster wireless charging 2.0 of Samsung’s own concoction and they can also do a bit of reverse wireless charging to Samsung has named this feature wireless power share and it works basically the same as well as mid-20 Pro when it comes to

connectivity bought the Galaxy S 10 and the sm+ have a nice bit of Wi-Fi six support onboard as well great news when Wi-Fi six routes start rolling out in 2019 obviously means faster more dependable connectivity and it’s lower power consumption as well however near the phone is far you ready for that you’ll have to wait until the summer of 2019 when Samsung launches a 5 g version of the Galaxy S 10 this is actually bigger than the s 10 and the S 10 plus even as well so what about the all-important matter of a camera tech well this gives the S 10 in the s 10 plus are identical or at least they are as far as that new triple lens rear camera goes both one spot a 12 megapixel dual pixel primary lens the aperture can be swapped between F 2 point 4 for those shop D light snaps and F 1 point 5 and those little light conditions on top of that you get a 16 megapixel F 2.2 ultra wide-angle lens for a grid of view of whatever you’re shooting on a 12 megapixel telephoto zoom lens F 2.4 aperture for a closer up view of more distant subjects the good news is that both the primary lens and that telephoto lens have optical image stabilization built into them on both the galaxy s 10 and the s 10 plus they open up the camera apps you’ll see that basically the S 10 in the S Templars offer the same camera features and modes services they both have the option of smart scene recognition which tweets the lock

of your photos based on the subject that it detects you also get some other smart photo module to help you to line up your shot just right and of course you get a slew of bonus camera modes including AR stick is panorama food mode and so on and so on when it comes to the video tech you can shoot up to 4k resolution video add up to 60 frames per second and there’s also the option for HDR video both the estate on the s10 plus support Samsung’s new super steady video which is basically an advanced form of image stabilization when you’re shooting a movement at the same time and of course there’s support for super slow motion time-lapse and all that kind of shenanigans switch around to the front of the S 10 in the s 10 Plus and you can immediately see a difference ES 10 has just a single punch hole camera lens embedded in that display while the plus bumps this up to a dual lens setup so while both of these handsets have a 10 megapixel dual pixel snapper with an F 1.9 aperture the Plus also Roxann it megapixels secondary sensor with F 2.2 aperture and this is basically just used for depth sensor there’s no wide-angle capabilities or anything like that despite the single n setup the galaxy s 10 seems just as adept at the bacchus style effects as the plus although we will have kospi testing this much more extensively for a full s10 camera reviews I think you should up to 4k resolution footage if you like to do a bit of vlogging as well great stuff so stay tuned for an in-depth look at both the eastern and the sm+ including that smart camera tech and don’t forget a poke subscribe down below and think that Laura fication is belt in order to see the latest and greatest mobile tech G’s everyone love you

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