Honor 20 Pro vs Huawei P30 Pro Side-by-side comparison

hello there you delectable person here this is Chris from Tech’s Burton I’m here with a fresh new honor 20 Prada most premium of honors three new honor 20 handsets freshly launched here in 2019 it’s a side-by-side comparison with what is essentially its bigger sibling the Huawei p30 port also launched just slightly earlier in 2019 see what the difference is between them in terms of the specs performance battery I have everything you need to know and which one might be best for you and don’t forget for more and the latest and greatest actor book subscribe ending that notifications balj is now first of just a quick apology I have actually got the honor 20 Pro ahead of the official UK launch date so I do not know the final asking price boy you can expect it’s going to be a couple hundred quid cheaper than the way we’re p30 Pro has on attends to price its handsets very competitively no matter were actually lined up like this as you can see the boy in P 30 pause got a slight bit of extra height on it compared with the other twenty ports the six point four seven inch device compared with a six point two six inch on a twenty poor both Ora of course quite a handful

but thankfully that front fill and the split design means that neither of them are particularly cumbersome of course if you aren’t gonna want something that’s going to be easy to fit into a small bag or a pocket or to use one-handed then you’re probably best off looking elsewhere to be perfectly honest a lot more smartphones do tend to come in and around this sort of size now the good news is that both these smartphones do offer a one-handed mod so at least you get a little bit of help from the software so I reach it up flat notifications bite isn’t as awkward as that otherwise could be and all of your apps work in this mode as well phew now flip these phones arounds and the design is very similar on the back they’re both glass handsets and they are available in a few different hues so for instance the honor 20 Pro here is available in a green or a purple color there are not the official titles that honor yours we’re very keen to point out they’re gonna jazz them up a bit with some sort of eccentric titles but this is obviously the green model and you can pick it up in a sexy purple as well both quite dark hues looked very snazzy indeed the one wimpy 30 protester balance it out with more lighter user as you can see it’s still got a stunning gradient style effect I’ve got to say personally I would struggle to choose between the two because I think they’re both very very gorgeous indeed both these

mauve one seemed pretty rugged so far as well had the one with p30 preferred a couple of months now and not a single scratch or scuff there on that rear end the owner 20 paurav only had for about a week or so so far but again sim results both smartphones have been you know durability tested and everything and do a solid job as far as dust and water resistance is concerned although only the warrior p30 pro will offer you that it’s IP 68 so I’m gonna fall on dunking in a sink a toilet a bathtub wherever and it’d be absolutely fine the on its way pros seems alright in rain but definitely don’t go dunking it in a solid body of water bad news if you into your wired headphones as neither of these smartphones has a headphone at Jack so unfortunately we’ll have to use one of those awful dong girly things if you want to get connected also on the design tip the on a 20 pro actually has an edge mounted fingerprint sensor as well apart from the Galaxy S 10 is quite an unusual very rare thing to find in 2019 works in charm though as you can see just a quick tap of your finger against that surface and you unlock your smartphone it does actually have a built-in button it’s the power button as well so if you do push it in as you can see you can lock your smartphone so it’s great stuff and that’s the much better position than that awful Samsung one is why you’re not reaching all the way up here in

order to unlock your handset here on the wall with p30 port is an in display optical fingerprint sensor so suddenly it’s not an ultrasonic sensor like you get on the galaxy s 10 series but it does seem to do the job very very nicely it’s very responsive as you can see there there seems to work over quite a wide sensor area so generally pretty accurate pretty responsive will work absolutely fine as long as your fingers on to sticky or wet or anything that is either them does the job for quickly and accurately unlocking your smartphone so onto the display tech as you can see you get thinking little nipple notch here on the wall we at p30 porn it’s actually a pinhole camera effort here on the honor 20 process when either kiss a very slight intrusion onto an otherwise full view displayed now if you dive on into the display zones you get basically the same set of options here on the honor 20 pro and the while we’re P 20 pro as well so for instance you can hide away the knotch from view or pinhole camera in the honor 20 pros case if it particularly offends you I’m not really bothered so I’ll just leave that on default I quite like the sort of full view finish of it all I’ve also got various other options you can pedal about with as well so for instance they both set in vivid mode by default but you can play around with the general of color temperature dial it back down to normal if you saw desire now really is

obvious when you stick the same image on both these smartphones the honor 20 pros display is a lot warmer you particularly tell from like so the oranges the yellows here they really do pop a lot more than here on the p30 pro so if you want your more sort of realistic visuals we’d say go with this one but this is a nice easy on the eye experience here on the honor 20 Pro because it is an IPS panel here on the honor 20 pro compared with your LED that you get on the world with p30 port and even just gotten to like the settings menu you’ll see nice crisp whites here on the huawei whereas everything has got a much warmer tone here on the honor 20 Pro now unfortunately I cannot get Netflix downloaded here on the honor 20 presumably again because it’s pre-release and everything but here’s just a nice bit of HD trailer action on both of them both are these smartphones have a full HD Plus display so as you can see nice crisp visuals when you are watching a movie TV sure whatever of course you do get full HDR supports here on the wall with p30 pro as well so if you are watching some Netflix or Amazon content something that’s supported then you’ll enjoy the really nice strong contrast the natural colors and everything that you can expect when it comes to the audio already mentioned that neither phone has a headphone jacket and neither phone uses a stereo speaker setup

either unfortunally here on the where where p 30 pause got pretty good excuse it doesn’t actually have an earpiece at all it uses screen vibration technology whenever you’re on a call to actually transmit the audio to your lug hole I believe on the honor 20 port does on earpiece but both smartphones only use the downward fire and speaker for their media let’s do a quick side by side see what you think resistance of that full original pixel 3 dongle tempted fit by taking any pull side selfies or anything like that so as you can see on the other 20 pounds kind of muffled and not particularly grids and here in the one where it’s all relax the water resistance of that full original pixel 3-2 dongle attempting fear by taking any pull site selfies so as you can see again sounds a little bit muffled because it’s firing away from your face but a much stronger volume and more powerful audio overall that’s also worth point out as well that if you do have some headphones connected you get a nice bit dolby atmos support here on the wire as well so what about the actual software on both these models well of course you get a nice bit of Android Pi as the base OS but then you get where we slash honors UI slapped on top of that as well so you get a bit of a motion UI version 9 here on the while we at P 30 put a bit magic UI here on the honor 20 port it is though effectively the same software has just been rebranded here on the ah no achievement quite

easily see if you actually dive into the sentence menu have a look oh look this all looks very familiar but DejaVu so yeah as you can see if we scroll through the sentence menu is basically the same features on both of these handsets a couple of little differences here and there but for instance they both have the digital balance feature which basically just says oh my god you’re wasting your entire life on Instagram go and speak to an old person about their life regrets or something more worthwhile get a good bit of fish and lox support as well so for every reason you can’t reach that fingerprint sensor just wrist wake the forms and they will scan your mogan as you can see your straight into the desktops then as well some really handy if you’re wearing gloves or for whatever your fingers are a bit sticky let’s not talk anymore about that as well as that software goes basically the same experience the only thing I’m really know that’s on p30 poor there isn’t on the honor 20 pro is the one hop feature which busy allows you to quickly

transfer files with a wowie laptop it’s very specific why we laptop so know exactly a massive loss here on the honor 20 pro as for the performances once again bugger-all difference between the two they’re both rock and one ways given 980 chipset so it’s the most premium platform available right now with up to 8 gigabytes of RAM here on the honor 20 Pro and it gigs as standard here on the wall with p34 so basically all of your apps will load up the exact same time you’re not gonna be hanging around waiting for anything to happen very very rare to see any kind of stutters or pauses on either of these handsets great stuff and good news for any gamers as well especially if you love a better pump G action because of course both of these smartphones can handle it absolutely effortlessly as you would kind of expect you stick it on pretty high detail levels high frame rate and everything and you get a nice smooth experience as you can see they’re just gorgeous crisp detail and absolutely no stutter or anything as well helped along of course by the latest version of GPU turbo which just helps to keep it nice consistent frame rate for I believe it was up to 25 of the most popular games and when it comes to the battery like both of these smartphones absolutely frickin merely the auditory pause got a four thousand milliamp cell 4200 milliamps all here on the huawei at P 30 Pro so

not much difference between them so it already you’ll easily see to a full day of loose even with lots of video stream and camera play bit pub G action of course all that good stuff and when it comes to power back up again no problems if you’re runnin low on juice you’ve got the usual power saving modes ultra power symbols if you’re really desperate and they both supports supercharged as well other words forty watts supercharged here on the wall with P thirty people compared with the twenty two point five watt here on the honor sort of while we will be the faster of the two to power back up and the one way is the only handset that sport wireless charging here as well you get 15 watt wireless charging you can even do a nice bit of reverse wireless charging as well all Wireless reverse charging as they call it if you want to share your power with another chi compatible device no worries as far as storage goes either because the honor 20 Possible’s up to 256 gigs of storage as you can see there we’ve got that top-end model here and you get 256 gigs as standard here on the p30 pro because one of the big questions is how does the honor 20 pro stack up against the wire repeat a pro when it comes to the camera tech they do offer a similar broad hardware setup you’ve got a standard primary lens

back to buy an ultra wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens but and the kids throw a PFA pour you also get a time-of-flight fourth sensor there as well to accurately measure distances those are individual lenses are different as well you get a 48 megapixel primary lens here on the honor 20 process you got an F 1.4 aperture one of the widest aperture have ever seen on a smartphone with a bit of aw is built in here on the one with P that you pull that primary lens is a 40 megapixel lens using the super spectrum Tec of Huawei’s on design it’s an F 1.6 and once again has built in oh I yes and as far as the ultra wide-angle lenses God’s a 16 megapixel here on the honor and it’s a 20 megapixel on the where where P 30 Pro and the telephoto lens is the biggest difference you get a 5 times optical periscope zoom here on the wall where P 30 pull with that 8 megapixel lens it’s also gonna get megapixel on the under 20 poor but it doesn’t have that same periscope design so it tops off at 3 times optical zoom and they both have OS built in apologies for the info dump there that’s a lot of hardware specs to get through but the long intro ever though if you open up the camera apses you get a very similar software experience as well as you can see you get a

master ai mod of some description on both of these smartphones which you can toggle on or off that just basically enables the scene recognition and can tweak the sentence to match whatever the camera is pointed out so for instance if it detects a human face it will more often than not switch to portrait mode so you can get a nice crisp shot of your subjects blur other backgrounds offers as if it’s very light it might switch to the night world long explosion I bought and bought these handsets which just captures a nice detail well balanced shot even at night time a whole bunch of other mods of course that you can play around with as well as we dive into the mall section plenty more besides you get a pro mods on both of these smartphones as well as you can actually play around with individual elements such as the ISO levels to get a very specific kind of shot if you dive run into the video section as well you should up to 4k resolution footage with either of these handsets of course the main thing is how do they actually stack up for photo and video quality well the good news is I’ve done a full side-by-side comparison with both of these handsets as far as

the camera chops goes so go check that out I’ve also compared the honor 20 pro with the 1 plus 7 pro as well so if you’re interested see how it compares with two of the best smartphone cameras at 2019 definitely go check that out it’s not right there is how the honor 20 pore stacks up against the well we at P 30 pause you can see it’s a pretty even race on most fronts lighter design the performance the battery life stuff like that obviously on the honor 20 pro you don’t get the slick OLED screen that you get on the world where P 30 Pro you don’t get the lights that periscope zoom action either but still a very solid device and hopefully it will really really impress when we actually finally learn what the U key asking price is so if you’re looking for new handset which one are you most tempted by definitely great to hear thoughts make sure you bash them down in the comments below and don’t forget for Moreton lips and grits mobile tech support subscribe and doing that notifications belt Cheers

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