Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10e Side-by-side comparison

now alongside the beefy new Galaxy S 10 flagship phones samsung has also lodged a curious piece known as the Galaxy S 10 II this is essentially a more compact and slightly stripped back version of that original vanilla S 10 and while many of the specs and features are shared between the two there are some key differences between them as well so here’s my full side-by-side comparison with the galaxy s 10 and the ste so you know exactly what’s what and don’t forget for more on the list of grits Beauvoir texts and prog subscribe editing that notification spell Cheers so a lot of the ste is billed as a compact version of the S term it is actually quite tricky to tell the difference between the two when they’re slapped into your palms they are certain deftly has a bit more hides but in other respects they are very similar restores the way the S 10 e weighs 150 grams versus the 157 gram Galaxy S 10 and the S tell is only slightly wider than the S 10 II as well at 70 point four millimeters versus sixty nine point nine for the thickness they’re both the of the eight millimeters thankfully both are fairly easy to use with just one hand as well certainly compared with a lot of other 6.5 inch beasts that I’ve been fond of them lately sorts of speak now the subject reps

couldn’t confirm in our briefing but the Galaxy S 10 a more slightly uses a Gorilla Glass 5 cotton while the Galaxy S 10 bumps this up to a Gorilla Glass 6 the news though is that both phones are fully ip68 dust and water resistant and both versions offer Samsung’s full range of prism colors to choose from as well green white black and blue however only the Galaxy S tourney comes to this fetch and canary yellow finish if you want people to stare at you as you ride the tube that this is definitely the one to go for now we look up to the display text Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 a packs in a 5.9 inch screen with a flat finish while the Galaxy S 10 bumps this up to a 6.1 inch edge display this as usual curves around both sides to pretty much eliminate those side bezels and sub sink screen also reaches up to nearly the very top of both handsets because the selfie cameras are housed at a punch hole style not up in that top corner although the attorney does lose that edge display finish the actual screen tech basically remains the same both the Galaxy S 10 and the S 10 esport Samsung’s dynamic AMOLED

panel with HDR plus support this can boost and lower the brightness dynamically dependant on the visuals and the point of that is basically to offer the full range of color visibility at any one tone however while the original Galaxy S 10 so quality plus resolution as is standard for Galaxy S series smartphones the s10 II does drop this to a full HD plus resolution the difference is really only obvious when you carefully study images on both for the side-by-side or at least it was for my neck at all dice so the Estonia is still perfectly fine for enjoying movies with a crisp clear finish now the Samsung Galaxy S 10 actually has a funky in display fingerprint sensor built into the bottom half of that screen this is highly accurately capturing all of the individual ridges and your finger so it should work even when your hands are wet or a bit greasy and contrast yesterday has an edge mounted fingerprint sensor instead similar to Sony’s old school experience unfortunately this is kind of awkwardly positioned up at the top of the right edge it’s absolutely fine if you’re on the phone in your right hand because you can just use your thumb to reach up there but if you haven’t in your left hand and it’s a bit of a stretch for your finger you also get simple 2d face

recognition on both of these Samsung bros as well there is no 3d mapping unfortunaly so this won’t be as secure as that fingerprint sensor thankfully there’s no compromise on the galaxy s ‘tony when it comes to the performance though as both devices Rock the symbol of our platform Samsung was suitably big on the actual chipset used in these handsets as it wasn’t a hundred percent lockdown at the time of the brief and apparently but both the s10 and yesterday will apparently use the same octa-core it nanometer processor and you can basically expect this to be the Exodus then year 20 here in Europe matt said the galaxy s 10a does offer a choice between 6 or 8 gigs of RAM while it’s bigger brother sticks for the 8 gigs as standard not they were expecting to see much of a performance difference between the two now both the s10 and the s10 II used bit of Android Pi with Samsung’s on one UI smother nicely on top but as far as we could tell in our hands-on session they both offer the same complement of features that said the Galaxy S 10 does have some songs now obligatory horrid sensor mounted on the back end something that you don’t get on the more budget-friendly s10 II as for the storage both phones come with a base level of 128 gigs which is upgradeable to 256 gigs on the s10 II or a

whopping 512 gigs on the s10 and whichever SKU you choose you will be able to slap in a micro SD memory card as well to boost it by a further 512 gigs nice as for the battery tech it’s a 3100 milliamps L in the s10 eight versus a 3000 for Gemelli app on the standard version with fully expectancy’s similar battery for these two phones however as you get that smaller footage d+ screen on the s10 II and the other battery features remain the same so you get fast wireless charging 2.0 on both of these Samsung handsets and you also get sometimes new wireless power share feature onboard as well which basically gives you reverse wireless charging just like WoW is MIT 20 pro and both phones are also Wi-Fi 6 ready out of the box that are sadly there’s no support for 5g for that you’ll have to wait till around summer time when the new 5 you ready version of the s10 comes out better get saving now though cuz it won’t be cheap the final big difference is with the rear camera tech you get a dual lens rear camera on the s10 a versus the new triple n shooter here on the s10 to keep things simple the first two lenses are at least identical you get a 12 megapixel dual pixel lens with optical image stabilization and that offers a 8 jul 5 and f 2.

4 to match the surrounding environmental conditions as for the second lens is a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle snapper on both falls with an F 2.2 aperture however the standard s 10 also finds room for a third 12 megapixel telephoto lens with F 2.4 aperture and once again you get a tasty slice of óas lot of those camera apps and you basically get the same overall

experience except of course you’ve got three lenses to choose between on the s10 compared with just two on the s10 a you’ve got the same smart scene recognition feature which recognizes all of the same subjects including new stuff like clothes and cats you have the best shot feature which helps you to line up your snap using the rule of thirds and you appear to get all of the same photo and video modes on both of these smartphones too so you’re not losing out on anything on the SNT besides that zoomed in view point there’s a match right down to the video tech as well where you could shoot 4k resolution footage it up to 60 frames per second with an option for HDR support as well and if we flip a both around and stick on that front camera instead you’ve got the same single and shooter and both yes Tony and the S 10 it’s a 10 megapixel dual pixel snapper with an F 1.9 aperture you get the same wide-angle view for your GRU fees or whatever the Frick they’re called and of course those Baca style effects and the ability to shoot up to 4k resolution video for a bit of vlogging in your spare time it’s all right there in a nutshell is how the galaxy s 10 and the galaxy s 10 e shape up which one are you more tempted by if either the deftly let us know and the damn blows the s10 a just a bit too much for compromise bit of a deal-breaker Big Red’s hear your thoughts and don’t forget a poke subscribe to dig that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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