Huawei P30 vs P20 Side-by-side comparison

so why is p30 is officially there out in the wild but the question is how does it improve on last year’s while with p20 and should p20 owners consider an upgrade spunk an out some cash for the latest P 30 but is a full side by side comparison and don’t forget a poke subscribe and doing that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech now let’s take them side by side and the PT 30 isn’t that much bigger than the P 20 in terms of the screen size is a 6.1 inch smartphone compared with a 5.8 inch P 20 from last year that said the P 30 isn’t actually bigger than the P 20 thanks to the fact that it’s lost that big thick chunky lower bezel that’s because it doesn’t have a physical fingerprint sensor underneath the display unlike last year’s P 20 it’s now an in screen fingerprint sensor instead sadly is an optical sensor instead of an ultrasonic sensor that means it just takes a 2d image of your print but it certainly seems just and fast as responsive here on the P 30 as last year’s physical sensor flip around to the back and you get a gorgeous curved glass design similar to the one you got on the P 20 with a

few neat little refinements here and there it feels really nice and comfortable to clutch and pick it up in a number of different hues once again inspired by light we definitely love this gradient finish even though it is now worn er old in terms of the general durability the Piton is held up well and we reckon the p30 will do the same as well and both phones are IP 53 splash resistant as well great news if you live in a drizzly country like the UK now the P thirties display might have grown a little bit also now stretches pretty much edge to edge helped along by that new dewdrop notch finish up top it’s also different tech it’s now an OLED panel compared with the RGB W LCD which we found in the p20 it’s a more stretched design here on the p30 as well it’s a 19 point 5 by 9 aspect ratio compared with the older 18 point 7 by 9 stick them both side by side and you’ll struggle to not as much of a difference in those visuals though the p30 does seem to produce slightly more vivid hues when it comes to those Reds the greens the Blues but you can’t play around with the actual color output as you could on the P 20 and it’s once it going to full HD plus resolution here on the P 30 so

there’s no real difference in terms of the actual detail levels the software house changed up however you know I’ll get the latest Android Pi with a nice bit of emotion UI 9.1 slapped on there on the p30 whereas last year’s p 20 your review sample is still sporting the older Android Oreo with a bit of a motion right 8.1 on top I mean you will find some new features here on the p30 such as the digital well being which is kind of like a nanny type thing but also add some really useful parental controls if you’ve got a child who likes to browse YouTube but then we hours you get the same sort of gesture controls and everything over the face and lock option is once again back on the p30 just like it was found on the p20 and I’ve got you get all of why we as usual apps thrown in there such as the health app and the device management as well the good news is it all runs nice and smoothly no matter your choice you do get the upgraded karin 980 chipset here on the p30 and that’s now backed by six gigs around compared with the 970 found on the p20 which is backed by just four gigs of ram all the tech still runs apps that you find however the people and he’s still perfectly smooth but the p30 you can definitely feel it’s just that little bit more silky when

you’re rushing through your menus and certainly when you’re opening up apps they seem to be nice and nippy now but of course if you like a bit of pubsey mobile or something like that both of these smartphones support a bit a GPU turbo action to give you a nice consistently smooth frame rate and so the storage there’s been no change there it’s 128 gigs on the p20 and once again on the p30 however the battery tech has improved as the 3400 milliamp sell on the older p20 and that’s been boosted to a 3650 milliamp cell on the p30 so hopefully you’ll easily make it through a full day well into a second day as well and while his super charge is once again back on board it’s a 22 point 5 watt charge and tech in both cases sadly nor wireless charging or anything here on the p30 just like with last year’s p20 one of the biggest updates however is definitely to the camera tech last years while we’re p20 only rocked a dual lens sensor unfortunately missed out on the trial instance which you got under standard p20 Pro here on the p30 however that has been corrected you now get a three lens at camera setup is all the specs you need to know obviously the p20 rocks a 12

megapixel RGB lens and that was backed by a 20 megapixel monochrome lens could choose some really nice-looking photos and video but here on the p30 you now got a 14 megapixels super spectrum lens that’s got an F 1.

8 aperture sim as the aperture on the primary P 20 lens the super spectrum set up basically helps to suck in more light to produce rich detail and colors in your everyday daylight shots and hopefully improve in the detail levels and those low-light shots as well we would of course bring you a full camera comparison to see if that really is the case as for the secondary snapper it’s now an ultra wide-angle lens here on the p30 giving you a very different view of the world and you also get an 8 megapixel telephoto lens as well this gives you up to three times optical zoom thanks to the periscope finish in terms of the actual camera software not huge months has changed here on the p30 but it definitely offers a smarter experience than the p20 you can once again shoot portrait shots with all kinds of funky effects but the interface has just been cleaned up and it’s a bit nicer here on the p30 you can also now quickly access that GI mode right there from the front of the camera you are you don’t have to dive into the menus like you used to on the p20 and of course as usual with the p30 and the p20 you

get a buttload of bonus camera features a p30 also sports the new super HDR shot it’ll just give you a really nice balanced shot so for instance turning down something like the Sun or a bright sky and really happen to bring out the detail levels in your subject when there are a darker element in the shot as for the video you can once again shoot up to 4k resolution video here on the p30 but the image stabilization has definitely been improved and hopefully in those lower light situations you’ll get more details shining through as well it’s over onto the front of these smartphones and you get an upgraded front-facing selfie camera here on the p30 as well on the p20 it was a 24 megapixel f 2.0 shooter here on the p30 is now a 32 megapixel front facing shooter you once again get a nice bit of portrait mode action on the go again with those various funky effects and you can shoot up to full HD resolution video as well so that in a nutshell right there is how last year’s while we’re p20 has been improved for this year’s p 30 smartphone what do you reckon do you on the P 20 and if you do are you tempted to upgrade to the P 30 definitely a nice sexy bit of tech let’s do your thoughts down in the comments blonde I’ve got a pug subscribe and doing that notifications both from on the latest and greatest mobile tech Cheers

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