One Week Review OnePlus 7 Pro

one plus seven Pro hotter than a Buffalo’s anus as the name kind of heavily implies yeah this is a pro version of the standard one plus seven small polished at the same time and yeah sure it is more expensive than your typical warm Plus offered but it also packs in more than enough premium hardware to rival the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S ten plus and the while we’re P 30 series I’ve been using the oneplus 7 pro as my personal smartphone or daily driver as YouTube to call it for just under a week now and here is my in-depth earlier review I don’t forget for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech type book subscribe unting that notifications Bell cheers now first up if you have to quite a compact easier to manage handset then you might want to run for the hills this near 7-inch beast is a proper pocket filler and one-handed use is basically a write-off definitely not helped by the slippery surfacing one-plus has steered true to its design philosophies with just a few little aesthetic tweaks to give the oneplus seven brought a seriously premium look and feel the most striking change here is of course that full view frontal finish accomplished by shift in the selfie camera to a pop-up module that’s been done before by up or but it’s no less enjoyable here on 1 + 7 Pro simple things for simple minds maybe but god damn it is cute but display curves around the phone’s edges now with a very narrow slice of edge and to separate the front and the back panels as with previous gens the back of this one plus handset is constructed from glass for the choice of matte or shiny surfacing at launch there’s only a choice of two different hues plus a limited edition almond effort my favorite is definitely this metallic blue offer and here it’s a subtle shade with a brotherplease and shame and it catches the light just saw and more importantly it mostly conceals the muck up to my greasy mitts have been all over it following a week of general abuse the oneplus 7 pro is thankfully showing absolutely no signs of wear either that massive chassis is coated in Gorilla Glass 5 and just to be extra sure you get a pre-installed screen protector so this thing is basically tougher than a premier in

breakfast sausage and while I’m yet to fully submerge the phone in water it definitely has no issues in sudden severe downpours shout out to the unpredictable UK weather for helping me test that one out the only real hardware issue I’ve had concerns this volume rocker occasionally when you hit volume up it will actually stick in that position blasting you all the way up to 100% which is obviously great fun when you listening to metalcore music through some headphones basically get ready to your pants I and of course this is just a problem with my particular review units and I’m hoping that it will sort itself out just a t-than issue it still seems to be sticking a week on though which isn’t great for a premium handset now one of the first big upgrades for this poor model something that you don’t get on the standard one plus seven is that Samsung manufactured AMOLED display this six point six seven inch quad HD plus beast will definitely please any cinephiles who demand the absolute best visual quality the HDR 10 plus output means incredible detail contrast and natural color reproduction when you enjoying some compatible Netflix content to put it crudely if eyeballs could actually jizz then this entire room would be redecorated in a pearly white shade of spunk as usual you have complete control over that display output as well including the resolution the color scale and even the refresh rate one plus seven prone out tops out in an impressive 90 Hertz which makes for a lag free silky smooth experience whatever you’re up to and of course an amazing given experience with compatible Android titles and I really like the stereo speakers set up on the oneplus 7 pro as well

which is great when you just kicking back with for instance a bit of YouTube action from your favorite channel oh god do I really sound like that it’s not like a proper nothing you also have all of the other audio features that you’d expect including Bluetooth 5.0 support and a bit of aptX HD as well but no there is no headphone jack here it’s dongles are high for any wide phone fans boo if you don’t mind being a bit of a brand though I definitely recommend picking up these second gen 1 plus bullets wireless headphones though which were launched at the same time as the smart phone they are the mutts nuts stay tuned for an in-depth review of these bad boys like the oneplus 60 you once again have an optical fingerprint sensor built into the display but this time around it’s so much better absolutely no issues whatsoever with the accuracy and it’s insanely faster though it doesn’t work very well when your fingers all wait likewise the pop-up camera is still impressively quick for face recognition but you will have to whip your Sony’s off oh it won’t recognise you I want a big shout out to the crazy strong vibration motor that’s been shoved into this thing as well you definitely get more than a tickle whenever any notifications pop ups the defi nor excuses for missed messages all these years on I still love the bejesus out of oxygen OS as well which adds some nifty customization and theme into Android PI though there is still lore dedicated one hand besides some help dragon done that notifications tab gamers are definitely very well cared for with new extreme fanatic mods and some limit a screen recording as well while the Zen Lord is fantastic for giving you a dedicated

period of peace now banged on about all the new baits and a separate oxygen OS features guys definitely go have a squint at that for all you need to know about the software and also on the subject of gehrman again it’s no surprise that the oneplus 7 pro can blaze through any title out there nor pressure well the likes of the RAM boost feature and that gimen world come use to free up resources there really is no need right now the Snapdragon 805 platform backed by up to 12 yeah 12 gigs of ram can basically deal with anything you chuck in it pugsy mobile on top it’s your detail levels yeah no bother whatsoever the framerate stays high even when you’re bombing about the place on a bike or a car like a reckless more for and battery life also gets a big thumbs up as well and ever even came close to see the oneplus 7 Pro wiped out at the end of a long deer despite plenty of gaming video streaming music audiobooks the lot even a proper half hour session on pub G or these saps the battery by around 8% so you can give me away through an entire afternoon without needing to plug in and battery life is also optimized when you having a bit of a Kip so you barely get any loss at all no worries if you do run out of juice though because the ridiculously quick warp charge 30 is absolutely mental when you empty this can power the oneplus 7 probe back to 36% in just 15 minutes all while keeping the phone relatively cool the other big upgrade with us here pro model is the triple lens rear camera which serves up a fresh wide-angle and telephoto lens in addition to the mega sexed-up 14 megapixel primary shooter that

camera hardware is obviously been seriously reworked but what does that actually mean for the photo and video quality well I tested out the oneplus 7 bro alongside the galaxy s 10 plus and the wyoweb P 30 prod to see how it stacks up against some of the biggest rivals out let’s go check out my in-depth camera comparison live right now to see what I thought so then after all that shenanigans what is the early verdict on the oneplus 7 pro well this is every bit the super premium smartphone that you expect with enough smart hardware and slick software to take on basically any flagship out there if all you need is speed and a satisfying or run experience then the standard one plus seven will definitely grease your gear stick but if cash in exactly tight and you demand the absolute best tech out there then the prog definitely is a winner so that’s what I think about the oneplus haven’t brought up to use that as my full-time smartphone for a week what do you reckon all you’ve really tempted by the pull more knowledge reckon you just stick with one plus seven or can one plus basically go stick it I’ll definitely let us know your thoughts down in the comments below and don’t forget please please please to poke subscribe and think that notifications about for more on the latest and greatest tech does everyone love you

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