Long-Term Review Huawei Mate 20 Pro Still worth it?

so war has finally officially pulled back the curtain on its new P 30 and P 30 Pro flagship phones and in preparation / celebration for the launch I’ve been rocking at the war we admit when he paused my full-time personal handset again for close to a week frankly any excuse to slap my sim in this thing because it’s still my favorite phone right now there’s my full long-term 2019 re review of the mid-20 pearl roughly six months after the first officially launched and don’t forget to poke subscribe in thing that notifications both for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech chairs now last year while we introduced its funky gradient glass design a look that’s so good they wisely stuck with it for the p30 family the meet 20 port is such good eye candy that you almost want to hold it the wrong way around just the gears are Darnley a touch shiny ascend and it’s definitely a delight to whip out in the pub as well guaranteed to attract the lots of attention lorries on the durability front either there’s a little sign of water damage despite the fact that I’ve used the mid-20 bra in the shower a few times best not to ask any questions there and after a few months of near constantly being crammed in my backpack the mid-20 bra is still looking

rather sharp although the screen did quickly pick up a few light scratches and these have definitely multiplied since so if you’re gonna grab yourself a mere 20 prior would highly recommend slapping a screen protector on it although this may well meddle with that in display a fingerprint sensor personally that’s no great shakes however as I’m still not a massive fan of that fingerprint sensor it’s an optical scanner which takes a 2d image of your pinky which sadly isn’t as reliable or foolproof as the 3d ultrasonic sensor found on Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 now family I have to rescan my prints every month or so otherwise they simply just stop being recognized which is really annoying and that’s one of the reasons I usually just skip the sensor entirely and go straight to that excellent 3d face recognition camera tech instead this basically always does the job even if you’re hidden away behind sunglasses near hammer bother to shave for a few days and it’s insanely fast as well and thankfully you can skip all that screen swiping on sense making this one of the very best phones around for face unlocking now said I have noticed a wee little bug that’s only just recently cropped up on the mid-20 porn that is if you try unlock it using the fingerprint sensor but it doesn’t recognize you and then it defaults back to that camera for the facial recognition instead it’ll then demand that you swipe the screen in

order to actually unlock it rather than just unlock and stretch your desktop it’s a bit weird annoying and that’s why I usually just skip the fingerprint sensor altogether and simply just tap a power button and boom you’re in anyway that sensor is basically the only thing that’s not entirely great about the mid-20 pause 6.39 inch or LED screen between the smack you right in the face vibrancy and the quad HD plus resolution I love kicking back with a bit of netflix action especially with the HDR support and as the new P 30 handset Sport Full HD plus panels the mate is still a top dog when it comes to the screen tech lies as long as of course you don’t mind that super chunky notch up top that’s the price that you unfortunately pay for the accurate 3d face scanning personally I don’t find it as ridiculous as the pixel 3 notch as it’s quite squat but you can always hide it from view if the thing does make you wanna puke and also the lack of a 3.5 ml headphone jack is occasionally a pain in the ass even though I tend to go wireless these days guaranteed when I do want to plug in a pair of headphones I’ll be hunting around for that dongle II thing and it’ll always be in the last pocket my backpack that I check gara civil ish you get a stereo speaker output

which is pretty decent on total volume another advantage over the new p30 Pro which ditches that earpiece speaker entirely now if you’ve seen some of my other while we stuff on video though I’m a bit of a fan of emotion UI and here on the mid-20 pull its bang up to date I won’t go through all the features again but that gesture control is great and we’ve already touched on the likes to the face unlock while ways menus on much more neatly organized and that 100 mod is still a bloody lifesaver when you’re trying to control the hyperactive three-year-old and check the bus times or whatever now when it comes to the performers there’s basically no difference between the mid-20 brought on the latest p30 flagships either you still get Wow is top-end current 980 chipset which proves perfectly capable that everything that you need to do the only time I tend to see a stutter is when I’m trying to flick through the Google feed really fast apart from that it’s a perfectly smooth ride and of course while is GPU turbo feature keep some of the most popular mobile games running with a dependable framerate even when you’re nipping about on a vehicle on pub G mobile everything’s nice and smooth I’ve definitely got no complaints when it comes to the

battery tech either not once have I had to charge up the huawei mate 20 bra before I’ve been tucked up with Teddy at nighttime and that includes when I’ve been using it as a sat-nav for a big-ass road trip abusing the hell out the camera everything involved the combination of that mighty 4200 milliamp battery and the power-efficient mue 9 software does the trick nicely see on never left in the lurch and we do need to power up again no worries the 40 watt supercharged tech is crazy quick giving you a full battery from empty in roughly an hour while the 15 watt wireless charging also does a bang-up job although admittedly I’ve never really made use of that reverse wireless charging in real life beyond showing people how it works but that may change as accessories like wireless earbuds start to offer the ability to power up Wire free now that triple-n’s camera tech with its unique square house and it’s still one of the very best bits of the womb 820 porn it’s something that I’ve dedicated a lot of time to here on expert in various camera comparisons and deep dives you’ll find plenty of imitators these days out there of course but the likes of Samsung and Sony now releasing their own trial and setup complete with ultra wide and telephoto options still all the mid-20 pro is the one that I go back to whenever I’m heading off on a trip as it’s perfect for capturing a variety of stunning

touristy pics while the unbeatable portrait mode is still ideal for those nice looking family shots and yes the night mode is still up there with a very best especially when you want to shoot a cityscape with the lighter elements at play sadly the mid-20 port isn’t quite as impressive when it comes to the video chops however Huawei is mostly sort of the issues with image stabilization especially at 4k resolution although you’ll see some odd choppiness around the edge of the frame when you’re walking and shooting there’s no option for 4k or 60 frames per second or h2 your shoes in either and the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S 10 series are clearly superior across a range of conditions especially for more active shooting some of these issues will hopefully be sorted by what was P 30 and P 30 probe without super spectrum tech so definitely stay tuned for an in-depth comparison between those and the mid-20 pro and also one of the more

intriguing mid-20 pro camera features that was shown up for the launch was the 3d modeling but this wasn’t actually available until the recent edition of the 3d live maker up to the Google Play Store unfortunately I’ve tried the 3d modeling out on the mid-20 pro and it is shonky as anything even if you do actually manage to get the phone to start scanning whatever

object you’re aiming it at good luck actually filling up that progress bar and ending up with a finished result frankly I’d say just don’t bother sorry there in a nutshell is the Huawei admit when he lost six months after launch and just as the P 13 P 30 bra are about to hit our shelves what do you recognize still tend to buy the mitt when he brought despite the fact they is those few months old and the P 30s are now basically out there doesn’t be greater your thoughts of bang laws down blonde don’t forget a pug subscribe but doing that notifications both from what on the latest from Grizz what about a coach is everyone love you

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