OnePlus 7 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei P30 Pro

so one of the biggest updates on the darris hits sexy new one plus seven port is definitely that fresh new triple ends camera Tex slapped on the back these try line shooters are all the rage these days and most of the big flagship phones launched in 2019 come with an ultra wide-angle and telephoto optionally you can switch between on-the-fly to effortlessly change your perspective so how does the 1 plus 7 pro stand up to the competition in a proper camera brawl well I’ve been testing this bad boy alongside the samsung galaxy s 10 plus and the wyoweb P 30 Pro for the last few days and here’s my full in-depth camera comparison and don’t forget for more than lettuce to go it’s mobile tech tip fog subscribe ending that notifications bail J’s well first up let’s take a look at all that techy spec stuff if this was a spirit of mega pixel contest the 1 plus would be the instant Victor thanks to its 48 megapixel primary lens you also have a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and an 8 megapixel telephoto shooter capable of 3 times optical zoom for a really close up view of your subjects the more weight p30 pro offers a similar setup with a 40 megapixel primary lens banks buy a 20 megapixel ultra wide adds another 8 megapixel telephoto snapper except that Huawei’s periscope style design means a

mighty 5 times optical zoom and 10 times hybrid zoom is on offer wowzers and last up is the samsung galaxy s 10 plus whose 12 megapixel primary lens boasts samsung’s dual aperture setup this can switch between F 1.5 and F 2.4 to suit the available scene that’s backed by a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto shooter which this time unfortunately only manages a 2 times optical zoom and all three of these sunsets have optical image stabilization built into both the primary and the telephoto lenses so that right there is the camera Hardware shenanigans all well and good but how do these 3 blows actually stack up for the photo and video quality well first up as far as the photo quality goes those detail levels are basically a match between these 3 mobiles they all shoot images that run the 10 to 12 megapixel level by default and that’s plenty for viewing back on a big display of course both the s10 plus and the p30 Pro offer a form of AI mode which is basically smart Scene Recognition which then tweaks the camera settings on your behalf whenever a subject such as a cat or a pretty flower holds into view the CI mode can be switched on or

off on both the while we and the Samsung phones and it does clearly make a difference at times especially when dealing with colors textures with the eye activated some tones are boosted to make them look more attractive while they appear more natural when that AI is toggled off again the 1 + 7 Pro on the other hand seems to live somewhere in the middle colors do occasionally seem a little bit richer when shot on the 1 + compared with the other 2 handsets with the e AI mods deactivated firstly I do quite like the effect here and the 1 + although it is all down to taste of course macro shots can prove quite tricky even for more premium handsets like these 3 but get up close to your subject and you won’t be disappointed PS 10 + proved best at those macro shots offering seriously impressive detail from a teeny distance but the warrior p30 pro and the 1 + 7 + certainly don’t struggle to focus and deliver shop results as well and what about HDR photos well the 1 + 7 Pro is a serious improvement of a previous one + 60 in this area captured more natural colors and overall well balanced shots yes 10 + + the p30 Pro occasionally offers slightly brighter visuals in those darker areas and the p30 brought especially impresses at times with its realistic image reproduction but the 1 + certainly holds its own against

these super premium smartphones if you demand the very best telephoto option out there well the while we’re p30 pro is unsurprisingly the standout victor that 5 x oom offers incredible detail at a distance while at that 10 times level the hybrid zooms still produces impressively crisp results the runner-up here is definitely the 1 + 7 bra which offers a very solid performance indeed even when you jump beyond the 3 times zoom level you can still expect some surprisingly shot pics the gap between the 1 + and the s templates of this level is all too obvious frankly Samsung has still got some serious catching up to do when she entered against a bright sky we also follow the 1 + so important captured a bright detailed image of our subject although slightly at the expense of color the Galaxy S 10 + offered a more natural result with realistic tones although the subject was also darker as for the ultra wide lenses well the Galaxy S templates delivers a wider view than the other two phones and that makes for some particularly dramatic results both we do produce good-looking pics with a wide enough angle to fit a massive monument or a sweepin Vista into a single

shot on standard order mode 1 + 7 pro and the p30 pro turn out the best luck in night shots the sm+ had these sets of too much light without F 1.5 aperture lens which leads to overblown images of course that can be countered by sticking the phone Maud’s and manually changing the aperture back to f 2.4 all three phones here offer a dedicated night mode as well and on the galaxy s 10 plus this it doesn’t really seem to do much at all to help to be honest all the p30 pro you get bright results with limited green and thankfully my test photos were still nicely balanced as well and I’m definitely impressed by the oneplus as an ID skip to mode which brightens things up and avoids over saturating those lighter elements lovely stuff of course in total darkness the p30 pro is miles apart from the others thanks to its long exposure functionality without that all you get is well whole heap or nothing ready switch to portrait mode and all three phones can capture a clean crisp photo of your subjects while blur in the background out however while the oneplus 7 pro sticks with quite a subtle Bakke effect you have a choice of background finishes with the p30 pro and the s10 plus some of these all rather eyebrow RISM but they do tend to work quite well with the exception of a couple of the p30 pros more outlandish efforts well now all three handsets here can shoot up to 4k resolution video although the p30 pull can’t manage it at 60 frames per second unlike the others still I was very happy with the test footage I shot on these mighty Mobile’s you

can expect crisp visuals and on the oneplus 7 pro and the p30 pro you also get quite punchy colors as well especially when shoots an unnaturally vibrant scene no worries with the focus performance either whatever you’re aiming at will steer nice and sharp even at close range even at that 4k level the 1 + 7 Pro the S 10 plus and the P 30 brought also offer dependable image stabilization you get a slight shimmer with each step if you’re not light a foot but definitely nothing to hair isn’t at all of course the s templates does offer HDR smarts which comes in handy with those high-contrast scenes while you also get the brilliant super steady feature if you’re really moving at peace it’s also worth noting that on the Huawei p30 pro and the samsung galaxy s 10 plus you can swap between all three of those available lenses using the video mode however the 1 + 7 Pro for every reason won’t let you switch to the wide-angle mode all you can do is get that telephoto zoom action on the gun and we’ll briefly touch on the selfie snappers on

these three handsets as well this is a single end shooter on the p30 pro and one plus 70 but as you can see here on the galaxy s 10 plus it is a dual lens effort just for a bit of depth sensor action for those portrait shots and of course here on one plus seven pro the selfie camera is actually hidden away out of sight that never gets old to be frank all of them do a similar job performance strongly even with the bright background complicated matters the p30 Pro definitely serves up the most natural skin tones on those occasions but the others impress as far as detail levels go and yes you can shoot portrait style shots with all three of them and the way in Samsung phones once again offer all kinds of funky effects so that right there is how the oneplus 7 pro stacks up against the galaxy s 10 plus and the one with P 30 pro as far as the camera chops are concerned which one’s your favorite definitely let us know in the comments down below and I’ve also directly compared the oneplus 7 pro to the PFA Pro and the S 10 plus as far as the speed battery life all of the rest of that goes as well so go check out those videos for more on the actual hardware and software and everything else and please do poke subscribe and do that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest mobile tech j-serve on love you

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